Ranking The Worst Car Mods Of All Time

Ever had the chance to watch MTV's famous car show Pimp my Ride? If not, well, you don’t need to worry if you didn't have the chance to watch it because it was canceled years ago. However, if it were up to critics, Pimp my Ride show would be to blame for some of the crazy mods around. We have all seen them: the 98 Honda Civic fitted with a green spoiler that if you ask me, costs more than the car itself. Well, car enthusiasts everywhere in the world love to add mods on their precious rides, however, some don’t care whether the mod goes with the car or not.

Want power? Well, modders love their vehicles, there is no doubt to that, and they are not afraid to show it. We all love our vehicles, whether they are good or bad, and while most people will trust the car designer or manufacturer with the design of the car, a few individuals in the quest of making the perfect car go too far and often fall in the worst car modification ever category. Well, if you were wondering how some of these cars look like, here are 20 Crazy Car Mods.

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21 Smart Tank

Via ebaumsworld.com

World War II ended years ago, and frankly, only a few of our parents have any recollection of what happened during that time. In Europe, scars of the war are littered through the landscape, from the remaining Nazi Architecture in Germany. Well, someone thought it would be clever to change their Mini Cooper into a Wehrmacht tank, well trust me this wasn’t the best idea, and especially if the fellow was living in Poland or Austria, that poor little thing could start a riot over the fear of invasion. It’s either that of this poor fellow just didn’t have enough of war stories as a kid.

20 Batman Jet-Limo

Via yeahmotor.com

Yes, you heard me right, this is apparently the new official Bat Jet-Mobile/Limo. This makes a whole lot of sense if you think about it. Bruce Wayne is an obscenely rich fellow, who has dedicated his life to fighting crime, so why not go all the way and do the luxury Bat-Limo Jet? After all, if you can’t fight crime with an added dose of style, what is the point of even trying? Well, this has to be the worst mod done on a superhero car. Batman would have a lot of unsuccessful missions in that thing!

19 Sparkling Super Car Mod

Via yeahmotor.com

Okay, I probably will need some help with this one, because, despite efforts from the team, we are still unable to identify what this is, which planet it came from, and who brought it here, and above all, why in the name of all that’s good in the world would anyone let this happen to a car? While there is so much wrong to point out, why would the owner of the car go with a gull-wing door mod? And why are the rims in Gold? Is that red on the car? What happened to the front end of the car? Who authorized that? Glitter upholstery: whoever thought that was a great idea should know, SUPERCARS DON’T SPARKLE!

18 Failed Visuals

Via yeahmotor.com

There’s a lot that can be said about visual humor, heck, the internet feeds on it. And if you have been keen enough, you might have noticed that memes are the new mythology. They kind of explain the world while at the same time offering some satirical relief of the absurd realities we often get ourselves into. 2017 must have been a hard year, it's all we are saying, but this……Well, we get it, you drive a Jaguar, this is quite the rich, subtle piece of insightful visual punnery we need. This mod is quite hideous, but the owner passed his message loud and clear.

17 Mad Max Fury Mod

Via yeahmotor.com

I must admit, the Corvette has to be one of America’s most iconic cars, and to see such mods done to it breaks my heart. But, in case you are looking to modify a Corvette, then please don’t. Seriously, do not make any modifications to the Corvette's sexy curves, they clearly don’t need changing. However, if you must really mod your Corvette, then why not go full blown like this guy, just straight Mad Max it up. This is clearly a supercar for the post-apocalypse, the Thunderdome or maybe even the Fury Road. When it all comes down to it, this is one scary mod, and the owner of this car needs some rehab.

16 Transform WHAT??

Via YouTube.com

Well, everyone is going crazy about the transformers, and especially after the release of the latest movie in 2017, could be the reason why we are seeing a lot of crazy mods on trucks. This definitely had to take the day for the worst mod done on a van. Speaking of Saturday morning cartoons, well, I think, this truck fits right into one of those episodes.

