23 Newbies Who Messed Up At Off-Roading

Cars are not just for daily commute and long drives but to experience the thrill of life. One such way of experiencing the pleasures of owning a beast is off-roading. In the recent past, off-roading has gained huge popularity among enthusiasts which has paved way for many new events. Events like Dakar Rally, Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge, Spanish Baja and many more are highly sought out by car enthusiasts. It has also led to various off-roading races and competitions.

Not all cars can be used for off-roading, it has to be modified to drive in harsh environments like mud, sand, snow, rocks or even on riverbeds. A few basic modifications are required for regular cars such as vehicle lifts, using large tires and traction. Mudding, rock crawling, two-tracking and dune bashing are few of the fun activities that people get involved in when it comes to off-roading.

While it trends in many countries, there are some countries where off-roading is prohibited considering the environmental damage and safety issues it could cause. As fun as it might sound, it is always wise to be prepared for damage and safety. Even the most experienced drivers can lose control going on adventurous off-road rides.

Here we are going to dive in for some fun that this sport has caused with its funny fails.

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23 Jeep Wrangler Gets Stuck In Water

Via Miami Lakes Automail

Going on off-roading all alone can definitely land you in trouble. This is one such incident that landed an enthusiast in getting stuck in water. It started off great until he got himself stuck in a water hole. The best part is even after reading the "Winching Services" signboard he was crazy enough to trust his instincts and go for the water. It is one of the universally known facts of off-roading, never go alone in water especially when it has a "Winching" signboard nearby.

22 A Half Sunk Toyota Land Cruiser

Via 4 Wheeling in Western Australia

Winch services have reached the spot just to witness an enthusiast sitting on top of his half sunk Cruiser. And, then comes the whole story of his hilarious fail.

While having fun mudding with his Land Cruiser, the enthusiast gets stuck.

Even after increasing the acceleration several times and the tires that were ferociously spinning it caused no movement in the Cruiser. After repeated acceleration and enormous efforts later he only drowns himself in a small pool of water nearby trying to move out of the puddle.

21 Nissan Patrol Fails In Gunshot Creek

Via YouTube

If you have ever been to Cape York then you must have heard about this legendary off-road zone "Gunshot Creek." Crossing this creek is a real challenge and this is about an enthusiast who gets stuck in the creek. With his Nissan Patrol and at a really slow speed he tries to cross the creek which only gets him stuck at some point. But his hilarious fail was turned to a miraculous win by his wit. The enthusiasts kept turning the steering only to find his escape spot. As soon as he finds the right space he slowly drives his Patrol down to the marsh.

20 Toyota Hilux Mudding Fails

Via 4WDing Australia

Mudding has always been on the top list of off-roading fails. This is one such hilarious off-road fails of a Toyota Hilux. A car enthusiast was mudding and with few twists and turns it got really hard to get control of his Hilux.

After he gained control and got a little steady he gets stuck in the puddle again.

As the driver tried to get off the puddle he had already accelerated hard enough which kept the wheels rotating at full speed but still nothing. It was a great show for the audience there.

19 Toyota Prado Fails On The River Bed

Via YouTube

While mudding around in the riverbed with his Prado with a team of his friends, this little monster gets stuck inside of the river. Half drowned and half sunk with no amount of speed he could get the Prado out. It was half sunk just waiting to be rescued. Although it looked like a simple drive it was a hilarious fail. Getting stuck in the riverbed and getting half sunk was not the actual idea but because of inexperienced driving, the enthusiast got his Prado stuck.

18 Toyota Land Cruiser Flips Over Mudding

Via Pinterest

A group of enthusiast went on a mudding trip in the hills. Going off-road on a hill which is steep is a real challenge.

Climbing the steep muddy hill, they got themselves stuck into the wrong side of the hill.

After few turns, acceleration, and reverses later when everything seemed to be perfect the driver hits one wrong turn and a brake which flips over the Cruiser harming the expensive beast and not the people on it. This was a bad way to pay for stupidity.

