24 Pictures Of Cardi B’s Cars (That She Can’t Drive)

New York City rapper Cardi B shocked everyone last year when she revealed that she had a garage full of supercars but is unable to drive a single one of them. Her close friends also confessed that based on her current driving skills, she is unlikely to pass her driving test anytime soon.

Her penchant for collecting cars really intensified when she married her now ex-husband Offset, a serious car collector in his own right. When they were still together, the celebrity couple would frequently gift each other expensive supercars. They even went as far as getting his and hers versions of the same Lamborghini Aventador.

What is interesting about Cardi B's car collection is its diversity. Although dominated by supercars from Italy, she has also accumulated luxury SUVs, the best modern muscle cars, opulent grand tourers, and elegant convertibles built in Germany. For someone who doesn’t drive, she has an extremely well-balanced car collection.

It used to be the case that teenagers would get their drivers license as early as they were allowed to. Being able to drive a car represented freedom and, more importantly, independence. But why Cardi B doesn’t have her license has never been revealed. It’s possible that growing up in New York City, she was happy relying on the city’s public transport.

One thing we are sure of, though, was that when asked why she has bought so many expensive cars when she hasn’t learned how to drive, she shot back “to take pictures with, of course”.

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25 A Matching Pair Of Lamborghini Aventadors

via blog.dupontregistry.com

What better way is there to celebrate the birth of your child than purchasing a pair of Lamborghini Aventadors? Just three weeks after the birth of their daughter, Cardi B and her now ex-husband Offset confirmed they had just been luxury car shopping and picked up an Aventador in bright green Verdi Mantis and Cardi's car in vivid Blu Cepheus. The Aventador has no room for a baby seat, which is probably a good idea considering its V12 puts out 704 horsepower and allows for a top speed of 217 mph. The heavy supercar does have a tendency to heave around corners but its brutal acceleration makes up for it.

24 Bright Orange G-Wagen

via drivingemotions.com

Cardi B bought this ‘cute’ G 63 AMG when she found out she was pregnant, stating that she needed a big truck for her family. Apparently, the primary reason she bought the G-Wagen was that she loves the color and already owns a Bentley Bentayga in a similar shade of orange. Whatever her reasons for buying the car, the G-Wagen is an excellent choice thanks to its 4.0-liter, biturbo V8, luxurious interior, and bulletproof drivetrain. For celebrities, the G-Wagen is the ultimate vehicle to be seen in but its also a very capable off-road vehicle and an absolute blast to drive.

23 Bright Orange Bentley Bentayga

via youtube.com

Trust us when we say nothing makes as much sense as Cardi B buying an orange Bentley to celebrate her single, "Bodak Yellow", hitting the Billboard Top 10. It’s a mystery to everyone why the rapper favors the color orange but the bright orange adorns the lavish interior as well. Cardi B’s own explanation for buying the car was also a little strange, claiming that she had to buy it because she doesn’t have a license. Nonetheless, she has shared a video of herself driving the Bentley through New York City. It’s possible that a twin-turbo, 6.0-liter engine isn’t the best car for a learning driver but nobody seems to have told Cardi B that.

22 Lamborghini Urus

via ambode.net

The Urus has been a polarizing addition to the Lamborghini family since it was released. Some have criticized the makers of the most outlandish supercars for trying to cash in on the SUV market. However, the Urus was Lamborghini's attempt to appeal to a wider audience, with the hope of doubling their annual sales figures, which was just 3,500 cars per annum. As we’ve seen with the Mercedes G-Wagen, any upmarket SUV will have its celebrity clientele, and Cardi B was gifted the new Urus as a birthday present from her then-husband Offset, complete with a big red bow across the hood.

