24 Custom Cars The Police Shouldn't Even Bother Chasing

Modifying vehicles has become increasingly common during the past few decades; people learned how to bolt on upgraded parts on their cars quite easily with some upgrades even doable in their own garages. A number of these monsters end up in drag strips doing amazing times we previously thought only Italian supercars were capable of doing and some are driven by their owners through back roads and long winding routes. Whatever the case may be, tuners and builders have gone through inexpensive Honda Civics to Porsche 911s and they have produced unbelievable builds that completely just blow everybody’s minds. Making more than a thousand horsepower is no simple feat even for large displacement V8s and pushing out that kind of power from a 2-liter 4 banger is naturally unheard of.

Getting in trouble with cops is totally inevitable especially when the car you’re driving looks like a rocket ship and sounds like a beast ready to be unleashed at the slightest push of the gas pedal. However, there are examples which cops will probably just ignore because they know they can’t catch you. When you’re caught speeding in Japan, police won’t even bother chasing you if you went by at a certain speed. This is largely due to their speed cameras and speed traps, but if by some chance these don’t slow you down or catch your license plates then you get to go home scot-free. Some countries and states around the world have added high-performance vehicles into their armada of interceptors just to counter these types of situations or at least discourage them. The boys in blue will still probably leave you alone if you drove one of these cars in this list.

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24 Lamborghini Aventador LP750-4 SV

Via Autogespot

The Raging Bull is synonymous with speed and luxury which is precisely why when they released the LP750- SV, we just lost our minds.

The car looks just about as dangerous as a bomb waiting to explode; the seriousness doesn’t end there though since the internals are also improved to get this Aventador moving from 0-60 mph in 2.8 seconds.

Cops will gladly ignore you when you’re speeding down the highway in your SV particularly when your car has aero as aggressive as this supercar does.

23 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon

Via Car and Driver

"Demon" is a fitting name for a car this monstrous, a standard Demon can make your eyes fly to the back of your head on the drag strip and making it go faster will only be totally bonkers.

When you purchase one, you’ll also be offered the Demon Crate, a box full of parts to install when you really want to go all, out for only one dollar.

The Demon can get to 168 mph which is an impressive number already but when you fit everything in the Demon Crate to the car, not even the police can get you.

22 1850 hp Honda Civic EG

Via Boiq.info

It’s amazing how a 2-liter can push out 1850 hp from a 20-year-old Honda Civic. Fitted with a turbo about the size of a fully grown Labrador and a transmission that has gone through 350,000 miles, it’s nothing short of wizardry to set a 7.6 second quarter mile time. Granted, this thing might be only meant for the drag strip but if the police were somehow chasing the meanest Honda Civic ever built on a straightaway, we suggest they should just give up entirely.

21 2000+ hp AMS Alpha Omega Nissan GT-R

Via videosandcarsvideo

There are several Nissan GT-R’s around the globe that can push out more than 2000 horsepower but the one built by Alpha Omega takes home the bacon.

This specific GT-R has been breaking records left and right with its 0-60 time of 1.53 seconds.

You read that right, it takes about a second and a half from a dead stop to 60 miles per hour. Police would have to think twice if they really want to try and catch a machine that has 10 times the power of squad cars.

20 Toyota Supra Mark IV

Via Youtube

It’s impossible to talk about the Supra without mentioning its 2JZ engine; they are basically bulletproof 6-cylinder engines that can take quite the beating. A racing team based in Bahrain built the fastest Supra capable of a quarter mile time of 6.05 seconds. By the time cops realize that they have to chase this specific Toyota Supra, it would be almost a full mile ahead already. The all-white exterior tells nothing about the unspeakable things this machine can do except maybe that big turbo peeking out of the hood.

19 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

Via Top Speed

Cars that have only 2-liters of displacement strapped to a gigantic turbo are just a joy to watch. People wait and wait, and wait until the boost kicks in and the car is sent flying.

This overpowered all-wheel drive Evo does a little bunny hop when the driver dumps the clutch.

The car looks absolutely menacing to the point where we think cops will not want to mess with it. Replacing the right headlight is a turbo as big as a high school student’s bag which will most likely prevent any reaction from the police.

