19 People Who Tried Modifying Their Mustangs, But Totally Messed Up

We’ve compiled a list of 19 modded Ford Mustangs that are just downright embarrassing.

The tuner and modification world has grown considerably over the past couple of decades. What was once done strictly for track and competition purposes has expanded to the streets as a means of ultimate personalization and identity expression. And, why shouldn’t we express who we are with our cars? According to Tempo.io, the “average Joe” spends a total of 37,935 hours behind the wheel. That means that over the course of your life, if you’re an average person, you’ll spend 4.33 of those years sitting in the driver’s seat fighting traffic jams, flipping the bird, or jamming out to your favorite song list. That may be a relatively small percentage of your life – just 5.4-percent, based on the average lifespan of 79 years – but it’s still a lot when sleep and work consume roughly 66-percent of our adult lives.

With that in mind, the art of personalizing our daily drivers doesn’t seem so outlandish, does it? Let’s take one of the world’s most prominent muscle cars into consideration: The Ford Mustang. It’s a car that’s practically bred for customization thanks to its rear-wheel-drive configuration, standard power output, and the sheer number of aftermarket parts that are readily available. But what happens when you have bad taste or no idea of how to properly modify your car? Well, that’s what we’re here to talk about today and exactly why we’ve compiled a list of 19 modded Mustangs that are just downright embarrassing. Some might be worse than others, but all of them could have been a little better off.

19 Big Wings Just Aren’t Cool

via All Ford Mustangs

We’re starting off a little light with this one, as the embarrassing mod here is limited to a weird spoiler that is just a bit too tall and even appears to be off center compared to the rear deck.

Furthermore, the weird pinstripes just rub the body wrong, and we’re not so sure about those little flowers next to the right taillight.

Those window caps on the rear quarters are meant to harken back to old school mustangs but end up just looking weird as they don’t even fit the window correctly. According to Motor Trend, the 2010 Mustang GT is good for 315 horsepower and 325 pound-feet of torque, but that’s certainly not enough for that big spoiler in the rear. As such, this one is just a little bit embarrassing.

18 Off-Road Convertible

via AR15

The 1987 to 1993 Ford Mustang Convertible wasn’t the prettiest-looking Mustang to ever grace the roads, and the interior may not have been outright amazing, but it was a decent car. The GT version is actually pretty desirable even by today’s standards. Consumer reviews on Carugurus.com even report that it’s a good cruising car, especially when you drop the top on a sunny day. Well, that’s apparently a subjective opinion as noted by the picture above. Apparently, someone didn’t love their third-gen convertible as much as some and decided to jack it up and throw some big beefy tires on it. In fairness, it looks like someone threw the Mustang’s body on a modified truck frame, but it’s still technically a Mustang. And, it’s complete with a wood-padded push bar up front. What an embarrassing atrocity this thing has become, right?

17 Grille-less Flames

via Car Domain

First off, we’re not sure where the trend of removing the radiator grille came from, but it can go right back to where it came from. It’s the equivalent of you cutting your nose off and walking around with just a hole in the center of your face. It just looks weird and out of place.

Naturally, someone decided this was a look to go with for this Mustang, and it’s paired with clear aftermarket headlights, which are also cheaply made as proven by the poor fit to the body.

To top it off that hood is just ridiculous, especially if this is a V-6 model, and what was the owner thinking when they put flat-black flames on an already black hood? Putting Flames on a car is already as overplayed as any hit song from the 90s, and it’s even worse on this car given the owner’s choice of color. What an odd car this one is.

16 Extra Wide

via CarID

This Mustang had a lot of potential, but the owner took things just a little bit too far. The body kit up front is quite nice, and the aggressiveness adds a nice bit of flair, but it’s a little too wide on the sides, and the negative camber of the wheels is just ridiculous. Luckily the owner didn’t go with some big, dumb spoiler but those vents in the extra-wide rear wheel wells is a bit out of place, and the color combination is really strange as well. The color combination alone almost makes it look like someone slipped a holy sock over the front end. Pair that with the fact that it sits so low that a small stick could lead to catastrophic disaster and you have a car that not only fails to make sense but is kind of embarrassing as a whole package. That’s the crazy part – bits and pieces of this mod job are absolutely amazing. Other parts are downright tasteless. What a weird world we live in, huh?

