A 2020 Toyota Supra Has Already Been Wrecked At The Nürburgring

Toyota has lost a 2020 Supra after it crashed during testing at the Nürburgring.

Supra Crash

The upcoming 2020 Toyota Supra has crashed at Germany’s Nürburgring.

This isn’t a huge deal since we’ve already seen the Supra without a cover on. And we have basically all the info we could ask for in terms of performance, pricing, and availability. But it’s still a little embarrassing that Toyota would wreck their new flagship sports car so soon before deliveries begin at dealerships across the country.

Thanks to Theofficialpayne TOP Nürburgring Videos on Facebook, we have a few candid shots of Toyota’s baby as it bangs its nose hard enough to be carted away on a stretcher. In this case, they didn’t even use the orange crane to remove this truck and instead brought out the more serious towtruck with a pod on the back. According to Motor1, this is done to keep prying eyes from stealing industry secrets when looking at the guts of a torn-open prototype.

Not that there’s much to gain from looking at the Supra’s guts. It’s mostly a BMW underneath the Toyota skin, anyway.

The crash occurred at the Nordschleife's Exmühle section, which has a bunch of twists and turns. It’s entirely possible that the driver of the Supra spun out and tapped the car’s nose on the barrier at high speeds. The entire front bumper is gone and there is extensive damage all the way to the front wheel fenders.

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We don’t have the full details of the crash, so this is all speculation of course.

via Theofficialpayne TOP Nürburgring Videos on Facebook

The reborn Supra arrives this summer in the US, but minus the 4-cylinder version. Even though it was recently certified in California, the 4-cylinder Supra will remain a European and Japanese-exclusive. We’ll have to make do with the Toyota 86 if we want a small, affordable sports car with 200 horses under the hood.

On the plus side, the Supra will provide 335 hp from its turbocharged 6-cylinder engine, which is also sourced from BMW. As is the brakes, suspension, and pretty much everything else. It’ll probably cost less than its sister car, the Z4, when it eventually releases, but also probably not by much.

(via Motor1)

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