25 Car Mods These Ford Owners Should Totally Regret

The Ford Mustang GT350R comes in stock with over 500 HP and over 400 lb-ft of torque. This is enough to entertain any petrolhead with the mental age of a nine-year-old. And that's about 99% of the people–not statistically accurate—who would buy that car.

But even with such a powerful V8 engine and a body crafted from heaven, people still mod this vehicle. And most of the times, it turns out amazing. Thus, it’s correct to say that there isn’t a limit on how much we can mod a vehicle, even if it’s a 1,500 HP Bugatti Chiron.


There are limits to how many extras we can add to a car. However, some of the car owners whose cars you'll see in this post didn’t quite get it straight.

For instance, adding, on top of the hood, an air intake that's the size of the Eiffel tower is one of the most stupid additions you can put in your vehicle. And if you have a good old Mustang, giving it a body kit that seems to be crafted out of cast iron doesn't improve fuel economy or aerodynamics.

From previously good-looking cars, these folks managed to create the ugliest automobiles ever created since the PT Cruiser.

What’s more saddening is that all these folks were Ford owners. Are you curious to see these mods? Then read on.

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25 From A Five-Seater To An Eight-Seater

Via: pstatp

Sedans were meant to seat five people and, if it's luxurious, just four people. But if you want your car to seat more people, this is what you should do: sell that Sedan and buy a station wagon or an SUV. And if you're broke enough not to be able to afford another vehicle after selling your current one, then mod it, just like this guy did.

It's not clear whether this bench also doubled up as the rear wing, but from just looking at this photo we sourced from pstatp, this guy just wanted space for three more of his family members. Therefore, he bolted a bench to his car’s trunk.

And just to prove how he had successfully transformed his sedan into an ugly wagon, he parked right next to a Subaru WRX. How ugly.

24 It Used To Be An F-150

Via: f150 forum

Whether it’s the first generation or the 2017 model, the F-150 is a formidable vehicle. Since the first generation, this truck has grown to become a high performer in the segment. As a matter of fact, the chief Hoonigan Ken Block went behind one to review it with Motor Trend.

That being said, it's sacrilege to mutilate an F-150. But this Ford owner simply doesn't feel the same way.

Despite this being one of the uglier F-150s–they all look like some pre-apocalyptic vehicles, the owner decided to make it uglier.

According to the f150 forum where this mutilated car was discovered, the guy decided to chop off the off-road wheels and fit in some 22s fit for an ugly Impala. He then added a spoiler, which he fitted into the wrong place, and painted the car red. This is probably because his dream car is a 4x4 Ferrari. The end result needs no further description.

23 Ford Mus-couch

Via: strangecars

One thing we can all agree on is that if you don’t own a high-end Mercedes, Audi, Rolls-Royce, or Bentley, sitting in your car can be a literal pain in your behinds. That's why if we aren't driving around going to work or some soccer game, we're just lying flat on the couch.

But this guy wanted to take the comfort of his living room and use it to turn a Mustang into a cheap Bentley. What he did instead turned this poor little car into the ugliest mechanical form of a polar bear.


For one, there's fur everywhere in this vehicle. The seats he settled on are clearly not the type someone would want in his/her living room. Finally, the gold color that he splashed all over the vehicle made it look like a polished tin can, instead of the Mustang it’s supposed to be. Worse for him, he found himself on the wrong thread of the Mustangs forum.

22 Too Big Of An Air Intake

Via: bangshift

The Chiron has 16 turbos, 16 cylinders, and a rocket’s horsepower, but its air intakes aren't this big. In case you're struggling to identify this vehicle, this is a Ford Escort GXP modified to look like an elongated G-Wiz with an aero package.

Let’s assume that that peculiar rear wing doesn’t exist and focus our attention on the air intake. Maybe this guy ripped off the old engine from this car and rigged in a massive V12, but all that modification had him sacrifice visibility.

If you look closely, the seat seems to be positioned in the middle, meaning that the only thing this driver can see is the massive air intake. And according to BangShift, this car was meant to race. This is one clear case of automotive miracles.

