25 People Who Tried Modifying Their Jeeps, But Totally Messed Up

Most car mods are done because the modder thinks they're cool to do. We see all different kinds of Jeeps around the internet, from slammed lowriders to those that sit on 40-inch Boggers to even those that get ‘lifted’ literally. Why would anyone make a Jeep a low rider or lower its stance? It all just seems so wrong–but beauty has always been in the eye of the beholder, right? The real point of modifying your Jeep is to make it look or perform better, but times change, and so do people’s tastes.

Jeep is the ultimate template for anyone who wants to modify something on a car, but these cars aren’t just meant for driving around the city or going shopping. They’re strong, and they’re built for a purpose–this includes the JK Wrangler and the Wrangler Unlimited additions of the Jeep. If you want to know that modding isn’t for you, here are four reasons. Firstly, if you want to retain or extend factory warranty, don’t do it. If you love factory reliability and want to keep your car for a long time, no mods for you. Thirdly, if you won’t have time for extra maintenance, resist the urge to modify your car. And finally, if you love resale value or you change cars often, don’t dare modify as it’ll be harder to sell.

Here are 25 pics of messed-up Jeep mods that will just grind your gears.

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25 Flamingomobile

via askmen.com

Flamingos everywhere! Imagine driving on the highway and meeting such a car? You might think it’s a bunch of angry flamingos that have taken over a cheap Jeep and are now ready to execute their final plan of ruling the world. This is one of the most dependable Jeeps ever manufactured. It was manufactured around the year '96, and Americans fell in love with it. It could tow and had enough space for family, and you got a huge trunk with it. Almost half of the people who bought it say they’ll never sell it. So, it’s pretty sad to see what this owner has done to this particular Jeep while others treat it as a demigod. The only sane part of this car is the wheels, which are quickly overshadowed by the wavy line and circles on the front bumper—so ugly!

24 Rat Rod Jeep

via gearheads.org

Okay, we have enough rat rods in existence, and last we checked, they weren't extinct—yet... So there's no real reason why anyone would convert a whole 4x4 and slam it to rat-rod status. Why?! Was the engine new and needed to be shown off? Or couldn't he afford a truck and decided to convert the Jeep into one? Let’s just give the owner an "F" for this eyebrow-raising creativity. We get it—truck driving is a lifestyle, and even after you retire, you still miss the fun of driving numerous hours and sleeping at random places. So, you customized your car to look like one of the trucks so that you might hit the road. What’s hard to understand is why there's a mailbox... on the engine?!

23 Lego Jeep

via timbren.com.au

Definitely Lego-inspired... Lego sure wants you to grow up playing with its toys, but even they expect you to stop at a certain age. There’s nothing like Lego for adults like this owner has just tried to prove. Once you're past 14, they expect to move to beer and later have your own kids who'll play with their toys. This kind of reminds me of this neighbor of mine who goes to work in a Batman tie and suit. He’s 34 years old. 34 years. These are people who grew tall but never grew up. That car looks like a magnified toy or something Lego built for their new campaign. Unless this was an idea from the owner's kid and he'd hand it down to her when she's of age, then never do this to any car! Grow up.

22 Betty Boop Jeep

via pinterest

There are two things that you see the moment you look at this photo: first, the funny-looking black thing on the tarmac road, and then, the eyelashes. Why do some Jeep owners insist on this lashes thing? It'll never even be a trend. I mean, three Jeep owners with crazy big lashes on their headlights won't make it a trend, not even as a hashtag on Twitter. Then there's the pink steering wheel and the pink grille. How can you possibly “have a Jeep day” with such combinations? Lashes are just annoying. Super annoying. This is an extremely disturbing trend that's sprouted among drivers who simply cannot be ignored. In fact, even if it wasn't a trend, it would still be incomprehensible. Just having one person on the road committing this act is one too many. Also, the owner’s choice of colors is just as alarming as the lashes trend. Lime green to go with pink? What kind of combination is that?

21 Grandma's Jeep

via pinterest

The floral pattern on this car is reminiscent of a little old lady's car—probably had too much wallpaper leftover and she thought, "Maybe my car could use a makeover." She must've really loved this pattern to have it everywhere, including on her Jeep. I think, at some point, she forgot about the awesomeness of the car itself and thought "A car is a car." And who says she can't have it looking the way she wants? It's hers, right? This pattern was very popular in the '80s, and seeing it on a '90s car means it must be someone's who's very familiar with the pattern. I wonder who'll buy the car with such a paint job. Either way, she really messed up its resale value with that floral pattern and should think of removing it before taking it to the dealership.

