25 Of The Most Ridiculous Tire Covers Spotted On The Road

The spare-wheel cover is an accessory that's common with 4x4 car owners. The covers are usually made from soft vinyl or hard shells. The main purpose of the cover is to protect the spare tire from the elements. Tire covers in the past used to be boring, as the owners bought them just for their functionality. Nowadays, car owners have become creative, and there's a lot of artistic energy to the covers. You're in the right place if you're looking for inspiration for your first tire covers. The covers are only practical if you own a 4x4 vehicle that has the tire mounted at the rear.

There's a big market for tire covers that target mainly Jeep owners because of the design of the vehicle. Some of these covers are bound to make you smile in traffic even if you're having a bad day. Some of the covers on the list would fall into the category of modification failures. Jeep owners never run out of humor, and the tire covers are sometimes used to tell non-owners what they're missing. We've compiled a list of the funniest tire covers that have been spotted on the road. While the Jeep might've been engineered for rough terrains, a hilarious tire might just make it more enduring.

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25 To Infinity


The owner must've done this himself because you can't find such custom work in shops. Only the person who comes up with such a crazy idea can execute it to perfection. The cover is not only hilarious but also thought-provoking. It's like there are smaller versions of the car the more you zoom in, and the picture doesn't seem to end. There's a map in front, which could mean that the owner is an explorer who's always on the road and going to new places every time. I would've never, in a million years, come up with such beautiful art. The owner should start a business of customizing tire covers, as he would make a killing with his talent.

24 Grape Soda


Grape Soda is bae to millions of people in America. There are people who can't live without it, and this Jeep owner is one of them. If you want to get an idea of how much people like this drink, just Google 'grape soda memes.' I love grape soda, too, and wouldn't trade it for any drink in the world. It takes more than love for a full-grown man to put a grape soda cover on his spare tire. So many road users would never get it unless they've had a sip of grape soda. The guy must be the chairperson of the grape soda association in his state where they have weekly meetings to discuss how the drink makes them feel.

23 Can't Hear You


That seems to be the message from Statler and Waldorf on the tire cover. Waldorf has a contemplative look, while Statler seems to be annoyed, given the body language and the facial expression. These are like two best friends with contrasting personalities. One is cool and collected, while the other one has a short temper. It absolves the owner when he makes stupid mistakes on the road. You might be annoyed and start honking your horn, but then, you'll see these two guys looking at you, and you'll realize you're better off changing your mind. This isn't a cover that I would buy personally, but there are a lot of people out there with the same twisted sense of humor.

22 No Problem


This Jeep owner is a rare breed. We all know them to be arrogant, which is always reflected in decals and the tire covers. This one has a subtle cover that seems to be encouraging the person behind the vehicle. There's an inverted signing, which one might be tempted to strain to read, but it's just the word 'problem' written upside down. The owner probably has seen a lot of Jeep covers in the past before he could finally afford to buy the vehicle. The cover could also have a different meaning than the one of encouragement. The poster is open to different interpretations, which makes it clever and funny. I think the message was nothing but encouragement to the person behind the Jeep. What do you think?

21 Staring Champion


The owner of the Jeep is probably a lady who loves cats and works in an art gallery. It'll be impossible to not to at least smile when you see such a tire cover on the road. The owner probably has big eyes, too, and you could recognize her in a crowd without much trouble. I wouldn't be surprised if that's the picture of one of her cats. Her Instagram must be full of feline creatures, and she can't go a day without binge-watching funny cat videos. This is the kind of person who has a tire cover for every occasion and mood, and they all involve cats. I'm pretty sure she has matching stickers and wall art reflecting the same.

20 One For Off-road

via: reddit.com

This is your typical arrogant Jeep owner. He's probably driven the Jeep for a long time and feels immortal compared to other road users. He doesn't see the logic of paved roads because he owns an off-road vehicle. The owner is probably used to taking his car off-road and isn't used to city roads. Paved roads are usually cheaper than surfaced roads and are also affordable when it comes to maintenance. To a Jeep owner, there's no difference because his vehicle has been engineered for just about any terrain. The wording on the cover might be arrogant, but I have to admit, I find it a little bit funny. The government has a spent a lot on stupid stuff, but paved roads definitely don't make the list.

19 This Is How I Roll


'This how we roll'' is a cliché phrase that's been used on just about every music video on the planet. It's not original, but it's been given a whole different meaning with this Jeep tire cover. This is another cover that'll make you smile like an idiot in traffic. You simply can't hate it. The owner seems to be making fun of his Jeep, too, while still showcasing its off-road capability. The Jeep can manage just about any rugged terrain. It'll take the beating and still manage to run fine. The cover is spot-on and hilarious at the same time. The tire makes you want to start saving for a new Jeep.

