21 Pictures Of Celebs And Their Teslas

It's no surprise celebrities have jumped on the electric vehicle bandwagon that is Tesla.

Tesla has been in the news for the last decade or so. It's not the first company to start producing electric vehicles. Tesla is known more for the business practices surrounding the electric cars, and that's why investors are willing to take a gamble because the future looks nothing but promising. Currently, the biggest bottleneck Tesla is facing is mass production. They can't get their vehicles fast enough for a consumer base that's hungry for their products. There are more than 325,000 reservations that have been made for the Model 3. This speaks volumes about the brand and the demand for their automobiles. It could probably be the bestselling car if they can get their house in order.

Tesla has so far sold more than 107,000 units without spending on advertising. This isn't a small achievement, given how car manufacturers are spending millions of dollars on advertising. It's estimated that Tesla is sitting on around $283 million of clients' deposits even without delivering a single vehicle. Such deposits are paid 2 to 3 years in advance, and Tesla is obliged to fulfill all the requests. Owning a Tesla means you're among the select few. The Tesla Roadster has caused some new excitement in the business, and we can't wait for it to be launched. Here are 25 celebrities who drive Teslas.

21 Jaden Smith-Model X


Jaden Smith's movie debut was alongside his celebrity father, Will Smith, in the 2006 film The Pursuit of Happyness. The kid has never looked back, and he's one of Hollywood's biggest stars at the age of 19. He's paid for everything he owns and has never had to depend on his parents financially ever since he was 8 years old. Just like his father, Jaden is also inspired by Elon Musk. He was quoted as saying that Elon Musk was one of the reasons he started his new bottled water venture called ''Just Water,'' which is all about getting rid of the plastic bottle. Jaden Smith owns a Tesla Model X, which is one of the finest-looking electric vehicles from Tesla.

20 Steven Spielberg-Model S


You can't mention the word 'movie' without the name Steven Spielberg coming to mind. He's won everything there is to win in the movie industry and is one of the best producers in the business. Steven Spielberg is worth millions and can afford to drive any car he so wishes but chooses to go green with the Model S. He was first spotted in the vehicle in 2014 when he was coming from a power-lunch meeting in Hollywood. He must've enjoyed driving it for the last 4 years because he still owns the vehicle up to today and is likely to trade it in with another Tesla that provides the same comfort and will save him thousands of dollars on gas.

19 Jay Z-Model S


It seems that most of the Model S electric vehicles out there are owned by celebrities, which explains the reason why they sold out very quickly. Jay Z is a multi-talented recording artist and producer and has married one of the best vocalists, singer Beyonce Knowles. It was Beyonce who first pictured the rap mogul with the Model S. There were rumors that she bought the car for him as a gift. Beyonce is known to be very generous when it comes to her husband and once bought Jay Z the Bugatti Veyron, which is estimated to cost around $2.4 million. The Tesla Model S might not be expensive, but it's a good gesture from the couple about being conscious about the environment.

18 Ben Affleck-Model S


Ben Affleck is a 2-time Academy Award winner who's graced our screens for over 4 decades. He began his acting career as a child protégé in the popular 1984 education series The Voyage of the Mimi. Ben Affleck has a had a love affair for automobiles and just had to get the Tesla Model S when it launched in 2013. It's the Model S that opened opportunities for the company. One had to pre-order, and it was sold out before production could even begin. When it launched, the Tesla Model S was going for $60k for the 60Khw version and $70,000 for the 85Khw version. You could pay more depending on the additional luxury features you wanted included in the Model S.

17 Cameron Diaz-Model S


Anyone who doesn't know Cameron Diaz either lives under a rock or is one of the biggest haters in the history of cinema. Cameron Diaz's rise to fame came in The Mask (1994), which is a movie with a cult-like following. All of the movies Cameron Diaz has featured in have grossed over $6 billion in total as of 2016, which makes her one of the richest female actresses in Hollywood. Despite all the money she has, Cameron Diaz is known to enjoy living a frugal lifestyle. She owns a Toyota Prius, which was her daily driver before she replaced it with the Model S. She wanted a car that doesn't consume a lot of energy, and the Model S was just the perfect vehicle at that time.

16 Will Smith-Model S


Will Smith was the highest-paid actor in 2015 and is said to be worth an estimated $250 million. He's an exceptional actor and writer and deserves everything he has. He's a car fanatic and owns some rare collections. He owns a 2-story movie trailer, which is estimated to be worth around $2.5 million and is more comfortable than the majority of our homes. One of his prized possessions when it comes to cars is the Tesla Model S. He got it as soon as it was available, and it's a car that you shouldn't be selling when you don't want to ever spend on petrol again. Will Smith has spoken highly of Elon Musk, and it doesn't come as a surprise for him to drive a Tesla.