Here’s a case in point: the mild-mannered van driver pulls up to reveal a kick-ass Formula One race car hidden underneath. So what’s really the point of the mod? Well, for starters, you could drop off the kids at soccer practice, and in case you are late for a meeting, cruise super fast in your F1-inspired van.

15 Squeezed Sports Car?

Via YouTube.com

Think it’s a joke? A possibly photoshopped picture, or probably some lazy troll tried to de-cartoonify it? Well, think again, this is a real photograph of a real car, and the truth behind its appearance is even stranger that you can ever imagine. Well, this is a smart car concept. This concept is pretty simple: it’s a small car that is economical and efficient to use for city driving. So far so good. There’s, however, a trend coming up with Smart car owners when modding their cars; they mount up all sorts of squeezed down versions of luxury, or sports cars bodies onto their chassis…here’s a Corvette version.

14 Pickup Truck Conversion Fail

via YouTube

We all understand how bad car mods look like; it’s almost like attempting to put lipstick on a pig and what most car owners don’t understand is that modding an old piece of junk is like trying to make trash look nice. But we understand this, sort of. Your car is an extension of yourself and your ego, and sometimes, a person needs to treat themselves. However, from this picture, it doesn’t make any practical sense to change a Corvette into a pickup truck. What you get from this conversion is the disadvantages of both. This leaves you with a ridiculous looking car, and well, zero egos!

13 Ultimate Toon Buggy

Via yeahmotor.com

If you ever thought of the most animated real-life car, then this has to be it. Well, this is one of the worst mods ever done on a car, unless of course, it was going to be a birthday gift for his seven-year-old kid (Who by law won’t be able to drive a car). While it’s on the opposite end of the scale and actually looks adorable, it probably looks like something from a Saturday morning cartoon from the yesteryears. It’s hard to figure out the scale of the vehicle since the photograph doesn’t establish that. Come to think of it, this car is better off solving problems with Scooby Doo and friends.

12 Drag race Off-roader Buggy

Via YouTube.com

Well, compared to what we have seen, this is a little better, and this is why. In case you have to mod an older car, then be very weary of its unique quality, its time and place in history. Back in the day, these cars were worth very little and are worth even less now, and to be brutally honest no one cares about them anymore. Therefore, if you get the urge to be a little crazy and cheesy or better yet indulge in a pale imitation of Rockabilly culture, then this would be your perfect bet.

11 Six Wheeler Coupe

Via yeahmotor.com

It’s very practical to have four wheels on a car, it's scientifically correct and makes much more sense to have four wheels supporting a car; anything more or less is, quite frankly, absurd. So what is wrong with this thing? Perhaps a cosmetic modification, or a concept idea for a car show? If not, we are stuck in thinking or imagining of one of the most complex drivetrains and steering linkages in human history (this would need a list of its own). We also wonder how the owner gets in and out of the car, or where they sit. How does this thing even move?

10 Wheelie Bar Mod

Via yeahmotor.com

Well, just like spoilers and frontend air vents, the Wheelie bars tend to get really misused. One thing you need to understand about these mods is that they are not cosmetic. They are fitted with cars because they are supposed to DO SOMETHING FUNCTIONAL to help your ride maximize its function. When it comes to the wheelie bar, it’s supposed to be handy when you pop a wheelie. Meaning you will need rear wheel drive. Therefore, dear readers, what is a wheelie bar doing on this front-drive Volkswagen? Clearly this car is more modified than it looks, or someone had no idea what they were doing.

9 Exaggerated Mod Fail

Via yeahmotor.com

Well, fins can add a lot to your car, they can transform a dull car into an aggressive looking road beast, and so do any other front end mods. Suicide doors and Gull wings and pop tops will also give your car a district look. However, this car is like the parable of the wine and the sewage. In case you have a barrel of wine and add a drop of sewage to it, then you now get a full barrel of sewage. Likewise, if you have a barrel full of sewage and add a drop of wine, well, you still have a barrel full of sewage.