18 Good Day


The owner must be a lady with a kind heart and who's always smiling. The tire cover is a way of spreading the sunshine to other road users. This cover will make you cheer up if you're having a rough day and are stuck in traffic. The smiling emoji is probably the most used because it expresses a universal human gesture of feeling good. She has an effect on people, and you're likely to experience it by just driving behind her. Some enthusiasts may argue that it makes the Jeep look weak and ugly since it is supposed to be about muscle and power. The cover is just one of the many ways one can express individuality in a vehicle, and she has all the right to do so.

17 Goonies Never Die


The Goonies has a cult-like following, which is understandable because it was produced by Steven Speilberg, one of the best in the business. The movie is all about dark humor, and one has to watch it to get the concept. It's still a subject of debate in movie circles, and that's why it's refused to die. This Jeep owner must've watched it more than 20 times since it was released back in 1985. The fact that it includes professional wrestler Roddy Pipper makes it a fan favorite. Goonies never say die, and this Jeep owner isn't about to let go anytime soon. He deserves a badge of honor from the official fan group to go with his crazy tire cover.

16 Eat the Cookie


This has to be a massive fail on the part of the owner. He could've done a lot better in terms of creativity, but a lot of people will still find it funny. The cookie appears to be eating itself, and there's a puppet waiting for the drama to unfold because it has the final laugh. The mouth opening has been positioned where there's the number plate, and it's easy to see why the art looks like it's been forced. It'll definitely make you think, but you'll also be wondering what it means. The owner could've used bright colors to bring the art to life just as was done with the decal on the glass window.

15 Your Opinion Doesn't Count


This yet another arrogant car owner who doesn't have to speak for you understand him. The cover is just too hilarious. I personally think the guy bought the tire cover to annoy someone he knows. It could be the girlfriend's brother who's never approved of him as a boyfriend. Rather than settle the issue with a fist fight, he went out and bought the suggestive tire cover. He strategically parks where the girlfriend's brother can't miss the cover. The message could've been also directed to a brother-in-law who's always in his business. Way to go champ! You don't have to by a Hummer to feel like you're driving an SUV, and you certainly don't need permission from anyone.

14 I Am the Owner


That's exactly the message that we're getting with the conspicuous picture art on the tire cover. The person might've tried to appear to be humble, but the fact that he's gone to this extent proves that he's not. The owner could be going through a crisis with his confidence and only has his dog to keep him company. He also doesn't look like a person who would drive a Jeep. The cover might work with a few ladies, but you can't get away with it all the time. My advice to him would be to remove the tire cover and be creative with the process. You don't have to use your face like your phone's wallpaper to attract attention.

13 Corny Tails


The owner of this Jeep must be a big dreamer. It takes a lot of courage to have a unicorn as a tire cover art. You might as well add the tooth fairy to the mix. This is probably a guy who's never had things go his way but still believes the stars will one day align with his will. Unicorns and rainbows are things that we see in cartoons, and the person better wake up from his fairytale dream. The only positive we take from this is he at least owns a Jeep. There are people who would do anything to own the car, but it remains an elusive dream, just like the unicorn on the back of his car.

12 Calm Down


That is the message that I'm getting from this particular piece of art. You might be in a hurry, but there's this Jeep in front of you. This is yet another tire cover that'll make you smile on the road, no matter how hard you try not to. The owner probably looks like an emoji himself and is the kind of person who never uses words when responding to messages. His friends understand him, and his infectious personality has been extended to the road. This is the kind of person you would want to be friends with even if you've never met him and you don't know how he looks. His personality, just like the cover art, is calming.

11 I'm Not a Kangaroo


The dog with the raised ears looks like a kangaroo in the picture. I'm 100% certain that's the car owner's dog on the tire cover. It's a sweet gesture, but I'm sure the dog might never get to appreciate it. He probably has never seen the cover and doesn't care. His only concern is catching the balls and wagging his tail. A dog will always be loyal to the owner no matter what you do to it. The picture is still hilarious because the dog looks like a kangaroo. You have to be really close to the vehicle to tell the difference. Toyota owners can also be creative, given the right motivation and canvas.

10 Oh Deer


The owner was almost adding the letter 'P' instead of 'R,' then decided against it because it wouldn't have been as funny. This one has made me laugh because it looks very creepy, especially in low lighting where it comes to full glory. It looks like the deer is trying to jump out of the artistic confinement. The picture was taken by the car behind it, which just goes to prove that the cover is eye-catching and hilarious. He could've added the phrase 'Oh Deer' to make it even funnier. The Jeep owner must be a lady who's in love with the animal and probably wonders why people hunt it for game meat.

