25 Of The Best Cars Modded By Mansory

If you are very wealthy, you are likely to have several cars that you either enjoy driving around or just looking at. Depending on your taste, your wealth and other more specific factors, you are likely to go for a Mercedes, a BMW, a Porsche, a Bentley, an Aston Martin, a Ferrari, a Lamborghini, a Rolls Royce, or maybe even a Bugatti. If you are looking for something more unique you can shop around for a boutique supercar like a Pagani or a Koenigsegg. One of the beauties of capitalism is that there really isn’t a shortage in luxury brands to choose from. What if you are so wealthy that even the most luxurious and sophisticated cars are not posh enough for you? What if you live in a place that’s so full with expensive cars that a Mercedes is the equivalent of a bus pass in the rest of the world and nobody takes out their smartphone to take a picture of your “simple” factory-specced Bentley.

If you are in pursuit of a car that’s as unique as a car can get, you will likely turn your attention to a tuner and one of the best tuners in the world is Mansory. Well, actually to call Mansory a tuner is the equivalent of calling a wall painter an artist, because they take cars that already stand out and make them stand out even more. The result of their works are cars that are outrageously awesome, but which also cost an outrageous amount of money that goes multiple times above the stock car, which can be already in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. So, let’s take a look at 25 coolest cars modified by Mansory.

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25 Range Rover Sport SVR

via mansory.com

Jaguar Land Rover has a division called Special Vehicle Operations, which is focused on improving the performance of regular cars. Their first car announced in 2014 and released a year later was the Range Rover Sport SVR, which was the most powerful Land Rover in the company’s history, powered by a 5.0-liter V8 that developed 542 bhp. So, what does a very powerful Range Rover need? A kick-ass body kit, thought the guys at Mansory. So, they set to work and boy did they succeed.

The Mansory-upgraded SVR has a widened body due to wider fenders. The car also gets upgraded front and rear bumper, front and rear diffuser, side skirts, a carbon bonnet and front grill and mirror masks. Carbon also goes on the D-pillar cover, side panels, roof wing, air intakes and outtakes covers. There is also a lot of customization options for the interior, with options to choose between carbon and wood for door panels, front and rear consoles, and air vent frames. Mansory also offers a sport steering wheel, sport pedals. There is also a choice of six types of wheels, a sport exhaust system with either a manual switch or remote control.

24 La Revoluzione (Ferrari F12)

via mansory.com

The Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is undoubtedly a cool car, but Mansory thought they could do better, so they took the F12 and then instead of settling for some minor styling upgrades and improvements to aerodynamics, they developed a completely new skin. Of course they took carbon fiber as their material of choice, using only carbon fiber from their own autoclaves. The La Revoluzione got an inverse Formula 1 nose that includes a variety of inlets and outlets that guide the air towards the engine and the braking system for cooling. The rear was also modified to include a diffuser and exhaust blinds, air wings, and aerodynamic rear wing. The interior was also re-developed by Mansory, with lots of carbon fiber elements and the color scheme perfectly matches the outside shell. Mansory also says that they developed the wheels specifically for the La Revoluzione, which represent fully-forged rims with five triple spokes through which perforated disk brakes and red brake calipers can be seen.

The La Revoluzione goes from 0 to 63 mph in just 2.9 seconds and reaches a top speed of 230 mph.

They also upgraded the 12-cylinder engine by adding a larger turbocharger and developing a new software for the central control unit. The engine, therefore, reaches 1,200 hp and a maximum torque of 657, while the exhaust was designed for minimal back pressure.

23 MANSORY Linea D'Oro (Bugatti Veyron 16.4)

via mansory.com

When Mansory set to modify the Bugatti Veyron they started with the LINEA Vincero, named after the exclamation made by the Nesson Dorma, a famous tenor aria from Giacomo Puccini’s opera Turandot. The limited LINEA Vincero upgraded the legendary Veyron 16.4 by giving it a facelift with modified wings, a shorter hood and a new front apron, as well as side skirts and larger air outlets at the side and at the back. Then they took the Vincero further by using a gold-colored alloy and created the LINEA Vincero d’Oro.

