25 Pictures Of Bikes Spotted In The Weirdest Situations

Motorbikes have been around since 1885, in at least one way or another. Bicycles have been around since 1816—again, in one form or another. Both of these modes of transportation were created by Germans and they have both been very important ways of travel for their entire histories. In fact, over time, they have become nothing but more important. There are bike share places all over the world as more and more large cities attempt to combat the effects of increased automotive traffic by urging residents to consider commuting via bicycle and motorcycle.

On top of that, it's not like motorcycle clubs have ever become less popular since they began in the 20th century. And since the dirt bike and the moped (and even the E-bike) have come about, there has been nothing but more reason for people to turn to two wheels to get around rather than the four wheels provided by the typical car. Throw in the increased fuel efficiency that motorcycles offer, and it seems like a no-brainer.

All of that being said, I have discovered some incredibly weird places where both motorbikes and bicycles have found themselves. I mean, from the sauna to the pool, and from the tightrope to the inside of a tree, these are some pretty strange spots to come across a bike or motorbike. We're just going to take a look at 25 of these strange finds. I'm sure there will be at least some laughter while you read this piece.

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25 Rooftop Romp


Alright, I know that Red Bull has long been a provider of some pretty wild videos to try and promote their energy drink that they claim "gives [people] wings" with one sip. But I have to say, this is just a bad thing to try and promote when it comes to finding a bike on a rooftop ledge, and even more so,  a person on that bike on the rooftop ledge. This is something that I just cannot imagine as a good thing to condone or promote. And I have to add that it truly is a weird place to find a bike, up on a rooftop ledge...with someone on it, as well. Even if they are filming an ad for Red Bull.

24 Wide Load


Alright, so it is not necessarily a strange or weird thing to see a motorbike on a road. But this obviously has to do far more with the weirdness of the amount of stuff thrown onto the back of this bike. This has got to be a weird thing to see with regards to a motorbike. That being said, it may very well not be a weird thing for the people who are seemingly delivering the mail in the specific town where this photo was taken. I mean...it is an incredible feat, getting all of these packages on this bike. I think most people here will agree that it's weird.

23 Tree Limbs? 


How does something like this even happen? Honestly though! Well, I can pretty much tell everyone here just how this happened. Sure, some people might like to think that the bike had been set next to the tree and the tree just happened to grow over it and take it as its own little toy. However, there are several reasons why that is not the case. The bike would have had to be set up in the air next to the tree for the tree to grow around it at that height. Not to mention that given the local lore of the place, which says it's been there for 100 years, it's certain the bike would have rusted to nothing and those tires would not be so nice. Still weird though.

22 Ice Run


There are people out there who think that it is a perfectly fine thing to take out a perfectly good motorbike, equipped with a sidecar, and take it on a nice long trip across a frozen lake that has the creepy misfortune of being pretty clear for a good chunk of the way. I realize that this bike trip is actually in a place where the lake is consistently at temperatures no warmer than 10 degrees Celsius below zero, but that is hardly the point here. I would never motorbike on a lake that I could see through. And I just think it is weird to bike on the ice.

21 Hydro Cryo Therapy...


It never ceases to amaze me just what people will come up with for different types of therapy and healing exercises. There really is no end to those sorts of things. I do think that it is an awesome sign because it means that people are constantly thinking, but it also does strike me as weird to think that someone just happened to think up, one day, that it would be a perfectly normal thing to take a bike, tear it down to the bare bones and stick it in a pool for people to exercise on. And this is not just any pool—it's a pool with super cold water in it!

20 Glass Table


As cool as I might be able to admit that this motorbike-based glass table is, I still really have to wonder what could have possibly have been going through someone's mind when they decided that a motorbike would make the perfect side table. I mean, think of the work it would take just to cut the bike down in order to fit the sheet of glass in there and to properly support it. And aside from that, this looks like it could have been a bike in pretty decent shape...which makes me wonder why someone would turn it into a table rather than ride the thing!

