2020 Subaru Legacy Spotted With New Look

2020 Subaru Legacy Spotted With New Look

The 2020 Subaru Legacy has been spotted on public roads.

Subaru’s midsize sedan doesn’t get nearly as much press as their compact WRX does, but it’s still a fantastic car. Standard all-wheel-drive combined with the response of a naturally aspirated engine is appealing to many a family-oriented driver that wants something both practical and a little exciting.

And now, we see there’s a 2020 model in the works. This new model is said to be a complete redesign over the 2019 model (which should be hitting dealers any day now) and rides on Subaru’s new global modular architecture. Just like Toyota, this new architecture will underpin all their cars going forward and allow Subaru to build more than one car in the same manufacturing facility.

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It also makes construction cheaper. That’s a big draw.

From what we can see (thanks to some photos by AutoGuide), the roof remains mostly the same as the 2018 model, but the front, rear, and sides are all covered in vinyl so we can expect to see some significant changes there. The front and rear bumpers are both looking like they’ll be totally redesigned, as will the head and tail lights. The side panels are likely to exhibit some brand new lines as well.

As for what’s under the hood, we're not sure yet. We suspect the big 3.6-L naturally aspirated V6 will get the boot in favor of a brand new 2.0-L turbo boxer-four. The 2.5-L boxer will remain the standard offering, but will also be getting redesigned with added features such as cylinder deactivation and lean-burn tech that will lead to increased fuel economy.

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We’re also likely to see a power boost from the 175 hp of the 2.5L and the 256 hp from the 3.6-L.

Expect all trims to come with standard CVT, as well as Subaru’s legendary all-wheel drive. If we’re lucky, we might finally see the end of those fake gear changes on the CVT, but probably not.

The new 2020 Legacy is likely to debut sometime next year. In the meantime, the 2019 Legacy will be around sometime this summer.


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