8 Chevy Caprice Mod Fail

Via YouTube.com

The Chevrolet Caprice was produced between 1965 and 1996, and it has to be one of America’s most iconic cars. It’s iconic because of its glory years back in the 70s, when the second generation of its model rolled out of the factories and onto American highways. Its style was pure funk imitating 70s funk culture and disco. This car belonged to that era, raising the question what the owner of this Caprice had in mind. Did he just mod the car out of pure hate or is this for lack of a better word, performance art repudiating the entirety of the era? Well, he clearly has an agenda, but it failed!

7 Porsche Beetle

Via YouTube,com

According to history, the Volkswagen Beetle was originally designed by Ferdinand Porsche, who later went ahead to open his own car manufacturing company, Porsche. This could explain a lot why the Porsche 911 and the Volkswagen Beetle have the same side chassis and wheelbases. Either way, this photo leaves us with a lot to wonder, but mostly a maddening question: is this a Porsche or a Volkswagen Beetle? Whichever way you look at it, this question puts the viewer on a path down to insanity. Much like the crazy guy who did this mod in the first place. Costly mod come to think of it!

6 Fake Bugatti Mod

Via YouTube.com

Who doesn’t love a Bugatti? At one time recording the fastest time, and being crowned the fastest car in the world. The Bugatti is a phenomenal supercar. But this thing is meant to be a tribute, probably an approximation of a tribute, and what it finally becomes, however, is sad. You are probably wondering what is under the hood? Well, for starters it could be a Scion FRS or a Subaru BRZ, it’s hard to tell, maybe due to how poorly the panels were installed. The paint job doesn’t help much either. It’s a good concept, but very poor execution.

5 Blinged out Camaro

Via yeahmotor.com

Someone take me back to the nineties because I didn’t see enough bling in music videos. This is a Chevrolet Camaro. Someone went ahead and mutilated a Camaro. This guy spent money doing this on a Camaro. Are the 70s back already? It’s a more streamlined world right now; we have smartphones and fitbits, not a world where King Midas lost his mind at a used car lot. There is clearly no dignity in this car, it’s just plain awful, and we really hope that whoever did this mod feels bad about themselves.

4 Low Rider Mod Fail

Via yeahmotor.com

You probably think this is a fake photograph. Well, you are wrong. No amount of Photoshop could make this picture more real than it already is. If you still have no idea what this mod is then, it’s what it looks like when you get an insanely low riding custom job. It’s hard not to think this is a lawnmower, and you could also see the amount of work put into the suspension, redesign, channeling, and sectioning. It’s hard to imagine if there is any space left down there. We hope none of our dear readers get any ideas from this.

3 Big Boy Rims Mod Fail

Well, customizing cars can be a bit erratic, just like any other hobby we may have. And like any other craft or art, there is totally nothing wrong with spending your money and time on them. It is your money at the end of the day, and you have every right to use it as you wish regardless of what the outcome might be to someone else. With that in mind, we reserve a few decisions, like purchasing a mid-priced car and spending close to the purchase price. This car’s rims alone amount to mortgage payments. What’s puzzling is why go through all this trouble while you can buy a better car?

2 Stereo Mod Fail

Via yeahmotor.com

We all love to jam when we are driving - and especially during road trips. Enhancing your car’s stereo system is an awesome mod, and it will generally improve the driving experience by letting you enjoy your favorite jams with the quality you desire. However, some people take this way too far. Like this fellow. Jam-packing his ride with speakers that could blow out windows. Back in the 80s, Americans loved this, and it was so prevalent that it got competitive. Well, sadly that era is now gone; it’s a pity some people can’t let go of the past.

1 Fiberglass madness

Via yeahmotor.com

Fiberglass has clearly gotten cheaper, and there’s proof everywhere with monstrosities like this car. What was once an industrial process left for automobile manufacturers is now accessible to backyard DIY artists, making designed custom panels something that quite literally anyone can do on a Sunday afternoon? This is a positive move, and we support it; anything that makes creativity available to the masses is a good thing. But with power comes responsibility, responsibility to avoid such things.

Sources: Yeah Motors; BeTrending

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