21 This Mustang Also Has A Big Nose

Via: Pinterest

Forget the Escort. This is another automotive “big nose” contender. Looking closely at this photo from Pinterest, you'll notice that the car in question is a Ford Mustang Shelby. It has Pinocchio’s nose, tires the size of Pinocchio’s fingers, and the body of a snake.

Clearly, purely based on the photo, this car was meant for the drag strip. And that's where its life ends. It’s obvious no one wanted to look at that car twice on the drag strip as much as they would on the streets.

But by all means, this Mustang model has proven time and again to be an awesome driver’s car. Thus, this guy didn't have to mutilate it to give it more power and speed for the drag strip.

All he could've done was added a bigger V8, put some turbos and superchargers in it, and deafened everyone as he did the quarter mile. Instead, he just turned the Cobra into a real Cobra—with a nose.

20 We Get It. It’s A Ford

Via: Rebrn

This guy went to the dealership one day and asked to be given a Ford truck. And so, he was given one. But later on, as he drove his new truck around the neighborhood, he noticed the truck sounded like a delusional Prius. So, what he did was splash the whole vehicle with Ford badges so that no one would question why he's faking to be a Ford owner.

That's the only possible and unrealistic explanation one can come up with when trying to explain this mod. But first of all, is it even a mod?

Well, to this guy, it is.

This car was spotted by a Reddit user in some cinema parking lot, and he decided to share it with others. Not only did the owner of this vehicle put all Ford badges he could find on this vehicle, but also he plastered the whole hood with fake air intakes.

So, this is what this car is to the mechanic who services it—it's possibly 100 Ford trucks, several of them F-150s, Texas Edition, Limited Edition, with clustered air intakes and an engine running out of human souls (notice the metal skulls at the front grille).

19 The Real Cobra

Via: speednik

Now this, folks, is how the Cobra should've looked like. Well, that's if your visual cortex is malfunctioning and you can’t differentiate a good design from a crappy one.

Do you still remember the big-nosed cobra that “devoured” the drag strip? Well, this is its cousin who rides in the neighboring streets. And they have one thing in common: they're both very ugly.

But we can talk of some notable differences like one has a fiery red color while the other has a raging blue, but on the skin, these cars should be crashed into a tree, taken to the scrap yard, and melted to make recycled parts. But at the very least, at least this one has been showcased on Pinterest–though we won’t talk about the tag it was under.

Speaking of the nose, this Cobra lacks one, but instead, it has a huge bump on the bonnet. It’s correct to guess that that was as a result of a blow to the head by the automotive gods, in anger.

18 Is This A Ford Truck?

Via: uglytruckday

Nope. This isn't a Ford truck. It's the work of a crappy guy whose idea of a mod was the complete humiliation of the trucking industry, not just Ford trucks.

The last time we saw a steam car, our existence in this world was just an idea. Matter of fact, the first Ford vehicle didn't run on steam. Henry Ford didn't invent the steam engine; he invented the internal combustion engine.

So, what did this guy do? And how did he end up with a Ford badge on that ancient thing?

Well, we don't have the answers to all those questions. Even the guys who put it in the f150s forum couldn't provide any answers. But one thing we know, the engine this truck was running on before this dinosaur of an engine was installed in its place was a way better performer.

17 Rolling Trucks Gather No Awe

Via: Pinterest

Let’s get back to the fundamentals of why you need a truck. Number one, trucks are designed to go off-road. They're hardy vehicles that should survive a tornado, a hurricane, hail storms, sandstorms, and the end of the world.

For that matter, these cars have very high ground clearance and are packed with enough power. Thus, you never have to worry about rocks knocking your exhaust system and bumper off while driving these trucks.

But here’s one guy who wasn’t assured that his Ford truck was up to the challenge. So, he decided to give it more clearance by fitting in wheels the size of an Earth Mover. As a result, he got himself featured in Ugly Truck Day.

On the aesthetics side, everyone would agree that this Ford truck looks ugly with this mod. But if you've done physics, then you understand that the driver of this truck shouldn't make a sharp turn at any speeds faster than ten miles per hour because he's at risk of rolling over and killing himself.