The Linea Vincero d’Oro has the unique carbon fabric with inbuilt copper thread, which combines perfectly with gold-colored alloy wheels designed to look like turbines, the curved grill (with a stylized “V” for Vincero), the door handles, the side mirrors and the fuel tank cap. Moreover, gold elements go around the daytime LEDs and decorative elements on the roof. The interior is also full of gold color that goes on the steering wheel, on door panels and the seats. The bad news is that you can’t buy it, because the LINEA Vincero d’Oro comes with a badge that says “Unique Edition One of One”, which is probably for the best, since the original Veyron cost well over $1 million and this particular Mansory built one recently passed at auction at $2,5 million.

22 Mercedes-AMG GT S

via mansory.com

The Mercedes AMG GT S is another high-performance masterpiece that Mansory managed to nudge a bit further. Obviously, the AMG GT S got a wider body through new fenders, side skirts, a new front lip with a splitter and an upgraded rear bumper. The fenders also got air outtake vents. The bonnet was replaced with a carbon fiber one, the boot received a MANSORY rear wing and the engine got a carbon cover. There are also other small details all around the car exterior meant to both visually refine the car and improve its aerodynamics. MANSORY engineers also tweaked the 4.0-liter twin turbo V8 engine by adding larger turbochargers, a sports air filter, and a sports exhaust system from stainless steel.

Following the upgrades, the engine’s peak performance reaches 720 hp, up from the stock 503 hp. The MANSORY-upgraded AMG GT S reaches from standstill to 62 mph in 3.4 seconds and has a top speed of 205 mph.

On the interior, Mansory built on top of the luxury that the AMG GT S boasts, by replacing the steering wheel with a sport one designed specifically for this car and adding aluminum pedals. The rest of the interior features either carbon or handcrafted leather.

21 Tesla Model S

via mansory.com

Tesla Model S is a great car. Being Tesla’s first car that was completely designed and engineered in-house, Elon Musk and his company had a lot riding on its success and boy did it achieve success, getting raving reviews and quickly conquering the hearts and wallets of thousands of people. While the $100,000+ vehicle has a lot of great features and it’s clear that a lot of attention went into details, the guys at Mansory thought they could do better and further improve the Model S.

According to Mansory’s website, the upgraded Tesla Model S includes ultra-light carbon chassis components and improved aerodynamics that involve a redesigned front apron with integrated LED daytime running lights.

They also added some side skirts, a rear spoiler lip and a rear apron with diffuser insert. The additions combine very well with the rest of the car and in addition to giving an edge styling-wise, also improve Tesla’s acceleration, braking, and energy consumption. To underline the “greenness” of the Tesla Model S, Mansory added some green stripes to the body and fitted the car with 22-inch alloys with green brake calipers. So far, Mansory offers the aerodynamic package only for the Model S, but we hope to see some mods available for the Model X and maybe even the upcoming Tesla Roadster.

20 MANSORY Zapico

via mansory.com

We might be accused of cheating by including a motorcycle in an article about cars, but the MANSORY Zapico custom bike is too cool to ignore. The bike was developed in collaboration with Thomas M. George. The whole cruiser bike is covered in carbon, which is the go-to material for custom vehicles. The front mask, bug spoiler, seat module, primary shield and silencer and applications on the fuel tank, the frame, fork, wheel rims and airbox were all manufactured in-house at the MANSORY factory in Bavaria, Germany.

Under the carbon there is Thunderbike Dragster Frame on which sits a V2 engine with a capacity of 124 cubic inches (around 2,080 cubic centimeters), which is combined with a Harley Davidson combustion engine, a 5-speed gearbox. The engine, made by one of the most well-known American engine builders S&S, develops 160 hp at 5,200 revs per minute. Taking into account that the bike weighs just 330 kg (750 lbs) with a full tank, the MANSORY Zapico is capable of reaching from 0 to 60 in just 3.3 seconds. In addition to the frame, the bike’s fuel and oil tank, as well as the handlebars, handle grip, footrest, and mirrors also come from Thunderbike.

19 Bentley Continental GT (Sanguis)

via mansory.com

Mansory has a whole range of customization programs for Bentley cars, most of which are for Continental GT/GTC. One of the programs for the Continental GT is the SANGUIS, which doesn’t focus just on the car’s styling, but also involves performance upgrades. The Continental GT SANGUIS has fitted a sports exhaust system, a sports air filter and optimized performance graph boosts.