15 Morgan Freeman-Model S


There's a joke about Morgan Freeman on how he's acted like an old man in all his movies. The guy is 80 now, and most millennials probably started watching his movies when he was 50 years. Morgan Freeman has been acting actively for the last 47 years, with his first major role coming in 1971. He still has an active life, and his age makes for amazing characters in modern films. He has a couple of films that are yet to launch, which is remarkable for a guy his age. What's even more interesting is Morgan Freeman drives a Tesla Model S and isn't intimidated by all the sophisticated tech in the vehicle. You could say his movie career has made it easier for him to own the Model S.

14 Jennifer Garner-Model S


Jennifer Garner might not be a big name in Hollywood, but her relationship with Ben Affleck has been the subject of talk for the last couple of years. The two parted ways in 2017 after 12 years of marriage but are sometimes seen together because of their son. Jennifer Garner's decision to own a Model S seems to have been influenced by Ben Affleck since he also owns the vehicle, and she must've experienced the luxury and efficiency the electric vehicle provides. Jennifer Garner, like most celebrities on the list, owns a couple of other luxury vehicles, but it's the Model S that grabbed her attention. It has an appealing look and saves on fuel, and you know you're contributing to making the world a better place through it.

13 Matt Damon-Tesla Roadster


Matt Damon is a character that many people love to hate. There are times he plays the hero and sometimes the villain. This is more than enough evidence that he's one of the best actors of our current time. Forbes has ranked him on the list of the 'Most Bankable Actors' because his movies are popular, and he's one of the richest people in the profession. He could be said to be a late bloomer, as he starred in his first role in 1988. He's involved in so many roles that involved saving the world. He's one of the first people to own the Tesla Roadster and bought it a time when electric cars weren't that cool, and Tesla wasn't as big a household name as it is today.

12 James Cameron-Model S


James Cameron is the guy who gave us the Terminator and is now worth around $1.79 billion as a result. The Canadian movie director is the 4th-highest-grossing director in the world with an estimated $6.138 billion. Some of his popular movies include Avatar, Titanic, Rambo, and a lot more. There are a lot of things you can do with that kind of money, and one of them is buying the Model S. It didn't cost him a lot when he was buying it but has immensely contributed to making the world a better place by going green and reducing the carbon emissions in the atmosphere. He's the founder of Avatar Alliance, which is a non-profit organization that focuses on climate change and global warming.

11 Seth Green-Model S


You might not know Seth Green, but you've definitely heard of Chris Griffin from Family Guy. Seth Green is behind the voice of Chris Griffin from Family Guy, which is one of America's most successful sitcoms. The soft-spoken actor is rarely on the news but has been active in television since 1984. He's environmentally conscious, and he's always speaking about the divinity of the universe and how each and everyone has a responsibility of leaving it a better place than he/she found it. It's only natural for him to own a Tesla, as he has such strong beliefs about how planet Earth should be cared for.

10 Mark Ruffalo-Model S


Mark Ruffalo is another late bloomer on the list. He started his acting career in 1989, which was followed up by minor movie roles. Mark Ruffalo has had a couple of challenges in the past. He had a tumor removed from his brain, and it was also around the same time his brother got shot in the head. His big break, however, came in 2008, when he played Hulk in a Marvel movie. He's also a producer, and his work was nominated for an Emmy award in 2014. Mark Ruffalo describes himself as a social activist, and it's easy to see why he owns the Model S. He's concerned about the state of the planet and has been lobbying for companies to reduce emissions.

9 Anthony Bourdain-Model S


I must confess that I hadn't heard of Anthony Bourdain before I stumbled upon his series Parts Unknown. He's not only a great chef but also one of the best storytellers on television. He's gone to war-torn countries and told stories with a human touch. He's always eager for the next adventure. Owning the Model S comes naturally for such a fellow who's curious about the world and its inhabitants. He's also done stories in Haiti, which is a country that's experienced the brunt of global warming. This might've also contributed to his decision to own the Model S. Anthony Bourdain is a superhero to some people and should continue with the work of telling impactful stories.