15 Weirdest 65 Ford Ever

via CarScoops

Automakers get weird pitches from car designers and engineers all of the time. Some of the weirdest have made it into production – see Pontiac Aztec, for example – while others are simply forgotten. When an automaker shoots down an idea, there’s usually a good reason. One such reason is so that we don’t end up with weird cars that look like this 1965 Ford Mustang “coupe-convertible.”

According to CarScoops, it was built by former Ford employee Ben J. Smith and was based on an idea that he himself pitched to Ford back in the 1960s.

It’s not a completely outlandish idea and the foldable hardtop idea works (think MX-5 Miata RF, for example) but in this case, it comes at the cost of almost all cargo room. Furthermore, those Lambo-style doors are just overkill for a ride like this. Apparently, this specific car has more than $250,000 invested in it, so it’s no wonder Ford said no way back then.

14 Accents A’ Plenty

via Corvette Forum

It’s always fun to customize your car and adding in some extra color accents can really set a car off in terms of style and appearance. But, there’s always that one guy that takes things a little too far. Case in point: This Ford Mustang GT. We’re not sure what is worse, the chrome wheel arch attachment, bloated homemade sides skirts, or all of the excessive white exterior accents that clearly came from a rattle can. What probably started as an idea derived from the while racing stripes was taken excessively overboard. The rear bumper insert, homemade side skirts, and even the exhaust outlets have all been painted white with nothing more than a rattle can. The owner even did a really poor job on the mud flaps and the central hub of each wheel. And, what in the world is with the extra GT emblems on the tinted taillight covers. At this point, we’re wondering if the white interior is a classic rattle-can job as well. We certainly wouldn’t put it past the owner at this point. This, folks, is the definition of embarrassing.

13 All Wrong

via Derek Broox

There’s nothing wrong with a fun, backyard project that involves taking an old beater and throwing it on a truck frame. If you have good welding skills, you can make some pretty interesting “monster cars” with a little bit of creativity and ingenuity. But, there are some projects we can’t get behind, and this is one of them.

There’s no excuse for putting a classic Mustang like this – especially one that’s in good shape – on what we assume is a truck frame.

Yeah, this thing is a monster, and it’s surely built Ford tough, but this just seems like a waste of a good classic Mustang, don’t you think? Of course, it’s not like this specific model of Mustang did incredibly well. According to The Truth About Cars, the Mach1 Mustang was actually a failure in comparison to the model that came before it, and it had to compete against the 1970 Camaro too, but still – it didn’t deserve this treatment.

12 Too Harsh?

via Kaminart Aerodynamics

As I write this, I wonder if I’m being a little too hard on this Mustang. It’s not necessarily a horrible looking car, and the owner didn’t go overboard with the wheels. In fact, those wheels actually look pretty good on this Mustang. The problem is that pointless spoiler on the rear deck and the weird fake vents on the rear quarters and the side skirts. These literally serve zero purpose and, if anything, they actually hamper the cars original aerodynamics as opposed to helping them. Yeah, it makes the car look a little more aggressive, but it does so in all the wrong ways. At this point, we’re torn between saying the owner tried to hard and thinking that we’re being a little too harsh. Either way, this car’s owner could have gone with some better choices in the exterior modifications department.

11 Back Again

via Pinterest

This car is the poster child of embarrassing Mustangs. We’re pretty sure that this just has to be a cruel joke or something. You know, you buy a Mustang that’s cheap and beat up, then throw on a bunch of stupid accessories just to be funny about it. Is this thing seriously rocking a double spoiler? Sadly, it is.