The W12 engine's power is increased to 663 hp (the original W12 is at around 630 hp) at 6,000 rpm. Following the modifications, the Continental GT can reach from 0 to 63 mph in around 4.5 seconds, while the top speed stands at 322 kph (201 mph).

On the outside, the Bentley gets a new front and rear apron and an extra-light bonnet from carbon fiber. Carbon fiber also goes to the front wings and the rear widening components. Following the widening, the Continental is widened by 1.97 inches at the front axle and 2.40 inches at the rear axle. On the inside, the car gets an upgraded interior with soft leather, a new sports steering wheel, aluminum pedals, and Makassar ebony wood elements.

18  Maserati Levante

via mansory.com

While Maserati is definitely a luxury brand and they’ve been around for decades, but their last lineup of cars is a bit uninspired. Unless you are a huge fan of the brand, it’s hard to find reasons why would you go for a Maserati instead of a Mercedes, a BMW, or a Porsche. Which brings us to the Levante, which was Maserati’s response to other luxury car makers that released SUVs. The Porsche Cayenne and Macan were absolute successes, Bentley had announced the Bentayaga a couple of years previously, and Aston Martin and Rolls Royce were also on track with their versions of luxurious, and fast SUVs. So Maserati released the Levante in 2016, which was a top seller for the brand, but not a great seller overall.

According to motor1.com, Maserati had to halt the production twice since the launch and then cut the production by 59% because of a stock pile-up. The CEO of Fiat Chrysler, which owns Maserati, Sergio Marchionne himself admitted in an interview with MotorTrend that they “sucked at the launch of the Levante”. Well, Mansory decided to come to Maserati’s help by redefining the car with their body kit that upgrades the car looks with a new grill mask, front lip, splitters, and a roof spoiler. Mansory also redesigned the interior and the result is a car that looks pretty good in orange.

17 MANSORY Cormeum (Mercedes SLS AMG)

via mansory.com

The Cormeum is the result of Mansory’s limited customization program for the Mercedes SLS AMG, which included only 15 cars. Mansory upgraded the shell to make it lighter by designing a lot of elements for this car. For example, they replaced the roof and the gullwing door with “ultra-light designs”. The front bumper was replaced and a front spoiler was added to reduce the lift at the front axle. Air inlets were expanded to both give a sportier look and increase the air supply to enlarged radiators. The front and rear wings on the SLS AMG were also replaced, which widened the car by 66 mm (2.60 inches) at the front axle and by 84 mm (3.31 inches) at the rear axle. The rear apron was replaced and a race diffuser was added for more downforce and the ensemble was completed with a rear spoiler with carbon flaps. Under the shell, there are further modifications.

The engine received high-performance compressor units, and a sports air filter and a stainless steel sports exhaust system were also added.

The suspension was also lowered, which allowed to lower the Cormeum’s center of gravity by 20 mm (0.78 inches) compared to the stock car. Following the mods, the Cormeum Mercedes SLS AMG has a top performance of 731 hp and a maximum 4,850 rpm of torque.

16 MANSORY 4XX Siracusa (Ferrari 488)

via mansory.com

The Ferrari 458 was one of the best mid-engined supercars ever made and its successor the 488 is also brilliant in every way. Mansory then decided that what this car needs to be even more perfect is more carbon fiber so they created the 4xx Siracusa. So, they replaced a lot of the 488’s body with newly designed carbon elements. For example, they redesigned the front spoiler and the front air intakes. The front fenders received air outtakes. There are also new side skirts with lips, door extensions, a rear wing with 2 winglets. The 3.9-liter engine in the 488 also received some modifications for the 4xx Siracusa. The motor management system was optimized and the exhaust system was designed specifically for the Siracusa.

The chassis was upgraded by installing four progressively wound lowering springs, which resulted in a center of gravity lower by 20 mm (0.78 inches). The Siracusa 4xx accelerates from nod to 62 mph in 2.9 seconds (around a 1/10th of a second faster than the stock 488). The power output stands at 790 bhp at 8,000 rpm, compared to the basic version’s output of 661 bhp, although it doesn’t make it the most powerful 488, because another German tuner, VOS Performance in 2016 showed the world a 488 GTB with 900 bhp; this is LaFerrari territory, according to Top Gear.

