25 GM Cars That'll Last Longer Than A Ford Pickup

The debate between the quality of domestic vehicles has been an age-old fight and one where various brand loyalists are valiant about their specific car brands and the quality that each brand represents. General Motors is one of the oldest vehicle manufacturers in the world, boasting an impressive product line that spans decades of different generations. Many of these product lines are very well known and have spawned numerous popular models during their time on the market. The Ford Motor Company has also been around the block a time or two as the company that created the original mass-produced and affordable consumer automobile. This has led the Ford Motor Company, with a stellar product line to match, to become one of the most iconic brand names in history.

The rivalry between the two companies has been an intense one for some time, and the Ford Motor Company has been the subject of GM taunting in recent years due to their innovative Ford F-Series truck, which adopted an aluminum design instead of the traditional steel body design that most pickup trucks have featured. The Ford pickup truck line has traditionally been one of the bestsellers for the Ford Motor Company, especially in recent years with advancements in the product line such as the predominant use of aluminum. Although GM has had its fair share of issues with quality over the last few decades, the brand has improved tremendously, and the rise in quality has allowed the brand to better compete with Ford and other automakers in terms of long-term quality and reliability.

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25 Chevrolet Blazer

Via: General Motors

The little Chevrolet Blazer is a notable performer and one of the more reliable vehicles on the road, especially the later generations, which featured the Vortec V6 engine.

The Chevrolet Blazer is known for having a stellar amount of interior volume as well as a powerful V6 engine that gave the mid-size SUV a surprising amount of torque and performance.

This has made the Chevrolet Blazer somewhat of a highly sought-after used car, and one that will routinely last into the 300k mileage range with proper maintenance. (Consumer Reports)

24 Chevrolet S10

Via: General Motors

Much like the Chevrolet Blazer on which it's based, the Chevrolet S10 is one of the more reliable vehicles to have rolled off of a GM assembly line. With a stellar amount of performance from the Vortec V6 motor, the Chevrolet S10 is a compact truck that can be a versatile companion for towing a light load or just handling the everyday tasks that you'd expect a truck to handle. The Chevrolet S10 has been known for having above-average reliability, which makes the truck a wonderful tool for work or play. (Consumer Reports)

23 Chevrolet Tahoe

Via: General Motors

The Chevrolet brand has long made strides in initial quality and long-term reliability, and the first-generation models were also a great combination of quality and versatility, which made them not only great family cars but also workhorse vehicles.

According to Consumer Reports, owners of the Chevrolet Tahoe have rated it 4 out of 5 stars for reliability and quality.

The Tahoe has been one of the staples in the Chevrolet lineup for the past few decades. With bulletproof reliability and a stellar resale value, this is a winning combination. (Consumer Reports)

22 Chevrolet Silverado

Via: General Motors

The Chevrolet Silverado has been one of the longest-running pickup truck lines in the world and with good reason. On top of being one of the best-selling pickup truck lines in existence, the Silverado is also one of the longest-lasting trucks on the road. According to Edmunds' consumer reviews, the Silverado has received five stars for reliability, which in a world of expensive repair bills and of even more expensive sticker prices can mean the difference between night and day for a new pickup truck owner. (Edmunds)

21 Chevrolet Cavalier

Via: General Motors

The Chevrolet Cavalier was one of the most well-recognized nameplates to come out of a Chevrolet showroom, and the car still has a loyal following of owners.

The Chevrolet Cavalier was always known for its stellar performance and interesting styling, which made the car stand out from the crowd.

According to Cars.com, the Chevrolet Cavalier has an 83% recommendation rating from owners of the car, making for a stellar used car that you can trust will last for a reasonable amount of time. (Cars.com)

20 GMC Terrain

Via: General Motors

The GMC Terrain is one of the first truly compact SUVs to be included in the GMC lineup, and the model has been a sales success for the brand. With the 2018 model year was the inclusion of a diesel motor, which is a first for a compact SUV on the domestic automotive market. The GMC Terrain has received a 4.7 out of 5.0 recommendation on Cars.com from owners, which indicates it's a reliable and functional SUV that'll last for a good long time. (Cars.com)

19 GMC Yukon Denali

Via: GM

Originally introduced in 1999 as a step above the traditional Yukon models, the Yukon Denali line is a different breed of luxury SUV that offers many of the same features that you might find on an Escalade without having to spend as much. The GMC Yukon Denali is a combination of luxury and performance, which makes for a one-of-a-kind SUV that you might hold onto for many years. The GMC Yukon Denali has a 5.0 reliability rating on Cars.com, which is a strong showing for a well-known nameplate. (Cars.com)

18 GMC Sierra

Via Autoweek

The GMC Sierra is the long-term cousin of the Chevrolet Silverado and has always added a more sedate styling and more intuitive features to an already exceptional truck.

