25 Loser Cars That Will Turn Off Any Potential Date

You have your eyes on this hot girl, and you decide to ask her out on a date. You’re really excited, and you'll be picking her up to take her on the date of her life. You’re deciding what to do, and you’re thinking of a good dinner and a movie. It doesn’t matter what you decide to do, but you have to get it right because you cannot redo a first impression.

All the normal stuff is done. You clean up and have a good shave. The hair is perfect. The next thing you do is to put on some deodorant, splash on a little cologne, then brush your teeth and gargle with the best mouthwash, so when you kiss her, you taste like pure heaven. Picking the right outfit is also so important. You don’t want to go too sloppy or too fancy. The right outfit is in your closet, and you put it on. Now, you look like a million bucks for your first date with this new woman.

Going outside, you begin to realize that you forgot the most important thing about your date: your car. You realize that it won't help if you smell great, look oh-so sharp, and planned the night of her life if you show up at her house driving the wrong car. The only thing that will happen is a weird look with the mediocre line “I’ll call you.” When you want to impress a woman, nothing says it all like driving the best car. So, to make sure you do this right, we’ve put together this article on 25 loser cars that will turn off any potential date.

25 Kroboth Allwetter-Roller


This is a Kroboth Allwetter-Roller that was made in 1955. It originally came from Bavaria, Germany. Gustav Kroboth is not new to designing cars. He got his start in Bohemia, Czechoslovakia. While this car is one that's more of an investment, you should take your date out in something else - not this car. First off, it only has three wheels. Second, it's way too small, and you’ll be a little bit too close for comfort for your date. She'll feel so uncomfortable. Another thing to add is there's not much leg room. While this car may reveal that you have money to invest in a relationship to take care of her, the sheer size and drive of this vehicle will turn her off.

24 Ferves Ranger


Looking at this car for the first time, you'll think it looks like a Steyr-Puch Haflinger and a Fiat 500 combined into one car. When you take some time to look at the car with its tiny tires, it almost looks like this car came out of a cartoon film. It was made between the years 1966 and 1973 with around 600 cars made in this particular likeness. If you look for them, you’ll only find around 50. Despite the fact that this is a date killer and that your date won't enjoy her ride, you can pick up one of these cars at an auction for about $47,000. The name originates from Italy. If you look at the Ferves Ranger, you can see that it has a removable top. Despite the fact that this car is a collectible, find another car to take your date out in.

23 Goggomobil


If you drive to pick up your date in a Goggomobil, she'll wonder what kind of man you are. This particular kind of car comes in a variety of bold and odd colors. This car gets all kinds of attention but not because it’s cool to look at. The way the car is constructed is a little bit odd; it almost has the features of a Volkswagen beetle. While you might not care what kind of car you have for getting from point A to point B with your date, she, on the other hand, will definitely care. If you take your date out in this car, not only will she look at you in a wrong way, but you’ll also get many individuals to give you strange looks.

22 Burgfalke FB250 Export


Added to the fact that this car is extremely tiny, it also looks like this automobile isn't safe to drive in. No matter where you go, watch out for other people when you’re getting in and out of this car. When your date first looks at this car, she’s going to wonder where and how she'll fit into this automobile. The rectangular-shaped two-passenger car only looks like it can fit one person. This isn’t a car that you want to keep to grow that family with. Going to the grocery store with your date would be a bit of a problem, too, because you can’t place anything else aside from the paper bag in this car. When Burgfalke built this car in the '50s, he ran into problems with money, and as a result, he couldn't build the rest of the car. This might explain why not many were made and why it’s so small.

21 Panhard Le Zebre


There's not that much information about this car online, but we do know it’s a foreign car. The vehicle looks like it’s in the middle of an identity crisis. Should we call this a car or a spaceship? This vehicle can’t figure out what its main purpose is. If strangers or your date looks at this car, she's not going to be sure how she feels about it. What type of person you are determines if this is the type of vehicle that you want to own. If you’re looking to settle down with a nice girl, this car screams, “Get away from me!” This is the kind of car you would drive if you want lots of attention. However, it’s not the attention that you might like. It also mainly comes in strange-looking colors.

