25 People Who Tried To Park Their Cars, But Failed

You haven't driven for a long time if you don't get pissed when you see people parking badly. Most of the times, the culprits are likely to be women. Parallel parking is like cancer to a chunk of drivers. There was a video that went viral on the internet; it involved a woman trying to parallel park. It took her more than 8 minutes and close to 18 attempts, but she still wasn't able to park well. I'm sure there are a lot of people who are just as bad and are fortunate that they've never been caught on camera.

There also those drivers who are poor at parking, and they're not really ashamed of it. They'll park however they feel like. These drivers are notorious for making blunders on the road as well. They're unapologetic of their actions, and you wouldn't want to be involved with them because you'll probably call the police immediately. There was a survey that was conducted by Churchill Insurance. Around 5% of respondents believed that the parking place next to their house or neighborhood belonged to them and would intentionally block other people. The survey also found out that more than 70% of drivers have been involved in an altercation about parking. The internet is awash with pictures of drivers parked badly, and some of them are just too hilarious.

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25 Poor X5


The owner of this BMW X5 should've never been allowed to own it in the first place. How is it even possible that the bench was able to support the weight of the massive SUV? There's a big open space where the driver could've parked, but he opted for the X5 to sit on the bench. Even a drunk driver could've done a better job. The guy seems to have a personal vendetta against the municipality and decided to take matters into his own hands. This right here is a work of pure defiance with a little bit of luck. There seems to be minimal damage to the rear of the vehicle, and the owner can just drive away with little difficulty, should he decide to.

24 I Don't See Boulders


This SUV driver chose to completely ignore the boulders and went ahead and climbed them to find the perfect parking spot. This guy should've never gotten his license in the first place, and his permit needs to be revoked immediately. He's probably the owner of the building and thinks he can park wherever he so wishes. There seem to be empty parking spaces, but the guy decided to go over the boulders. The car's suspension must've taken a hit in the process, and there's a possibility of damages even if it's an SUV. The owner probably wanted an off-road experience and saw the boulders as the perfect opportunity to try out the strength of the suspension.

23 Flower-Bed Parking


This is one of those impatient people you wouldn't want to be driving behind in traffic. The parking lot was full, and the only available space was the flower bed, and he decided to take it. It could also be hard to blame him. Maybe he was driving around for half an hour or so, and there was no space available, so he decided to improvise. It could also have been an emergency situation. I wonder if this driver thought that he could camouflage his vehicle due to its color shade and if that's the reason why he thought he could park in that spot for a long time. What do when the parking lot is full, and there are no signs of space becoming available?

22 This Is My Spot


The parking is perfect, even for the tight space, and it's hard to imagine how the driver managed to fit the car. The only problem is, he's blocking the footpath access, and one also can't help but wonder how the driver's going to drive out of that space. There's a big piece of concrete behind the car, and going forward could also be dangerous with the staircase in the way. It looks like the car was miraculously parked there, and I can't seem to find a solution to getting out of the mess. The owner will have to take a few dents if he's to come out of that spot successfully. It could be his daily parking spot; you just never know.

21 I Rule These Streets


How do you explain this kind of parking? There's literally no vehicle around, and the owner could've done a better job at bad parking. It looks like he also didn't go through driving school because there's a clear "no stopping" sign on the post, but he chose to go onto the curb. The place looks like one of those tropical islands popular with tourists. The driver could be a tourist who doesn't have common courtesy and thinks he has the right to do anything because he's a foreigner. These are the kinds of things that should cause people to be banned from visiting a country for life. It's basic common sense to know how to park in such a situation.

20 Not Your Average Joe


There's plenty of parking space for this vehicle, but the owner seems to be competing with himself. He managed to climb 3 staircases, compared to the other vehicles in the parking lot. The driver was probably drunk when the car was parked and was on autopilot when he got home. The good thing was there were no damages to the vehicle, but the pictures were already going around on the internet. The car is still in good condition despite the owner being a careless driver. I would give him the benefit of doubt and assume he parked it like that so that he could take some pictures from the amazing angle. He surely did stand out with that kind of parking.

19 Terrible Parking On Another Level


The owner of this car decided to take terrible parking to another level. There's no way a driver can be dumb to this level. The logical explanation would be he tried to reverse, and the inevitable happened. Instead of calling for help, he decided that was the perfect spot for parking and went ahead with his daily activities. The reality will only hit him when it's time to go home and there are some errands that he needs to run that would need a vehicle. Chances are also high that the car has suffered serious mechanical damages that would cost a fortune to repair. The best solution would be to reverse the car, but that would also expose him to a risky situation.

