2020 Toyota Supra: What's Really Under The Hood

2020 Toyota Supra: What's Really Under The Hood

Toyota has revealed the new 2020 Supra, but is downplaying just how little Toyota is actually in the car.

After nearly a year of constant teasers and camouflaged photos, we finally get to see the 2020 Toyota Supra in the flesh. At the Detroit Auto Show, Toyota took the covering off their latest edition sports car to the acclaim of assembled automotive journalists.

However, one such publication decided to dig a little deeper than the Toyota badging to see what was really underneath the Supra’s metal skin. Sacrificing dignity in search of a scoop, Jalopnik got down on hands and knees (and in some cases laid flat on their backs) to see what was under the Supra’s hood.

What they found was surprisingly few Toyota logos, but a ton of BMW ones.

Engine Supra
via Jalopnik

We already knew that BMW and Toyota teamed up to create the Supra and Z4, with the two cars essentially sharing the same platform and engines sourced from BMW. Toyota said they would ensure their car has its own unique characteristics, but it seems to not have stopped the Japanese carmaker from borrowing pretty much every mechanical component from their German counterparts.


With the hood up, the Supra looks almost exactly the same as the Z4, with the only difference being the engine covering and the tower struts. Digging a little deeper, Jalopnik found BMW logos on the throttle body, stability control module, and even the air conditioning line. A BorgWarner turbocharger is the same brand used in BMW vehicles too.

Engine Z4
via Jalopnik

Things are much the same when you examine the Supra’s suspension, which shares much of its components with the BMW 3-Series. The Z4 is expected to have much the same architecture and component sharing.

So the Supra shares more than just a chassis and powertrain with the Z4. Just about every mechanical component of the Supra is BMW-sourced. We wouldn’t be surprised to see the interior also coated in BMW logos as it also looks exactly like a newer-model 3-Series.

According to Toyota, they altered the steering and suspension dampening to make the car feel unique. That’s about all that’s unique about the Supra.


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