15 BMW X6

via mansory.com

Mansory is currently offering customization programs for four BMW models, 2 7-Series, including the 2017 model, BMW X5 and X6. For the X6, Mansory offers a body kit that complements the coupe-like body of the SUV, by adding side and rear skirts, as well as a new front spoiler with larger air intakes. The kit makes the Mansory X6 look lower, wider, and overall more aggressive. The look is complemented with a carbon bonnet with ventilation channels. The aerodynamics are completed by a rear wing on the roof and a rear spoiler. The suspension is also lowered and has an adaptive height adjustment system that can lower the center of gravity by 40 mm (1.60 inches). Mansory also offers modifications for the X6’s engine, by replacing the exhaust system and the exhaust manifold and tweaking the engine electronics.

The engine’s power is increased to 670 hp (the stock X6 has around 300 hp, while the X6 M has 547 hp), which allows a top speed of 300 kph (186 mph) with a Vmax (speed limiter) override and acceleration from 0 to 62 mph in 4.2 seconds.

Mansory also redesigned the interior of the X6 by improving its level of luxury with decorative stitching on the instrument panel and the seats and redesigning the steering wheel.

14 Bentley Bentayga in the Bleurion Edition

via mansory.com

Bentley Bentayga in the Bleurion Edition is the special upgrade program in addition to Mansory’s “regular” refinement program for the Bentayga. The Bentayga is already probably the most luxurious SUV (until Rolls gets out the Cullinan) and the Mansory upgrades take it to a whole new level. To start with, the Bentayga Bleurion Edition comes with a very noble-looking blue paint scheme that combines very well with grey carbon bonnet, front grille and a new complete apron with air inlets and daytime running LED lights. The Bentayga’s wings were lowered and widened and to reduce lift on the rear axle, Mansory fitted a spoiler on the tailgate and a 2-part roof spoiler. The Mansory’s Bentayga Bleurion also got new 24-inch alloys with narrow spokes (23-inch wheels are also available).

The car also got a new sports silencer and a new engine management that boosts the twin-turbocharged 6.0-liter W12 to 750 hp and the torque to 796 lb-ft (the stock model has 600 bhp and 663 lb-ft). On the inside, the car features the same color scheme as on the outside, with blue leather on almost everything being complemented by carbon elements on the central console and around the side vents.

13 MANSORY Carbonado Apertos (Lamborghini Aventador)

via mansory.com

How do you make a Lamborghini Aventador roadster look even more devilish? By giving it a stealth look, thought the guys at Mansory and that’s how they came up with the Lamborghini Carbonado Apertos. Only three cars of the convertible modified Lamborghini Aventador were available, and they came with a completely rebuild body made from carbon. The new front spoiler received bigger air intakes, the side skirts and larger wheel arches expanded the Aventador’s width by 40 mm (1.60 inches) at the front axle and by 50 mm (1.97 inches) at the rear. At the rear, the Carbonado Apertos has a new diffuser and a rear spoiler that significantly improves the aerodynamics.

Mansory also rebuilt Aventador’s 6.5-liter V12, replacing the pistons, connecting rods, bearings, crankshaft, cranks and the cylinder head and two Mansory turbochargers were added, which together deliver 1250 hp (the stock car has just 700 hp).

In this way, the Carbonado Apertos reaches a top speed of 236 mph and accelerates from 0 to 62 mph in 2.6 seconds. In addition to the Carbonado Apertos, Mansory also built the regular Carbonado and the Carbonado GT (based on the Aventador coupe), but they also offer more common body kits and upgrades for the Lamborghini Aventador.

12 MANSORY Stallone 812 (Ferrari 812 Superfast)

via mansory.com

With the Stallone 812, Mansory once again took the task of refining a Ferrari. After building the first Stallone based on the Ferrari 599 GTB and the second one – on the F12, the Stallone 812 started as a Ferrari 812 Superfast, but then it received a new front spoiler with larger air intakes, while the fenders received air outtakes. The car also got side skirts and a rear apron with diffuser and a large rear wing.