20 Honda Puyo


This whole car’s design is extremely confusing. Because it looks like a cross between a spaceship and a bug, drivers might believe that this design was accidental. In fact, this looks like a car that's been made to look disproportional. This car screams, “I am strange!” The backend looks as bad as the front. You can’t figure out which end goes up front and which one stays in the back. If it wasn’t for the driver's wheel being seen in the window and the tailpipe sticking out the backend, you wouldn't be able to tell which end is which. "Are those training wheels that are meant to be real tires?" - that's what will go through your date’s mind when you pick her up in this car. There are no special perks to this car. It doesn’t even have adequate storage space.

19 AMC Pacer


The Pacer has two doors, and it was made by the American Motors Corporation in the United States between 1975 and 1979. This car was popular back in the '70s but sold out completely in the '80s. The roundness of the car is really unusual compared to the slightly boxed creations of the time. This was known as a wide car, and they promoted it as such. Jellybeans were popular in the '70s, and, as a result, people associated candy with this car, so unless your date is really into jellybeans, we suggest that you pick her up in a different vehicle. This car looks like it’s pregnant and is on rollerskates. It’s difficult to say when the trend of the Pacer went out of style. It’s hard to believe that when this car came out, it was such a hit. But it didn’t stay in the limelight for long.

18 Fiat Multipla


Car Throttle published an article that said, “The Fiat Multipla is officially the ugliest car ever made.” This website took a poll, and this is the car that took the number one spot for the ugliest car. So, if this car won this type of title, this is definitely a car to avoid picking up your date in. The bulk of the sales of this car happened in Italy sometime around 1998. If other countries wanted to sell the car, it was put on a waiting list. Everywhere else this car sold, it bombed, except in Italy. Top Gear even said that the car “had a disease.” Ask yourself this one question: "What's the bubbled windshield all about?" If you picked up your date in this car, she would surely laugh. It’s also tiny and doesn’t have a lot of room.

17 Citicar


This orange car looks like a trash compactor put on wheels. It came out between 1974 in 1977. This car was made as an electric car. The reason why this car was made so small and compacted was the '70s fuel crisis. This car offered people a solution to drive without worrying about filling the car up with gas. That’s its only feature. And since we're not in the '70s and there's no gas crisis, picking up your date in a car like this is a joke. Where is she supposed to put her legs? If she wants to go out on a picnic, where do you put the folding table, the chairs, and the lunch basket? Another drawback to this car is that it doesn’t go very fast. The top speed of this automobile is around 38 mph.

16 Nissan S-Cargo


Looking at this car gives you an unusual, boxy, and weird kind of feeling. This car isn't something that will make a good impression. Other automobiles might be boxlike in their looks, but this car almost looks like a mix between a minivan and an SUV. What were the designers thinking of when they constructed this car? It almost looks like they were on drugs. Its boxlike appearance, which is a very weird feature, almost makes you feel like you’re driving a small bus. There are so many other great choices for cars that you can pick and drive - that is - unless you got this car for free. If you did, it would be in your best interest to sell it and buy a car that would attract a girl, not one that would scare her away.

15 Zeta


This automobile is a really strange-looking type of car appropriate for the retiree who's not looking to pick up dates. If you’re young, you might get attention in this car, but your date will be extremely cramped up. There's barely enough room for two people, so if you wanted to take something else with you out on a date, you wouldn’t be able to because of the lack of space. This car looks like a wide surfboard with two big eyes when the convertible top is down. Made between 1963 and 1965, you could purchase this car for under $1,000. About the only good thing this car from Australia has to offer is that it came at a price that most people could afford. That being said, it makes you look like you live with your parents and don’t make enough money when you take a girl out on a date in this weird vehicle.

14 Citroën Ami


This is another vehicle that has a major design flaw, and some would introduce it by saying, “Meet my ugly little French friend.” If you’re totally infatuated with a foreign car that doesn’t give out much power, this is the car for you. It has the most treacherous top-cover design that was put on a boxy frame. This is a car that would scare a woman. One look at it, and she’ll ask you what kind of car is this. The Citroën Ami has been featured on many ugly car lists. When this car was first designed, it wasn’t intended to be as weird as it came out to be. The back and front ends were supposed to be complementary to each other, but the models that came out clearly show otherwise.