17 Jeep Grand Cherokee Rock Crawling Roll Over

Via YouTube

Rock crawling is not easy, even in the hands of a skilled driver it could roll over. While descending a steep rocky environment, the enthusiast along with his team find it really hard to crawl down the rocky hill. Despite being slow and careful with just one wrong turn the car rolls over. The driver was rescued safe but it sure did cost him huge bucks for his car. It was a major rollover that caused too much damage to the car. Though it was an off-roading fail he sure did enjoy his ride.

16 Toyota Hilux Hilarious Roll Over

Via YouTube

Rock crawling with a Toyota Hilux goes wrong. This is one good example of, no matter how slow you go you can still flip.

This was one such rooky drive where even the most experienced of drivers would go wrong behind the wheels.

Hilux rolls over, it not just rolls over, it flips in an extremely slow rate that you can get a detailed picture of how slow it flips and slowly gains speed and ends up rolling over fast. This rollover doesn’t harm the driver though just left destroying the Hilux.

15 Mitsubishi Triton Hilarious Fail

Via YouTube

The driver is ready and waiting for a signal from his friend to start off-roading on a steep gravel climb. The crowd is eagerly waiting for their friend to wave the signal to the driver. With so much pressure and excitement, the driver is all pumped up to go for an adventurous ride of his life. His friend gives the sign and on the count of three, the driver accelerates the monster to full speed just to end up in a flip over just a few inches from the start. This was a hilarious show for the crowd which ended up in laughter

14 Jeep Grand Cherokee Fails Hill Climb

Via Pinterest

This is one major fail but caused no harm and damage to the driver. The driver climbs the hill slow and steady and he seems to be doing a great job.

Until he almost reaches the top and gets himself stuck in a deep hole.

It gets him stuck in an unusually odd way that tilts the vehicle to almost a 90 degree. The Jeep seems to be managing the entire load on its front two wheels. Rescuing the driver took efforts but it mostly ended up in fun.

13 Toyota Prado Hill Climbing Roll Over

Via YouTube

The car enthusiast took his Prado for off-roading on a hill. With the right amount of speed, he was able to balance on the bumpy road. As the climb got steeper, he was finding it hard to get a proper grip which ended up in a major rollover of the Prado and it only stopped after hitting a tree. The driver escaped injuries but must have paid huge bucks for this Prado. The rescue operation was long and hard but this crazy fail almost destroyed the Prado.

12 Land Rover Defender Mudding Fail

Via YouTube

Mudding is one of the most sought out off-road activity and it can also fail hilariously. Mudding on steep areas which have sharp turns is risky even in the hands of experienced drivers it can become major failures.

This is one such experience of an enthusiast who tries to climb the puddles which have sharp turns.

As fun as it could be, it could also fail. It is not hard to guess what happened next; it was a major fail which led to rolling over in the puddles.

11 Nissan Navara Hill Climb Fails

Via WhichCar

Hill Climbing can be fun what makes it even more fun is narrow hill climbing. This is one such incident where a driver takes his Navara for a ride on the hill which is really steep. With full speed, he steers towards the hill just to descend down the climb at the same side. He applies the brake to slow down the descending process which only skids the car and crashes into a tree. These fails are lessons to be learned by the off-roaders who seek thrill.

10 Daihatsu Feroza Crashes The Car behind

Via YouTube

Fun rides can become fails not just for the one who is driving but even for the one who is behind. This is one such incident of a car crashing on the car right behind trying off-roading.

Pack of cars was lined to climb the hill.

The first car driver goes in full speed just to end up in a flip and roll back down in full speed crashing the standstill car behind. Despite being hilarious, paying big bucks for standing behind a falling car might not be as fun.