16 Ford Fiesta

Via: midrive

The Ford Fiesta is a lovely hatchback. Its engine produces the right amount of horsepower for the vehicle, there isn’t much to complain about the handling, and the design of the car is just what you would expect for a vehicle of its class.

But then, despite all these good traits of the car, some guy decided to mutilate the 1999 Fiesta and turn it to crap.

First of all, this Ford owner clearly fell short of the dollars needed for a brand-new body kit, so he decided to make one on his own—out of plastic.

As if that wasn't enough, he went ahead and fitted nine non-functional exhausts at the rear. He then finished his miserable mod with a white paint that made the new body kit look like bone.

To be honest, for the seven generations that the Ford Fiesta has been in production, no one has ever seen such mutilation.

15 Mustang Pickup

Via: otokokpit

Ever heard the monstrous bubbly sound of the GT350R’s V8 engine when it's hitting redline at 8,100 RPM. Well, if that sound could awaken the Mustang’s gods and bring judgment on all Ford owners who've embarrassed the legacy of the Mustang, whoever owns this cry for help would be in for it.

This car pretty much looks like the Subaru Baja. Yes. That ugly pickup-sedan thing (only they knew what it was), that Subaru claimed was a pretty reliable car. And they went on to sell it for close to a decade.

Now, while you're still wondering why Subaru never went bankrupt during those ten years–probably because of the STI and the BRZ—try and figure out what got into this guy’s head.

Probably, he was just from college when he bought the car, but then, he started running a grocery store and realized he needed a car to transport his sacks of veggies. And voila! This thing was born.

14 Shelby Continental

Via: firenewsfeed

Before we proceed, let’s have a pause for this poor convertible Mustang.

Now that we're done, what in American soil was this guy thinking? “Oh! I need space for another spare tire.” “Oh! I love the '50s, and I want to go back in time” Or more appropriately, “Yes! I'll make my Ford Mustang ugly. Then, I’ll ask my date to drive in it”

Now, we can agree on a couple of things straight away. Number one, this guy is either perpetually single or recently divorced. No woman would want to be driven by something that looks like that.


Which lady would want to drive in a convertible Mustang with the top off but a behind that’s battling her own?

Number two, this guy must be very old. The continental kit was an addition that people used to put in their vehicles back in the '50s. It no longer works with modern cars because apart from being ugly, it's heavy. And it affects speed and handling, which are the core features of this machine.

13 Ford Focus On A Cheap Body Kit

Via: theChive

Listen—body kits are very expensive. Yes, the well-engineered ones promise better aerodynamics, enhanced vehicle performance, and above all, better car looks. But if you can’t afford them or at least the cheap aftermarket ones, don’t try so hard.

This is what this Ford Focus owner did to his poor car—he couldn’t afford a full body kit, so he decided to cut cardboard into a front splitter, a roof scoop, and a side seal.

And to add downforce to his already defiled Focus, he cut not one but two spoilers and fixed them there.

Speaking of fixing that cheap stuff, how did he do it?

Using tape. This gimmick sure put him in the spotlight of the most wanted Ford criminals, but you can bet the tape didn’t hold those pieces together once he hit the freeway and was cruising at 55 mph.

12 Autobots, Roll Out!

Via: Pinterest

If you think Optimus Prime would say these words to an Autobot masquerading in such a car, then you're mistaken. Have you ever asked yourself why Optimus Prime never transformed into a Ford truck? On top of that, how many Autobots were Ford cars? Almost nil. And here’s why.

In Transformers one, as Optimus Prime was learning English through Ebay (this has never made sense to date), he probably came across this car on sale. Immediately, he instructed Bumblebee to forbid any loyal Autobot from taking the form of any Ford car.

By the time this photo went to Pinterest, the damage had already been done.

First of all, the logo on the hood represents the Decepticons. This is against the code of supporting robot superheroes. Second, the blue and dull silver colors are so ugly that Megatron still couldn't imagine being this Ford Focus despite the loyalty.