13 Yugo


Not only is the Yugo a cheap, pathetic-looking car, but it’s "one of the worst cars ever made." This tiny car came as a hatchback that was made in Yugoslavia around the '80s and the '90s. The Yugo was the cheapest car that you could buy. It was cheap, and it was the worst. Not only is your date not going to be impressed with the outside of the car, but the interior also cries cheap, awful, and downright gritty. When going into the car, you only see a few gadgets, a bad plastic job where the dashboard is one whole piece, and two air vents, which are in the middle of the car. The bolt that holds down the seatbelt is also so overbearing. Another thing... if your date likes to drive fast on the freeway, you can’t do it with this car because it goes really slow.

12 Daewoo Tico


This is another car that's right in the alley with the Yugo. While it's a little bit more dependable, it’s still a horrible tiny little car from Korea. While it doesn’t cost a lot of money, your date will wonder why you haven’t invested in something better for your transportation. Some people, when buying the car, find that it spends more time at the mechanic’s garage than on the road. Korea is known for making things that are far inferior in quality and are more cheaply made than counterparts from other countries. One of the major pet peeves with the Daewoo Tico is the way the whole car was constructed and put together from beginning to end. Its reliability isn’t to be bragged about. What happened with one person is the glove box completely fell apart, the clearcoat was blotched, the stereo barely worked, the wipers failed to do their job, and it squeaked and rattled throughout the whole entire car. One forum poster on Whirlpool said he would never own one unless he "took complete leave of his senses and became a walking vegetable.”

11 Citroen 2CV


While this car is pathetic to look at, for some reason, it’s a good investment. If you’re going to purchase one of these cars, buy it for the investment, fix it up, and turn around and sell it and make money to purchase a car that will impress a lady. It’s hard to tell you what this car looks like, but saying it looks like an oversized Volkswagen beetle would be pretty accurate. It’s sort of a bubble-looking kind of car. Another bad thing about the car that a girl will not be impressed with is the bland colors that it comes in. The design is incredibly embarrassing, and we're still scratching our heads to figure out why somebody would want to pay up to $100,000 for this car. It just doesn’t make sense to purchase a car for so much money when a woman would be so turned off by it.

10 Wartburg 353


This isn't your normal car. It’s extremely boxy and plain looking. If you’re looking to be able to spend money on your date, owning this car will take most of your money away from you if it breaks down. The mechanic bills on this puppy go through the roof. It’s too bulky, it doesn't have room, and it's just too boxy from a woman’s point of view. Most of the cars that are purchased need too many repairs. The interior is pretty shabby looking, and the exterior is too plain. Another thing that will turn off your date is that the heater takes forever to heat the car up. If you’re picking up your date in the middle of winter and it’s close to zero outside, she’ll freeze to death, and she’ll never go out with you ever again.

9 Matra Rancho


This is a classic jeep-style truck that has lots of room in the back, but to your date, it'll look like you're trailer-park trash. While it looks like it has good off-road ability, it doesn’t; it only has a two-wheel drive. The back is made of glass fiber, which may seem like it won't rust, but that's not the case. The bottom of the car, over a period of time, will have a corrosion of rust. You can easily waste around $1,000 getting the undercoating mechanical parts of the car fixed if they're damaged due to rust. You can’t neglect the cooling system either because the radiator will rust easily, and that’s very expensive to fix. The gearboxes aren’t much to talk about, too. The interior of the car can degrade rapidly over a period of time. The only good part is that the interior part of the car is replaceable.

8 PLM Wagon


The PLM Wagon is really nothing but a large eyesore. It looks like a car that's blown up and overweight. If we were to say if it looked like any other kind of car, it would be a blown up version of the Volkswagen Beetle. This was a two-door sedan that was built by Louis Maes Aine. He only made 18 of these vehicles. The designer liked to build trucks and buses, and it looks like this is what he was probably trying to accomplish when making this car, which was produced in 1947. By 1951, too many people wanted to order them, and he didn’t have enough money for production, so he went bankrupt. Do you really want to tell this type of story to your date about this car? She'll burst out laughing if you're caught picking her up with this car in front of her home.

7 Trabant


This car looks like it was made on the cold grounds of Russia in the communistic era. All this car needs is a picture of Stalin that would be put on the space of the hubcaps to complete its unique look. Despite this, the car was actually made in East Germany. The Trabant was purposefully built to run well, and individuals who've driven it say that it runs well for a while and that as long as you keep up with the mechanical side of this automobile, you'll be fine. Even though this car looks like it came from a communist country, it does have some quality and efficiency. Despite this fact, you won’t have fun driving around in a car like this. Even though it's made to fit four people along with other stuff, your date and her friends would be cramped in a car like this. Imagine if they stuck with the design of a three-wheel car... that would've made this car even worse.

