This Is How Fast The New 2020 Toyota Supra Can Go Flat-Out

In a dry lakebed, a 2020 Toyota Supra has managed to achieve a top speed of 163 mph with the limiter removed.


Ever wondered how fast the 2020 Toyota Supra could go if the limiter was removed? Find out in this video.

Despite arriving at dealers a month ago, there remain many mysteries in the Toyota Supra. This mostly has to do with Toyota lying about basically everything regarding the Supra's performance. Toyota said that the car's turbocharged 6-cylinder produces 335 hp, but testing revealed that the engine actually made closer to 370. Similarly, Toyota said the car could run from 0-60 mph in 4.1 seconds, while testing places it in the high 3-second range.

But the biggest mystery remained the Supra’s top speed. An electronic governor prevented the car from exceeding 155 mph, which is pretty typical of BMW vehicles (the Supra is really a Z4 in disguise, in case you didn’t know). However, YouTuber “The Stradman” recently performed some work that likely voided the warranty in order to determine just how fast the Supra really is.

To find out, Mr. Stradman decided to take his black Supra to a dry lakebed somewhere in Utah. It's NOT the Bonneville Salt Flats, as while salt provides a great flat surface to perform a top speed test, salt definitely corrodes a vehicle faster than any other material.

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Before the test, Stradman expected the Supra to strike a top speed of 170 mph, although he noted that the dry lake bed is not an ideal surface. The ground is more like a dried clay with the Supra sinking into it even as it kicks up dust. At high speeds, the Supra slides along the surface like a hydroplaning car, which means it's likely losing a few miles per hour from its top end.

In the end, Stradman managed to get his Supra up to 163 mph before running out of dry lakebed. That’s maybe not the fastest, but we’d expect a Supra on dry asphalt to run at the predicted 170 mph. We’ll just have to wait for someone near the Autobahn to take the limiter of their Supra to find out.

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