The GMC Sierra is known for its stellar reliability, ranking a 5.0 on the Cars.com consumer rating.

The GMC Sierra is not only one of the most reliable trucks on the road but also one of the most luxurious when outfitted with the beautiful Denali trim package, which adds a whole new level of luxury. (Cars.com)

17 GMC Acadia

Via: GM

The GMC Acadia has been around the block for a while now with its beautiful exterior and one-of-a-kind styling that makes this a crossover to remember. The GMC Acadia has a 4.7 reliability rating from consumers on Cars.com. This is quite high for a crossover SUV, which indicates a reliable vehicle that'll last new owners for a good period of time. The GMC Acadia is a winning combination of style and performance, combining a legendary brand with a one-of-a-kind nameplate. (Cars.com)

16 GMC Jimmy

Via: GM

The GMC Jimmy, with a vast array of past models including the notable K-5 model, which featured a removable top similar to the Ford Bronco, is one of the longest-running nameplates in GMC history. The GMC Jimmy has a 4.3 reliability rating on Cars.com, which makes for a very reliable used SUV that'll last for a good deal of time. The Diamond edition of the GMC Jimmy is also a limited edition released in 2001 and featured a high-quality leather interior. (Cars.com)

15 Buick Regal

Via: General Motors

The Buick Regal has long been one of the most recognizable nameplates in the automotive world, and the name has been synonymous with quality and reliability.

The recent redesign of the Buick Regal in 2011 ushered in a new breed of style and luxury that hadn't been seen in the brand prior.

The Buick Regal has a 4.8 reliability rating according to Cars.com, meaning that owners of the newly revised Regal have reported very few issues. (Cars.com)

14 Buick LaCrosse

Via: General Motors

The Buick LaCrosse is another well-known nameplate that's been making the rounds for a decade now, and the car has developed a loyal following. The Buick LaCrosse has a 4.4 reliability rating, according to Cars.com consumer reviews, and this is a pretty strong showing for such a technologically advanced vehicle. The Buick LaCrosse is a one-of-a-kind model luxury sedan, which has a wonderfully smooth ride and a well-appointed interior with all of the bells and whistles. (Cars.com)

13 Buick Enclave

Via: GM

Buick has experienced a fair level of success with their crossover SUV models over the past few decades, and the Buick Enclave has been one of the most successful.

Boasting a 4.6 reliability rating on Cars.com, the Buick Enclave has been one of the most reliable models to come out of a Buick showroom in recent years.

The Buick Enclave is also one of the most family-friendly SUV models on the market, which makes for a stellar long-term vehicle purchase. (Cars.com)

12 Chevrolet Caprice

Via: GM

This is one of the most well-known and notable nameplates on the domestic automotive market. In fact, there was a time when the Chevrolet Caprice ruled the Taxi Cab and Police Car market as well. The Chevrolet Caprice, which was last sold new in 1996, has a 5.0 reliability rating, according to Cars.com, which indicates a notable used car purchase. The Chevrolet Caprice was also the base for the Chevrolet Impala SS, which was one of the most noteworthy performance sedans of the nineties. (Cars.com)

11 Chevrolet Trax

Via: GM

The Chevrolet Trax is a notable addition to the Chevrolet lineup, taking the place of the small Chevrolet Tracker, which was sold for a decade domestically and in Canada. The Chevrolet Trax is a small crossover SUV, which offers a decent amount of versatility and room as well as a stellar amount of fuel economy. The Chevrolet Trax has a 4.7 rating for reliability and customer satisfaction, which is an exceptional rating. The Chevrolet Trax is one of the more reliable small SUVs that are available on the market. (Cars.com)

10 Buick Verano

Via: GM

The Buick Verano is one of the more recent models in the Buick lineup, and the car has been met with a good amount of fanfare.

The Buick Verano is a sporty sedan that was designed to be the new face of the Buick brand, which has traditionally been equated with an older and more sedate audience.

