2022 Aston Martin Vanquish Will Have Manual Transmission On Offer

Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer says that the 2022 Vanquish will give buyers the option of a manual gearbox, via Carsales.

Palmer previously promised that Aston Martin will be the last automaker on the planet to have a manual sportscar on offer and wants to stick to that.

"I've already made a commitment that I want to be the last manufacturer in the world to offer manual sports cars and I want to honour that commitment," he said.

Purists will be glad to know that a new three-pedal supercar will be available some years down the road. However, the inbound Valhalla hypercar won't be fitted with a manual transmission; Palmer says it will only come with a paddle shift system.

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via carsales.com.au

If Palmer has his way, then the Aston Martin could be the last mid-engine supercar offering manual operation in the high-performance class led by the likes of Lamborghini, Ferrari, and McLaren.

The Vanquish will likely be fitted with the same Aston-developed seven-speed manual transmission that boasts a dogleg first ration and was used in the V8 Vantage AMR which was revealed in May.

Quizzed on why the Vanquish uses an aluminum monocoque instead of a carbon-fire tub like the McLaren 720S, Palmer said Aston wants to target different customers and cater to their daily usability needs.

"McLaren make marvelous drivers' cars but their tech strategy is very different to ours – they use their tub for all their cars while we use different architectures to reach different customers,” he explained.

"Our mainstream cars, have been created to be useable daily – that's why they employ an aluminium tub for a lower and narrower sill – it makes them easier to get in and out of.”

However, a carbon-fibre tub will be reserved for extreme models in which users are willing to sacrifice comfort for speed.

"Unlike McLaren we're not trying to stretch the same assets over and over again," he added. "Our approach is a more expensive philosophy but hopefully it's a more compelling way of addressing a customer's needs."

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