25 People Who Went Too Far With Their Large Spoilers

Car spoilers are as old as the history of the automobile itself. There are a lot of people who think they're fitted on cars to make them look good. Spoilers, in almost every instance, except for the ones on this list, have a purpose. It took a while before aerodynamic principles were applied in the automobile industry. This is partly because a lot of the scientists and engineers at that time were involved in other fields, and the automobile industry wasn't a priority.

1930 saw the renaissance of the aerodynamic design in an automobile. It was pioneered by Chrysler, and the design was dubbed as "Chrysler Airflow." The inspiration came from birds flying. The Chrysler Airflow was among the first cars in the US to apply aerodynamic principles in its design.

There was a paradigm shift in the '50s and the '60s in automobile aerodynamics design because of the racing industry. On the consumer side of cars, the first companies to adopt aerodynamic spoiler designs were Lotus, Citroen, and Porsche. Nowadays, spoilers are included on just about any other car and aren't limited to race vehicles. There's also been a DIY community that's cropped up with amazing concepts. Some are just dumb and have no purpose whatsoever. Here are 25 cars with the ridiculous-looking spoilers.

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25 Pimp My Toyota


There are people who'll never be satisfied with what they have no matter how hard they try. Having a car to take you around is something you should be grateful for. It doesn't matter if it's an old Toyota, as long as it's reliable and can take you from one point to another. This fellow decided that the Toyota badge isn't sporty enough and that pimping it was the only way he could be satisfied with it. The biggest problem with this modification was the budget. All he could afford was cardboard and tape, which is, to say the least, dumbfounding. The massacre didn't stop with the spoilers. He decided to also give his car some new running boards.

24 Harry Potter Should See This


We get it. You're a big fan of the Harry Potter franchise and you have posters everywhere to show just that. Your car might be your property, but some people take offense when injustice is done to them. Having a bad spoiler with a Harry Potter poster is like committing two crimes at once. The jury might not as be forgiving. If you're to add a bad car modification, you should at least leave Harry Potter out of it. It makes the franchise look bad without knowing. From the picture, you can clearly see that Harry's looking at the owner with intense eyes, probably asking him why he had to do such a thing to him and the car.

23 Chimney at the Back


I'm pretty sure the owner of this vehicle can't use the rear mirror because of the huge ugly spoiler. The spoiler is so ugly that it looks attractive. If the owner's intention was to get attention, it's obvious he must be getting it wherever he goes. The rear of his vehicle looks like a big kitchen with high chimneys and a lot of cooking going on. You can barely recognize the brand of the vehicle, which beats the purpose of modification. A lot of welding work must've gone to the modification because there are a lot of support structures for something that shouldn't be complicated. The car is raised by the modified wheels so as to make it look more imposing in the rear.

22 Devil Wings


There's been a lot of debate on just how the devil looks like, and this car is by far the best visual we have. It has not only one but two spoilers, and the paint job only makes things worse. The vehicle looks like an ugly beast with two heads and protruding horns on both sides and a very big nose. There's an external fender without a portfolio, which is meant to match aesthetically with the ugly spoilers on the roof and the rear of the vehicle. This vehicle could give an adult nightmares. Just imagine what it could do to kids! There's a possibility of it scarring kids for life. Kids might end up hating cars because of such a spoiler!

21 Give Me Wood!


Unlike the ones we've seen with cardboard spoilers, this one is made from wood. The spoilers and the running boards are probably fitted with nails. The owner must be a curious carpenter who thinks he can do anything. The consequences are there for everyone to see, and it can be unfortunate if he uses the car for daily driving. Even the kids would be embarrassed to be taken to school in such a vehicle. We could forgive the owner and assume he's just a naive carpenter who doesn't understand the concepts of aerodynamics and thinks spoilers are there to make the car look good. The car does stand out, though, because of the wood integration, which makes it conspicuously weird.

20 I Got Ears Everywhere


It makes very little practical sense for the spoilers to be on the roof of the car. It's not even safe, and it beats the purpose of having a spoiler in the first place. The picture above is an example of the worst vehicle modification you'll ever see. It's guys like this who give us car enthusiasts a bad name. This two-door vehicle would've been better off being crushed than having to go through this kind of torture. The owner must've assumed that the spoilers are extra ears on the road. One can't help but wonder how the owner drives the car without being stopped by the cops. His roof is on spoilers, and they don't look good by any measure.

19 Tape It Up


We're going to let this one pass and assume that the owner was high on something potent. I mean, come on... how do you tape a spoiler on your car? How drunk was the owner when he was doing this heinous act, and did someone try to stop him from committing such a massacre? The worst part is the spoiler is made from cardboard, which will certainly be blown away when the car starts to speed. Mastercraft engineering at its best! He's also pimped the rare grilles to match with the spoiler, which is commendable and must've been a eureka moment when he came up with the idea. Someone should just set the cardboard ablaze to restore sanity to our eyes!

