2020 Supra, Chevy Nova, Dodge Charger Seen On Set Of Next Fast & Furious Movie

Fast and Furious 9 comes out next May, but we already know a few cars that will take center stage.

Orange Supra

UPDATE: Looks like some of that footage was taken down by the studio. Original text follows.

It looks like we can confirm that Toyota’s new A90 Supra will be joining the cast of Fast & Furious 9 along with some returning classics.

Filming for Fast & Furious 9 began on June 24th in Hertfordshire, England. The movie is expected to travel the world, with stops in London, Los Angeles, a few cities in Thailand, and Tbilisi, the capital city of Georgia.

We know this thanks to a few photos and behind-the-scenes videos taken by Instagram account _pw40_, who was kind enough to post them online.

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The first set of photos shows what is very obviously the new 2020 Toyota Supra rolling out of a two-story semi-trailer. Better still, it's painted in the same shade of orange that the original A80 Supra was back in the first Fast & Furious film.

For some reason it's being towed by an armored personnel carrier, which we can only guess as to why.

Next up we have a pair of videos. The first showcases Dominic's classic 1970 Dodge Charger R/T engaged in some sort of shenanigans with a white Chevy Nova. After a lovely skidding turn, the two cars then drive down the street head-on against a series of more plain-lookin' cars that are shooting at them.

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Then we see what is likely Vin Diesel and John Cena's stunt doubles fighting on the back of a giant military-looking truck. Since we still don't know who John Cena is playing, we're going to assume it'll be a villain since he's fighting with Diesel.

Finally, we see that APC roll on past with the orange Supra in tow.

We're still not clear on what this movie is going to be about, but with Charlize Theron reprising her role as Cipher the cybercriminal, we bet there's some sort of stolen military hardware that's going to end the world unless the Fast & Furious gang gets involved. And somehow, fast sports cars and fighting on the back of a truck are the solutions.

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