11 The Longest Air Intake You’ll Find in a Ford

Via: Pinterest

This is the result of spending a lot of time in an auto shop under the scorching sun of California. This Mustang, spotted in Los Angeles California, boasts of the longest air intake ever put in not only a Ford but also any automobile on this green Earth.

First, let’s start with the body kit on which the air intake is hooked. The guy who did the silver paint job was either a kindergarten kid or a first-time painter. There are parts that look rusted, and if, by any chance they were, the painter didn't even try to cover them up.

Then, there's this peculiar front bumper that can slice open a pedestrian at five miles per hour. If we were to take the engine off this Mustang, this bumper would probably be the second heaviest thing. And does that help improve performance? Not even by a mile.

Finally, the long air intake probably exhausts air as it tries to reach the turbos and the engine manifolds. But weirdly enough, unlike the rusty body kit, this is the newest part of the vehicle.

10 Oh No! The Radiator Won’t Fit

Via: Pinterest

So, here’s the problem. Your car previously had a V6, but you wanted a V8. So, you scraped off the old V6, put in a new V8–or an older one as it seems for this guy. Then, you had to cool down that V8 faster. So, you bought a bigger radiator. And since it couldn't fit, you cut off a section of the hood, clumsily fixed the radiator there, and bam! Better performance.

That's probably exactly what was running through this fella’s brain when he was doing a mod on this poor Mustang. His ambition saw him cut the hood to place his car’s radiator, and probably, since he didn't want to spend extra on a new fan, he let the rushing air cool it down as he drives.

But that's not the only problem with this car.

At the bottom of the front bumper, he gave his car a green beard—that's the only description we can give that piece of plastic down there. It doesn't qualify to be a splitter.

9 Ford Chameleon V1

Via: Pinterest

A Ford Chameleon? I've never heard of one.

Well, that was true about two seconds ago. This is the “outstanding” creation of one paint freak and Ford owner who decided to paint his Ford van with every spraypaint can he could find. This guy spread his love from the body up to the windows. It’s hard to believe he forgot the wheels.

So, why is his creation called the Ford Chameleon?

One, just like the chameleon, it blends with everything around it. You just need to focus on the small details (paint drops) to see. Matter of fact, it's better than the chameleon.


There’s no way a chameleon would survive a second on top of this van. The confusion would just be unbearable. So, what is it? A car or a chameleon repellant? Well, the latter fits best.

8 Ford Mustang Gran Exhaust

Via: Ugly Cars

How this car managed to escape the EPA is still a mystery we're trying to uncover. While the rest of the automotive industry is trying to curb tailpipe emissions, this guy decided to take his straight up to the sky, literally.

What this Ford owner did was take two big metal pipes, fix them to the exhaust, and send carbon (IV) oxide and other filthy greenhouse gases right at the throat of mother nature.

It’s hard to tell whether this mod made the bubbly V8 under the hood sound louder. But one thing's for sure, probably the reason why we’ve had cases of smog choking our skies is this guy.

Matter of fact, if this was a brilliant way of reducing emissions, Volkswagen would've borrowed the idea from this guy.

7 The Cobra In The Shelby

Via: ugly Cars

The Cobra has been a name associated with the Mustang brand for a long time. Matter of fact, most people who own Mustangs can easily associate with the Cobra logo, such as the one etched on the side of the front grille of the 2017 Ford Mustang GT350R.

However, this Ford owner took the love a notch higher and placed a cobra right on the rear wing of his Mustang. But instead of getting applauds from Mustang lovers, all he got was jeers and weird looks.

First of all, the darn thing looks scary. You can bet it even scares the hell out of the owner at times. What’s even worse is that most drivers who've pulled up to this vehicle in traffic must've suffered a slight heart attack due to the horror.

The best thing he could've done is to leave that Mustang in the same state it left the factory.

6 The Ford Preacher

Via: carloans411

Most of us love the church. It's that one place where you can go, have a one-on-one discussion with your heart and soul, and simply meditate. Most churchgoers will attest that in as much as they have the holiest pastor in town, they don’t drive around with the Bible, quite literally.

