25 Of The Sickest Cars That Were Dumped In The Desert

Supercars, hypercars, and exotic cars are a thing of beauty and wonder, as though they're crafted from the very stuff of adolescent boys' dreams. Actually, they're still just a mass of welded metal, rubber tires, glass, leather, and maybe wood, like every car that's made or has ever been made (not quite, some cars seats aren't covered in leather). Even so, people are willing to fork out huge amounts of money for these feats of automotive engineering, their uniquely styled interiors, the aerodynamic lines of the exterior. Kitted out with the latest tech around the steering wheels and the seats, racing car seats emulate a racing experience, coupled with leather and elegant seat functions.

Meanwhile, under the hood is an engine that's a huge advantage to drive and is a pure embodiment of the art of engineering car science, testing the boundaries of how safe a vehicle can be, at the same time, creating a monster engine that can go over 60 miles per hour in a matter of seconds, with enough grip to hug the road and corners. For all of those reasons, as well as the fact of the luxury, status, and reputation of owning such an exclusive vehicle is its own reward (providing one can afford it). Therefore, abandoning such vehicles would be unthinkable because of their price, yet some people do just leave their supercars out in the open wild to rot, such as these 25 people who must have money to burn!

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25 In The Shadows

Via DPCars.com

At least this one seems to have some sort of cover over its decaying form, appearing to be jammed in a shed somewhere, and the image shows that an intensely unforgiving sun beats down on the front of the corroded hood. Around the abandoned motor are some leaves and another dry scrub decomposing alongside this once-proud example of a Nissan GT-R. Instead of hurtling down a lonesome desert road, it's rusting away the years of desertion in a desert home! The rust that has eaten through the once-vibrant silver paint has corroded through to the bare metal of the car, and the deep rust has even extended to the windows. The Asian brand of car, far from racing against desert winds, now looks drier than desert sands!

24 Scribbled Ferrari

Via p1.pstatp.com

Ferraris are almost perfectly formed and totally beautiful Italian slices of automotive brilliance and are most likely to be one of the go-to choices when they're selected as one of the supercars for the wealthy to drive. But everywhere there's a Ferrari, there's money and also the desire to keep improving on the beautiful cars a rich person sees in his social circle. Indulging in a luxury supercar and changing the vehicle of your dreams on a regular basis involves shelling out six-figure sums to get a new motor, only to abandon the old one. And this looks like the situation with this Ferrari whose dusty hood has been scribbled over. Another one bites the dust…

23 Roll to a Halt

Via 1.bp.blogspot.com

There are luxury cars, and then, there are luxury cars. Some have their function for racing away down the highway and hugging corners to mix the art of automotive skills with racing. On the other hand, there are cars that lead the way in being nothing but models of elegance and wealth, cars whose engines aren't only powering some of the greatest cars out there but make engines for airplanes too, such as Rolls-Royce. Rolls-Royce vehicles have been a must-have for the elite for nearly a century now, and their commitment to luxury remains unparalleled. Yet, it must be heartbreaking—or dreadfully wasteful in nature—to leave one of these expertly crafted automobiles dumped in an airport in the manner that that very silver Rolls-Royce has been.

22 Miserable Maserati

Via demotywatory.pl

Sitting alone and amid the frenzied busy back and forth of one of the planet’s busiest airports becomes an ever-increasing mausoleum to the leftover motors of the wealthiest people that frequent the exclusive Middle-Eastern city-state. If someone wanted to go through a range of top-of-the-line cars in this area, it would be like a supercar who’s who—if the dust isn't a total buzz kill that is. This image, in particular, shows a Maserati, another brand of Italian of vehicles that excel in delivering power, performance, and panache! This Maserati is situated out a “Ristorante” but isn't the Italian thing on the menu here; instead, the tasty coupe has been feasted on by people drawing in the dust coating it.

21 Cruel Reminder

Via www.viralforest.com

Some cars are never getting away from this damned Dubai Airport parking lot, and many of their tales are indications of a deeper undercurrent of economic turmoil. Throughout the last decade, the global economy was booming, and so was Dubai; as a result, many foreigners came to the city for work, running up huge credit and spending in kind. However, between the years 2008 and 2009, the global economic crash occurred, and many of those foreigners fled the harsh debt laws of Dubai. Many of the cars are ditched by the runaway debtors, often along with maxed-out credits or notes of apology. This Mercedes just has “here to stay” drawn onto the window, an ironic reminder of how these people won’t be returning to Dubai.