The 6.5-liter V12 was also tweaked, with electronics being modified to improve the power output to 830 hp (from the original 789 hp). It’s interesting that Mansory stuck with optimizing the engine control unit, keeping the engine’s fame as the most powerful naturally-aspirated production car engine ever made, according to autoexpress.co.uk. The engine is complemented with a new sports exhaust system that improves the sound, which is already very awesome. The interior also got more luxurious with a new sports steering wheel (designed specifically for the 812), aluminum pedals, and carbon components on the dash and red leather. The Stallone 812 was unveiled by Mansory at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show.

11 McLaren 12C

via mansory.com

For the McLaren 720S, Mansory took their usual formula of upgrading a sports car: make it wider and use lots of carbon fiber. On the Mansory McLaren 720S (which the company calls the First Edition), carbon is used for the bonnet, the front and rear aprons, the mirror housing and the wings, which make the car wider. The 720s also received a rear wing and a diffuser. In addition to making the McLaren 720S lighter, Mansory also modified the engine management system for the 4.0-liter V8 twin-turbo and replaced the exhaust system, giving it sport catalytic converters and pneumatic flap control.

Following the upgrades, the Mansory McLaren 720S delivers 755 hp at 7,300 rpm and a maximum torque of 575 lb-ft, versus the stock car’s figures of 710 hp and 567 lb-ft, respectively.

The top speed went up to 214 mph from 212 mph. We don’t know the price of the “First Edition” Mansory McLaren 720S, but the previous McLaren, the 12C, modified by Mansory had a price tag of $680,000, according to topcarrating.com, which was almost three times the price of the base 12C. The 720S has a price tag starting at $254,000, according to blog.dupontregistry.com, so you do the math.

10 Porsche 911 / 997 Carrera Turbo

via mansory.com

The Porsche 911 is one of the most popular sports cars out there with a classic design that has been carried through decades. Therefore if you want to stand out with your 911, Mansory offers a customization program for the 911/997 Carrera and Carrera Turbo. Mansory gives the car a small facelift by adding a front apron with a spoiler lip and can replace the bonnet with one made from carbon to reduce weight. On the sides there are new side skirts that, as the company says “calm the air flow between both axles”. At the rear, there’s an apron and four exhausts and a rear wing.

Mansory can also refurbish the interior of the car by replacing the steering wheel, adding carbon components to the interior and fitting it with soft leather with decorative stitching. For the Carrera Turbo version, the exhaust system gets a high-performance manifold and two silencers to improve the sound. The regular Carrera gets a new sports air filter and a new exhaust system that improves the exhaust gas flow, which also boosts the acceleration from not to 62 mph. Both versions also get a throttle control unit for the exhaust system that can be operated by remote control and alter the sound.

9 MANSORY Renovatio (Mercedes-Benz MC Laren SLR 199)

via mansory.com

The Mercedes SLR McLaren is one of the most iconic cars in the last couple of decades and is one of the best examples of a very fruitful collaboration between two great car makers. Even though there were just 2,000 cars built between 2003 and 2010, according to gtspirit.com, far less than the 500-a-year planned by Mercedes, the car forever earned its place in the automotive history. In 2008, Mansory decided to up the game by revamping the SLR McLaren, by launching the RENOVATIO customization program (in Latin, renovatio means renewal or restoration). The Mercedes SLR McLaren RENOVATIO has a new front spoiler, a new rear apron, new side skirts, and new fenders with fins and integrated stainless steel exhaust blinds, all made of carbon, obviously. The bonnet is also redesigned from carbon to shed weight.

The supercharged 5.5-liter V8 from the SLR got some upgrades, such as a modified fuel injection system, a new pulley, a sport catalyzer and a new sport manifold. In this way, the RENOVATIO develops 690 hp, versus the serial car’s 626 and torque went up to 649 lb-ft from 575 lb-ft.

It develops a top speed of 211 mph and accelerates from 0 to 60 in 3.1 seconds, which is two tenths faster than the production car.

8 Mercedes S Class Coupé AMG S63 Black Edition

via mansory.com

Yes, this is another Mercedes and it’s not the last one, because Mansory seems to offer the most customization programs for their Stuttgart-based neighbors, according to their website. To make the customization program for the Mercedes S Class Coupe AMG S63 more unique, Mansory only released six cars under the Black Edition model, but they also have limited Diamond Edition, a one-off Platinum Edition, as well as a regular program for the S63 Coupe and Convertible.

