25 Motorcycle Concepts Every Biker Will Be Riding By 2020

Here are 25 Motorcycle Concepts Every Biker Will Be Riding By 2020

It’s always enjoyable to take a glimpse at photos of beautiful places and things, and even vehicles. Motorcycle concepts have unsurprisingly gained a recent uproar, as most of these tend to have a much more creative concept design. These concepts are on the forefront of technology with their limitless opportunities for experimental designs. Because of their size and simplicity of a bike, it’s much easier to get more creative with the style and functionality of it rather than a car.

As many may know, concepts don't typically have the opportunity to become a reality. Most of the time, they're created merely for artistic reasons rather than for the sake of creating a new vehicle. The truth is that most of these designs are not possible to be physically created (yet). Since most concepts are futuristic, there’s often never a tangible model ever made because modern-day technology is simply not up-to-speed with these demands. Which is primarily why these vehicles are known as ‘concepts’.

It’s not often that designers have no intent of creating a live motorcycle – they’re simply there to create something fresh and original – however, with the right pizzazz and attention that a design draws in, the more likely it will become produced in the near future (even if slightly altered).

The incorporation of technology into multiple facets of our daily lives has caused us to advance at a much more rapid rate. It only makes sense that this would be reflected in our artistic pursuits and professional lives. In other words, we're a product of our environment, and technology is booming. These motorcycles have escaped boundaries and exceeded limits of previous concepts. A few of which may not be too far off from becoming produced.

25 The Night Shadow by Barend Massow Hemmes

via Gagadget

This concept motorcycle is completely unique to almost anything we’ve ever seen (except, maybe a carousel). The shiny, smooth edges on this bike give off a dashing glow, and what’s even more thrilling is the 1200 cc engine underneath. The Night Shadow was designed by London designer Barend Massow Hemmes. Hemmes collaborated with U.K.-based Polar Cycles to bring his idea to life. What has set this bike apart from most – other than the fact that its frame is shaped like an animal – is its picturesque beauty. There are a couple of variations of this bike, all of which have an exhilarating and artful look about them. If this was ever made with slightly cheaper materials, it would become an instant sensation.

24 BMW Urban Racer

via Unfinished Man

This concept was designed by Jans Slapins, who has previously been featured on Top Gear for another concept vehicle. However, Slapins also created the BMW Urban Racer, which was once believed to actually belong to BMW. Instead, Slapins simply came up with this design on his own while captivating the BMW look. The more luxurious seat matched with the bold, strong graphite color gives the Urban Racer a strong but also stylish feel to it. And since it would come equipped with a 1200 cc boxer engine, the bike can truly pack a punch. While it’s not been claimed by BMW, it would be an exciting bike to see one manufacturer produce this.

23 Kawasaki's J-Concept

via Motofire

This concept was originally released in 2013, but it returned in early 2018 when Kawasaki dropped a video featuring the J-Concept as the star. The new and improved J-Concept has kept the sharp look that it had. It also has the ability to swap between “attack” and “upright” modes, allowing the driver to transition from a crouched position similar to riding a sport bike, to an upright posture.

A holographic screen is visible through the driver’s helmet as he selects modes.

Overall, the video breaks technological boundaries that our vehicles simply haven't yet met. The J-Concept has a gleaming color scheme, and unearthly features pique a bit of curiosity in just about anyone, whether they care about bikes or not.

22 BMW's Vision Next 100

via canacopegdl.com

For this concept, designers drew inspiration from the original, most iconic bikes that BMW has produced, which is what has given this concept its shape. The BMW designers claim that this bike was created to be the safest bike ever, with special capabilities – such as self-balancing technology – that could buffer any potential danger to the rider. By eliminating all of the downsides to riding a motorcycle, riders can experience the fun freedom while having peace of mind.

The bike also comes with a wirelessly connected visor that gives the rider information as he/she is driving.

On top of that, the bike also has zero emissions and is completely electric. Needless to say, the designers have actually created a minimally harmful bike.

21 Yamaha's Motoroid

via Panorama Auto

A mere glimpse at Yamaha’s concept, Motoroid, and you can’t help but be taken aback. The Motoroid is an AI-powered bike, which means that it uses artificial intelligence with self-driving features built into it. This allows the rider to interact with the bike on a level never before seen. The AI integrated into the concept could also possess a level of increased safety. Unfortunately for Yamaha, this brilliant concept was leaked in early October of 2017, less than a month before its debut at the Tokyo Motor Show. While it’s rumored that the Motoroid is based on an animé TV show (a form of Japanese television animation that has piqued in popularity in Japan), there hasn’t been any confirmation of this.

