25 Of The Worst Custom Paint Jobs On Cars

A car should be an extension of your personality. What makes a vehicle truly yours is the customization you incorporate. Otherwise, it'll look like just any other model on the road. The customization culture is as old as the history of the automobile itself. Most of the cars have been designed for the masses and the whole process is automated. This means that your car will look exactly like millions of others on the road. Customization is about standing out, and there are endless possibilities when it comes to it.

The first place you would want to start is the interior. Most cars, even the modern ones, come with a poor quality audio system. You can elevate the sound quality in your vehicle for under $300. The other customization that's popular has to do with performance, but it can be a little expensive. The exterior is where a lot of the modifications happen. You can upgrade the wheels, add a spoiler, and even add a bumper grille. The other option is to do a custom paint job. This isn't encouraged if you're buying a brand new vehicle. A second-hand car is perfect for exploring your creativity when it comes to custom paint jobs. There are people who've done an amazing job when it comes to custom paints, and there are those who've been a disgrace to the automobile fraternity. Here are the 25 worst custom paint fails ever.

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25 Go Color Your Notebook


This is just downright unfortunate. A kid with crayons could've done a better job. The person could still be harboring ambitions of being an artist despite the repeated failures throughout his adulthood. Children should be allowed to be creative so that we don' see things like this happening to cars in the future. I wonder if the owner has kids who actually look up to him. This isn't the kind of car you'd want your parents dropping you off at school with. You're likely to be the laughing stock of your school for the remainder of your time there. Anything that can produce color should be hidden from the owner of this car because this diabolical madness isn't likely to end anytime soon.

24 Let's Start A Band


These are probably some 16-year-olds who think they're the best thing to happen since sliced bread. They'll look back in 10 years and wonder how stupid they were. The band is definitely not going to last, but the damage has already been done to the vehicle. How do you explain such a paint job to your girlfriend? Unless she's in with the madness, she'll likely dump you because of such a serious crime. The choice of color is also outrageous, and the arrows seem to be pointing to the biggest lunatic who's probably the bandleader and owner of the car. There's a creative spin to it, but it would've been better utilized somewhere else and not on the bonnet of a car.

23 I Am On Fire


This car deserves to be set ablaze, given the paint job it's had to endure. The owner probably thinks it's cool and must've been inspired by the movie Ghost Rider. There are so many things wrong with the paintwork. The first mistake in the custom paint job is on the passenger side. This says a lot about the driver. You don't want to be in the passenger seat of this truck when you're stuck in traffic. People will think it was your idea all along and that the driver was coerced into agreeing. This could also be the idea of the missus who's always raging and doesn't want people to be messing around with her. Whoever idea it was, the best thing would be to actually set the car on fire.

22 Cheetah Camouflage


I'm lost for words trying to describe this despicable paint job. As if the green scale paint job isn't enough, the owner had to include the poor cheetah. This is just sad because it looks like a good vehicle that shouldn't have to go through such torture. The tires have also not been spared with modifications with what appears to stems coming out of them. How does this car even manage to be driven without being stopped? The only place it can camouflage itself is the Congo forest, but the cheetah will probably not make it possible. We just hope this was a phase for the owner and that he'll return to his right senses and do the right thing. That'll involve removing the eyesore from an otherwise beautiful vehicle.

21 The Bugatti Veyron. Why?


How could someone do this to the fastest vehicle on the entire planet? It doesn't make any sense to spend $1.7 million on a car only to do such a cruel thing to it. Bugatti should start vetting potential owners so that we don't see such painful things like this. The owner is probably some spoilt brat with a billionaire father who would do anything for her. We understand the love part, but what's dumbfounding is how she was left to make such a decision alone. There are 3-year-olds with better creative minds than this. The paint job isn't even something you'd put on your wall.

20 Mine Alone


There are some paint jobs you do when you're sure you're going to be the last owner of the vehicle, and this is a perfect example. No one in his right frame of mind would want to buy this vehicle unless he's crazy like the owner. Should the owner decide to sell it, the paint job would have to be gotten rid of. The Mini Cooper must be crying deep inside and wondering why it has to be the car out of millions to be going through such torture. The owner might be an animal activist. Judging by this paint job, though, he's just as cruel as the guys on the other side of the fence.

19 Failed Tattoo Artist


This must be a failed tattoo artist who's taking out his frustrations on the poor car. What did it do to you to deserve such mistreatment? The colors are in black and white and have no meaning whatsoever. This could be the reason why your career as a tattoo artist failed to take off. You need to be creative with the drawing if you're going to be successful in any craft. Try it out first with crayons, and leave cars alone because they haven't done anything to deserve the humiliation you're putting them through. The only positive thing about the custom paint job is that the badge still managed to stand out despite everything. The owner must've noticed that.