8 Jeremy Renner-Model S


Jeremy Renner has appeared in so many independent films that one could say they're his specialty. He was close to close to winning an Academy Award when he was nominated for best supporting actor in the 2010 film The Town. He's also made appearances in Mission Impossible, which was very successful film commercially. In addition to acting, Jeremy Renner runs a house-renovation business together with fellow actor Kristoffer Winters. He's also into martial arts, which has helped in movie roles like those in Mission Impossible and Avengers. Jeremy Renner is one among the many celebrities who drive the Tesla Model S. The Model S will never become too cliché' no matter how many people are driving it.

7 Zooey Deschanel- Model S


Zooey Deschanel is a versatile and multi-talented singer, songwriter, and actress. She made her debut in the film world with the 2000 film Almost Famous, which is ironic because it was the movie that propelled her to the limelight. Zooey Deschanel is also known for her entrepreneurial spirit. She was the founder of pop culture and entertainment website hellogiggles, which was acquired by Times Inc in 2015 and has been commercially successful ever since. Her singing and acting careers are inseparable, and it's hard to choose which one she excels in the most. One thing that's undeniable is her love for the Tesla Model S. She was among the early owners and still enjoys driving the electric automobile.

6 Steve Wozniak -Model X


A lot of the credit for Apple goes to Steve Jobs, but Steve Wozniak also played a big role in the success of Apple as a company. He wasn't as eloquent or outspoken as Jobs but still got the job done and was there when the company needed him the most. Woz has been active in the tech world as seen in how he gives talks almost every week. The latest news about him is how he fell victim to a scam that cost him $70,000 in today's bitcoin currency. Buying the Model X was, however, not a gamble. Steve Wozniak has been one of Elon Musk's and Tesla's vocal critics, and he even went on to say he doesn't believe in what the founder says but was quick to profess his love for the car.

5 Stephen Colbert-Model S


Most Americans know Stephen Colbert, and he was the face of television from 2005 to 2014 with his show the Colbert Report. He's known for his satirical reporting on current events, which could be attributed to his comical side. The guy is so good that he's won 2 Grammy awards and 9 Primetime Emmy Awards. His work as an author has also not been that bad, as he's produced a New York Bestseller in 2007. He describes himself as a liberal democrat and believes even people in television should be entitled to an opinion. He was one of the early adopters of the electric car when he bought the Model S. He's been critical of the Tesla founder of late, especially with his decision of launching a Tesla Roadster into space.

4 Simon Cowell-Model S


Simon Cowell has held the award for the meanest person on television for a long time now. The guy rarely smiles, and it'll take a miracle to move him from his seat while on X-Factor. British TV personality Piers Morgan has offered to replace Simon Cowell because he feels he's more human and empathetic. Simon Cowell has been judging for over 10 years, and he can recognize a star immediately after the person sets foot on stage. His personal life has been a well-guarded secret, but you can never hide everything from the paparazzi. He's been pictured in a white Tesla Model S a couple of times, and it's safe to say he enjoys driving the vehicle.

3 George Clooney-Tesla Roadster


Any George Clooney movie is a good movie. It's very hard to hate on the guy, and he looks good despite his age. The genes run in the family because the dad is still in good shape at the age of 84. George Clooney is a big philanthropist and has donated millions of dollars to charity. He's the silent force behind the 'Parklands Students March,' which is advocating for tougher gun control. George Clooney has donated $500,000 toward the cause. It was expected that George Clooney would be one of the early owners of the Tesla Roadster when it launched in 2011. The car was priced at $109,000, which isn't a lot of money for an actor who makes millions every year doing what he loves.

2 James Hetfield-Model S


James Hetfield is the co-founder of the popular rock band Metallica. He also doubles up as the main songwriter and rhythm guitarist of the band. The story of how Metallica was founded is a funny one. James responded to an ad by drummer Lars Ulrich in an LA newspaper. James Hetfield is said to be a champion of environmental conservation. He's heavily invested in land and recently gave away 240 acres to an agricultural land trust. He's previously given away 440 acres for the same purpose. This is the kind of person who's likely to go green in every aspect of his life, including his daily driver. He was one of the first people to put in a deposit for the Tesla model S long before it even started production.

1 Demi Moore-Model S


Demi Moore has refused to grow old despite being in the entertainment industry for close to 4 decades. The actress took a gamble and dropped out of high school to pursue an acting career when the odds were stacked against her. Moore was consistent with her modeling and acting career and finally had the biggest breakthrough in 1996 when she was named the highest-paid female actress. The movie that contributed to her success that year was Striptease, which was received with mixed reactions. Demi Moore is a big hoarder and is said to be the biggest high-profile doll collector in the world. She couldn't let the Tesla model S pass without acquiring one, which is only natural, given her attachment to 'shiny' things and objects.

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