24 Fastest Cars That Are Basically Junk Otherwise

Here's a list of 24 fast cars from around the world that failed to hit any other marks.

Talking about fast cars means only one thing and it comes right away to your mind, it is about breaking the record or going faster than the speed of sound. Some may happen to be fast on the tune-up but fail on exterior style and out of this world design. Sports cars are used to be fast hitting 300 or higher horsepower and maintaining a classy and beautiful look while running on the road.

Just a single disadvantage on a car especially on the performance, the sleek design, and style or the technologies equipped can greatly affect its fame on the spot as well as the name of its manufacturer. Some might not be as good as the other alternatives but have better features on itself. While due to the massive reproduction of cars, some of them go straight to junkyards or smalltime car dealers.

We are not discussing brands here, this is all about the balanced speed and performance added with a unique style. Whether it is a luxury car, a sporty type or a normal sedan it is added to the record as long as it falls down on the mark of fastest car. Here is the list of 24 fast cars around the world that are forgotten, placed to junk, and didn’t obtain fame on the spotlight including some of the ugliest models.

24 Ferrari Enzo (2002)

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Discussing Ferrari cars means being special on the road, and having the badge of a horse with a yellow background can be a big time. The Ferrari Enzo was named after the founder of the company. This baby can run with a top speed of 186 miles/hour.

After 3 years it was dumped by its own kin the Ferrari F430 which is more sporty on the looks and engine type. The style may refer to as F1 racing models but it does not belong to that environment and should have stayed as a collectible.

23 Dodge Neon SRT-4

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The Dodge Neon SRT-4 is a sports compact car that only produced from 2003 until 2005. Powered with an I4 engine and 5-speed manual tranny this car can take a top speed of about 153 mph while producing 230 horsepower.

With its sleek design and sporty looks, it took the Subaru WRX from the competition.

The SRT-4 is a beautiful vehicle for all road trips but massive modifications have been made just to improve performance and stability. Comparing to SRT4 the Dodge Neon is way cooler than its kin.

22 Mitsuoka Orochi (2014)

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One of the most unique designs that can be found on the automotive world nowadays can be seen in two places whether it was a collectible or straight on the junkyard. The Mitsuoka Orochi a Japanese sports car brand launched in 2006 having a V6 engine type producing 233 horsepower. The Orochi is equivalent to the term ugly. Who wants to ride a sports car looking like a four-eyed fish?

Well luckily on this day the final manufacturing only made 5 units in the year 2014, making a 3 premium gold color and a 2 dark purple final edition.

21 Infiniti Q50

Via Car and Driver

Next in the line is the Infinity Q50 which was named as the worst and defective luxury car type on this day. Competing against the big manufacturers like BMW and Mercedes in terms of making luxury cars, the Infinity Q50 has too much ambition in making it to the top.

Hitting up 360 horsepower with its V6 engine, it's fast enough to run on the road.

The only thing that may cause the drawbacks is the technology itself equipped inside and having malfunctions while using. It may hold a hotter appearance than the BMW 3, at least this keeps the car motivated.

20 Ford Mustang II

Via American Muscle Cars

The Ford Mustang II with an extension name Cobra II wherein none of its two names can categorize the car as elegant as the other Mustang models. With its own V8 Mustang engine that only makes this tiny 2-door coupe still exist in the modern years.

It’s a rare thing to see one of these models nowadays but at least it still makes a name on its prime. With the extinction of old model cars, some of it can be found by parts or dumped at the junkyard.

19 Nissan Maxima

Via Car and Driver

Next on the list is the Nissan Maxima that reaches out up to 300 horsepower, a powerful luxury car having a sporty style and performance.

The Maxima rises as one of the top contenders in terms of luxury sedan type body and made its competitors go down on the limelight.

It may have a sporty design as what car lovers want but having the lack of manual transmission makes it lose. Additional to the cons is the cabin size, well it is not enough for a family to fit right inside.

18 Cadillac ATS

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The Cadillac ATS is compact sports sedan with a top speed of 189mph taking both Mercedes and BMW in terms of acceleration. With its massive 464 horsepower having a V6 twin turbo engine making it a beast on all the aspect. It may have the sporty looks on the appearance but the engine may sound too noisy, unlike other sports car.

