25 Of The Sickest Customized Golf Carts

A golf cart is a small automobile that was originally designed to carry golf accessories and golfers around the course. The idea was born because it would be tedious for golfers to be walking around instead focusing their energy on the sport. Ever since they were introduced, golf carts have come in a wide variety of choices, and they're not limited to the golf course alone. There's a big DIY community that's emerged because of the convenience and affordability of the golf cart. The price range is anywhere from $1000 to up to $30,000, depending on a number of factors.

The first golf carts to be used ran on electricity. The electric variants are still being used today because they're more environmentally friendly and are cheap to operate and maintain. Golf carts are also popular with young teens because 13 is the minimum age to drive them in most States. Mayweather bought his son a customized Bentley golf cart as a birthday present because he wasn't old enough to drive a real vehicle.

There's an active golf cart community with over 70,000 members. There are places like Belize where the gold cart is the most popular form of transportation, given the high number of tourists that visit the island. There have been a high number of golf cart-related accidents over the years.

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25 Classic Ford Truck Golf Cart


This golf cart is the miniature version of the Ford F series, which is known to be very reliable and can last a long time if it's well taken care of. The work bed is just enough to store some essential tools or luggage, and the chrome finishing makes for a good aesthetic look. This golf cart can easily take you around the neighborhood, and you can even use it to go to the grocery store. It can comfortably accommodate two people. They could've at least included a roof over it. The roofless design means it can only be used during the summer, and you don't want to be on the road when it rains.

24 Mater Golf Cart


This one has been inspired by Pixar's Mater character. The owner, Jerry Patrick, said he founded the golf cart customization enterprise over 10 years ago when he couldn't find anyone who could do a custom paint job on his car. He now has a whole team that makes replicas of TV and movie cars. This golf cart is more than an accurate representation of the animation character. There's a conspicuous grin that's seen throughout the course of the animation movie. The car is bound to make people smile on the road. The owner was selling the car at $8,000, and I'm sure he must've gotten a buyer since there's a whole community out there interested in such a movie.

23 Fire-Engine Golf Cart


This one has been inspired by an actual fire-engine vehicle and still manages to look good despite its size. The truck is fully equipped with all the necessary equipment you would expect to find it a firefighting car. There are ladders on both sides, although very small. There are also emergency lights in the front. It's easy to mistake this golf cart for an actual fire-engine truck. The only things missing are the fire extinguishers. It would've been nice if the owner had included them in the back of the truck. You just never know when such a truck could come in handy, especially in the hood where it takes a couple of minutes for emergency services to respond.

22 Rat-Rod Golf Cart


The design of this golf cart is something straight out of a Mad Max movie. There's a community that's obsessed with the rat-rod customization, and they even hold yearly events for the same. The competition is always on performance, and there are some that pack a punch under the hood. This one, in particular, has a rugged and bare construction. You can see all the engineering at work when you're driving. It also looks like it was designed for hostile terrains. The other half of the golf cart is a contrasting image compared to what you see on the front. It was the owner's way of combining beauty and a beast to produce this work of fine art.

21 Big-Rig Golf Cart


The owner of this customized golf cart must be a trucker who's been on the road for years and can't manage to do so currently for one unfortunate reason or the other. He then decided to create a miniature version of what was his favorite truck when he was still able to hit the road. There are a couple of such customizations in the market, but I'm sure you won't find something unique with all the intimidating colors and the imposing exterior. The guy is also an avid golfer and wanted to create something that's appealing aesthetically and also practical at the same time. I know he must've been tempted to include doors, but it wouldn't have been a golf cart anymore.

20 Studebaker V8 Golf Cart


This is one of the most powerful golf carts in the world. You know it's more than love for the golf carts when the owner decides to include a V8 engine in such a tiny automobile. There's no way on Earth the humongous engine could've fit under the hood, and that's why the creators had to leave it exposed. This presents the challenge of visibility. On one hand, you have this monster of an engine that can spruce up your speed, and on the other hand, you can't really see where you're going, so you're forced to drive slowly. The guys who came up with this needs a solution on how he can go about the challenge. Otherwise, the vehicle will just be like a tourist attraction with very limited functionalities.

19 Dodge Viper Golf Cart


I'm pretty sure that a lot of Dodge Viper owners and enthusiasts would like to own this golf cart just for the fun of it. It looks good and probably feels better when it comes to the handling. It's definitely cheaper than the original vehicle, which gives an opportunity to those people who might've thought of owning it. The paint job on this particular Dodge Viper golf cart is spot on, and the wheels make it look like a real vehicle. The sporty cues make it feel like you're driving the real Viper, and the seats don't look like something you'd find in a normal golf cart. I'm sure the owner must've tweaked the performance to make it go a little bit faster than the average golf cart. The car might not be practical if you intend to drive it on the golf course.