20 Jaguar’s Lost Claws

Via i.ytimg.com

These are a brand of cars that have been famous around the world since the '60s because the seminal Jaguar model, the E-Type, was a car associated with the Cool Britannia vibe embodied by such fictional characters as James Bond, as well as The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Sleek, powerful, and elegant, Jaguar vehicles are the perfect automotive metaphor for their feline namesake. And this Jaguar, in particular—an XJ-220—exemplifies that very idea of a prowling supercar, preying upon asphalt and sharp corners! But no longer! Here's the Jaguar languishing, painfully forgotten, and its once eye-catching shade of deep blue is covered in dust. As jaguars are cats and have nine lives, it seems that all of those lives were used up when the owner left it.

19 Orange Peeled

Via SportsCarsandRacingStuff.com

This particular Jaguar would've been a lovely specimen when it was in its prime. Painted a vibrant orange, it would've looked perfect, drifting casually along the coast of California or the French Riviera. Its shade is one that allows images of a deep summer sunset to spring into people’s minds and one that even today wouldn't look out of place alongside an exclusive marina in St Tropez or Capri, not gathering rust in an isolated point in a sandy and deserted location. A desert spot can be exclusive (Las Vegas, for example), but this just looks like a junkyard that this chic little soft top car has gotten dumped in, so instead of the sun gleaming off the orange bodywork, paint is peeling off instead.

18 Saddam’s Son’s Supercar

Via media.phunutoday.vn

One of the particular cars languishing in miserable decay at Dubai’s International Airport has an interesting story behind it. One red Ferrari sits covered in the dust, and sand that would inevitably build up over something that hasn’t been moved in a desert belongs to the child of a former dictator. The US invaded Iraq in 2003, America seeking to unseat the leader of the Baath Party and President of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, for harboring terrorists and weapons of mass destruction. The Allied Forces led by America succeeded in overthrowing Hussein and his family around him, including his son Uday Hussein. Having faced justice at the hands of his countrymen, it's obvious that Uday will never come back for his car now rusting in Dubai.

17 Forlorn Ferrari

Via 2.bp.blogspot.com

Even though it' is only several tons of metal molded into a cool-looking shape, the effort and artwork that goes into these cars are things of adoration and passion. Of course, no one gets this idea of passion better than the Italians, and their range of cars exhibit that Mediterranean flair in spades. Most notable of their brands is the cornerstone of luxury supercars, Ferrari. A badge of a rearing yellow horse on the hood shows a motor that's barely tamed! This model is a (or should be) shining example of the beauty of the car manufacturing art, a typical-looking racecar that's a poignant reminder of Ferrari excellence. But instead, the careless owner has left this car abandoned.

16 Erm… How?

Via SportsCarsandRacingStuff.blogpost.com

This one might take a little explaining, but only an image exists, so filling in the gaps may be a little bit of a stretch and may take quite a little bit of work, too. It's very hard to get a car off the ground, unless that car is driving fast up a ramp, in an aircraft or even toppling over the edge of a cliff! So, usually, gravity is heavily involved in an object falling down onto something, so how in the hell has this car ended up stuck in the middle of the branches of a tree?! The Ford Falcon was an icon of '60s autos, but this one, in particular, has met a sticky and rather weird end. Either it was involved in an epic car chase, or it was ditched, and a tree grew through it!

15 Racing in a Rut!

Via autoblog.nl

Supercars are used to going fast. It's their reason for living, the reason they drop off, finely polished and gorgeous from a production line that places all of the metal carefully together that eventually forms a drool-worthy car. In this case, the motor in question is a Mazda RX7 coupé, fitted out with two seats and a spoiler and daubed in all of the garish signage expected from a racing car. But what has befallen this particular racing car, however? The Mazda RX7 has literally been ditched, in a ditch! Laying abandoned in a trench somewhere among some other cars in arid surroundings, perhaps someone attempted to drive the gutsy motor out of its predicament, but it ended up even more entrenched in the soil?!