21 Mercedes Maybach

via wallpaperscraft.com

Cardi B has never been seen in her Maybach and given that she can’t drive, it’s entirely possible that the car has never left the garage. However, she did confess that she owns one during her Carpool Karaoke session, and the car features in several of her social media photos. The Maybach is essentially a luxury S-Class and is longer, taller and wider than the standard saloon. It is designed to be chauffeur driven with a decadent rear passenger compartment that would rival cars twice its price. Cardi B's Maybach comes with the First Class Cabin Pack factory option that comes with a champagne fridge and temperature-controlled cup holders.

20 Customized Rolls-Royce Wraith

via msn.com

Cardi B and Offset have a tradition of gifting each other luxury cars and her ex-husband’s 26th birthday was no exception, as she splashed out on a custom Rolls-Royce Wraith, as well as a diamond-encrusted Wraith watch. The Wraith is a head-turner and a lavish grand tourer that leaves other luxury manufactures like Bentley and Mercedes in its dust. It achieves this by paying exception attention to the smallest details. The leather is softer than any other, the carpets are impossibly deep, and the action of the cupholder is magnificently smooth. However, unlike other luxury saloons, the Wraith was made to be driven hard, with a 632-horsepower V12 under the hood.

19 Chevrolet Suburban

via carid.com

Presumably, the Chevrolet Suburban will be Cardi B's daily driver when she actually learns how to drive. The Suburban is a go-anywhere, do-anything SUV and it also happens to be supremely comfortable. Although the Suburban is an incredibly well-rounded vehicle, the highlight is the roomy interior. Its ergonomics are excellent, making the Suburban the ideal car to be stuck in LA traffic within. The 355-hp V8 does feel somewhat sluggish but when your garage is packed full of supercars, it’s not really an issue. It behaves well for such a large, heavy vehicle although it could be a handful in tight parking spaces.

18 Dodge Challenger Hellcat

via msn.com

This Dodge Challenger is the second one that Cardi B bought after her ex-husband totaled their first one then abandoned it in the street. Offset was not injured in the crash and apparently was keen to get behind the wheel of another one of these amazing muscle cars. The Hellcat is powered by a 717-horsepower Hemi V8, which is quick enough to put it down the quarter mile in an eye-watering 11.8 seconds. As Offset found out, this isn’t a car that is superb at handling twisty back roads but the endless power supply when you mash your right foot is unlike anything else.


16 McLaren 720S Spider

via carpixel.net

If you ever wondered what the best supercar on the market is, look no further. The McLaren 720S is a modern day miracle wrapped up in carbon fiber. It is one car that manages to create a lasting impression even before it’s driven. The sculpted lines and aerodynamic bodywork are almost hypnotizing. But beyond all that sits a sensational driving experience with a twin-turbo, 4.0-liter V8 producing 710 horsepower. The chassis is completely made of carbon fiber and a hydraulically connected damper system linked to the Spider's Variable Drift Control offers plenty of sideways thrills should Cardi B ever get bored of going in a straight line.

15 Lamborghini Huracan

via luxurylaunches.com

Looking at Cardi B's car collection certainly highlights her love for flashy supercars so it’s no surprise she owns this awesome Lamborghini Huracan. The Huracan may be considered the entry-level Lamborghini but there is nothing basic about the four-wheel-drive, 602-horsepower monster. The high-revving V10 delivers a hammer blow of neck-snapping acceleration with a suitably addictive soundtrack from the Valvetronic exhaust. The exterior's edgy design is in sharp contrast to the Huracan's safe handling, which is of benefit to new supercar owners. The Huracan is very stable when cornering at any speed and feels very comfortable, even when driven to its limit.

14 Maserati Levante

via topspeed.com

One other thing that is clear is that Cardi B loves her luxury SUVs. One of her latest acquisitions is the Maserati Levante in, you guessed it, bright orange. The highlight of the Levante, at least for us, has to be the glorious sound of its Ferrari-designed engine. The Levante S has a petrol engine that will rev all day and rewards the driver with responsive dynamics and potent performance. Rather than being luxurious, the Levante is content with being sporty. This is made evident by its height-adjustable air suspension, adaptive dampers, its mechanical limited slip differential, and electronic torque vectoring.