20 The Mono Racr

via Pinterest

This silver stud is a little different from most of the concept bikes that have been released in the past few years. Instead of focusing on the most futuristic bike possible, the designers built a bike that resembles both past and future styles with a Honda 1000 cc four-cylinder inline motor.

The frame and swingarm have an innovative design, constructed from carbon fiber to lessen the weight.

The shape of the frame is taken from previous sportbikes that had tried and true methods and sturdy parts that just work. It’s very possible that we’ll see the Mono Racr soon, considering that the design has already been pushed to the fabrication stage. The group responsible for creating the concept have had the goal of making this bike real throughout the entire design process. For them, it’s not another concept; this bike is likely to hit the streets as soon as humanly possible.

19 Harley Davidson's Modification of the LiveWire (e-Motorcycle)

via Buena Vibra

While this bike is more of a smorgasbord of a few concepts at the moment, Harley Davidson announced in February of 2018 that they'll be releasing their very own electric motorcycle. And they’re not stopping there; the motorcycle giant is also committed to dropping a good amount of cash on the e-motorcycle venture. According to the CEO of Harley Davidson, the revolutionary bike will be based on their concept bike that was revealed in 2014, the LiveWire. The Harley is meant to appeal to a more diverse group of potential riders – young people, women, African-Americans, as well as Hispanics. The bike will be available to consumers in 2019, and we’re excited to see how it works out on the road.

18 BMW iR

via CARakoom.com

You could call the BMW iR concept motorcycle ‘minimalist,’ but that wouldn’t really even touch the surface. The electric motorcycle has no need for a fuel tank; without it, there’s an added amount of space that allows the bike to require less energy. Even the rims have a large gap between spokes.

The seat is made with a person’s bottom in mind and even has an integrated knee rest to allow the driver to hug the bike a little easier.

This contributes an element of safety, which is a priceless attribute. The technological look will put off many motorcyclists, but it could also revolutionize the riding experience.

17 The Brigade

via Motor1.com

Charles Bombardier is the man credited with designing some of the most innovative technology for police. Formerly known for his traffic camera that’s able to detect license plates and recognize faces, Bombardier has since moved onto bigger and better things such as the Interceptor, which is a self-driving police motorcycle that's able to issue tickets and citations via text, app, email, or even regular postage to any driver it encounters. A police officer would be able to monitor five of these motorcycle drones at a time, which could save substantial costs. However, it comes at a hefty price. In an attempt to keep the project relevant, Bombardier and Eduardo Arndt have designed the Brigade, an updated version of the Interceptor but with more of a retro feel and some updated technology.

16 The Samurai

via New Atlas

Of course, you typically assume that the people creating a concept bike are also motorcycle enthusiasts as well. But that’s not actually the case with the brilliant minds behind the Samurai. This carbon-fiber motorcycle closely resembles the Lotus C-01 and the BMW Vision Next 100, although instead of aiming purely for performance, the designers created the Samurai as a piece of art. Most Japanese bikes don’t aesthetically satisfy Zen principles – or even represent Japanese culture. The idea behind this bike is that an onlooker shall see Japan before they see a motorcycle. They were shooting to garner something with balanced asymmetry and concepts of origami. We’re not entirely sure that this was fully captured in the Samurai, but it's a beauty regardless.

15 BMW Titan

via Motor1.com

This regal concept was drawn up by the designer, Mehmet Doruk Erdem. This opulent ride immediately drew in a plethora of attention. In fact, it’s surprising that the car has yet to come to life. The distinctive concept was intriguingly inspired by sharks and their hydrodynamic bodies that allow them to swiftly swim through water.

Erdem designed this bike to not only be aerodynamic in the same way that a shark is hydrodynamic but also have ‘gills,’ so to speak, to allow air intake.

The engine is enclosed in the swingarm, giving the concept an even sharper look to it. Although it has yet to be fabricated, according to the designer, the concept would reach a top speed of 376 mph, which could be part of what’s kept this design from being produced.