14 Beleaguered BMW

Via www.viralforest.com

The BMW Z3 became a hit sports car once it was released for sale in the mid-'90s. Its style married old and new automotive fashion, adding the style of American muscle cars in the hood married to sleek European curves. Though it wasn't a top-of-line vehicle, its looks carried it further than any other mid-range sports car in its class, a fact that carried it more across to the exclusive markets gave further rise to its popularity. Although the manufacturing of the BMW Z3 ceased in 2002, there are still plenty on the roads all over the world, and some even rusting among the desert roads and sands of Dubai. Left in the large expanse of Dubai's International Airport, it looks more sand than car now!

13 Nowhere Near New York!

Via Filing.pl

This was made at the height of the 1960s, and although it was probably driven by someone in the past, it looks as though it may have been abandoned (okay, so maybe that's a little bit of an exaggeration). But this vehicle isn't alone in its desert graveyard and is surrounded by a gang of other cars, many of which seem to look as though they're of a similar age to the Chrysler New Yorker. However, sharing the name of the Big Apple doesn't mean that this classic motor has wound up on the streets of New York. Instead, it seems miles away from the great city streets and left to rust amid the wilds of nature, now a rotten apple instead of a Big Apple!

12 Hapless Honda

Via www.viralforest.com

A vibrant yellow car is surrounded by the vast wastes of barren yellow sands and is withering poorly under the strictly harsh intensity of a searing hot sun, although the weather isn't the true cause of the languishing of this once powerful and energetic car that appears to have been left just like every other object left lying around it. Funnily enough, all of the nearby buildings that are located in the vicinity appear like they are, too, merely empty husks that are colored the same of yellow as the desert sand or the emptiness of dust. So, such a luscious hue on the brand of Japanese automobile seems to be a more happy-looking imitation of the bleak surroundings, a Honda NSX alone by the road.

11 Ditched DeLorean

Via www.viralforest.com

A DeLorean is somewhat kind of a mixed bag in terms of a supercar. For example, the engine isn't very powerful, and the production time on the cars only lasted a period of seven years, between 1975-1982, before production ceased. It was only after production of DeLoreans had ceased that the vehicle became as famous as a time machine in the cult classic movie trilogy, Back to the Future. Because of its star turn in the films, the motor is now a cult object and is quite fairly sought after for movie/car geeks that want a piece of cinematic and automotive history. There is, though, an abandoned rare red DeLorean in the Dubai Airport covered in the country’s sand, decaying while the rest of Dubai gets richer.

10 Cayman

Via recreoviral.com

Not many cars look as chic and cool as the beautiful Porsche Cayman. Yet another example of the benchmark of a manufacturing bar that's set extremely high by this German carmaker that produces a huge range of vehicles, from city cars, through sedans, SUVs, and sports cars. This model is somewhat of a middle road for the sports car enthusiast, but its design is very curvaceous and sleek, designed in a very aerodynamic, compact shape that looks as good as it drives. But even cars like this aren't immune to the rejection of being left alone amid the masses of other vehicles deserted in Dubai Airport, so its once zippy and gutsy engine has now come to a comprehensively screeching halt!

9 Out of Range, Rover

Via ugc.kn3.net

The British automobile range arose after World War II as all-terrain vehicles that have been a cornerstone of the off-road, with their range of cutting-edge SUVs. The leading model of the British manufacturer is the Range Rover. Not just an efficiently powerful off-roader, the Range Rover is also a highly luxurious vehicle and looks extremely cool in black with blacked-out windows. It may very well be that a Range Rover goes hand in hand with the terrain of Dubai and its surrounding Emirates, especially when it comes to climbing over monster sand dunes. There's something quite tragic then about a luxury SUV brought to a standstill and waiting in a parking lot for an owner who's never going to return.

8 Barracuda Bit the Dust

Via Filing.pl

Cars, just like everything else that we use as tools, are disposable, and one day, they have to be disposed of. Sometimes, cars are ditched merely for practical reasons because they are too old, the engine is too damaged, or there are too many miles on the clock. Other times, pure vanity dictates that an upgrade to a vehicle is constantly needed for many people, always replacing cars every few new car seasons to maintain their street cred. So, when a motor back from the '60s is abandoned, what happens to it? This 1972 Plymouth Barracuda sits rather browned off in the desert, its once powerful muscle-car cred that boasted a monstrous engine up to 7.3 liters, now lies quiet, retired among nature!

