25 People Who Ruined Their Car (And Probably Don't Care)

Car modification has been going on for years. However, what we've been seeing over the past few decades, especially with the DIY mods, is that the aftermarket automotive enhancement has pretty much lost its allure, as people prefer to use easier and cheaper ways of modding their rides. Everyone's craving for attention these days, what with the advent of social media, which, by the way, has made things worse because every ugly car mod has some newfound fame when the images go viral.

Car enthusiasts usually mod their rides either to make them look better or perform more than what they could originally. But the aftermarket-enhancement freaks sometimes choose to do these mods themselves with cheaper or homemade versions of hood scoops, wonky wheels, and cardboard body kits. Tacky, cringe-worthy mods aren't about to end anytime soon, so let’s just enjoy the show. Some of them make driving nearly impossible, but others are just overkill, ridiculous designs that make even the manufacturers shudder.

The questionable appearances of these cars have damaged not only the owners’ wallets but also their reputations in society. This list has perhaps the worst car mods, decorations, and ‘custom’ car jobs ever seen on the planet. Some of them seem redeemable, but others could make you ugly cry, from cars with fur to those with pig snouts, cardboard fenders, pink glitter, and even an extreme mod that looks a lot like hell itself. Without further ado, here are the 25 most regrettable things people have done to their cars.

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25 Mini Knit

The hatchback Mini Cooper is a three-door car, which was first launched in 2000 and later launched in 2006 for the second generation. A convertible version was first introduced in 2004. BMW manufactures the car, which has become very popular over the years, especially in the European markets. A short description of the car includes a 1.4- or a 1.6-liter engine with a soft convertible drop in some, which has made it look very stylish. However, for this particular one, that's far from true. This one looks like a knitted parked ball after the owner had spent some quality time “dressing” the car with some knitted wool. The owner even added a stuffed puppy to seal the look. The car leaves one question lingering: how do you clean it? It may look cute, but you cannot get back your reputation after this.

24 Sharp Shooter

Guessing the model of this car is as tricky as trying to answer what the owner had in mind when making the modification. It looks like the type of mod a superhero would do on his car. That superhero would probably be Hawkman of the Justice League because it has a hawk shape–or is it an eagle shape? The grille has been shaped like the beak of the bird and towards the rear of the car, it looks more like a hawk that's about to take a nosedive. Perhaps the owner wanted to mirror the popular 1962 El Tiburon roadster, which took over the 2013 Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance. But unlike the roadster, this one looks rather scary and cheaply done. You can't even do a close comparison. The owner, however, came up with a unique concept that you can’t come across easily.

23 Angry Warthog

This is a Mercedes C200 K Sport coupe 2005. If you're not familiar with the car, it was manufactured between 2005 to 2007 to rival BMW’s I series, which was just as sporty. The car was officially launched in 2001 and quickly became popular because of its sleek and fresh-looking design. It was also the first time Mercedes launched the coupe line. The Sport Coupe was later spun off to its own separate line called "CLC Class" later in 2008. So, it’s really shocking to see how this owner has ruined the German machine, considering its important history. Seems like the owner intended to make it a sportier car than the original. The paint job made the once-hot car look really hideous, especially by painting the 18-inch rims blue—what a mess!

22 Pink Piggie

Lol! This thing reminds me of the pigs from the Angry Birds movie. The car itself (without all the ugly) is a C230 Estate Wagon, which was introduced around 2002 and came with more added power and a diesel engine. The C-class series was a huge success not only in Europe but also in North America, so it might not be shocking to see it here several times. So many people bought the car. But this particular owner seems to have just gotten tired of the once-flashy V6 car and decided to turn it into an ugly pig. Remember, this is a car that cost a fortune back then, and to see it converted into such an ugly machine is just heartbreaking. The owner also somehow managed to put wings on the side and a pig snout.

21 Ladybug Beetle

We know this is a Beetle, but what the owner was trying to turn it into is still a mystery to many. Maybe an ugly submarine? How about a sad metallic tortoise? Or maybe he just loves little ladybugs? It’s hard to tell. What we're sure of is that the owner converted it into one ugly machine. A short history on the Beetle, popularly known as just the "Bug": the car was first manufactured by Volkswagen in 1938 after leader of Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler, wanted a cheaper car for operation. It’s one of the bestselling cars in the world, selling over 22 million units until 2013, when it was officially shelved. Plus, it’s the longest-running car in the world. There are all kinds of beetles in the world with users customizing their cars, some beyond recognition, but when yours doesn't get recognized, it doesn't mean you should force it.