18 Audi Pavement


This is the perfect example of why having a nice car won't guarantee that you're going to be a good driver. This image went viral because it was a nice-looking Audi that was involved in bad parking. One can't help but wonder why the owner decided to park like that even with the space around him. He could've parked next to the street but chose otherwise. It could be because he was afraid of being dented by other cars while he was away and decided to seclude the vehicle. Whatever the reason, this kind of parking is inexcusable, and the owner should be fined. Audi should also take note of such drivers who are a big disappointment to the badge.

17 I Missed The Parking Space


This is your typical arrogant driver on the road. He's clearly missed the parking space and even climbed the pedestrian pavement. Instead of rectifying his mistake, he decided to leave the vehicle like that because what he had to do was more important than parking correctly. Such cars should be towed, even without the owner's consent. He thinks he's above the law and can do anything he wants. It would be unfortunate if the driver was carrying a passenger who approved of such madness. If he had the audacity to park like this in an empty lot, you can just imagine the kind of bully he is on the road. He's probably accumulated a lifetime of traffic offenses in less than a year.

16 Too Close


I'm more than certain a lady was involved in this chaotic parking. There must've been a misunderstanding causing everyone to go for the tight parking spot, and as a result, the vehicles can't move. I've seen some comments from people suggesting it's Russia where everyone is an angry driver and where parking spaces are hard to come by. From the picture, it looks like the black car is a sedan, and the white one is probably a truck. The owner of the truck isn't afraid of the damages because the car is already old. He would rather damage his car than give up on the parking space. The owner of the Sedan has everything to lose, as the car looks new, and a dent is the last thing you want to see on it.

15 Closer To My Doorstep


What do you do when the parking lot is full and you need to get to the house because it's freezing cold? The owner of this car could be justified to park it at that spot if he lives in the apartment building and can't get space. Climbing the pavement wasn't really a big issue because of the ground clearance of the vehicle. Some neighbors must be jealous of him because he doesn't have to walk a longer distance to get to his car. It would, however, be unfortunate if the driver decided to ignore the parking lots allocated and went straight to the entrance of the building. You can never rule out that possibility.

14 Pathway Parking


The big question is how this driver was able to maneuver the trees that are very close together and manage to park on the pavement. He's blocked a pathway, which shows how selfish he can be. There was no way he was going to park on the streets and decided to park on the pavement because his car is small. It would be hard to tow it even if he decided to leave it there for a couple of days. Some trees would need to be cut, and that would still be challenging because you can't turn the wheels. The owner must've thought it through, and it seems that he does it occasionally because of the tight spaces the car is able to access.

13 Just Bad Parking


There's simply no excuse for parking like this. It's become too common, and you can't help but wonder when it's going to end. The boundaries are clearly marked, and there's no way one can unintentionally park this way unless you're completely blind. The parking lot is said to be that of Bed Park hospital, which explains a few things. I don't think someone can be confused to the extent of parking like this. Even a kid who's never driven before can do a better job, given the right directions. Taking the space of two slots means you're denying someone else parking space, and you wouldn't be happy if it was you on the other side of the fence.

12 Complete Trash


This is what happens when you drive a Range Rover but can't park, even if your life depended on it. The guy has clearly parked in the middle of the road, and some guys decided to show him how he's such a trashy driver by barricading the SUV with trash cans on both ends. This should bring about a moment of reflection, and the owner should never again park without being mindful of other road users. There are people who are more deserving of this vehicle than the current owner. You can't always get away with everything, no matter how rich and powerful you are. This picture is already out there on the internet and will probably last for a very long time.

11 Four-Wheel-Drive Karma


You'll never be a good driver if you don't put in the effort, no matter which vehicle you drive. This is the classical example, and the four-wheel car couldn't let it slide. There was no way he was going to wait for parking when this poor driver was taking up two spaces. The car is really beautiful with the aerodynamic design, but it's unfortunate the owner is clueless about how it should be handled. Why do people buy vehicles like this only for such embarrassing pictures to go viral on the internet? The truck driver should've gone on the passenger side to make it impossible for the guy to leave. I feel like the car is being wasted and abused by the current owner.

10 Clearly Not For Parallel Parking


Parallel parking might be challenging for some people, but not for this individual. He did it perfectly but in a situation when it wasn't required. These are the kinds of situations where you're required to use your common sense. It looks like he was the first person on the lot and decided to parallel park. Then came the other vehicles, and the owners decided to teach him a lesson. There's no way he is getting out of that situation and will have to wait even if he is in a hurry. Driving a big SUV can sometimes be a pain, and this driver had to learn it the hard way. It's not always about parallel parking.

