21 "Poor" Celebs Who Drive Cars They Can't Afford

Celebrities aren't immune from the financial problems of the rest of the world. Interestingly, an expensive car is usually the first thing new stars buy when they get a record deal or when they're cast in a blockbuster film. Sadly, their expensive cars are usually the last thing left when they lose it all.

Actors and artists are hardworking people who put in hours of their time to gain their fame. Even after all of that hard work, stars are often cursed by their celebrity status. They feel like they have to keep up an image. With their pictures being taken all the time, the only hope of them continuing to be seen as relevant by Hollywood, record label executives, and the rest of the world is to keep up their larger-than-life appearance. That includes driving a car that "regular" people can't afford.

So, it's understandable why the people on this list continue to drive expensive cars even though they face mounting debt they cannot pay off. Some of these stars are still able to get work, while others are burnt out or washed up. No matter what shape their careers are in, a little money management goes a long way. Just ask Tyga, who learned his lesson from the repo man.

Find out who else made the list of celebs who lost it all but still drive a luxury car. It's an eye-opening experience and helps you realize that everyone benefits from a budget and some restraint when it comes to spending habits.

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21 Kate Gosselin - Audi TT

via Thesuperficial.com

A mother of 10 children, Kate Gosselin from the show Jon and Kate Plus 8 made nearly $22,500 from each episode of her popular TLC channel show. Despite the huge paychecks, Kate reportedly spent most of the money. I don't find this very surprising considering the mother of 10 had a ton of plastic surgery procedures totaling tens of thousands of dollars.

Regardless of her finances, Kate Gosselin has a luxury Audi TT sports car, which is in stark contrast to the jumbo van she shuffles her kids around in. Some reports say that Kate's car is part of a celebrity car endorsement, meaning she may not have to pay for her sporty 2-seat ride. Whatever the case, the van is definitely the family car a broke mom needs to take kids to school and to extra-curricular activities.

20 Lindsay Lohan - Porsche 911 Carrera

via Celebritycarsblog.com

Lindsay Lohan is no stranger to problems. The child star was extremely popular on the Disney Channel and starred in movies like Parent Trap. She clearly has acting talent, which made her millions of dollars. At the height of her career, the young actress was reportedly worth more than $30 million.

The actress's money skills weren't nearly as good as her acting, though. She quickly spent her fortune and ended up having major problems with her finances, so much so that Charlie Sheen wrote the star a check for $100,000 to help her dire situation.

Even with all of the problems she faced, Lindsay loves her Porsches. She almost always drove a Porsche and still does. She drives a pretty nice Porsche, too—a Porsche 911 Carrera. Not too shabby, if you ask me.

19 Mischa Barton - 1973 Restored Cadillac

via Complex.com

Mischa Barton is a British-American actress with quite a few accomplishments. She, however, has major issues with her mom/manager, Nuala Barton. Barton and her mom are fighting over the Beverly Hills mansion she and her mom own. Mischa's mom reportedly locked her out of the property and prevented potential buyers from accessing the home.

Over the years, Barton also faced reports on her weight. She hasn't let the haters get the best of her, though. She slimmed down over the years, and she's still driving a pretty sweet ride. Barton looks great driving her fully restored sky-blue convertible 1973 Cadillac. Life mustn't be too bad for Mischa even though she hasn't worked much and even though she's still fighting with her mom over the mansion they shared.

18 Abby Lee Miller - Porsche SUV

via Radaronline.com

Dance Mom's star Abby Lee Miller is another TLC Channel mom with financial problems and a sweet ride. The outspoken mother drives a Porsche Cayenne SUV. Maybe it's because she believes she has to drive to her dance studio in a classy car. Miller doesn't just receive her money from the TLC show. She's also a dance instructor and choreographer and the owner of Reign Dance Productions.

Unlike others, Miller was somewhat successful before she starred on reality TV, yet she still had problems managing her wealth. Actually, Miller is currently in prison for bankruptcy fraud in connection with her financial troubles. Her finances aren't the only thing that slimmed down, though. The former star is looking great with a slimmer physique and candidly talks about her release date, saying, "I've tried to better myself." Hopefully, Miller learned her lesson and improves her budgeting skills so she doesn't get herself in this situation again.