20 Nissan Camouflage

This is definitely not a Nissan GT-R because a Nissan GTR has only 2 doors and is shaped for nothing but speed. This particular car looks nothing close to that. The Nissan GT-R is a Japanese car that was first manufactured in 1969 as the Nissan Skyline, and it immediately became the flagship of Nissan for showcasing its performance and dependability. This particular Nissan, however, looks just outrageous, especially with the camouflage paint.

It doesn’t look like something that would do reach a top speed of 196 mph or go 0-60 mph in just 2.7 seconds.

In fact, the car looks really beat up, and now, one can fall into the trap of believing it’s a real Nissan GT-R despite the logos the and grille modifications to make it look like one—pretty creepy!

19 The Beast

In Krasnoyarsk Russia, there’s a car-mod event that focuses on alien mods only. They make cars have an alien look, not try to convert the car to look like an alien ship—there’s a difference. This particular owner took a Chrysler PT cruiser and did, well, a marvelous job of converting it into something that'll fit into another world out there waiting to be conquered. A little history about the PT cruiser—other than its ugly exterior, which would fit an alien customization, the car was a disaster. It's a front-wheel drive and was manufactured between 2000 and 2010 for a small family. The design was borrowed heavily from the looks of 1930s cars. Funny enough, over 1 million units were sold in the US alone, making us wonder whether aliens also got a piece of them.

18 Fenderolla

Talk about refurbishing your car’s body with the lightest material possible. This owner, let’s assume he's a kid, wanted a full-body kit for the car but clearly didn’t have the money to do it, so he looked for the lightest, cheapest material that could come to close fiberglass. He used carton cutouts to decorate the car and aluminum foil (the one used in the kitchen to cover freshly grilled drumsticks) to cover the rims. It ended up looking playful and not something that a person would really do to upgrade a car. One light downpour and all his time spent upgrading the car will be wasted. However, he should be impressed with what he did with the foil and cutouts, especially on the front bumper, which shows a true indication of talent.

17 Street Marshall

This owner wants to go back to 14 BC with this car. The paint job sucks big time, but what’s even more shocking is the clutter added to the car. The owner has put so much junk on the car, you might end up confusing the car for one used by witches. The shield stuck on the side adds no value to the old machine. While we don’t expect you to do anything quite as stupid as the mods we've seen thus far, if you're entertaining the idea of changing your car in any way, then you need to be aware of the insurance implications. If this guy happens to be from your neighborhood, please make sure you pull him aside and share some advice on how to modify a car and not just go wild on it. Ask him also whether he's dating, and if he's not, tell him that this is why he's not getting hookups.

16 Snakecedes

Another ugly Benz? This is getting out of hand! Anyhoo, this is an S350 Sedan 2005 edition, which goes for almost $9,000. The car has a V6 engine and a 3,800 cc engine capacity. The car is a beast and consumes fuel just as much as any 4x4 on the road. The S-Class has been very successful in terms of sales. It’s one of the most comfortable cars produced by Mercedes mainly because it targeted executives who preferred a sporty feel. This one in particular looks nothing close to something that'll impress an executive. The paint job that gives it a snakish, reptile feel is more of shocking than appealing. The owner gave it a scaly look, even adding some alligator eyes on the headlights to fit his wild theme. Perhaps, he wanted it camouflaged for a safari trip or just wanted to scare other drivers out of the way.

15 Confused Carriage

This is a vintage lookalike that imitates those that have seen almost a century on this planet. While most people are hustling to get the new futuristic cars, other are going back in time and looking for cars built in the ‘30s, cars which are now mostly found in museums. Many wish they could get their hands on cars like the Model T and the Model A, which sold in huge numbers back then. These cars now attract crowds during car shows, as many fight to get a glimpse of how things were in the past. The rat-rod carriage, seen here, is usually a style of custom car that, in most cases, imitates (or exaggerates) the early hotrods of the 1940s, the 1950s, and the early-1960s. The owner would've done better to give it to car experts than DIY it.