For the limited Black Edition and Diamond Edition S63 AMG, Mansory reworked the front of the car, giving it more air control blades, wider fenders that expand the car’s width by 50 mm (1.97 inches), and a new lightweight bonnet. On the side, there are new skirts and the rear fenders got integrated spacers, while the rear was also modified to include larger air control blades. The eight-cylinder bi-turbo on the S63 AMG also received some modifications, such as new connecting rods, big end bearings, crankshaft, bearing bushings, turbocharger and other stuff that help the engine develop 1,000 hp for both Black and Diamond Editions. In this way the cars go from 0 to 62 mph in 3.2 seconds and the top speed is electronically limited at 300 kph (186 mph).

7 MANSORY Torofeo (Lamborghini Huracan)

via mansory.com

We have mentioned above the Mansory Carbonado and Carbonado Apertos based on the Lamborghini Aventador and now it’s time to take a look at what the guys that love carbon more than any other element on the periodic table have done to the Huracan. The interesting thing to point out is that a lot of supercars out there already use a lot of carbon fiber, but Mansory thinks there’s always room for more and that’s what they’ve done here. They’ve modified the front by adding larger air intakes, new side skirts and mirror housings. In this way, the car became wider and both the aerodynamics and the flow of air to the engine and the brakes have improved.

The Huracan’s 5.2-liter V10 has also been rebuilt, getting new pistons, connecting rods, a water-cooled intercooler, and a new fuel system. Moreover, Mansory has added two new turbochargers.

Overall, the power output has been boosted to 1250 hp, which is more than double compared to the stock car’s 610 hp, while the maximum torque has had to be electronically limited to 737 lb-ft. In this way, the car gets from 0 to 62 mph in just 2.7 seconds and has a top speed of 211 mph.

6 MANSORY Chopster (Porsche Cayenne)

via mansory.com

In addition to offering customizations and modifications for the Porsche Cayenne, Mansory also has a limited program called Chopster, which takes the Cayenne, coats it in carbon, and lowers and widens it. The Mansory Chopster Porsche Cayenne is 80 mm (3.15 inches) wider due to new front and rear apron, new doors and wings. The roof line is 60 mm (2.36 inches) lower than on a serial car for a sportier look. New air inlets at the front provide more air to the engine and there also are four additional headlights and lights under the side skirts.

Under the bonnet, the V8 engine gets larger turbo loaders and a reworked engine management system and the engine is connected to a new sport exhaust system, which comes with a racing header and four-pipe baffler that can regulate the sound through integrated valve control and allows the driver to choose what sort of sound they want from their car. In this way, the engine develops 710 bhp (the Cayenne Turbo S with a V8 twin-turbo develops 560 bhp) and has a top speed of 302 kph (188 mph). Inside, the Porsche Cayenne Chopster also gets a makeover with high-quality leather and accessories that are fitting for an SUV, such as a DVD Player and a mini-fridge.

5 GT Race (Bentley Continental GT)

via mansory.com

To underline the “racing pedigree” of the Bentley Continental GT, Mansory released the Bentley Continental GT Race, which comes with green elements both on the body and the interior, to highlight the car’s British heritage (the international motor racing color of the UK is a special tone of green, also known as the British Racing Green). The car gets a new bonnet, a new boot from carbon fiber, a racing rear wing, front apron with large air inlets and a new rear apron with a diffuser. The interior is refined with handcrafted leather, Alcantara and green carbon fiber as well as carbon seats and a new speedometer.

Mansory engineers also upgraded the engine by replacing the pistons, connecting rods, the turbocharger, the camshaft and the intercooler. They also installed a new engine and transmission management system and completed everything with a new sport air filter and a new high-performance exhaust system.

Following performance upgrades, the Mansory Bentley Continental GT Race develops 1,001 hp and top torque of 885 lb-ft (the series 6.0-liter W12 engine develops 567 bhp and has 516 lb-ft).

In this way, the upgraded Continental goes from standstill to 62 mph in 3.9 seconds and has a top speed of 205 mph.