When you see it from the front, it’s even worse. There’s a weird nostril on the roof that probably does nothing. Of course, we wouldn’t be surprised if the owner actually cut a hole in the roof for easy air conditioning.

It would make sense based on the rest of the mods anyway. The color scheme on this one doesn’t even make sense, and there’s just way too much orange going on here. Those reflectors glued onto the rear fascia are interesting. On the plus side, at least it doesn’t have a bunch of outdated flames or a fart can sticking out of the rear.

10 Dirty Shame

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The Fox Body Mustang is a classic in its own right. It’ll never be as sought after or as popular as the original Mustang from the 1960s, but the late 70s and early 80s were a major turning point for Ford and the Mustang. According to CJ Pony Parts, the Fox Body Mustang is actually continuing to grow in popularity because of how easy it is to mod. There’s always one turd in the punchbowl, though, and we’ve found that turd, folks. Just look at this thing. It has plexiglass headlight covers, a massive hole cut in the hood, some weird piece of plastic screwed onto the front fascia, and we’re not even sure what the purpose of that radiator is. The worst part is that the airbrushed graphics on the side look pretty cool, and this car definitely had some potential. Well, it did until the wrong person got their hands on it, anyway.

9 Another Casualty

via Pinterest

Oh, the humanity! Here we sit looking at yet another Mustang body in overall good shape only to be ruined by someone who thought it would be cool to throw the body on top of a truck frame. In fairness, the conversion appears to have been done right. It looks like there’s a driven front axle, so it is all-wheel drive, and it actually has off-road tires, so that’s nice.

The exhaust outlets venting through the front fenders is a little much, as are the running lights on the roof.

It just doesn’t seem fair for a classic in this condition to be subjected to the truck frame treatment. And, what in the world is with the weird van mirrors? Classic Mustangs should remain classy, and this example is far from them. It might be a cool novelty to some, but to the rest of the Mustang-loving world, it’s a downright embarrassment.

8 Clean But Wrong

via Pinterest

There’s no denying that this is a clean-looking vehicle. Someone definitely put in the blood, sweat, and tears, but why would you do such a thing to a car as amazing as Eleanor. According to Pinterest, this thing is known as Eleanor’s brother, but we’ll talk about everything that’s wrong with that story another day. It’s pretty clear that we’re looking at a body-to-from conversion, which allowed for this thing to be four-wheel drive too. The wheels aren’t all that bad, but since this thing sits so high, they just look really, really out of place. Had the owner left the car at its stock right height, the wheels and the paint job would have been amazing. Instead, we’re sitting here looking at an old, miserable Mustang that could have had a much better life.

7 Deep Camber

via Pinterest

The body kit on this Mustang isn’t in question. Te current-gen Mustang actually looks pretty good with a widebody kit. Even the front pumper is fairly attractive and, had this thing be built for top speed runs, that huge front splitter would certainly help keep this thing planted on the ground. Even the rivets that hold most of it in place give it a certain look.

We could even believe that those vents on the rear quarters are actually functional. What we can’t look past, however, are those ridiculously deep wheels that are set with such a negative camber.

With any luck, this thing is sitting on airbags and everything levels out with the press of a switch, but with the way things are going in on the mod scene today, we’re not holding our breath. Of course, we should point out that the wider wheels make sense as this thing would look even more embarrassing with a huge deficient in wheel track but there are certainly better wheels out there to go with for a setup like this.

6 Take A Seat

via Reddit

Let’s just point out the obvious and draw attention to that ridiculous rear wing. Do people sit on that thing when they're bored? At least then it would make sense. Otherwise, it has no other purpose other than to bring down the value of this poor Mustang. To make matters worse, someone decided to paint that number on the doors which, based on the location of which the car is parked, is likely the owners favorite NASCAR driver’s number. The extra cladding on the doors is even more out of place and why install only side skirts without a front or rear fascia to go with them? Finally, there’s a set of flicks on the front bumper that looks like they were stolen from something that wears a Mercedes-AMG badge. This is just too much, folks. On top of that, this thing is a convertible. Can you imagine how weird this thing looks with that big spoiler in place and the top down? The embarrassment runs deep with this one.