20 Chick Flick Jeep

via pinterest

Definitely inspired by a chick flick. Mean Girls? Legally Blonde? 10 Things I Hate About You? Clueless? I really don’t care which flick motivated her. What I know is that I can’t stand any more pink Jeeps. This Jeep looks like it's owned by a sorority girl. There are so many myths about these girls. Some are stereotypes, while others might be true. Either way, this Jeep clearly belongs in their life. Though it looks like it’s in perfect condition, the strawberry and white make it look like it’s a little ice-cream truck or a cowgirl's hood ride. Nothing about this looks good. Maybe the wheels, but all-white would still work, with some pink accents—that's free advice, by the way.

19 Pimp Jeep

via wranglertjforum

Looks like a pimp just got rich, moved to a better neighborhood, and ditched that long Cadillac for a rather long, souped-up Jeep. Get rich or die trying, right? The colors are definitely pimp colors. The wheels, too. What’s giving us a headache is the rough, which is very un-pimp like. If the owner is really a pimp, then this right here testifies that he’s doing well. OK, not with the Jeep customization but with his pimp thing. Someone should snitch on him and call the police. On the flip side, the owner could just be someone who loves classical stuff but just didn't have enough creativity to make it happen. Plus, the mags on those wheels are despicable!

18 Jeep Batmobile

via wranglertjforum

Let's just call it "Batmobile Jeep" or something like that. This owner felt the Jeep needed a manlier–rather scary—appearance. Doesn’t look too bad, though. In fact, the guy didn’t mess up the Jeep as badly as the other guys on this list have. He just changed it to fit his own fetish, which we can guess was inspired by Batman and the whole Gotham story. That’s the proper way to mess up your Jeep if you’re looking to work on one. Jeeps are easy to customize, especially the old ones, since they're still built like in the war days. This guy, as we mentioned earlier, shouldn’t be really on this list if not for his upgrade looking a little bit weird and ugly. If not for that, he did a pretty nice job. He’s the most talented loser in this list.

17 Ugly Tank JKU

via wranglerforum

Move out of the way! If you don’t see the yellow color coming your way, then the truck horn will definitely scare you off the road. How about the grille? Wrangler doesn’t have a beautiful grille, but these guys seem to have worsened it. The Mexico-yellow doesn’t give the car an appealing look, but we would've forgiven the owner if he had a proper grille and maybe ditched that scary horn. We're not so sure at this point why it even had to be placed there. Maybe to announce his arrival or scare folks in the hood? Painting "03" on the bonnet also left us a little bit confused. Like what is it? A race car now? And this is just the front view of the car. We can only imagine the rear view. It might make us run away.

16 Jeep Limo

via merchantcircle.com

The owner knows green is the signature color of a Jeep but wanted an off-road limousine that can be used for hunting expeditions in the woods. So, he saw it fit to combine the two and ended up with what looks like a hearse that’ll be used for ferrying bodies from a war zone. I pity that hunter. We understand you love the car, but why spend so much trying to modify it? In fact, this isn't even modification—this guy just created and designed a whole new car altogether. He should've just gone for a real limo and then customized it by sizing it down to a 4x4. I wonder which one would've looked weirder—the customized Limo or the customized Jeep that became a limo. Tough question.

15 Glammed-up Jeep

via pinterest

Eyelashes? We get it—your dad surprised you with a car that happened to be manly, but there’s no other way around it, sweetheart. Pink with eyelashes won’t make it mushy and cute. This was a car structured to ship angry men to their death, not carry makeup kits and handbags. It’s sad that she–let’s assume the owner is a female–went and even painted the eyelashes pink and added "KC" on the headlight covers. What does "KC" even mean? Karma Chick? Kansas City? Kennel City? Keep Calm? How can we keep calm when your car looks like a ladybird on steroids? And that number plate is also just as confusing as the paint job. What's Tootz? Anyone?

14 Light-bulb Jeep

via bangshift.com

What scares you most? The headlights or the skull? Why would you put over 300 lights—accompanied by shiny skulls—all over such a nice and respectable car? Why? Some people just want to spoil your lovely day on the highway. There’s so much clutter on this car, you really don’t know what to focus on and just what to ignore. The lights are all over the car, some even pointing upwards. But you know what’s really annoying with this Jeep? The orange lights and the countless number of handles (can we call them that?) on the hood. This has so many mistakes going on there that we can spend half a day analyzing and lamenting, so let’s just move on. It would be great to drive this in an area with no street lights, though; you would be able to see anything and everything from any angle, as if it were daytime, lol.