7 Dodge the Rust?

Via Filing.pl

A muscle car literally packs a punch. They are the legends of the motoring industry, ready to roar as soon as the key is turned or the start button pushed (as more cars are getting increasingly these days). One of the Grand Princes of the American tradition of the supercar and an eminent benchmark in automotive history is the Dodge. However iconic Dodge cars are, though, time always takes its toll, and even they end up by the wayside after a while. The 1966 Dodge Charger was a beast, with a 5.2-liter V8 engine, but it's likely that that mighty engine is useless and full of rust now, like the rest of the automobile. Someone even added insult to injury by leaving a window open!

6 Lady Penelope’s Abandoned Wheels

Via Filing.pl

In case the good reader doesn't know what Lady Penelope refers to, she was a character in the '60s Gerry Anderson-created puppet kid’s series Thunderbirds. Her car looked pretty similar to this one. The vehicle in question, in reality, though, is a 1962 Chrysler 300, an elegant looking coupé that's painted in a shade of fairly innocent and girly-looking pink, but don’t let that undermine the true guts that this car had under its hood! The Chrysler 300 had a powerful 5.4-liter V8 engine that really makes an awesome amount of speed and strength. Even though the car is abandoned, it's managed to hold on to its shade of pale pink. Maybe it's the tanker alongside it?

5 Stranger in the Flock?

Via SportsCarsandRacingStuff.blogspot.com

Nothing is stranger than seeing an object sitting out of place in an obviously bizarre place that it doesn't belong in, and sometimes, the location of an abandoned object is so strange that it even mystifies non-human brains that wouldn't otherwise think of regarding the object in the first place! For one thing, how does a luxury car end up marooned in a spot that looks very much like some farmland? Even the sheep nearby seem puzzled as they gather around it and sniff nervously at the front grate because something naturally tells even these animals that a Lamborghini shouldn't be dropped in the middle of wildlife and left to gather sandy dust! It's a very strange mystery to man and beast!

4 Camouflage Crash?

Via thehumangallerynyc.files.wordpress.com

Although this car hasn't been deserted in the desert, its hapless situation is worthy of an honorable mention anyway because this crash looks more like it's an intentional placement in the undergrowth as opposed to an accidental crash. The motor in question appears to resemble an old car from the '60s and has appeared to fall into a ditch. What has made the scene weirder and as though it was perfectly set up is the car’s color. The vehicle is a shade of green, and what's more, the shade of green fits ideally with all of the greenery around it. It almost looks like some weird art installation for an outsider artist’s recent project, a very uniform scene that has gone green.

3 Poor Porsche!

Via SportsCarsandRacingStuff.blogspot.com

Porsche cars are legendary in their own right! They're the perfect example of how brilliant Germans are when it comes to making cars. Car manufacturing just seems to be ingrained in the German DNA! After building sports cars, supercars, and elegant, speedy coupes for decades, now, they've branched out into the sedan and SUV market, too, their brand of specialist luxury covering all bases and all wishes. Seeing a Porsche like this is almost criminal and sacrilegious, left alone underneath the sky, out among the barren sands being left to rot. It's been left out in the open and is now more rust than metal, meaning all of that beautiful effort poured into this Porsche has now rusted completely away!

2 Parked in the Desert

Via SportsCarsandRacingStuff.com

There are plenty of open roads out there, especially in America, where many states are given over to the wilds of nature, or the huge open expanses of desert under a lonely sky. So when someone owns a car and wishes to test that very car’s mettle out on the open road, the wide spaces of a desert road with the sparse, barren plains and the broad cloudless sky above, becomes very tempting. Of course, putting the foot right down on the pedal can be a tad naive, even if riding along a vast stretch of empty highway. Would it then, however, be probable that every now and then, sometimes a supercar driver will fly off the road and end up irreparably jammed in the sand?

1 Picked Apart Porsche

Via SportsCarsandRacingStuff.com

Time isn't a good friend to things, to our surroundings, our people, and our objects that we possess. Over time, the favorite item of someone’s clothing’s thread will soon unravel and fall to pieces. The furniture will sooner or later break; we get older, and our muscle soon sags down, resulting in (when it comes to things that we use) a need to replace those objects and belongings. However, when there's a car that needs replacing, it's rather a large piece of hardware to dispose of, and when they're luxury cars. it becomes even harder; many may go on resale. For this Porsche, though, it's been left to rust out in the ferocious wild, with several pieces missing, as though they're picked apart by vultures.

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