13 Fiat 124 Spider

via motorauthority.com

The Fiat 124 is one of Cardi B's latest purchases and is a fun, spirited sports car with oodles of personality. It was designed to compete with the Mazda MX-5 but unlike the baby Mazda, the Fiat has a turbocharged 1.4-liter engine under the hood. This gives the Fiat loads of torque in the lower rev range and that extra bit of punch that the MX-5 lacks in straight line speed. The Fiat is quite a forgiving sports car, with slightly heavy steering, meaning that sweeping through corners is often the best approach and the car is more of a cruiser than a track star.

12 Ferrari Portofino

via carscoops.com

Although the Ferrari California was deemed to be something of a failure, it still sold over 11,000 units. Ferrari is looking to drive those sales figures further with their new Portofino and Cardi B was one of the first celebrities to buy one. The Portofino was built upon a brand new chassis design with an updated engine and a third-generation electronic differential. Ferrari chose to inject two personalities into the Portofino. It’s relaxed when you treat it as a grand tourer and exciting when you want it to be. The twin-turbo V8 allows it to hit 60 mph in just 3.5 seconds and for a Ferrari, it feels perfectly manageable.

11 Alfa Romeo 4C

via 1zoom.me

The Alfa Romeo 4C can best be described as a mixed bag. Taking cues from McLaren, Alfa Romeo have put together a carbon-fiber chassis and mid-engined sports car, but unfortunately, that’s where the similarities end. Although touted as a junior supercar by Alfa Romeo, it is powered by a 1.7-liter, four-cylinder turbocharged engine. Another problem is the power delivery isn’t exactly seamless and driving the 4C is a constant battle against the TCT dual-shift transmission. Finally, with all the weight saving, the interior feels less than premium—although, admittedly, these probably won’t even bother Cardi B in the slightest, considering she will most likely never drive her 4C as she doesn’t have a drivers license.

10 Maserati GranCabrio

via stmed.net

Determined to own every convertible from Italy that's on the market, Cardi B also owns this Maserati GranCabrio, the open-topped version of the GranTurismo. There is no lightened chassis here and the GranCabrio feels weighty through the corners, like a proper grand tourer should. Mechanically, the GranCabrio is almost identical to the GranTurismo, with a 4.7-liter V8 producing 444 horsepower, which is more than enough for a car of this size. Cleverly, the GranCabrio senses when its roof is up or down and makes adjustments to the sound system, air conditioning, and, when it’s parked, the alarm. A premium car at a premium price, the GranCabrio is the perfect convertible cruiser.

9 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1

via motor1.com

If you weren’t sure of Cardi B's favorite color is by now, hopefully, this orange ZR1 that she owns will leave no doubt. Its 755 horsepower is double the output that 1990s-era Corvettes produced, making this model one of the greatest Corvettes to ever leave the factory. What makes the ZR1 so special is the intoxicating feeling and visceral effects achieved from driving it. It does not attempt to seduce onlookers the way that supercars from Italy do. It’s a very aggressive car in terms of both styling and performance but it also has superb ride quality and incredible road handling. The Corvette ZR1 pulls off a rare feat that all car manufacturers aspire to.

8 Fiat Abarth

via ausmotive.com

The Abarth is Fiat's attempt to build a raucous hot-rod and to be fair, they’ve almost nailed it. The charismatic hatchback has some pretty aggressive styling, much more than Fiat has ever dared to wear before, and for a super light car, the turbocharged 1.4-liter engine is plenty quick enough. As if to reinforce the Abarths sporting aspirations, the exhaust emits a healthy growl. The only letdown on the Abarth is the suspension that is perfect for track use, but much too firm for a daily driver. However, considering we’ve never seen Cardi B at a racetrack, it’s probably not going to cause an issue for her.