13 Roll Cage Jeep

via pinterest

Things out there are becoming crazier by the day. We get it. It’s like these new drivers are buying their driver’s licenses straight out of a supermarket. But that roll cage just means you're the kind who bought his DL from the supermarket. Talk about taking extra precaution to another level. And why paint the cage green anyway? To alert other drivers to stay out of your way? I feel the cage is there more to scare guys out of the way than for protection. But then again, this is a '95 Jeep. You protect it by all means since it’s one of the best we got from the company that has a long history that dates back to 1947. Does this guy's insurance even cover half of this car? Coz it seems it's already taken care of.

12 Squished Jeep

via pinterest

This is just funny. Too funny. Let’s just call it the "squished Jeep." Did the owner just cut the back of a van and stick it on that Jeep? Some people are super heartless. Again, this shows the dependability of the Jeep. It’s like no other car, and it’s been like that since the war days in 1947, when it was first created. The army wanted a car easy to fix and alter in case it's damaged in the field. This guy has shown the practicality of that, though in a very surprising and rather wrong way. Despite the dumb makeover, you can see still see the 1950s Jeep is still in perfect condition and more dependable than most of the new electric cars we're buying nowadays. Well, you know what they say—less is more. You be the judge.

11 Bubblegum Jeep

via pinterest

Barbie-inspired golf kart for a movie set we presume? Perhaps, but maybe not. If it’s someone’s car then the owner—who we bet is a lady, like a girl-lady—needs to wake up from the Clueless (the movie) slumber he/she is currently in and start living in the real world. It looks like an ice cream kart or a real-life Barbie car that Valeria Lukyanova would definitely love to own. If by now you're there wondering who Lukyanova is, she's a woman from Ukraine who's done everything to her body to look like the famous Barbie doll that sold millions of units. But then again, it kinda makes you get a bubblegum taste of sorts, no?

10 Work of Dirt

via jeepdealersvirginia.files.wordpress.com

What on Earth is this? And is it on display for humans or for dogs? Are the tires even real? Does it move? Who did this? So many questions—someone say something already! The grille is made of pure iron, which doesn’t look so bad when you're standing a few meters away from the car, but as you get closer, you're sorta left wondering, "What is this thing?” The tires are also made of iron or some casing of that nature. It doesn’t look like a car that really moves a lot, but if it does, then it’s one comfy ride. We're not sure whether that’s a real bone right at the top of the Jeep, but it looks too heavy not be true. How many tonnes does this Jeep weigh again? How does this thing even move? If it's for an extreme art display, it works to some extent, but if it's to own and drive, it's a no from us.

9 Baby Love Jeep

via pinterest

Another cartoon or toy-inspired car? Blue and baby-pink make it look like it was picked from a Johnson and Johnson commercial. The owner even went ahead and painted pink inside the rims. He or she should've done this to the wipers as well. What’s wrong with these Jeepers? Let’s put the blame on the people who grew up fancying the Barbie-doll life or have been heavily influenced by Hollywood movies that portray such cars as cool. In reality, this look is nothing close to cool. In fact, if you happen to own such a car, chances are, you’ll be considered a nerd. So a little secret: keep Hollywood out of your life if you want to survive in the real world.

8 Farm Fighter Jeep

via hiveminer.com

Not bad—still has its war/manly touch. The rims make it look like it can still drive to Iran but still make a few stopovers at popular drinking joints and still fit in. But one question, though—why would he add an axe and a shovel? You had everything right. Now, number one on this list, we said wasn’t so off, but number 12 is now the guy replacing that owner. He has everything right but just spoilt the day with that shovel and the axe. It's either ready for combat or ready to hit the farm and get digging—or maybe there's a treasure hunt somewhere. Perhaps the owner is a firefighter and just needed to carry the tools to work and thought of a creative and maybe safe way to do it. Other than that, this owner can comfortably drive this jeep and not feel in danger like the others on the list.