14 Extended Car

This guy wanted a Corvette spaceship but ended up with something much uglier. With the amount of carbon fiber spent here, the owner should just be fined for misuse. He actually took a van and customized it, adding all these crazy features that have zero meaning. The paint job is just as shocking as the whole idea. We're literally shocked by this diesel guzzler. It even eats up the parking space for two or three cars, and it doesn't even matter if he’s paying for those slots. Some like to personalize their cars and make a statement of their own about how the car should've been designed. Unfortunately, sometimes, in the quest to make the perfect car, they go too far and fall into the trap of creating the most regrettable mods ever.

13 Transformer

Here's why this is one of the most regrettable mods ever—so, here's what this guy added to this car: two Lamborghini doors and two gullwing doors, rear TVs, teal and white coachwork, candy-colored paint, multiple light-up neon signs that are lifted from the trunk, an extra set of elbowed 84s on the trunk, which opens through motorized panels, and a sound system that vibrates the car's fenders. The car's craftsmanship is insane yet still mysterious. We're not sure what it transforms into at some point. Maybe, when it heats up or if the owner is stuck in slow-moving traffic, it turns into something. And at least he's sure he has enough spare tires.

12 Candy Floss

Poor car. These hairy mods sure leave us with a lot of questions, like why would you put fur on your car? Maybe he just wanted the attention, which, of course, comes at a huge cost that could just be avoided. This might probably be a girl's car. It's one thing for a girl to love the color pink, but pink and fur together? No! You're allowed to have this combination in your closet or on your bed but not in your garage. To match the pink exterior, the owner worsened things by painting the wheel caps purple, maybe her other favorite color. This is how you get shot by random people when you're driving around your neighborhood. I can only imagine seeing that car on a daily basis.

11 McLaren Nightmare

Forget the demotivated model anxiously waiting for her shift to end. This is a Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren (facepalm), which was jointly produced by Mercedes-Benz and McLaren Automotive from 2003 to 2010.

It has a 5.5-liter V8 supercharged engine, and it cruises from 0-60 mph in just 3.4 seconds.

So, it’s an impressive car. But what the owner has done to this particular car is really not impressive. The car's carbon-fiber bumper has been stretched way too much, and the crazy red color screams too loudly. The 2006 SLR had a rather long nose, but this owner ruined it by adding another layer of lips on the original stretched bumper. Only a total of 2,157 SLR McLarens were produced before the company pulled the plug on them, but this isn't how you treat what will soon become extinct.

10 Glitterati

What happens when you let Barbie paint your car? You get something like this—pink glitter. This is a Mercedes-Benz CLK Convertible. At this point, you might want to take time to accept it before you continue. So, this car was spun off the CLC class after its huge success, but its design borrowed heavily from the E-series. T

he CLK was first introduced in 1997, and it had a V6 engine.

It's an expensive car, and to see what's happened here is just sad. It’s like the car drowned in a shiny pink pool and survived. The owner also added pink fur seats, and we bet that even the inside of the truck is also pink. The glitter somehow helped it look presentable, considering how the car has been literally covered everywhere with pink.

9 Bunny Bug

The famous Beetle appears on the list of regrettable and ugliest mods—again. The VW Beetle is arguably the most successful car in history and was produced for the longest period. It was first manufactured in 1938 and was killed 65 years later. This car, it seems, can be hunted and killed by mistake after the owner transformed it into a mechanical beaver. The owner went ahead and covered it in fur, including on its rims, which usually have a wheel cap. The eyes have also been converted to match those of a cute little furry hamster. But just how does the owner clean it? Well, Khloe Kardashian covered a black Range Rover in black felt material, but hers is laundered, though it does kinda fall in the same category as this Bunny Bug... no? Wait, does he then comb the fur, or it it blow-dried? Too many issues to deal with here.

8 Confused Car

This is perhaps one of the ugliest mods in this list, well, sort of. While we've seen several ugly cars, this can easily be ranked as the first probably because of its hideous front. We can only imagine how the rear side looks, and trust me, it won’t be anything close to beautiful.

The front bumper has been customized with fiberglass to look like the Toyota Celica, which had popping headlights.

This one, however, was done very poorly and visibly in a hurry. It looks like the popular PT Cruiser, another one that also made it to this list. We don’t really understand what the owner had in mind when doing this, but I bet he tried going for a Star Wars look, which backfired in ways he never expected—totally regrettable.