The comforts on the seat should be the best thing to look for when looking for a car but the Cadillac lacks a bit of coziness including a small space for its cabin.

17 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Via Mercedes-Benz for fort Mitchell

When Mercedes manufactures a car, the luxurious looks will still remain even when the next generations are built, except for some models. The Mercedes-Benz E-Class full of high end features equipped but let’s just say not all buyers want to buy a lot of upgradable items which highly cost.

Having a V6 engine and being able to reach a top speed of 130 mph, this luxury coupe is equipped with high technologies for better control on wheels.

The two-door coupe E-Class has its sporty looks but maintains the luxury part of appearance and performance.

16 Toyota Camry

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The Toyota Camry is a 4-door sporty sedan type car powered with a v6 engine taking a 301 horsepower. Its lightweight body and strong built helps the driver in having a smooth driving control and quality.

This new generation model is packed with high technologies which can be found on other brands.

The transmission itself has a 6-speed automatic shift as well as its hybrid kin. It may fall as one of the fastest cars but some alternate cars are available in the market with better features.

15 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am

Via Motor1

The Pontiac Firebird was a strong competitor of both Ford Mustang Chevrolet Camaro in their prime years. This muscle car has a 2-door entrance having a sporty elegance on the appearance.

With an LS1 V8 engine it can tune up to 310 horsepower while having a top speed of 160 mph.

Upon release of the model, lots of controversies rose until the last manufacturing days way back 2002. If looking for a better sports car maybe this can have a try or at least get in the list of other options.

14 Chevrolet Corvette C5

Via AutoEvolution

The Chevrolet Corvette C5 has a massive power engine of V6, running in 350 horsepower and can take a top speed of 282 km/h. This beast on the road has been proven to be one of the fastest cars in the world even on racing events. But as days go by, the Corvette C5 has been replaced and dumped by other alternatives which have better features.

Not to mention the Shelby GT500 a muscle car which is far cheaper than the C5. It may have many counterparts but the C5 is really a game changer at its own year.

13 Mazda Miata

Via Motor Trend

Next on the record is the Mazda Miata, one of the weirdest cars designed due to its headlights. Back in the early 90s ear, the Miata has a 5-speed manual tranny that can take up to 155 horsepower having an engine of DOHC I4.

The car features a top-down roof and a lightweight body making it more stable on controls.

The Miata is a big threat before with Nissan Infinity and Acura which became the alternate models of other brands. This roadster may give a classy look but the appearance itself does not have a sporty type car.

12 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS Supercharged

Via Drag Times

Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS Supercharged, a sporty car powered with a V6 engine hitting 240 horsepower and can be customized for a better performance. The sixth generation model was manufactured around the year 2000 until 2007 as its final. This 2-door coupe is not spacious enough for its small size cabin.

The SS Supercharged ones prove its speed and power on a racing event even with a low engine including the 4-speed manual transmission and lightweight body.

11 Audi TT

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The Audi TT is a two-door sports car manufactured by a German company. Along with its first release in 2006, issues and malfunctions risen up on every unit which made the Audi Company recalls all the units for repairs. Having a powerful V6 engine a drawback has been discovered and can rip-off its machine.

With problems emerges time by time until its last debut the Audi TT’ transmission was tag as troublesome and is prone to disaster. It may have the sporty look on the exterior there are still some alternates that have been quality.

10 Fisker Karma

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The Fisker Karma one of the rarest car that can be found nowhere or only a few has. This sports coupe type car is both electric and gas-powered engine but mostly runs on the battery. How about when it runs out of battery? Yes, engines can be switched with gas but can be a hassle for car lovers.

The design itself looks like a unique in every corner but its alternative competitor the Tesla has better performance than this. And lastly, the Tesla has a cheaper price than Fisker Karma where it doubles the price.

9 Toyota MR2

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The Toyota MR2 is a 2-door coupe sports car powered with an I4 engine and has a 6-speed manual tranny. The car features a top-down roof for a better and classy bird’s eye view. With a laughable low horsepower than the other Toyota models, this leads the manufacturing of MR2 puts to an end.