14 Expemotion's E-Raw

via Asphalt & Rubber

Expemotion has taken an unconventional approach to one of the biggest trends of the decade: vehicles powered by electric. While we’re not entirely sure how practical the E-Raw would be, it’s quite an interesting bike nonetheless. The seat is made from laminated wood – which seems like an unrealistic material in the long run – and plays off of that minimal design with the simplistic frame and iPhone holder, which allows you to view the speedometer via an app. Aside from the seemingly awkward seat, the bike also has an awkward shape, which could prove difficult for a passenger to grip his legs onto. It’s clear that this concept may be more of an artsy project rather than a real blueprint; however, if it was modified with motorcyclists in mind, it could be one cool bike.

13 Honda's CB4 Interceptor

via Gadget Gram

Some things just seem to go together better than others. And Honda’s concept of morphing a café style bike with a touch of enduro is sure to be a great hit. In 2015, Honda released their concept of the Interceptor but have since updated the styling while keeping most of the primary details the same. The bike has exceptional technology integrated into it. While it’s still a gas-guzzler like many of its predecessors, the CB4 Interceptor has a single LED headlight with a surrounding fan that actually manipulates kinetic energy while the bike is moving to bring power to the electronic components and accessories on the bike. It may not meet all levels of futuristic, but it's definitely a motorcycle we may see soon.

12 L-Concept by Bandit9

via Bro Bible

This profound motorcycle has only just been released in Spring of 2018. But what’s got so many people talking about it isn’t its quirky look; it’s the fact that it’s inspired by the hit show Star Trek. It was meant to resemble the USS Enterprise, more specifically, the spacecraft’s reactor.

The majority of the bike was handcrafted from a single piece of aluminum that was then polished to give it a nice shine.

The seat is made from Italian calf leather, which would allow it to give optimal comfort for a true Trekker. The Bandit9 L-Concept was created by Darryl Villanueva, and even he claims that the only thing separating fact from fiction is time. We’re thinking he must’ve taken that statement to heart during his design process.

11 AER

via Cyril Huze Post

This electric bike challenges the engineering of conventional racing motorcycles with its superior design (or so they claim). The designer, Andre Frederico, believed that creating an electric motorcycle with enough power to serve as a racing bike could save a lot of money on the track. His concept revolves around four batteries all powered by either lithium-air or zinc-air technology. Its lighter-weight engines can cut some of the costs and improve the braking energy of the bike as well. Frederico claims that motorcycles are perfect canvases to exemplify the latest tech, and rightfully so. It (sometimes) takes many years before a concept is even dissected for mass production. While the AER is an older concept, its electric power is still relevant.

10 Yamaha Root Motorcycle Concept

via The Coolest

It’s not unheard of for some motorcycle concepts to be drawn up by designers who have no real experience with them. However, the Root Motorcycle Concept from Yamaha has a fairly unconventional story behind it. Yamaha decided to allow the motor designers to create musical instruments concepts and instrument designers to come up with concept vehicles. This interesting bike is the result of the creative shuffle. As you can tell from the photo, the instrument designers took on a very different approach: they highlighted parts that are otherwise overlooked (most of the time). For instance, the exhaust was enunciated with gold and made into more of a piece of art rather than a functional part. Many enthusiasts found this thrilling and would love to see it produced.

9 Ostoure by Mohammad Reza Shojaie

via Auto Evolution / Mohammad Reza Shojaie

The Ostoure was designed to appear 'delicate' in each of its edges, curves, and joints. The bike has an almost weightless appearance and can challenge many of its concept competitors. The designer named it 'Ostoure,' which means 'Legend' in Persian. And it is that. Ostoure is meant to be two-wheel drive with a power transmission. The suspension was designed to reduce the size of the radiator, allowing more artistic pursuits on the body.

The bike has the option of being equipped with indicators that would appear on the head of the bike as well as in the helmet connected via BlueTooth.

Shojaie also thought of the comfort of the driver as he included a speaker system as well as air conditioning in the helmet.

8 Wojtek Bachleda’s Indian Motorcycle Concept

via Auto Evolution

Oftentimes, we tend to judge quality and value based on age or experience – especially in the U.S. However, this confined perception doesn’t offer much space for progress. A student by the name of 'Wojtek Bachleda' designed an Indian concept bike. And if you couldn’t already tell, it’s quite impressive. While India is known for its beautiful retro-looking motorcycles, this concept is one that they may want to consider in their future lineup. Few details have been revealed about the bike; however, the look is sure to catch on in future designs. There was a bit of internet clamor for Bachleda’s design to be commercially developed, and many are hoping that we'll see his designs on the road in the future.