7 Porsche Macan

via caradvice.com.au

Surprisingly, the Macan is the only Porsche that Cardi B owns. Clearly preferring supercars from Italy, Cardi's Macan is, however, a worthy inclusion on this list. The Macan firmly targets the type of person who drives their SUV like a sports car, with a 348-horsepower, turbocharged V6. The performance does not end there as the Macan shows an impressive lack of body lean throughout the corners thanks to its adaptive damper setup and Porsche Active Suspension Management. Inside, Porsche showcases its reputation for making the best interiors in the business with a huge 12.3-inch touchscreen as the centerpiece. The Macan is a terrific crossover with eye-popping performance to boot.

6 Ferrari 488 GTB

via youtube.com

The GTB was a reunion of sorts, as Ferrari hadn’t produced a mid-engined turbocharged car for almost 30 years and they didn’t exactly play it safe with the new GTB. The twin-turbocharged engine puts out 661 horsepower with absolutely no turbo lag. No matter what gear you’re in, beefy torque is instantly on tap and the way the power is delivered makes the GTB feel like it is never going to stop accelerating. The interior is typical Ferrari and therefore Formula 1-inspired with carbon fiber everywhere. The GTB looks modern and feels expensive, so it’s no wonder that Cardi B added one to her collection.

5 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE

via motor1.com

The ZL1 is really a supercar wrapped up in the skin of a muscle car. The supercharged, 6.2-liter V8 has claimed some pretty impressive scalps when it comes to out-accelerating its rivals, including the Ferrari 488 GTB and the Porsche 911 GT2. However, despite the ZL1's track credentials, it’s a pretty comfortable daily driver as well. The seats are heated and cooled, as is the steering wheel, and the 8-inch touchscreen controls a thumping in-car entertainment system. Unlike previous Camaros, the suspension absolutely shines in the ZL1, which will make Cardi B's trips to the mall very comfortable, just as soon as she can drive legally.

4 BMW X5

via wallpaperstream.com

When it comes to luxury interiors, BMW is one of the best in the business and they pull no punches with their latest version of the X5. The seats are some of the most comfortable ever wedged into an SUV, ever. The driving position is absolutely perfect. It is packed with convenient features such as heated and cooled cup holders and a wireless phone charging plate. Besides the comfortable interior, the air suspension makes the ride super smooth and prevents body roll when cornering almost entirely. The X5 strikes the ideal balance between sport and luxury and is packed full of the latest technology.

3 Mercedes-AMG C 63

via motor1.com

When Cardi B gets her drivers license, she will discover that the Mercedes-AMG C 63 is one of the most fun cars that she owns. In terms of pure driving pleasure, it’s in a class of its own. From the hand-built, twin-turbo V8 to the amazingly crisp gearbox, the C 63 is superb. Best of all, there are almost more driving modes than you can count, allowing the car's behavior to change to suit the driver with the twist of a dial. Although Cardi B owns a garage full of most peoples' dream cars, the C 63 is one car that is capable of leaving the others in its wake.

2 Audi R8

via newsautomagz.blogspot.com

The Audi R8 is known as the most drivable of all supercars. What is meant by that is that you don’t need bionic leg muscles to engage a heavy duty clutch and as a whole, the R8 is quite mild-mannered for what it is. Of course, what it is is a four-wheel-drive, mid-engined supercar. To Audi's credit, they haven’t downsized their engine like most manufacturers are doing. In fact, they went in the complete opposite direction and retained and improved upon a fire-breathing V10. Additionally, the R8 is packed full of the latest technology including Audi's cylinder deactivation system, which helps keep fuel economy under control.

1 Bentley Mulsanne

via roadandtrack.com

The Mulsanne is the car that took Bentley 80 years to make and it is apparent in every exquisite detail. It was never built to be a huge seller for Bentley but despite that, consumer demand for the Mulsanne has been huge. As with all Bentleys, the Mulsanne is a car to display your status and wealth and rewards owners with effortless power and a hand-built finish that can be customized endlessly. Since its release in 2010, Bentley has continued to tweak and improve the Mulsanne with such additions as its own WiFi hotspot, removable tablets, and airline-style seating.

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