The Buick Verano has a 4.8 consumer rating on Cars.com in terms of reliability and satisfied owners. (Cars.com)

9 Buick Encore

via zombiedrive

The Buick Encore is the hot-selling luxurious cousin of the Chevrolet Trax, and for the most part, the Buick Encore has been a sales success for the brand. The Buick Encore has been highly rated for its stellar reliability and standard luxury features. The Buick Encore has a notable 5.0 reliability rating on Cars.com, which is a terrific rating for a newer small SUV. The Buick Encore is notable for having a slew of luxury features as well as an attractive set of styling, which benefits the handsome little SUV. (Cars.com)

8 Buick Envision

Via: General Motors

The Buick Envision is a new compact SUV offering from the premium automaker Buick, which is set to compete with the Ford pickup truck and compact SUV lines.

The Buick Envision is a combination of luxury styling and performance, which gives you a premium feel without having to spend a fortune.

The Buick Envision was rated 3 out of 5 stars by Car And Driver, and this was due to a particularly bland styling package. But the Buick Envision does have the track record of the brand's notable reliability. (Car And Driver)

7 Buick Enclave

Via: GM

The Buick Enclave is the big and beautiful crossover SUV that's been one of the perennial sales leaders for GM for the last five years. It offers a one-of-a-kind combination of family-friendly features and spaciousness. The Buick Enclave has a four-out-of-five-star rating with Car And Driver, and this is related to the high-quality interior and the notable features that come with the large crossover. The Buick Enclave is a long-lasting and reliable family vehicle and one that'll definitely outlast most vehicles on the road. (Car And Driver)

6 Pontiac Montana SV6

Via: GM

The Pontiac Montana SV6 was the second generation of the popular Pontiac Montana minivan that was sold domestically. Montana offered a sporty yet rugged design, which appealed to families who didn’t want just another average minivan.

The Pontiac Montana SV6 has an average rating of 5 stars on Edmunds.com, which makes the van an extremely sensible choice for a used minivan.

The Pontiac Montana SV6 has an upright and sporty design that more closely resembles a crossover than a traditional minivan. (Edmunds)

5 Pontiac Solstice

Via: GM

The Pontiac Solstice is a sporty little convertible that's based on a concept car that GM launched in the summer of 2002. Competing with the likes of the Miata MX-5 and the BMW 1-Series, the Pontiac Solstice is a real head-turner and one of the highest-rated used GM vehicles that you can buy. The Pontiac Solstice has an average rating of 4.8 on Cars.com, and the highest point of the rating is for reliability and drivability. The Pontiac Solstice should be first on anyone's list for a fun summer car. (Cars.com)

4 Pontiac Vibe

Via: GM

The Pontiac Vibe is a value winner when it comes to a five-door hatchback that'll last for years to come. Based on the popular Toyota Matrix, the Pontiac Vibe has all of the Toyota reliability that you'd expect in a sporty Pontiac package.

The Pontiac Vibe has a lot of the aspects that made the Toyota Matrix a great car with the traditional Pontiac flare.

These features include the red gauges and the sporty exterior and appearance, which made the Vibe a very pleasurable compact car to own. (Cars.com)

3 Pontiac Grand Prix

Via: General Motors

The Pontiac Grand Prix is one of the oldest automotive nameplates in the industry, and the more recent models were notable for their reliability and stellar performance. Cars.com gives the Pontiac Grand Prix a 4.5 score from consumer reviews, which have given the car high marks for the excellent performance of the 5.3L V8 GXP variant. The Pontiac Grand Prix is a car that gives you all of the benefits of a family sedan but with an added level of performance, which makes the car a blast to drive and own. (Cars.com)

2 Cadillac Escalade

Via: GM

The Cadillac Escalade is a luxury sports utility vehicle that's been around since the dawn of the decade and continues to be a sales leader. The Cadillac Escalade has always received high marks for reliability and quality.

This is probably because the SUV is based on the Chevrolet Tahoe and the GMC Yukon, which are both notorious for long-lasting engines and minimal mechanical issues.

The Cadillac Escalade is a winning combination of luxury and performance which makes for a winning sports utility vehicle. (Cars.com)

1 Cadillac DTS

Via: GM

The Cadillac DTS was the biggest sedan in the Cadillac lineup for some time and was previously known as the "Deville." The Cadillac DTS has received high marks for quality and reliability, and the sedan even included the DTS-L, which was an extended-length version for those who might need a little more interior room. The Cadillac DTS has a powerful Northstar V8 engine and a 4.8 rating on Cars.com, where the sedan has gotten high marks for reliability and luxury features. (Cars.com)

Sources: Cars.com, Consumer Reports, Edmunds

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