9 Another Bad Example


The culprit must be one arrogant prick. Unlike the one above, this parking lot is clearly marked, and there's no excuse for parking the way he did. He was almost taking up space for 3 vehicles. The owner of the truck decided that he wasn't going to leave this kind of nonsense go unpunished. If I were the truck owner, I would leave it there for hours just to teach this a guy a lesson. You can't park the way you want and get away with it. Not every road user is that generous or polite. The weird part is, you don't usually get to see trucks parked badly, as it would be chaos. Truck drivers tend to be more disciplined and better drivers.

8 Good Luck Coming Out Of That


Jeep drivers are known to be bullies, and in this case, there was no way the other driver's bad driving was going to go without consequences. He's at risk of losing the side mirror and getting a new paint job if he decides to move forward. The only person who can save him from the situation is the Jeep driver who's clearly already pissed. Parking in two spaces is a serious offense, and there's no punishment that's enough. I always wonder what the culprits involved think about the offense. The guy will also find it hard getting to the driver's seat, especially if he has a big body. The only sensible thing to do would be to wait for the Jeep owner and profusely apologize for his mistake.

7 Parking Lot Teamwork


There's always going to be that one annoying driver in your office parking or apartment building who's terribly incompetent or purposely parks badly for convenience. You should all decide you've had enough and team up to teach him a lesson. Wait for that moment when he's parked badly, and block every access he has. There's no way this guy will be getting out of this situation unless his car can fly. This needs to happen a lot more often to teach bad drivers that the road doesn't belong to them alone. He'll probably have to cancel his meetings or plans for the day.

6 Not Without A Fight


This is yet another person who wants to show the owner of the carelessly parked vehicle the repercussions of his actions. Some of these drivers have no remorse whatsoever and won't even notice the harm they're causing to other drivers. The car is small, and there was no need to park in two spaces. It seems like this driver was trying to fail. There are some people who would've messed up with the paintwork because of being annoyed with such a kind of parking. It's becoming clearer that people who drive beautiful cars are the ones who are poor in terms of parking. It might be a bold generalization, but it can't be far from the truth.

5 Nothing But The Bush


Such a kind of a stunt makes me wish I had the ability to read minds. Why did this lad decide to climb the pavement and try to enter the bush? It could be the result of paranoia of being hit from behind, but it still doesn't give him the right to park badly. The car looks decent, which is commendable, given the driving skills of the owner. The car also looks like it was parked outside the allocated space, and the picture doesn't tell the whole story. One explanation could be that the lot on the right wasn't available when he got there and that he had to improvise, given the parking space. This will still get you a fine, and the owner would be lucky if the crime wasn't spotted by municipal workers or traffic cops.

4 Ford Lesson


Two-parking-spaces offenders should never be left to get away with it. They'll keep doing it because, in their minds, there's nothing wrong with what they're doing. This Ford driver learned the hard way when he got sandwiched between two Toyota vehicles. The Ford owner could've also tried parking in the tight space between the two vehicles as it doesn't look like the Toyota owners could've gone to such an extent to prove a point. Whatever the case, it's messy for the 3 cars involved, and it'll take more than a miracle for the cars to come out of it without a dent. The Toyota SUV still looks new and shouldn't be going through such a predicament. No winners here.

3 Audis And Lanes


This yet another Audi that's featured on the list. Audi owners want to keep to their lane but commit serious traffic offenses in the process. There's no car that's superior to the others when it comes to road usage, but Audi users have refused to reconcile with this fact. The owner of this one must've parked it so intentionally, as it would be impossible to be that bad. You can clearly see that there's something wrong when you step out of the vehicle. The owner would've been forgiven if he had tried rectifying his mistake. But it's clear from the photo that he didn't bother.

2 No Visitors Allowed


This is a visitor you wouldn't want to escort to the parking lot. It takes a lot of guts to park like this in an area designated for visitors. The guy has occupied 3 parking spaces, which I think wouldn't have been possible, looking at the size of the vehicle. The good thing is, there aren't so many cars in the parking lot, and this guy might just get away with it if he's not visiting for a long time. I bet the driver has never attended driving school and must've started driving without any supervision. He's also likely not aware of traffic signs, which makes him a danger to himself and other road users.

1 I Park How I Want


That seems to be the message from this BWM owner. It looks like he's used to getting his way and has still not met his match. There are more than one-fifth of parking spaces that are wasted in the United States because of people like this. Thousands of vehicles could get parking on a daily basis if drivers could stop their terrible parking practices. Those that do it sometimes aren't consciously aware of their mistake. A long-term solution would be to impose heavy fines on those who are found guilty of wasting parking spaces. There are people who'll still do it because it's like an incurable disease that just won't go away.

Source: dailymail.co.uk

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