18 VOS Lamborghini Huracan

via vehiclejar blog

A full carbon fiber package has been built by the German tuner, Vision of Speed. Their principle in making cars faster is having more power and weighing less to get that extra oomph. When a car is lighter, there’s less mass that the engine needs to propel and the bottom line is it will make you go quicker. Stock Huracans are already pretty fast by anybody’s standards and making them lighter will definitely dissuade any cop waiting to give the driver a ticket at the nearest stoplight, granting if they do catch up.

17 Subaru WRX STI Type RA

Via CAR Magazine

Apart from being the most expensive Subaru ever, the Type RA (Record Attempt) has also broken the record for the fastest 4-door sedan around the Nurburgring. The car sports impressive aero components which give the Type RA a meaner looking vibe that would discourage any cop trying to catch you.

Subaru has outdone themselves with a lap time of 6:57.5 which almost surpasses the 918 Spyder’s, that’s a hypercar mind you.

If you were planning to purchase a WRX STi Type RA, we do hope you like Subaru’s World Rally Blue and gold rims.

16 Kinetik Motorsport Shelby GT500

Via Pinterest

To get things clear, some of the cars on this list are full blooded race cars that don’t give a cat’s bottom for aesthetics but this Shelby GT500 is definitely not one of them. As far as Mustangs go, it still looks like a Mustang but far, far quicker than any other GT 5.0-liter. Muscle cars have distinct design cues to them that can be identified from afar; however, when cruising cop cars get a closer look at this Shelby, they would probably leave you alone in resignation that they can’t do anything if you tried to run from them.

15 Ferrari Enzo ZXX

Via 1ZOOM.Me

The Ferrari Enzo was a tribute to the late founder and it’s rightfully one of the craziest Ferraris you can buy if you have about $3 million in your bank account that is.

This particular Enzo ZXX had a tragic crash and ended up in the water.

Fortunately, someone thought it would be a great idea to restore the fallen hypercar and make it even faster than before with 950 hp. Even just looking at the bright yellow Ferrari would make the baddest cop out there shudder in fear.

14 1000 hp BMW E46 M3

Via Super Street Network

Big turbos are a dream if you’re looking for exceedingly high power and some spirited driving from normal cars; however, this BMW E46 M3 is by no means a normal car. People would do almost anything for an M3 built like this but we don’t think police officers would be excited as us. German cars have this certain finesse and elegance that just screams automotive perfection. It’s too bad that none of us will probably get to own this near perfect example since the owner is pretty much in love with his creation.

13 Porsche 997 Turbo by Evolution Motorsports Mayhem

Via Super Street Network

People can do a lot with 1500 hp from a 4-liter flat six turbocharged engine. The Mayhem is tastefully wrapped in matte red and is a fully built race car for the road, extensive weight savings procedures have been done to this Porsche as well as reliable tuning tolerances. This may not be the fastest car on the drag strip nor the fastest around the track but it will make the cops trying to chase it eat dust nonetheless. This is Evolution Motorsports’ take on the quintessential Porsche and it just might be.

12 McLaren 570S

Via Car and Driver

McLaren builds some of the craziest cars ever built, when someone takes a McLaren and manages to increase the power it’s pushing then that would make for an insane supercar by anyone’s standards. All black is definitely the way to go with this 570S, the emotions it stirs up when staring at the whole thing is best described as fear and even cops are not immune to such a feeling. All the lines along the length of the car do its speed justice as it looks rightfully fast as well.

11 Audi RS3

Via autoTrader.ca

Audis are somewhat rare to the custom car world as many people see them as German built cars designed to get groceries or pick up the kids from school but nothing, and we mean nothing can be farther from the truth especially this specific custom RS3.

The police will be met with a hard decision whether to continue the pursuit of this custom built RS3 when they witness its sweltering 0-60 time of less than 4 seconds.

Audi’s Quattro system is their take on an all-wheel-drive platform that can strike fear even in the hearts of the best cop driver.

10 Dodge Viper


The Viper’s V10 is used for many engine swaps due to its reliability and abundant power. When somebody upgrades a full-blooded Viper, you can be certain that it’s going to be a truly frightening experience. The production model Viper even held at least 13 track lap records during its prime; it’s even faster than the 918 Spyder hypercar at Laguna Seca which is exactly why the cops in your vicinity would rather look away and let you get on your merry way. Although Dodge has since abandoned the Viper, they still live in the legacy of American muscle cars.

9 1341 hp MGAWOT II Blue Streak R34 GT-R

Via Motor1

Immortalized by the late Paul Walker’s character in the early movies of the Fast and Furious franchise, the R34 has since become a legendary grail car for many who admire Japanese 4-wheel works of art.