18 Wallpaper Is Custom Paint


These are definitely the remains of an interior design work, and the lady didn't want it to go to waste. These are the kinds of aunts who'll insist on you carrying the extra food during Thanksgiving even when you're well stocked up to winter. She could've at least spared the vehicle. I don't know what to feel about it besides melancholy. The Lexus is a brand associated with luxury, which cannot be said for this one. The car was better off without the custom paint job. At least the bumper has been spared, which is both a relief and a burden at the same time because of the mismatch. We hope that this was just a weekend experiment and that the thing will be off by the start of the new week.

17 Jeep Involved


I'm pretty sure some kids were involved in this custom paint job. Otherwise, the owner wouldn't have been so creative with such consistency. While the paint job doesn't look that bad, it's not something you'd want to see in a vehicle, let alone a Jeep. You can know it's the work of kid by just looking at the consistency of the patterns. If it's an adult who did the work, then he still has a lot of growing up to do. You can see tree stems trying to pop out. These people are probably environmental conservationists who think it's right to plant trees on a Jeep, too. The gesture is commendable, but it wasn't appropriate doing it the car the way they did on the poor Jeep.

16 Whose Aunty Is This?


Any car enthusiast is likely to be offended by this picture. The Mercedes-Benz badge is all about pride and comfort, and this picture tells a different story. How can someone add some funny wallpaper on such a beautiful car? This has to be a lady, and shame on him if he's a man. How do you drive with your windows rolled down when you have such a pathetic paint job on your car? I wouldn't even step into the car if it belonged to my wife or a best friend. There are reasons to why humans do the things they do. There's no reason that could justify what happened to this Mercedes-Benz. The owner's driver's license should be revoked immediately.

15 Fly Away


The owner of the car should fly away like the swans and never touch the vehicle again. We get that you're in love with ballet, but you didn't have to shove it in our faces with a custom paint job that was meant for your bedroom wall. It looks forced on the side of the car, and the swans just want to fly away from the embarrassment that you've subjected them to. I reckon guys stare at you on the streets, not because of your ingenuity but because of the utter lack of creativity on your part. Any other person can do that, and they don't need a vehicle as a canvass. This car should just be driven in a neighborhood where people are used to your madness.

14 Even SpongeBob Retired


Even SpongeBob retired, and we can't help but wonder why this owner refused to grow old. The owner is probably going through a midlife crisis and has had a crush on SpongeBob for as long as he can remember. I bet there's been a situation where the wife told him to choose between her and Mr. Sponge, but he chose to go with the latter. He's now miserable, and the only thing that can console him is SpongeBob pillows and the look of his car in the morning greeting him with a big smile. Maybe we don't get him, and only diehard SpongeBob fans can relate. I can't imagine how he felt when the show was discontinued.

13 I Wasn't Part of This


The guy was caught unaware and was sure the picture wouldn't make rounds on the interwebs. It's only fun and games until people know you're the moron behind the ugly paintwork. The guy's probably been denying he's the owner of the car ever since the pictures leaked on the internet. The custom paint would've been acceptable for an old granny who has no remorse when it comes to styling. The paint job is only something you'd find on the walls of some downtown tattoo parlor with a certain Dimitri as the owner. The guy should just rip off the pain from this car and never try to do a custom paint job on any vehicle.

12 Bullet Holes or What


This is another car that I can't really bring my head to figure out what the owner had in mind when he was doing the paint job. The only thing that I've deciphered is the artistic representation of bullet holes. They could be other holes that the owner's trying to fill. I always thought being void brings the best out of an artist. The only thing it brought out of this individual is a bad paint job that shouldn't have gone past the drawing book. One would argue that there's an aesthetic side to it, but it's hard to see it even if you appreciate art in all its glory.

11 Catmobile


If this custom paint job were to have a title, it would be "The Ruins of a Great SUV." This is probably the work of a woman who's obsessed with felines and is willing to show it to the world even if it comes at the expense of ruining a great SUV. The car is probably a BMW X5, which is rather unfortunate, given its pedigree. I'm very sure the exterior design has been extended to the interior of the vehicle. The owner probably has matching clothes and shoes, and you'll find the same wallpaper in her bedroom and bathroom. Such obsession is borderline psycho, and it's sad that the beautiful BMW X5 had to be part of it.

10 Why?


"Why?" is simply the only question I can ask. You have a vintage car of such beauty and with such an imposing exterior, yet the owner chooses to do the despicable. I'm pretty sure there are people who would be willing to buy the car from this selfish owner just to get rid of the paintwork. The car is a rare work of art and would probably set you back at least 20 grand just looking at it. The owner probably inherited it from his granddad and has no appreciation of fine classics and the automobile in general. I bleed inside when I see pictures like this involving cars and crazy people. Why did he have to do it on this specific car?