This faithful took the “walk-the-talk” slogan too far and decided to “drive-the-talk.” His Ford Preacher, as we'd like to call it, is filled with bible verses from the front bumper to the rear bumper. Not only that—it has repentance messages splattered all over. To be precise, this car is the ultimate on-road crusader.

Now, it might be a valid argument to say that these numerous white posters aren't mods at all, but no matter what they are, you just don’t plaster them all over your car, especially a Ford wagon. It gets a little bit awkward to look at it.

5 Yellow Rims For A Big Truck

Via: carloans411

For God’s sake, Ford knows exactly what wheels and rims should fit their top-of-the-class trucks. Yes, this doesn’t mean that it's an abomination to change those wheels for something that obviously looks good, but rather, it means that you should be extremely careful when messing up with your truck’s rims.

One good example is this guy who went way beyond the borders of wheel mods and decided to patch yellow rims on a white Ford truck. What’s worse is the fellow felt like the ground clearance was still not enough and decided to lift the vehicle a little bit higher. By the end of it all, all he had was an ugly white Ford truck.

His yellow massacre, however, didn't stop at the rims. As you can see from the photo, the entire suspension was also covered in that disturbing shade of yellow. This is a felony in the trucking world.

4 The Tallest And Most Unsafe Ford Truck

Via: YouTube

Once again, this is a guy who thought he could outdo Ford in engineering something meant for the dirt. This poor car started out as a humble Ford F-250 before its owner decided to convert it into a Ford Massacre.

What this guy did was remove the suspension and the wheels, fit the new and absurdly tall suspension to the frame, and fit in wheels the size of Goliath on all four ends. And this is where problems come in.

Number one, despite these mods, this mutilated Ford F-250 looks nothing close to a monster truck, assuming that's what this mod was aiming for. Number two, this guy has to look for a ladder every time he wants to get into his truck. How inconvenient.

And finally, if he turns the steering wheel too fast while taking a bend, we might as well be reading his eulogy right after.

3 This Mustang Shouldn't Ride On Anything Bigger Than 22s

Via: Ugly cars

The previous guy who put big wheels on his Ford truck can be forgiven, but for these guys, eternal damnation is justified.

What this car was before was a good old Mustang with good body proportions right from the hood to the wheels. But then, the owner, after loving and buying it, decided to tarnish its image. How? By placing such humongous wheels on the poor car that it seemed overwhelmed by its own body part. Matter of fact, this car turned from being driven to rolling.

And as if that wasn't enough, the owner of this humiliated Mustang decided to give it the worst paint job any Mustang owner could've ever thought off. Still, after looking at this car a trillion times, it's hard to shake that feeling that the paint looks more like an oil spill.

2 Okay, Do You Want A Ford Focus Or A Truck?

Via: Pinterest

Some people just can’t make up their minds. They go to the dealership, see a bunch of cars around, act like they want to buy all of them while they only have money for one. Then, they leave with one pony car or completely nothing. The problem with such people is that if you rush their decisions, they can end up doing exactly what you're seeing in the photo.

This guy probably told himself that he was going to buy a truck, but when he saw the Focus, the impulse-buying instinct in him had him seal that deal. However, the regrets he faced years later made him slash the Ford Focus into two and put in the base of a truck in one-half of the mutilated Focus.

The most painful bit about this mod is that the amount of money wasted by this fellow might've been enough to buy him a new F-150.

1 Hell-Mobile

Via: Pinterest

People have the freedom of worship. But in the car world, this freedom can be put into question if it's not used correctly—especially if the person in question owns a Ford.

Have you heard of the batmobile? It’s a cool yet gothic car, right? Well, this is the hell-mobile—a car designed to scare you off the road and back to your home. Matter of fact, it can clear traffic within New York in minutes, just from its looks.

The guy behind this mod decided to place a good number of human skulls just about everywhere he could find space on this old Mustang. Speaking of old, by the mere fact that all this was happening in an old Mustang, the whole mod just looked really freaky.

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