7 Icare

via Hype Beast

This jet-black beauty is meant to be a high-end motorcycle for those with a pretty penny to spare. It’s been compared to the Aston Martin and other luxury cars but, of course, with the exception of having only two wheels. This dark chariot is designed to have a six-cylinder Honda engine, so it would definitely pack a punch. The French designer, Enzyme, has yet to reveal whether or not this concept will be made into a reality, but judging on how expensive this project would actually be, it may be a while before we see anything like it. In fact, it’s most likely more of an artful project. However, we’ve seen similar creations in recent years, so an updated Icare may be in our future.

6 TVS Zeppelin

via Bike Dekho

The 2018 Auto Expo revealed this unique tech bike that had been very well hidden from social media. TVS came up with this concept that involves a cruiser bike – which isn’t typically their forte – with a rather mediocre engine but with some interesting technology that totally makes up for it. TVS has patented their very own Integrated Starter Motor (ISM), which gives the motorcycle an augmented boost upon startup. This enhances the bike’s performance while also giving it better fuel efficiency. The Zeppelin also has a regenerative assist motor, which is powered by a 48V Li-ion battery that gives the bike 20% more torque, cutting down on fuel once again. It’s been stated that the Zeppelin won’t be on the market, but we’d still like believe it could happen.

5 The Digimoto

via HiConsumption

For a concept bike, the designers make this one seem very close to reality. The Digimoto is by no means a pretty bike, but it does have the defining quality of exceeding all limits, doubts, and potential boundaries of technology. The Digimoto is basically an improved BMW R1200; it uses the same frame paired with a BMW Boxer engine.

The modifications of the R1200 body give the bike its futuristic look; however, what’s more captivating is its capabilities.

It can record everything around it and transmit that information to the driver by way of his visor. The designers wanted to streamline the technology and eliminate the gauges and lights on the bike. What’s most impressive, though, is the fact that it was all designed by way of virtual reality.

4 Ducati Draxter

via Wallpaper Flare

One of the most emblematic motorcycle manufacturers of all is Ducati. And this motorcycle giant has a concept that doesn’t disappoint, a concept that's likely to be seen on the market in the next couple of years. The Draxter’s racer look was based on the xDiavel cruiser. The low handlebars and footpegs are perfectly positioned for the most optimal aerodynamics. It was designed with a 1262 cc engine, and most notably, Ducati engraved a big, yellow “90” to celebrate the company’s 90 years. Overall, it’s a smooth-looking ride with nothing too complicated. It’s a straightforward racing bike with supreme quality.

3 KTM Ion

via Freshness Mag

It’s fairly trendy to go electric when you have the option to buy a new vehicle. So, unsurprisingly, a lot of car manufacturers are turning more toward electric. Or, they’re at least including electric vehicles in their lineup. This concept has a different approach, though. The KTM Ion is basically a cross between a motorcycle and a bicycle. It’s stylish, compact, and perfect for the urban dweller who'd like something fuel efficient to zip around the city in. The rechargeable Ion contains a 260V battery and a KTM electric engine to power it. While e-motorcycles are starting to make a statement, this could become even more of a hit.

2 Husqvarna Ampulex Compressa by Barbara Custom Motorcycles

via Beautiful Life

This concept motorcycle is similar to a line of other concepts by Barbara Custom Motorcycles, a French designer. The Ampulex Compressa is an especially beautiful motorcycle due to its original yet regal color scheme: chocolate handlebars with a matching leather seat atop a white frame with touches of jet black and graphite and black rims.

The inspiration for the Ampulex Compressa seems to be drawn from several other designs including the Lotus C-09.

What’s most memorable about this concept (as well as the others from this line) is the tail end of the bike. It closely resembles a thorn or a bee stinger, giving it an added effect. This isn’t a bike to mess with.

1 BMW Path 22

via Google Plus

Playing it up with the retro styling, BMW’s release of the Path 22 has brought a slightly different perspective on motorcycles to the table. And if this was actually made in reality, it would likely attract a completely different group of customers. The Path 22 is distinct with its beach look and simplistic, clean finishes. A couple of modern touches were splashed into the design of the bike, such as the digital gauges and blinkers that are built into the handlebars. The concept comes complete with a surfboard rack. This minimalistic look and functional accessories have an appeal for the adventurer.

Sources: TopSpeed, CNN, Auto Evolution

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