5 Lazy Accents

via REddit

We didn’t take the time to look into whether or not the 99-2004 Ford Mustang was available with a red racing stripe. It’s quite possible, so we won’t knock this car for that. What we know for a fact, however, is that the red painted vent on the rear quarter and the red painted emblem are definitely not factory options. Neither are those wheels or the weird red spokes, either.

Of course, you know how it goes: every extra mod – including painted accents – add horsepower.

According to Nadaguides, the stock GT came with a 4.6-liter V-8 that had 260 horsepower and 300 pound-feet of torque. So, with those red accents on the body, one can easily assume this thing has at least 400 ponies at its disposal. Okay, so we’re being sarcastic a bit, but what else are you supposed to do when you see mods this awful?

4 Look at Me!

via reddit

Some people just can’t survive if they aren’t the center of attention every minute of every day. This is usually limited to teenage schoolgirls, of course, but sometimes that mindset bleeds over into adulthood. When that happens, you end up with a car like this. It’s one thing to personalize your car, but it’s another thing to apply a wrap so bright that it can be seen from the international space station if they look at the right time. The idea is unique, so we’ll give the owner that, but aside from that, we can’t give any other positive comments. The extra shiny wrap is just annoying, and while the random prism colors are pretty cool, this has to be the most distracting model on the road anywhere the owner goes. Well, at least the owner is getting the attention they want. Whether or not it’s good attention remains to be seen, though.

3 Too Low, So Slow

via The Mustang Source

There’s just something about a lowered Mustang that really rubs us the wrong way. It’s a modern-day muscle car, and it should be treated as such, right? The Mustang comes straight from the factory with a muscular look and a platform that’s wide open for modification.

That naturally opens the door for bad decisions, and that’s what’s happening here. This wide body kit is amateurish at best and is so wide that the doors look recessed into the body.

It’s not a good look. Furthermore, the rear quarter vents are overcompensated like crazy, and the car itself sits much lower than a Mustang should ever sit. The wheels do happen to be a nice choice, however, they aren’t quite wider enough for the body kit. Finally, what’s with the weird spoiler in the background? It looks as if it’s too small for that rear deck and just pushes this thing further into the embarrassment zone.

2 Stock No More

via speedhunters

Here we have another example of a wide body kit on a Mustang that goes just a little too far. The body kit itself is just a bit too bulky on the sides. Yeah, that wide look can really work when done right, but when you add more than a foot of width to the rear alone, there’s a serious problem. Furthermore, the wheels have such a horrible negative camber that this thing isn’t even driveable. The front fascia and the front splitter are pretty awesome, though, so it has that going for it, but this overall design just screams “I’m trying too hard.” On that note, it seems like this is more of a photoshop queen than a trailer queen, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t one floating around on the streets right now. For what it’s worth Ford claims the Mustang has as much as 460 horsepower and 420 pound-feet of torque these days, so at least it has enough power to look this aggressive.

1 Chameleon

via Youtube

There are so many different things you can do to make the Mustang attractive, but this isn’t a prime example of that. There’s just something about this blend of colors that sticks it to us in the worst way. Maybe it’s because it’s not so bright or maybe it has to do with the underlying package. Just look at that front bumper.

That huge hole in the front, which would be perfect for a massive intercooler, is doing nothing but hampering the car’s natural aerodynamics.

The snarling hood is something else, and we’re not even sure what is happening where the radiator grille is supposed to be. The owner even decided to go with one of those weird, three-piece spoilers that attach to the rear quarters too. There’s just so much embarrassment here that we actually have to finish off the list with this very mode.

Sources: Ford.com, The Truth About Cars, Nada Guides, CJ Pony Parts

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