9 King of the Grass


There's no way this lion is king of the jungle on that bonnet. Which lion roars with grass in the foreground and still demands respect in the jungle? The owner has committed two serious offenses. The first one is the ugly paint job, and the second is trying to show that the lion eats grass. It's not humanly possible to be that daft. It's not just possible. A petition should be started to compel the owner of the vehicle to remove the custom paint job from his bonnet. It doesn't augur well with the car fraternity, and even the lions would disagree if they could talk and express their opinions.

8 What's Not Happening


There's a lot going on with this custom paintwork, and you can't really make heads or tails of it. What was the thought process like before the owner arrived at this particular paint job? This must be another tattoo artist who thinks he can draw on just any surface without repercussions. The consequences are there alright, and they involve making a mockery of yourself and your art. The custom paint looks like something you'd find in a dingy light pub in old Chinatown. Rock n' roll will never die but this car owner's chocking it to death through his bonnet. The correct slogan would be "I singlehandedly massacred rock n' roll on my bonnet."

7 Not Romantic


The Toyota Lexus is again part of some debauchery that we would've never thought possible. How low can it get? I thought I'd seen it all when it comes to a custom paint job. The owner is trying to paint some romantic picture using his car. The paintwork isn't even outstanding, and it'll take some comprehension before you can bring everything into perspective. If the owner did the custom paintwork with the sole intention of impressing the fairer sex, shame on him. There's no lady in the world who would find this appealing unless maybe she's the one in the driver's seat. The paintwork looks like a shadow camouflage, and it'll take keen eyes to notice it.

6 Allow Me To Dream


This guy must be a big fan of the Mustang but doesn't have the resources to afford one. As always, no one can stop you from dreaming, and his current car is like a canvas on which he can paint the ideal masterpiece. The paintwork is unique and is likely to catch the eyes of other motorists on the road, but that's where it ends. You can't look past the two bright colors because they're the only unique things about the vehicle. You'll be more curious to know how the owner looks instead of zooming in on the badge. A Mustang doesn't cost a fortune, and this guy could be driving one if he was serious about it his dream.

5 Still Young at Heart


This guy must've partied hard during his days and has found it impossible to let go of the past. He's soon to be a granddad but still holds on to the fleeting flame of youth. One way he does so is by expressing himself using his custom paintwork. You wouldn't know that car belongs to a middle-aged man if you never saw him driving. His kids borrow the car once in a while but are always quick to point out that their dad is the owner. The painting is nothing to write home about, as not a lot of thought went into it. The owner could've been a little bit more creative because the choice of colors was spot on.

4 Biggest Fish Truck


We've got to give it to the owner—there are some creative elements in the custom paint job. The mouth opens up at the front tires. It takes a lot of courage to do such a custom paint job on a truck. This is the kind of thing you do when you're desperately seeking attention. It can be a confidence booster because it'll certainly attract onlookers. There are some ladies who might just find you attractive with such a weird paint job. The rear windows have been sealed completely with scales so as to be in sync with the overall design of the truck. The owner could've at least picked a different color so that it doesn't look as moronic as it does.

3 Swimming Alligators


The owner is probably obsessed with reptiles and has a bunch of them as pets. Alligators definitely don't do their thing in swimming pools, and it's hard to figure out the meaning of the design. The Lexus is yet again part of the misfortune, and it seems that the brand is prone to all kinds of abuse from the owners. I'm more than certain the custom paint job has been extended to the rear of the vehicle and probably has the alligator's tail to finish off the design. The only positive thing that could be said about the paintwork is that it looks real. An observer might think it's an alligator swimming when he's close to the bonnet of the vehicle.

2 Dragon's Dead


This guy is so bad that he actually killed a dragon in his attempt at being artistic. The dragon looks lifeless on the hood. One would think it was frozen on the bonnet when it was about to die. The disaster doesn't stop with the poor dragon. The paint job leaves very little to be desired. The green and yellow looks like a mismatch with the original color of the vehicle, which is black. You'd be surprised if the owner still has a girlfriend. It's a good thing there are still girls out there who aren't shallow and will love you for your personality. If it was down to style, this lad wouldn't have stood a chance.

1 I Still Love My Toys


It's highly unlikely that this vehicle can be allowed on the road. It has a lot going on, and it's hard to point out what exactly is wrong with it. There are toy-like animals all over the vehicle. The paint job is just off-putting. The rims haven't been spared because they adorn the consistent body color. I doubt if there's someone who'd want to ask what the model of the vehicle is after seeing it. People would be more concerned about the lunatic behind the wheel more than anything else. If there was ever an award for "Weirdest-looking Car," this one would've been a top contender. The car is ugly and has one of the worst paint jobs.

Sources: pinterest.com

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