18 Mystery Machine Golf Cart


The paintwork on this golf cart is absolutely incredible. It matches with the theme of the vehicle, which I'm sure a lot of Scooby Doo fans will find appealing. The golf-cart truck looks like it can accommodate a couple of people, given the space at the back. It's perfect for the adventures of adults who've simply refused to grow up.

You can use it to go paintballing with your family and friends. The colors used are just perfect. The owner must be getting a lot of attention when on the road. There's nothing spectacular about the front of the golf cart, but it does blend in with the overall design.

17 '53 Chevy Golf Cart


Anybody who enjoys classics will find this Chevy Golf cart appealing. Chevy trucks are known for their longevity, and the designs from the golden age are still cherished up to this day. Golf-cart customizations allow you to experiment with designs that wouldn't be possible with a normal car.

The guys who designed this ’53 Chevy Golf Cart did a brilliant job. The sleek front mold gives it a classic look without being too conspicuous. There was a big departure in terms of the design for the Chevy truck in 1953. This golf cart tries to embody that philosophy with the bull-nose front grille. Other changes included the one-piece windshield glass, which I honestly feel should've been included in this design.

16 Tow-Truck Golf Cart


It'd be hard to believe that this bad boy only cost $4,000 to build. It looks like a real towing truck, and one can easily mistake it for one when it's on the road. One thing for sure is that it can tow other golf carts. It was built in the course of 8 months and has been nicknamed "FrankCart."

Under the hood, you get a 26-horsepower Honda engine, which is used in lawnmowers. The metallic body consummates the design of the golf cart, and you can be sure you'll be seeing something like that on the road for a very long time. The price could be around $10,000, given the time that went into building it.

15 Camaro Golf Cart


The only thing that I'd say is cooler than the Chevy Camaro is a Camaro golf cart. The paintwork on the golf cart is an exact copy of the original Chevy Camaro. The golf cart has been officially licensed by Chevy. There's an electric version of the golf cart that has a top speed of 19.5 mph, which is decent for such an automobile.

The design might not be spot on because the bonnet of the original Camaro is streamlined. The creators could do a better job of improving on that aspect. They could've also improved on the exterior cues significantly if they had added fog lights to the cart. Overall, it doesn't look that bad, and Chevy fans would still find it interesting.

14 '57 Chevy Golf Cart


It seems there's a whole Chevy community dedicated to customizing golf carts. There's a Chevy golf cart for almost every important model year and some which we might not be aware actually existent.

The ’57 Chevy Golf Cart, just like the ’53, looks good when it comes to the exterior design. The creators wanted it to resemble the original Chevy. Interested buyers have the option of choosing from 3 colors, which are surf, yellow, and larkspur. This is one of the few golf carts you can drive at night because it includes tail lights, turn signals, and headlights. It also comes with a music player with a CD player, AM/FM included. The ’57 Chevy Golf Cart has a top speed of 35 mph.

13 Classic-Car Golf Cart


This has to be my favorite golf cart as far as design is concerned. This is a car you'd want to be driving every day in your neighborhood, let alone the golf course. The white color might be off-putting for some people, but it's something you can overlook given the brilliance of the design.

The car would've killed it with a black color and a curved roof! The chrome wheels have contributed to the overall look of the golf cart. The design must be for a car in the '40s when convertibles were starting to take over the market. The front grille is narrow, which makes for a unique and beautiful curvature. There's no harm in taking luxury to the golf course.

12 Military Jeep Golf Cart


Military vehicles have always been a marvel to civilians. Their rugged look and performance make them have an edge over normal vehicles. This is the same reason why some people would want to create a golf cart with military characteristics.

This one looks more like a Jeep, given the fact that a lot of them are used by militaries around the world. The inspiration for this particular golf cart must've been drawn from the Willys army Jeep, which was popularly used in World War I. The thing with golf-cart customizations is you're not limited with what you can create. This Jeep golf cart has a top speed of 23 mph, which is decent, as the Willys Jeep could manage twice the speed.

11 Monster Truck Golf Cart


You can never underestimate the levels of human creativity and ingenuity. This monster-truck golf cart is the perfect example of engineering at its finest. I'm assuming the owner has to be a tall guy because it can be a big challenge trying to get into the driver's seat. It might come in handy in the golf course because you see can everything from a vantage point. You can decide to take this monster off-road just to have a feel for how it can perform. The suspension looks strong enough to handle anything thrown at it. This is a golf cart you'd want to be using on a daily basis, as it looks dangerous, and it might take a lot of time climbing into, which wouldn't be ideal in a golf-course situation.

10 Yamaha Rat-Rod Golf Cart


This is yet another Rat Rod on the list, and this time, it comes from Yamaha. The design looks like it was engineered for racing, but the positioning of the engine might be a big impediment. It has a custom Yamaha powertrain, which makes a perfect golf cart for drag racing.

Not a lot of people would recognize it's a golf cart. The engine positioning might also interfere with visibility if a short person is behind the wheel. I'm not also sure how it can manage a golf course given the poor ground clearance. It looks good, but the functionality might not be the best when it comes to a golf course, even with the big tires.