Having a sporty look in the appearance does not mean it is fast enough on the performance.

This makes the MR2 forgotten from the spotlight unlike its alternate brands especially Honda that can give a hundred higher horsepower.

8 Pontiac Aztec

Via AutoEvolution

The Pontiac Aztec tag as one of the dumbest and ugliest car due to its unique and extraordinary cut on its back. Unlike the Pontiac Firebird which has a sporty look, the Aztec is way more horrible that it was. The four-door sedan type car was based on minivan which has an awful look compared with other minivans out in the market.

The failure of the vehicle has been told before it was released even it was powered with a V6 engine and a 4-speed automatic transmission.

7 Scion FRS

Via Pfaff Auto

The Scion FRS a joint project of Toyota and Subaru which a counterpart of FRS was made with the same features as the BRZ. The FRS is powered with 4 cylinder engine having a 200 horsepower.

With a standard 6-speed manual transmission and optional 6-speed automatic tranny, both the FRS and the BRZ had been competing as the best sports car.

The BRZ has more features to offer than the Scion FRS which gives a little uplift for the Subaru model. But all in all the Scion FRS and Subaru BRZ are a perfect drive.

6 2012 Toyota GT86

Via Outstanding cars

The GT86 is again a project between Toyota and Subaru, a 2-door coupe sports car powered with a 2.0L boxer engine and a 6-speed automatic transmission running in a top speed of about 137mph.

It may have a lesser horsepower than the Scion FRS but still has the sporty looks comparing to the later generation. The GT86 provides tranquility and stability while driving which is more comfortable and smoother to use. It may have lower power torque but giving you a sporty look wherein it has better features.

5 2009 Saturn Sky

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The Saturn Sky features a top-down roof giving a view like a classy sports car. This 2-door sports type roadster is equipped with an I4 engine having a 5-speed automatic transmission and reaching a top speed of about 141 mph.

With only 2 color editions released in 2009, the blue limited edition is the rarest to be found nowadays.

Balancing its classy and sporty looks, the Saturn Sky can in line with some brands that offer the same features as the Saturn Sky model.

4 2002 Ford Thunderbird

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Second on the last of the record is the 2002 Ford Thunderbird an eleventh generation release on its model. Same as the Saturn Sky it features a top-down roof having a 2-door coupe sporty style. The 2002 edition was powered with a better engine a DOHC V8 that can produce 252 horsepower.

Even with its massive performance and powerful engine, the sales rate is still dropping and resulting in the closure and stoppage of the manufacturing the Thunderbird model. As of today, Ford Thunderbirds are classified as collectible cars.

3 BMW7-series (2002)

Via Bentley Gold Coast

The BMW 7-series of the BMW automaker with lots of generations release starting late 70s until the present era. It can hit up to 325 horsepower at 6100 rpm and it is insanely fast for a normal luxury sedan.

Having a powerful engine and performance comes with a big drawback when it comes to the software installed or equipped.

Nothing is more luxurious about this model but the price and the interior. Maybe a bit boring for car lovers when it comes to sporty look and also repairs on its prime years can be a bit troublesome until now.

2 Chevy SSR (2004)

via car and driver

Chevrolet, one of the prestigious car makers in the automotive world having modern sports cars on the lineup. The Chevy SSR marketed and released on the year 2004 made its way on the competition line. This sports roadster can run 300 horsepower having a V8 engine.

The SSR’s retro style design was based on the car models way back 40s era and by the way the looks are a bit off in this day of modern tech. It was like you have the speed and performance but it’s a big no on the personality.

1 Maserati Ghibli

Via Car and Driver

And last but not the least is the Maserati Ghibli the third generation release of Maserati equipping a spontaneous V6 twin turbocharged engine having an 8-speed automatic transmission. This 4-door mid-size luxury sedan can hit up to 400 horsepower and it is totally fast.

Some models of the Ghibli are powered with diesel also but not all models are available in all markets.

Maserati can be tagged as a rare one in that it only produces a few units comparing to big brands. Having its unique sporty style nothing can compare with it versus its competitors.

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