4 MANSORY Gronos 6x6 (Mercedes-Benz AMG 6x6)

via mansory.com

The Mercedes G-Wagen is probably one of the most interesting cars on the market. It has a classic and boxy style that is associated with sturdiness and durability due to its roots back to it being a military vehicle (which eventually became one of the longest-produced Mercedes models in the company’s history) and yet it offers an exquisite level of luxury and comfort. The Mercedes G63 AMG 6x6, released a couple of years ago, upped the G-Wagen on both off-road capabilities and luxury.

Mansory quickly caught up and in addition to a range of 4x4 G-Wagen refinement programs, including the Gronos, launched the Gronos 6x6. The Gronos 6x6 G63 AMG comes with a carbon body kit that improves the all-terrain look of the car, adds new air inlets in the new carbon bonnet and a redesigned rear skirt. The twin-turbo V8 in the G63 AMG also went through a series of modifications, including new pistons, connecting rods, crank, crankshaft, big end bearings, and cylinder heads. In this way, the power output on the Mansory Gronos 6x6 was boosted to 829 hp from the serial car’s 537 hp and the torque was electronically limited to 737 lb-ft.

3 Rolls-Royce Ghost II

via mansory.com

Rolls Royce developed its cars with an ambition to achieve the ultimate level of luxury and performance. Then Mansory came and said “hold my beer” and they made Rolls Royces even more outrageously luxurious (and fast). One of their refinement programs is for the Rolls-Royce Ghost II, a car that the “What Car?” magazine has recently named as the best super-luxury car in the world among cars over 100,000 GBP, according to a press release on Rolls Royce Motor Cars’ website. For the Ghost II, Mansory redeveloped the front aprons and fitted larger air intakes, widened the wings and added side skirts and replaced the rear apron with a new one with an integrated diffuser. The Ghost II’s engine also received an upgrade in the form of an additional engine control unit for optimizing performance and a new exhaust system.

The engine develops 652 hp (versus the original 570 hp) and the maximum torque was boosted to 774 lb-ft from 553 lb-ft.

This allows the Mansory-modified Ghost II get from 0 to 62 mph in 4.3 seconds and the top speed is electronically limited to 280 kph (174 mph).

2 MANSORY Cyrus DB11 (Aston Martin DB11)

via mansory.com

The Aston Martin DB11 is one of the most beautiful cars in the world, as well as one of the most powerful, following brilliantly in the footsteps of its predecessor the DB9. After upgrading the DB9 and turning it into the car they call “Cyrus”, Mansory did the same thing with the DB11 and they kept the name, probably because they like it. The Aston Martin DB11 Cyrus obviously got an aerodynamics upgrade with a redesigned front apron with larger air intakes, which both reduce lift on the front axle and provide more air to the engine. The side skirts make the DB11 look lower and wider and the rear apron with a diffuser improve the air flow under the car and is complemented by a new rear wing (carbon-made).

The twin-turbo V12 under Aston Martin’s bonnet was reworked to give it 100 more hp and 110 lb-ft more of torque. The 5.2-liter engine in the DB11 Cyrus develops 700 hp and has a maximum torque of 626 lb-ft, which allows it go from 0 to 62 mph in 3.6 seconds (two tenths faster than the serial model) and reach a top speed of 205 mph (vs the serial’s 200 mph figure).

1 MANSORY Bugatti Vivere Diamond Edition

via mansory.com

The Mansory Bugatti Vivere Diamond Edition is a one-off refined Bugatti Veyron that Mansory showed off at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show. The car’s full name is Mansory Bugatti Vivere Diamond Edition by Moti and its looks are a bit controversial. Yes, it’s a Veyron, one of the most exclusive and legendary cars in the world that costs a lot of money and Mansory further modified it, which definitely increases its value significantly. However, its color scheme looks like a mix between urban camo and a car that was very much hated by a bunch of pigeons.

Mansory actually used a special carbon fabric for this car, called Marble Collage. The front got a new apron with the Mansory-traditional “V” (for Vivere) and a shortened bonnet.

There also are new side skirts and larger air outlets on the sides and at the back to provide better cooling for the engine. On the inside, there are elements covered in the same Marble Collage that combines with a leather that’s so white, it would’ve voted for Trump. In addition, Mansory also redesigned the steering wheel with integrated paddle selectors. What would you rather have, the Mansory Bugatti Vivere Diamond Edition or the also unique Linea D’Oro that we have presented above?

Sources: mansory.com, topgear.com, gtspirit.com

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