17 Burt Reynolds - Pontiac Trans Am

via WTHR.com

Burt Reynolds is one of the most famous actors on the planet. In fact, I just saw him on TV tonight. Reynolds starred in numerous movies, including Smokey and the Bandit. In addition to being an actor, Reynolds is also a former director, producer, and American football player. His fame hasn't prevented Reynolds from having financial difficulties, though.

Although reports say that he's not quite broke, he does have to watch his money carefully and manage his assets wisely. That includes selling several of his iconic Smokey and the Bandit Pontiac Trans Ams. The star kept a couple for himself after filming, and over the years, he let a couple go. The star reveals he wishes he accepted several popular roles that were offered to him, including James Bond and Han Solo. The star's bank account would've been a little fatter if he had accepted those two roles.

16 Heidi Montag - Ferrari

via Taddlr.com

Hollywood Hills star Heidi Montag made plenty of money during her time on the show. However, she and her husband of 10 years faced some serious financial problems after the show had ended. Spencer Pratt, Heidi's husband, also made a fortune from the show, but the two managed to spend it all.

So, the couple had to majorly cut back. Over the years, since news of their financial troubles broke, the two have driven several nice cars. Apparently, money isn't too tight for them. Photographs show Montag driving a Ferrari, a BMW, and a beautifully restored Chevy Camaro SS. Those aren't bad cars for a supposedly broke star who hasn't taped a show in years.

15 Tyga - Bentley Bentayga

via USmagazine.com

Tyga dated Kylie Jenner for a while. During that time, his car was repossessed due to money problems. His loving girlfriend Kylie wanted to make up for Tyga's misfortune, so for his birthday, she purchased a Bentley Bentayga for her boyfriend. The Bentayga is an impressive SUV that's built for taking on any terrain. Bentley tested the Bentayga in the harshest terrains in the world, and the Bentayga took them on with no problems.

Tyga can take his Bentayga pretty much anywhere, and since Kylie paid for it, he doesn't have to worry about the repo man coming to pick it up. This is good for his image, and obviously, it's nice to drive a $300,000 car, especially when you really have no money.

14 50 Cent - Lamborghini Murcielago

via Inautonews.com

American rapper 50 Cent, born Curtis James Jackson III, announced bankruptcy in 2015 and shocked not only his fans but also businessmen who admired the star's savvy business decisions. 50 Cent made between $60-100 million as a partial owner of Vitamin Water when Coca-Cola purchased the company from Glaceau.

In his song "21 Questions," Curtis asks, "Would you love me if I was down and out? Would you still have love for me?" He had the opportunity to find that out—well, kind of, considering the rapper still has a whole collection of supercars. This bright blue Lamborghini is just one of several. The most recent addition to 50 Cent's impressive car collection is the super long 20-foot Maybach 6 Cabriolet. It's quite the car for a broke rapper. I hope the new addition to his collection means 50 Cent is picking up his finances.

13 Pamela Anderson - Bentley Continental

via Bornrich.com

Pamela Anderson came from nothing. She grew up pretty poor, but she made a ton of money as an actress in shows like Baywatch, V.I.P., and Home Improvement during the '90s. She became so iconic that she still has many opportunities to make money. This is likely one of the only reasons the bankrupt beauty is able to drive her Bentley Continental.

She's continued working over the years, which helps fund her lavish superstar lifestyle. I have to admit she looks pretty good getting out of her white Bentley in casual black pants and a black top and white high-heel pointy-toed pumps that match her car. However, hopefully, she's watching her money a little better since her latest movie appearance in the Baywatch movie.

12 Isaac Hayes - Gold-Plated Cadillac

via Pinsdaddy.com

Isaac Hayes is a singer-songwriter and producer. He also started the record label Stax Records, which produces soul music. Hayes co-wrote the song "Soul Man," which landed him in the Grammy Hall of Fame and was recognized as "one of the most influential songs of the past 50 years." Thanks to his wild success and an impressive list of accomplishments, Isaac made millions of dollars.