7 Super Jet

What if you wanted a jet but couldn't afford one? You build one even if it won’t fly. That’s what this guy did with his car. The two huge exhaust pipes make the car look like it’s about to take off and land on the moon. It’s hard to tell if the huge pipes have another purpose other than releasing the car’s fumes. Another thing that’s shocking on this Nissan Primera is the huge spoiler that pulls the car's weight down. Primera is a relatively weak car produced by the Japanese automaker Nissan from 1990 to 2007. With all that weight on it, it’s hard to imagine you can hit 100 km/h in it. So, technically, instead of this guy building a jet, he just shocked everyone and slowed his car down with all that unnecessary carbon fiber and metal. The joke's on him!

6 Batmobile Rabbit

The Mercedes-Benz W201 was one classic car. With an engine capacity of 2,000 ccs, the car was the first compact executive car that premiered the popular E-class.

Mercedes spent over 600 million euros researching on the perfect car before launching the E-class.

It came in two models—the 190 and the 190 E—which had small engines and aimed to compete with other brands, such as the Audi 80, the BMW 3 series, and the Saab. The car, though of top-notch engineering, performed poorly in the US but sold well in Europe. The W201 was succeeded by the compact executive car C-Class, which we've highlighted on this list severally. Over 1.9 million vehicles were manufactured by the time it was shut down in 1993. So, this owner, by then, was probably tired of his and decided to customize it to look like a Batmobile, although a cheap one. What a waste!

5 Catsmobile

This one's got to be for promotion purposes. And it might be yet another Astro, which was a very popular car in its heyday. This van, however, if it wasn't intended for promotional purposes and was just designed this way by the owner because of his own preferences and taste, must be owned by someone obsessed with Garfield. The whiskers make it look even uglier and just spoil everything. At the top of the van, meow mix is written, and that leaves us confused on what the van might be supplying. Cat food? Anyway, this is one weird vehicle you wouldn’t want to be seen inside or even spotted parking. If the owner wanted our attention with this crazy mod, he surely got it—but for all the wrong reasons.

4 Museumobile

Here's yet another clown who went a step further to annoy other road users. He even took a picture next to this hideous thing. So, what was once the once-popular Chevrolet Astro fell into the hands of a silly clown who converted it to look like a funny ancient masterpiece. By the way, when it was a proper car, the Astor was produced from 1985 to 2005, had a V6 engine, and had a seating capacity of 8 passengers. It was given a poor rating by The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) in 1996 because of a display of structural failure in the Institute's 40 mph (64 km/h) crash test into a fixed, offset barrier. It was, however, redeemed in 2007 after it had the fewest deaths among all passenger vehicles between 2002 and 2005. The painting is kinda impressive, considering the different artworks included, but in general, the car belongs in an art museum—not on the road!

3 Garbage Collector

What do you do when you're tired of your old Chevrolet car that you can't recycle? You turn it into a movable piece of junk. That’s exactly what this owner has done with the car. Apart from adding the cow horns on the grille of the car (yuck!) to give it a Texas feel, the owner went on and gave the car a rather amazing paint job that made it look like one of those sprayed trash cans downtown. The whole theme of the car is to make it look like it’s a pile of moving junk, and that’s why the owner even mounted the heap of junk on top of the car. It’s one of the ugliest cars you’ll come across on the road, and we believe that’s exactly what the owner intended. Crazy attention seeker!

2 Weirdsmobile

Is this a 1988 Cadillac? I mean, we're perturbed because this car was part of a line of cool cars that featured a 4.5-liter V8 engine, the best engine among all Cadillacs ever produced. This owner has modified this one to give it a hardwood exterior with some ancient feel. As you can see, he's also added some weird sculptures on top of the car, probably to appease his ancestors. The sculptures look like they're made of clay if not carved from rocks. We don’t know what exactly the weird stuff is for, but those figures just being on top of that car makes you feel like the whole thing might be haunted or that the owner practices some ancient voodoo, which might make your beautiful car disappear in case you say anything about him.

1 Devil's Mobile

This one's definitely a clown’s car—Extremo, to be precise—and it was customized to catch your attention or just to annoy you and your family on a beautiful Saturday. The owner has customized the car into a moving statue, and an ugly, scary one, for that matter. What bothers us is how heavy the statue is or how the owner drives the car. With such mass on your car, it would be very hard to control the vehicle, though we're pretty sure the car doesn’t do so many miles. On the rear bumper, you can see the owner’s information, so yeah... you can go and take a look at his page when you want a clown for your kid’s birthday party. But be sure of one thing—things will sure get ugly and scary. This is just disgusting!

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