6 Citroen BX


This Citroen BX car was made by the French between 1982 and 1994. This is right up their alley and looks like the Gremlin, but it’s a little bit better looking. Despite the fact that this car is ugly and not attractive to a date, it’s extremely dependable and reliable, and you can use it up and beyond 230,000 miles. So, you need to decide whether or not you want a dependable car or a dependable car that looks nice to a date. There’s no reason why you can’t spend a little bit more money and get a nice-looking car that girls really dig. The seats, furthermore, aren't as comfortable as they could be. You want to make sure your date’s sitting in a seat that’s extremely comfortable, and if you don’t have this item of luxury, she’s not going to want to kiss you at the end of the night.

5 Chevrolet Celebrity


It doesn’t matter what type of Celebrity you buy; any one of them is going to be terribly boring. Sure, you might be able to carry around four passengers with ease, but if you take your date out in a car like this, you won’t score too many points. Not only does the appearance rate poorly, but it also has horrible gas mileage. This means the car will demand even more from your wallet than your date will. You need all the money you can get your hands on to make a great first impression on your date, so why not invest in a nice-looking car that gets great gas mileage? While the car runs great when it’s new, if you happen to need repairs, they can be a little costly. Another drawback is most of the car is made up of fiberglass. If it gets damaged, the material it's made from is no longer made, and therefore, it’s more expensive to repair. That shouldn't be a surprise, as when your car gets older, it’s harder to find parts.

4 Aston Martin Lagonda


The Aston Martin Lagonda came out with a series of automobiles; however, they're not cars that you want to drive up and pick your date up in. The earlier cars were called "saloons." The square and boxy silhouette makes the car look ludicrous and awkward. Aston Martin was definitely better off creating sports cars. When the Lagonda came out in the '70s, it didn’t take off like the other square and box silhouette cars. The way that it was made looked too melodramatic. Despite its downside, it was one of the first cars to have a working computer system. However, even though it had a really cool computer system, it was very expensive and most likely didn’t work properly most of the time. How would your date feel? Here, you have a bad car, but it has a cool computer system that’s supposed to do some pretty nifty things. She gets in your car, and it doesn’t work. Definitely, you won’t be hearing back from her.

3 Minivan


The Minivan may be suitable for a man’s comfort, but you don’t want to show up to your date with a car like this. Okay, so it’s a little posh, is comfortable inside, and has lots of bonuses, but this won't help impress your date. This vehicle screams that it’s mom’s car. Even if you remove mom’s booster seats and take the handheld vacuum cleaner to pick up all the crackers on the vehicle's floor, you still won't be able to pull this vehicle off with your brand-new date. This particular type of car belongs to a mom, and only a mom can get away with driving a Minivan. I know that it can carry half of the football team with a picnic lunch and that it’s dependable, but for impressing a first date, it’s not the kind of vehicle you want to drive.

2 Fiat Avocado


This Fiat Avocado showed up on this list so that just in case any of you musclemen want to purchase this kind of car, you'll be informed that you should take a pass on it and all others like it. Back in the day, in 2010, you could get this car from Subway for $500. Are you thinking about taking a trip to Florida with your date in a car like this? Where will you put all her clothes? You can’t put them on top of the car because they'll fall off. This is the perfect car for a man who's married and wants something just for himself. If you’re single and thinking about showing this off to your date, she might not ever want a date with you again. It looks cramped and overcrowded. Go out and purchase a car that a woman will love to see you in.

1 AMC Gremlin


This car was made between 1970 and 1979. This horrible-looking car was once popular on the roads. It was made by the American Motors Corporation. The gremlin was supposed to be a low-cost car that was built for speed over the other cars that looked similar in the period. Even though it was popular back in the' 70s, the Gremlin is a little bit of an eyesore today, especially for your date. This Gremlin car has that '70s look in its design that's not pleasing to look at, and that shouldn't be surprising, as most of the Gremlin cars are ugly. Some of them, depending on how you take the photo, might look okay. But it’s best to steer away from this piece of junk. Not many people drive this car today. If someone does, he'll get some weird looks, and that isn't what your date would desire.

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