Despite Hayes's success and recognition, the star faces financial problems. Those don't hinder the writer's style when it comes to his car, though. He has a gold-plated classic Cadillac, which fits his soul style perfectly. The car might fit his soul image, but it can't be good for his wallet. Hopefully, Hayes can get his finances back on track and continue offering his skills to artists around the world.

11 Scott Storch - Mercedes SLR McLaren

via DPCcars.com

Not too many people know who Scott Storch is, but he works with some of the hottest rappers in the world making their beats. He made a ton of money peddling his dope beats, but he's not as great at managing the money he makes. Storch spent his money over the years and isn't working as much. Even with his impressive portfolio of work, Storch isn't able to keep up with his lavish spending.

Then again, keeping up with the hottest names in rap isn't easy, and Storch spends a ton of money on cars. His collection includes this SLR Mercedes McLaren, a Bugatti, and others. Storch needs to learn how to manage what he has quickly or his Mercedes might end up on the back of a flat bed, like Tyga's Mercedes. He already had to sell his 19,000 sq ft Miami home, which has access to Biscayne Bay and a private dock to YMCMB music mogul, Birdman. Hopefully, he gets his finances back on beat.

10 Swizz Beatz - Lotus Evora

via NYpost.com

Swizz Beatz is a rapper, but he's also a record producer with a pretty successful career. However, like the other celebs on this list, Swizz Beatz possesses debts to match his talent. In fact, his debts appear to be taking over. Even with his financial woes, Swizz Beatz manages to drive one of the rarest cars in the world.

The star owns a Lotus Evora, and he's a spokesperson for the automotive company. His Lotus is a beautiful burnt-orange color with a premium black leather interior. I would definitely drive the Swizz Beatz Evora. It's a good-looking car, and I'm sure he wants to hang on to it. So hopefully, he's getting his life back on track this year.

9 Sylvester Stallone - Porsche Panamera

via Pintrest.com

Sylvester Stalone is another very well-known actor on this list. He's the icon of the Rocky movies, which were extremely successful. However, his fame reaches much further than that. He's also the star actor of Demolition Man, Rambo, Over the Top, and The Specialist.

The actor made tons of money from his extremely popular films, yet he reportedly is having money problems. His troubles haven't prevented the Rocky star from driving a nice car, though. Sylvester Stalone drives a Porsche Panamera. The flashy Porsche SUV costs more than $90,000, which shouldn't be an issue for the star. However, with the money the star has made, he should be able to afford whatever car he wants.

8 Teresa Giudice - Lexus SUV

via NJ.com

Teresa Giudice is a reality TV star from Real Housewives of New Jersey. During her time on the show, Giudice and her husband spent money lavishly. They also live in a multi-million-dollar mansion in New Jersey; however, the star and her rich husband found themselves in legal trouble.

Both pleaded guilty to multiple white-collar crimes, including mail fraud. Several contractors also sued the Giudices for work completed for the couple. Giudice and her husband both served jail time for their crimes. And despite reports that they were experiencing financial hardship, Teresa's husband, Joe, bought her a $90,000 Lexus as a homecoming present because "his wife needs a car." The lavish purchase angered many people, including an architect who never sued the couple because he thought their finances would prevent them from paying him.

7 Toni Braxton - Bentley Bentayga

via Theexclusiveautomotivegroup.com

Toni Braxton is a talented singer and actress. She made a ton of money with her popular music and roles in movies like Swordfish. However, the star is facing financial hardship, including debts totaling more than $50,000,000. It's a staggering number, yet she's still driving the expensive Bentley Bentayga, thanks to her fiance, Birdman from Young Money Cash Money Billionaires.

Birdman has a collection of cars himself, and he needs his lady to have a sweet ride to keep up his YMCMB image. Birdman made his fortune from his record label after signing talents like Little Wayne. Even after being sued by several of the talents signed to his label, Birdman's finances seem fine—lucky for Toni Braxton, whose finances are going to take work.

6 Trick Daddy - Tricked Out Impala

via YouTube.com

Trick Daddy is a famous rapper who made a small fortune. However, he has a dwindling net worth after leaving the music scene when he started having health issues. The rapper does have some work in the form of his appearance on "Love and Hip Hop" on VH1 and clubs. For example, a club recently paid the former rapper for an appearance with fellow hip-hop star Trina.