18 I'm About That Life


Well, I don't know what to make of this one. The SUV looks perfectly fine even without additional modification. The owner must've been inspired by a divine source. The SUV barely has space on the rear, and it was mandatory for a spoiler to be included. For such a big car, the aerodynamic feature beats its purpose because there's already the weight aspect. The airflow up there doesn't make any big difference, but the owner is about that life. The Missus won't let him get his dream car because it's not practical for the family and also because they can't afford it. That hasn't stopped him from being creative and following his passion. The man deserves some credit.

17 I Got Grass


From the picture, it's clear that that the car is in its last stages of life. The owner must've gotten really tired of it for him to do such a despicable act. Ford enthusiasts should take offense at this gross mistreatment of a beautiful automobile. The car is literally screaming 'I got drugs on me,' and there's nothing you can do about it. The owner must've given up on the car a long time ago, looking at the windows and the rear bumper. The best he could've done is to let the car rest in peace without subjecting it to this kind of humiliating torture. One can't help but wonder what the owner has done to his new ride, that is, if he has one.

16 Yellow Is Bae


The car has already suffered enough with the yellow color, and it gets worse with the ridiculous spoiler. This dude doesn't have genuine friends if they let him drive this nuisance of a car. The vehicle would've looked better in a different color and without the spoiler. This is the kind of person who doesn't listen to sound advise even though he's more than certain he's going to mess up. He messed up the modification really bad, and there's no coming back from there. The modification might've been done to impress the ladies, but the only bae he'll be getting is the color yellow. I wouldn't be surprised, though, if there are people who find this level of queer interesting.

15 Wagon Tails


Just when you thought you'd seen enough, you get hit by this picture, and you instantly lose the little faith you had in humanity. How does one fathom such a disaster in his head and still go ahead and execute it? You can never underestimate the levels of human ingenuity, and this is just a piece of the madness. The car has a matching front bumper to complement the spoiler. There's some artistic side to the creativity that's gone into the vehicle. You should, however, not try this at home because people might think you have a mental illness and aren't fit to interact with normal human beings. The guy could've at least spared the side mirrors with the massacre.

14 Double-edged


The car looks really good, and it's the spoilers that drag it into mediocrity. The owner is probably a Texas cowboy who wants to portray toughness wherever he goes. Anyone who plans to steal the car might think twice, as you can already imagine how the owner looks like going by the spoilers alone. Such a modification is likely to attract the attention of the cops, and chances are high that it might not be legal to drive the car. The double-edged sword at the rear could also be interfering with visibility for other motorists. Such a car shouldn't be allowed on the road because not only are the spoilers an embarrassment to the automobile fraternity, but they're also unsafe.

13 Shrek Spoilers


Anyone who's watched Shrek the movie knows that Shrek isn't particularly handsome and that his ears have everything to do with it. This car resembles Shrek, and it's the spoilers that contribute to it. The owner clearly doesn't know anything about aerodynamics because what's purported to be a spoiler consists of two different pieces of metal welded together on the rear. The car also has dual exhausts, which were likely modified to match the spoilers. The guy definitely likes things in twos. The color also contributes to the overall ugliness of the car. There are very few positive things you could say about this automobile, and the spoilers have contributed to that in a major way.

12 Tower of Vietnam


You know the owner of the car might not be your average Joe or Harry when he has a customized ' Viet Nam' number plate and a spoiler that resembles a tower. He must've run out of ideas on how to customize the spoiler and decided to go for the unique tower design. It looks like something you'd climb in your dreams without the fear of falling. The guy might be a veteran who served at Vietnam, and whose nightmares won't go away. The only thing he can do is to build a tower where he can watch the enemies. The big question is why he had to choose his car to build the fortress. He could've done so with his bed' but we also can't rule out that possibility' too.

11 Let Me Build a Shade


It's hard to categorize this as a spoiler because it doesn't look like one. It must've been built by a lazy lad who's handy with tools. It looks more like a mobile shade than a spoiler. The owner must be residing in Texas where the sun is always in your face and where you need shade when you're out in the field. Don't be surprised if you find a cooler full of beers in the trunk. The guy's always waiting for an excuse to pull out the beers and go under his 'spoiler' to cool down. I wonder what goes through his mind when he's driving with such a big spoiler on the rear of his car.

10 Even PVC Could Do the Trick


Car modification doesn't have to be expensive, but it should also not be stupid. How do you explain using PVC pipes to make spoilers? The car is already in bad shape, and the spoilers make it even worse. From the look of it, the car could be more than 30 years old and doesn't deserve such mistreatment. PVC pipes have worse uses and shouldn't be used to make spoilers for a car. The owner has done a great disservice to the car world and should apologize with immediate effect so as to regain his honor. Otherwise, he shouldn't be left to drive another vehicle, as we might see such embarrassing things done to beautiful cars that we love and adore.