7 Gothic Girl Jeep

via uglycarpictures.com

Eyelashes... again? Is this something Jeepers do when they want to be creepy or impress their friends? While the other Jeep we posted seemed more girly after the lashes, this one looks girly, yes, but definitely gothic. Must've been one of those crazy rock stars who did it. Lashes are wrong on so many levels. Even the talking cars in the Pixar movie Cars didn’t have eyelashes! Think about that. Computer animators were given a task to enter a studio and do their best to humanize a car so that it shared similar traits as humans. They gave them personalities, faces, and the ability to speak. And yet, they still chose not to give them eyelashes because they knew how stupid it would look. Or maybe some guy had to give out something to his girl as a gift, and he thought about painting, but that would've been too much, and the best girly thing to do was fix the eyes. Grrrrr!

6 Spacemobile Jeep

via ghostwood.org

Now, before we start venting, this guy actually tried. The guy has never been to the moon, so why not bring the moon back home? This Jeep's owner built a rover for winter and moon expeditions, which is actually pretty impressive, though it looks hideous. But it's a unique trait you can’t find in any other car, and when winter finally comes, all those who looked at him and shouted “retard” while driving past the owner will be asking him for a lift. He’s prepared for a winter like no other. But in the meantime, while the roads are still clear of snow, he's better off using real tires to drive around and make the Jeep look like what its manufacturers created it to look like.

5 Exterminator Jeep

via wranglertjforum.com

Another case of a truck-maniac who’s too broke to afford one ends up punishing his loyal jeep. Work on your credit score, bro—not your Jeep. And the colors? Even on the rims? This guy really wishes he just had one of those huge trucks that see the driver spend almost 70 hours of driving in a week with a combined break of just 34 hours. It’s a tough business. Yet you make only 40K a year. The breather that’s fixed on the door leaves you confused even more. Plus, the colors of the car aren't coordinated. It’s like he wasn’t sure what he wanted between red and orange. It would do very well as an exterminator's truck—the truck of the guy who goes around killing pests in the suburbs—but not as a personal car.

4 Barbie Jeep

via pinsdaddy.com

Yet another case of pink being sprayed on what used to be one of the toughest cars. At this rate, you might end up thinking pink is one of the main colors Jeeps come in and that Barbies played a huge role in designing them. Just sad. The grille looks OK, but the paint job spoilt everything. Again, it reminds us of those crazy high school chick-flick movies that have this popular cheerleader who won’t let this new kid join the squad because she’s cuter, and the new kid ends up depressed. Who would want to hang out with a person with such a car? It’s time Hollywood directors also stepped up and made these cool actors a little bit cooler than that. Even Barbie, let alone Ken, wouldn't drive this car.

3 Extended Jeep

via gatsbyonline.com

What in the world is this now? Two for one? Word has it that a Moroccan diplomat had two Wranglers, looked at them one day, and decided he would make them one. Reason? He wanted eight guys to fit in one jeep. Comfortably. He should've at least made sure the word “Jeep” was spelled right. It’s a bit shocking, yes, but we've seen worse from people over there who have millions and time to waste, and they do it on cars and planes. One might wonder, how does this guy enter his driveway? Or a parking lot? Does he drive it to work? I just wonder how the Jeep people feel when they see such mods. They should ban such guys from owning their cars.

2 Bhangra Jeep

via dailylolpics.lolpics.com

Let’s ignore the pink for now. The owner, who, we're willing to bet, is of Indian origin (or really an Elvis Presley fan), had an idea of what he wanted but definitely messed everything up with those exhaust-pipe tips. Why put five? And what about those shiny big rims? He went for some very nice 22-inch rims that gave the Jeep a superb look, but the awesomeness ended there. Can you see how shocked the guy taking the picture is? I’m sure he was like, “Hey sweetheart, look at these two guys. Look at what they've done to this poor Jeep. Five exhaust tips. Why on Earth would someone do that? Let me take a photo. I’ll post it up on social media. Guys need to see this madness.”

1 The Reptile Jeep

via wranglertjforum.com

Now, if you don’t think this Jeep owner takes the crown, you definitely have a problem, too. Who can explain this? The Jeep looks uglier than a durian fruit or a reptile from the Kalahari Desert that drinks diesel to survive the hostile surrounding. Utterly disgusting! It’s one thing to have an ugly car, but it’s just another to have an ugly and dumb one. How does the owner even clean the car with so many feathers–or whatever is on that body? There are plenty of lists of worst cars in the world floating around, and this guy should be in all of them, not just for Jeeps. Or maybe it should be in a special place like a museum of ugly cars.

Sources: uglycarpictures.com, askmen.com, pinterest.com

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