9 Jeep Grand Cherokee Rock Crawling Fail

Via YouTube

Rock Crawling races and events take place in many parts of the world. In one such event, this crazy fail took place which ended up in laughter. Descending down the rocky climb can be challenging. So, the driver maintained a steady slow speed to slowly descend down the climb. But it had an extremely uneven surface with huge holes between rocks. No matter how hard the driver tried he was not able to descend down but the monster rolled over in an unusually odd way, causing no harm to the driver.

8 Nissan Patrol Crashes onto A Tree

Via WhichCar

Mudding and taking sharp turns might not even sound like an easy thing to do. No wonder these drives have become hilarious fails.

Trying to do mudding while climbing a hill and taking a sharp turn definitely goes in for a rollover.

The vehicle rolls over and crashes on to the tree nearby putting an end to the tree and the monster. Hope it recovers from the crash it went through. This is a hilarious fail as the car turned over many a time.

7 Land Rover Discovery Rock Crawling Fail

Via YouTube

Rock crawling on a rainy day is destined for a rollover or at least flips. These adventure seekers and off-road lovers want to try something super risky that they go rock crawling on a rainy day. Driving on steep rocks that are wet and slippery, no matter how slow or fast you drive, one wrong move you are either be flipped over or rolled over. It was a flip over in this case. The driver even having shown some talented skills while off-roading at the start, later on, he ends up in a flip over.

6 Suzuki Vitara Flips While Mudding

Via YouTube

Mudding on a hill can be fun and exciting but you also need to be alarmed you will never know what will happen next. This incident happened when an off-roader tried to climb a muddy hill.

The climb was a little steep and with full speed, he was gaining over the hill.

There is no clue why this driver had to hit on the brakes while climbing on the hill and that has led to a flip over. Though the fall was minor and it didn’t need much of help it was a hilarious fail.

5 Holden Rodeo Mudding Fail

Via 4 Wheeling in Western Australia

This off-roader was a little adventurous. He wanted to try something different that he went mudding at full speed. He drove his Holden Rodeo on full speed for which most of the part he was up in the air. When he landed he went for a flip. The best part of this was he knew he was going in for a flip. The car sustained with very little damage which made it easier for him to give it another ride which also landed on an amazing fail.

4 Suzuki Sierra Rock Climbing Fail

Via YouTube

This car enthusiast was a skilled driver. It was a bad steep climb and he had put in most of the effort to reach the top of the hill.

With so much turns, and struggles later he almost reached the top only to flip when everyone was hoping for success.

The driver never hoped for the flip as it was in the most unexpected time. The rescue time had very little work and it was an easy rescue. The vehicle didn’t have any major damage.

3 Nissan Patrol GU Hits The Tree

Via Pinterest

Rock climbing needs a lot of attention from the driver for a safe ride. Sometimes fails happen when the driver pays too much attention for climbing on the rocks that he fails to see something else. This driver was too busy trying to climb over the rock that he failed to notice the tree that was right in front of him. Having successfully climbed the rock he had to crash it into a tree making it a hilarious fail. It was an easy rescue for the team as it hit the tree.

2 Ford Raptor Mudding Roll Over

Via YouTube

Rollovers can be fun at times when it happens perfectly right. Mudding on a steep hill climb can fail drastically, this is one such incident of perfect fails.

Two enthusiasts try and climb the steep hill, as they progress the hill tends to get steeper they get stuck at one point.

Trying to get back where they started they slowly start to descend which results in one full roll over and viola they were where and how they started with no injuries and few minor damages to the car.

1 Toyota Prado Fails Where He Begins

Via Top Gear

In off-road racing events, the drivers were so anxious to finish the race successful that they forget that they are driving off-road. This driver forgets that he drives off-road and drives at full speed while he starts. He quickly finished where he started as he flips off in the ups and downs of the road. He was hilariously too quick to finish the race at where he started. Although the damage of the vehicle was less the driver had to spend big bucks for this expensive vehicle.

Source: Youtube

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