9 Sit on It


This car is literally begging you to sit on it, although it might not be possible because of the curved spoiler. The spoiler resembles a bench more than anything else, and it's not a coincidence why the owner chose such an old vehicle to carry out his wickedness. Like most vehicles on the list, this one, too, should be given the final respect it deserves. Using a wooden bench for a spoiler is insulting in every way possible. The owner is probably good with carpentry, and there are so many places he could express his talent without being a nuisance to the automobile industry. The bench should probably be in his garage and not on top of the rear of a vehicle.

8 Thrice Bitten


Why on Earth would someone put 3 wooden spoilers on a vehicle? What was the thought process before he arrived at such a horrendous decision? You can never completely understand why humans do the things they do. It's what makes us uniquely absurd from other species on the planet. It's quite evident that the car isn't moving, but still, that's not enough reason to put it to shame. The person has inscribed 'street racing' on the tail, which can paint a picture of his reason for doing what he did. Maybe he decided he could use the vehicle as a canvass for his dream racing car. He shouldn't pursue his dream if he's thought about designing a race car.

7 Forget About the Exhaust


This car has two unique mods that you can't go without noticing. The exhaust pipe is unusually big and ugly for a vehicle of its size. Before you can even recover, you're hit with the ugly spoiler, and the ugly components of the car are all competing for your attention. You're left wondering how such madness is even possible in one vehicle. The car looks like it can still go another few years, and the owner probably uses it on a daily basis. Such a gentle car shouldn't have to go through such torture. The spoiler hasn't been done correctly, even by its ugly standards. The exhaust pipe is manageable, but it's the spoiler that makes the car look bad.

6 I Don't Pay Child Support


This is the kind of spoilers you get when you want to tell the whole world you don't pay child support. They scream irresponsibility in every way possible, and you can easily know how the owner looks. The car has a custom paint job, which wouldn't have been as bad if the spoiler weren't included. The spoilers are sharp at the edges, which makes the car dangerous for other motorists and pedestrians on the road. There should be a petition to have the owner remove the spoiler for the safety and sanity of other road users. The car doesn't also deserve what it's getting, as it can still go for a few more years before it kicks the dust.

5 Chevy Owners


Chevy owners have a big problem when it comes to car spoilers. They should petition the company to start making more cars with spoilers so that we don't see such embarrassments from fully grown adults. It's hard to describe what the owner was trying to do here. We'll give him the benefit of doubt and assume he was helping the kid out with a science project that involves explaining the concept of aerodynamics. They could've done the project on something else that wasn't a real vehicle because it paints a bad image of the owner. Your family might understand because there's an explanation, but other road users will think you're a retard who shouldn't be on wheels.

4 Why Always the Tape?


We've already established at this point that all you need to make a spoiler is cardboard and a lot of tape. In fact, you should have the tape in the glove compartment in case your spoiler needs fixing. This car looks like it's gone through a lot of hard times in the past, and subjecting it to such humiliation is more than it could handle. It's taken everything from bad driving to no maintenance, and it's still surviving. The spoiler might just be the last throw of the dice. It's totally understandable if this car decides never to move again, given what it's gone through. The owner should give it the dignity it deserves by removing the tape.

3 I'm Already Spoiled


This Dodge Intrepid already has a spoiler and doesn't need an extra one. The Dodge Intrepid is one of the best vehicles from the 20th century. The designers saw it wise to include a spoiler for aerodynamic purposes. The owner of this particular one decided that the spoiler wasn't big enough and modified the car to look like his 'dream' car. Anyone who's driven the Dodge Intrepid is likely to be annoyed with such a modification. The car is reliable and can last for a long time if it's well maintained. The engineers at Dodge didn't go long hours without sleep for such a thing to happen. The guy should pull down the ridiculous spoiler from an otherwise good-looking vehicle.

2 Shopping Cart Madness


This is how you design your spoiler if you want it to look like a shopping cart from Target. This spoiler might be a work of science gone wrong. For aerodynamics to be efficient, you need a massive wind tunnel. The concept has been borrowed from airplanes and shouldn't be interpreted literally, but that's exactly what this moron did. He wanted the biggest spoiler his car could accommodate but would be disappointed to know there are actually crazier people with bigger functionless spoilers than his. He's also done some modifications on the exterior to make it look like a supercar with a bad spoiler. His artistic side is commendable, but he should've never continued with the project beyond his garage.

1 Nothing to Say


Of the all the cars on the list, this is one is the best looking, but the spoiler ruins everything. A normal fit-to-size spoiler would've been ideal, but the owner could hear none of that. He might be suffering from serious self-esteem issues if the vehicle isn't unique enough for him to stand out. The color is unique enough, and the car is a convertible classical, which is bound to make heads turn. The spoiler makes it look like an average car. Someone should buy this car already and save all car enthusiasts the embarrassment the current owner is making us go through. You'll be saving future generations from witnessing such car injustices that have become common.

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