9 Mini Lee Golf Cart


The Mini Lee Golf Cart is a good-looking golf cart with a well-thought design. It looks like a racing car from the '70s, and the tires have also contributed to the sporty nature. The inclusion of the Confederate flag and the number could be seen as a tribute to the legendary General Lee racecar, which participated in the Dukes of Hazzard.

The creators did an excellent job in trying to create a golf cart that looked like the original. The grille is a trademark of the popular 1969 Chrysler. The designers could've included a roof to complete the vehicle. This a golf cart that anyone would be interested to buy, provided that the price is right.

8 Winnebago Golf Cart


This is one of the golf carts you could say looks better than the original vehicle when it comes to the design. There's a lot you could improve on when you look at the exterior of the recreational vehicle. It seems that the designers were more focused on the inside than how it looked from the outside.

They've included all-terrain tires to make it look more interesting. The grille is more beautifully designed compared to the RV. There's more than enough space for golf clubs, and you can even put an ice-cream machine back there in case it gets too hot on the golf course. You can use also use it for light transportation in your neighborhood.

7 Hydra Gator Amphibious Golf Cart


This has to be the most expensive golf cart on the list at $60,000. The name is enough to tell you the capabilities of the golf cart. There's nothing as bad for a player as losing a golf ball in the water. This amphibious golf cart will get you to places where no normal one dares to reach.

It has a diesel-electric engine with twin marine motors, which are enough to make it go at 7 mph on water. It has a 4-wheel-drive system for land driving, which you can't get in the majority of the golf carts. There are so many situations where this golf cart might be more practical than normal cars, but the price tag is bound to keep a lot of people away.

6 UPS Golf Cart


It's always good for a company to be versatile, especially when faced with insurmountable challenges. This is exactly what this company did. Instead of unnecessary vehicles to do deliveries, they significantly cut the costs by modifying golf carts. It might not be the ideal situation for some people, but it does make practical sense if you deal with deliveries, and every estate can have one of the golf carts. They've even designated parking spots, which shows how they're essential to the company. The design is still good despite the golf carts being created with the primary purpose of delivery. They're not far off from the original especially when it comes to the presentation.

5 '55 Ford Fairlane Golf Cart


The Ford Fairlane first hit the market in 1955, which was a symbolic year for the car manufacturer. This rare vehicle came in 16 different colors when it launched, and we can say that the golf cart is a fair representation of the rich history of the ’55 Ford Fairlane. The golf cart would've been a little bigger so as to give it a more realistic look.

The parts have been resized perfectly, as the original Ford had so many curves, and it would need mastery to get it right with the exterior design. The original steering wheel makes it look authentic, but it could also use a roof. There are still a couple of customizations that could be added to make it look better.

4 Bob Hope Golf Cart


Bob Hope was one of the funniest comedians to have ever lived. The golf cart was created by George Barris, who passed away in 2015 and was a well-known figure in the golfing community. He was seen as the pioneer of the alternative golf cart, and there wouldn't have been such amazing custom modifications if it weren't for him. The Bob Hop Golf cart is what immortalized his name in the hall of fame. The luxury cart had everything you'd need from a TV to a radio console. The long, pointed nose was for comical relief and was something that would make anyone on the road laugh. The Bob Hope Golf Cart was sold at auction in 2013, the proceeds going to charity.

3 Hummer Golf Cart


The original Hummer truck might've been a failure, but you can't say the same for the golf cart. Not a lot of was expected from it, but the exterior design had to be spot on. There are several Hummer golf carts in the market for sale, depending on the model.

There are Hummer golf carts that can fit 4 people, which make them ideal for family fun day. Hummer drivers are notorious for attracting tickets, but you won't have to worry about that since you'll be driving it mainly on the golf course. You can also drive it in your neighborhood with the kids in the back. It's a fun to own such a golf cart because of the seating capacity.

2 '56 Ford Golf Cart


The ’56 Ford Golf Cart rocks distinctive features that make it resemble the original vehicle. The wrap-around shield is something that was unique with the 56 model and has been incorporated into this golf cart. We have to give credit to the guys who created this golf cart because they've given it a unique design compared to the original. The inlaid cherry wood design has been consistent, even with this golf cart. The shining 17-inch wheels make it look like a real car. The leather seats make for a comfortable ride, and there's no better color that could've been used for the exterior. Just like most golf carts on the list, the only thing lacking is a roof.

1 Dark Knight Cart


This golf cart was definitely inspired by the movie Dark Knight and could be one of Batman's automobiles. The golf cart is currently on sale for $17,500, which might be on the higher side but not to Batman fans. What makes it unique from the other golf carts on the list is that it has 6 wheels, and you can enclose it completely should you wish to. The design has to be realistic if you want to sell it to a Batman fan. They know they'll need protection from golf balls flying around. It has a top speed of 38 mph and is powered by a 6 hp battery-powered motor. You may not be the savior of Gotham, but you're still a hero who saves the environment.

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