It's unclear how much Trick Daddy makes from appearances like this, but apparently, it's not enough to cover his lavish lifestyle. The star knows how to give back to the community even when he faces financial troubles of his own. So, owning a nice car isn't his only priority. He does a lot of charity work for kids in underprivileged areas. After all, "Trick Daddy loves the kids." With all the good work Trick Daddy does, I hope he gets his money right.

5 Larry King - Lincoln MKS

via Tapatalk.com

Larry King was the host of the popular late-night show Larry King Live on CNN. He won many awards during his time as a journalist, including several ACE Awards and two Peabodys. Larry King's show aired for 25 years before he announced in 2010 that he would no longer be doing his show.

Although King made plenty of money during his long career as a journalist and TV personality, reports say he's having major money problems. King's current financial situation is probably the result of poor money management and divorce settlements with his 5 ex-wives. Even with his money problems. a personalized "L KING" license plate adorns King's MKS, which costs around $45,000.

4 Warren Sapp - Rolls Royce

via Autoinfluence.com

Warren Sapp was a defensive tackle in the NFL. He played football at the University of Miami before turning pro. In 1995, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers drafted Sapp. After 7 years with the team, he won a Super Bowl for the Buccaneers in 2003. His 2003 Super Bowl was his first and only Super Bowl win. Sapp did, however, go to the Pro Bowl 7 times and had several victories.

In 2003, Warren Carlos Sapp took a seven-year deal with the Raiders for $36.6 million. He didn't complete his time with the Raiders, though. In 2007, he called Al Davis, the owner of the Raiders, and told him he wouldn't be returning, and his retirement became official in 2008. Reports say that Sapp is running low on money; however, he's still driving a Rolls-Royce. Hopefully, the star paid the expensive car off before leaving his contract with the Raiders. The football hall of famer might need to sell his Rolls-Royce to pay off pending legal cases and attorney fees.

3 Lisa Marie Presley - Cadillac ATS AWD

via Dailymail.com

Lisa Marie Presley is the daughter of Elvis Presley, the King of Rock and Roll, and her mother, Priscilla Presley, is worth over $100 million. However, the King's daughter inherited his money-management issues, apparently. Reports tell a story of an Elvis deeply in debt when he died. In fact, the family was lucky to keep Graceland, Elvis's famous home.

It's good to know the star took after her dad's musical talent and not just his poor budgeting. Presley's wealth doesn't just come from her famous father. She's a singer-songwriter, as well. She does receive around $100,000 a month from her father's estate according to court documents, though. Elvis's estate survived financial hardship and flourished under the watchful eye of her mother. So, Lisa Marie may have her mom's diligent money management to thank for her Cadillac ATS all-wheel-drive luxury car.

2 Joe Francis - Porsche

via Zimbio.com

Joe Francis was the brain behind Girls Gone Wild. The sleazy tapes of "girls gone wild" at Spring Break and party destinations around the world were sold on late night TV. Francis made a ton of money off of his DVDs, but he didn't spend his money wisely.

Francis lived lavishly before squandering his fortune. He drove around Hollywood in his Ferrari, spending his money at high-end shops and restaurants. Unfortunately for Joe, he ran into money and legal problems. Reports say that he fled to Mexico to escape his problems, but they don't say whether or not he drove his awesome car, which is probably the only reason girls go wild over Francis these days.

1 Chris Tucker - Aston Martin One 77

via Zimbio.com

Chris Tucker is one of the funniest men in Hollywood. His movies like Friday and Rush Hour made him a ton of money. However, despite his enormous success, Tucker has encountered his fair share of financial issues. The star reportedly owes the IRS more than $14 million.

Tucker's financial problems are obviously not hindering him too much. He's driving an Aston Martin One 77. It's a beautiful charcoal gray color, and he looks great exiting his Aston Martin during a movie premiere. Given his success, the Rush Hour star should be driving an amazing car, but hopefully, he can improve his financial-management skills.

Sources: Forbes; Business Insider; Motor Trend

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