The all-wheel-drive Nissan looks will never leave any driver behind the wheel wanting for more; even police who dare chase this R34 will find the task impossible, to be frank.

Some car enthusiasts will argue that the R34 even looks as malicious as the current generation but that’s not for us to decide.

8 Subaru WRX STI “White Bullet”

via pinterest

Subarus are one of the most abundant performance cars on the planet due to its massive following and it’s no surprise that some tuners have created beasts that could eat up the whole neighborhood such as the White Bullet. Thanks to big turbos, racing fuel, and methanol injection, the car has well over a thousand horsepower to play with. Ask anyone and they’ll say that’s more than enough power for some fun. With an 8.46 second quarter mile time, we don’t think anybody would be looking forward to a chase with the White Bullet, even the police.

7 Ferrari SP12 EC

Via Road & Track

Apparently, the guys at Maranello love their rock and blues music since the EC stands for Eric Clapton. When Ferrari likes a certain character, they tend to build a car to that person’s taste.

Powered by a 4.5-liter V8 that produces more power than even some V12’s in the market, the elegant $4.7 million cars will most likely get some attention from the police but will also make them think twice before trying to chase the SP12 EC. The front bumper even looks like a beast getting ready to bite your face.

6 Bisimoto Porsche 964 Carrera

Via Pinterest

Many might argue that the 964 is the best looking Porsche built in Stuttgart; however, this certain 964 Carrera can hardly be called as it is because of the things are done to the car already. Bisimoto has been busy (no pun intended) with a personal build for its founder, Bisi Ezehoria.

The turbocharged engine can be tuned to more than a thousand horsepower but the owner would rather have it lower for reliability purposes.

When cops see the exposed turbos at the rear bumper, they will perhaps just give up on the chase entirely especially when the 964 gets the boost that it needs.

5 Lister Jaguar F-Type Thunder

Via AutoEvolution

A British motor company named Lister has made their own iteration of the renowned F-Type and they did it with a whopping 208 miles per hour top speed and a blistering 0-60 time of 3.2 seconds. The incredibly sleek looking Jag will make the police wary of any thoughts of chasing it through straightaways or even long winding corners in the British countryside. V8s have once again proven that superchargers can push out a lot of power especially with decent supporting modifications in other mechanical areas of the vehicle.

4 C6 Corvette

Via Youtube

This is the fastest Corvette C6 of all time with a top speed of 258 miles per hour. Even the bravest of the boys in blue would be intimidated by the look of this blacked out C6.

Corvettes are loved for their incredible value for money when we’re talking about how much power they put out compared to other Italian or German high-performance models.

Along with their relatively cheap price tags, numerous bolt-on parts can be found on the internet for reasonable costs and can get you way faster.

3 1992 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 2

Via Youtube

Getting a time less than 8 seconds in the quarter mile is quite an impressive accomplishment especially with a turbocharged 4-cylinder engine.

The 4G63T engine is legendary and rightfully so, they are mean little blocks of steel that can weather a lot of abuse for many years and not even stutter.

Complete with drag radials, over the top weight savings, and internals that would even put well-known Italian car makers to shame, no police cruiser can get close to this Evo even if the Japanese import won’t be pushed to its maximum capacity.

2 Toyota GT-4586

Via Super Street Network

It’s a GT-86, you say? Apparently not, this 86 body was fitted with a Ferrari 458 engine, hence the name. It’s a purpose built drift car for Formula Drift driver Ryan Tuerck and it has got no hood on it since the V8 can’t fit inside the engine bay. Insane power and an extremely light body, there’s literally nothing anyone can ask for from a car built for spirited driving. Cops would be hard-pressed to choose between leaving this bad boy on the streets or get into a futile chase with a mad car.

1 Fast 8 Ice-Charger

Via Pinterest

Honestly speaking, this Charger looks like a bat out of hell and could eat a whole horse in a single bite.

Unbeknownst to some, the car Vin Diesel drove on the polar ice cap in the latest Fast and Furious movie is actually a functioning, legitimately fast muscle car.

It certainly isn’t just for show. Members of the law enforcement community who have seen the mentioned movie will most likely recognize the Ice-Charger from the get-go and would never want to cause any trouble with the driver behind the wheel.

Sources: motor1.com, jalopnik.com, carbuzz.com, autoevolutio.com, roadandtrack.com

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