9 Crochet Is Art


This is definitely a lady probably approaching her 50s and who's found a new hobby. The design is engaging and captivating. One might be tempted to leave the car to go have a feel to determine if the tire is indeed made from crochet. There are just so many designs one might come up with given that crochet isn't expensive. It should, however, not be used as a substitute for the real tire cover because it can't provide substantial protection from the elements. I would still buy one of these to keep them for the summer when I'm out for a ride and want to feel good about myself and my car. I should start learning how to make such!

8 Coffee Guns


One of the greatest things about America is having the freedom to express yourself and your individuality. There are so many ways you can do it, and this lad decided the tire cover was the perfect canvas. Guns and coffee are probably two of his favorite things in the world, and he can't live without both. He's probably one of those militia members who believe the state wants to rob citizens of the 2nd amendment. He's also obsessed with car stickers, which we can conclude by just looking at his rear window. Guns and coffee aren't a bad combination if you indulge in moderation. He should probably start a rock and roll band while he's at it. There will always be coffee to cheer you up if you fail.

7 Hawk or Illuminati


The Illuminati is one of the biggest mysteries of our times. It has for so long been associated with dark forces, and you can't go through all the conspiracy theories without having a mental breakdown. This Jeep owner has been clever with his art, and one would think there's a missing portion and that it hasn't been completed. It looks like a hawk; then, there's the Illuminati symbol. You don't know what to make of it, and all you can do is just smile. I'm sure the owner has been stopped a couple of times so that he can explain the meaning of the art on the tire cover. He could've painted it a different color to make it even more visible.

6 There's No Hurry


The message is quite clear. This must be a veteran who served in the Vietnam war and has seen it all. This kind of person likes to takes his time when doing stuff, and you're likely to be frustrated driving behind him when the green light signals. At least he's warned you with the tire cover, which serves as a disclaimer. He must've had enough of young people hooting and trying to overtake all the time. I doubt if there's any normal person who wouldn't smile when he sees such a tire cover on the road. It's not a 4x4 vehicle you would want to borrow from your folks if you're in your 20s unless you have a spare tire cover.

5 Poor LeBron


This must be a Celtics fan who has a personal hatred for LeBron James. This is bound to make you laugh out loud in the car even if you're not a basketball fan. It gets even funnier the more you look at it and will probably linger in your head for a long time. The internet is cruel when it comes to pictures, and even a second could change the whole complexion of a photograph. I wish the owner had included a meme making fun of the car behind or saying something corny about the Jeep. This tire cover should be inducted into the hall of fame for being one of the funniest things you'll ever see on the road. I bet LeBron James has seen it already since stuff like this travels fast on the world wide web.

4 Who's the Supplier?


This is the first question you'd be asking yourself when you see this tire cover. I'm sure keyboard feminists haven't seen it yet, as they would be ranting all over social media if they had. The lady on the cover doesn't seem to mind, given that it's still up. Maybe she doesn't get the joke, so the owner has been able to survive the wrath for this long. I'm not sure I'd be comfortable with my face traveling around like a road commercial. People are wondering who the lady could be and what her association with the driver is. We'll never really find out unless the owner comes out and assures us he wasn't high on any substance when he was putting up the tire cover.

3 Everything Covered 


This guy must've been stuck in the rat race for years before throwing in the towel. He decided to buy the Jeep and explore the world. He knows just how miserable people can be with a 9-5 job and then get stuck in traffic for another two hours. The cover is refreshing compared to the ones we see on the road, but don't follow the advice blindly if you have nothing in your savings account. You might end up sleeping on the streets just because you followed a funny advice on the tire cover of a Jeep. Falling in love is also not that easy unless you have a vehicle like this. You should definitely return home because you can't be in the wilderness forever.

2 Look at My Shoulders


President Donald Trump is a controversial figure. He attracts love and hate in equal measure, and there's always something funny about him going around on the interwebs. This particular tire cover is really funny and blends in with the rear grilles of the vehicle. It's as if Donald Trump is signaling at you to look at his big shoulders without staring too much. It's hard to ascertain whether or not the owner was making fun of Donald Trump. It's a work of genius, and even those who don't like the guy will say it's appealing in a funny way. Donald Trump is everywhere, even in the car in front of you when you're stuck in traffic.

1 Kung Fu Panda


I used to watch a lot of Steven Seagal movies when I was growing up. He never lost a fight—didn't even get a punch or two. This guy must be one Steven Seagal fanatics for him to include the panda into the mix. Any action movie lover would get the Joke. Kung Fu Panda is the only match to Steven Seagal, and there should be a duel to determine who's a better fighter between the two. It looks like the stage is already set on this tire cover, but the two are bonding and cuddling instead of fighting, which is what we expected. It might take awhile before we see a fight between the two, given the calm and joy in their faces.

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