19 Ice Racing


Alright, it is one pretty weird thing to actually think about taking a motorbike and putting it out on the ice for a ride. It is another thing entirely to actually act on that thought and ride a motorbike on a frozen body of water. And I have to say that it is quite another thing entirely to get a bunch of people together who all grab their motorbikes and have a race out on the ice. I cannot help but find that incredibly weird. It's weird enough for one person to be out there but having a bunch of people all tearing up the ice at the same time? Extra weird.

18 Giant...


Well, I suppose it is not a weird thing to happen upon a bike or motorbike in a hangar or garage or shed or anything like that, but I have to say it is quite a weird thing to come across a gigantic motorbike in any one of those places. And that is exactly what is happening here. The strangest thing about this bike is probably the fact that it is actually ridable. I mean, imagine seeing this bike going around town. I don't know how the driver sees, and I don't know why it exists, but I think that just about any place that this bike goes is a weird place for it.

17 Cat Post/Flower Pot


There are certainly times when I have to sit down, sigh for a bit, and really wonder what it is that goes through people's minds when they think up some of the "artistic" creations that they set out to piece together. This nice-looking bike—that probably did actually run at one time before some hipster took it to make it a cat scratch post—is not only for kitties but also for flowers. It might be difficult to see, but there is a little glass pot built into this bike that has water in it, and tubing running along the bike for drainage. I don't think that cat perch and flower pot go together. Very weird, indeed.

16 Tightrope Ride


There are some things that make me wonder way more than most other things. Typically, these things have to do with some very dangerous scenarios with gear that people may not ever expect. Here is a guy who is going biking. That's fine...except for one thing...he's biking ON A TIGHTROPE! How nutty does someone have to be to even just try to span a canyon on a tightrope, even using their own feet!? And this guy has taken it to another level by taking his bike for the tightrope run. Good thing he's still wearing his helmet. I know he's strapped to the tightrope but just imagine falling and getting hit by the bike while bouncing back up. Some people are weird.

15 Motor Surf


There are indeed some very strange things that people do out there in the world. I mean, a number of those things are found right here in this article. That is just a fact, for sure. It really did surprise me when I learned that there are people out there who do not just surf...they surf with their motorbikes. Now, before people start to suggest that this was all just photoshopped and that it's not real, it's important to say that they do not surf their bikes without some semblance of a board helping out. That being said, I do not think that I am the only one here who thinks that surfing with a motorbike is sort of weird.

14 Detroit Silver Dome


Well, I think the biggest thing here that is at all weird is the fact that anything is found in the Silverdome. I mean, it was closed for some years by the time that Red Bull got in there to do another ad of a bike up in a very weird and precarious place. I could find my way to being pretty sketched out being that high up on a bike overlooking an abandoned stadium. Since this ad was made, the stadium has been dismantled. But it still is weird that a cyclist would find his way to the top of an abandoned stadium, especially one that once hosted the Pope.

13 China Bike Share


This is just way more than weird; it is also just a huge waste. The number of times that I can think of where I had been without a bike and just could not afford one at the time is ridiculous, and yet there have got to be thousands just sitting in a pile because the bike share program in China is apparently not working quite the way they expected it to. I know that the bike share program in Toronto is pretty good, and even though the bikes are not fantastic, they certainly don't find their way to a giant pile of scrap metal like this. I wish I had access to this pile because then I would never be without a ride.

12 Charred Amsterdam Moped


Alright, so I guess I have to specify a few things here. I am not, in any way shape or form, a fan of the moped. I really am not. I also have to say that in the burning of this moped, there were no people harmed. While I do find it weird that some random moped on a sidewalk in Amsterdam ended up charred like this, I cannot say that I am wholly surprised or all that upset. I mean, I guess the fire and fumes are probably bad for the environment, but one less moped out there on the roads makes life easier for us all, in my humble opinion. But that could just be me.

11 Buried Alive


I really have to wonder one very important thing: did this kid bury this motorbike? I mean, I guess it might be one thing to not like being gifted a little motorbike for one's birthday, but it is another thing entirely to then take that bike and choose to bury it in sand just out of spite for having been given such a gift. Some other kid could have used that bike! I'm sure it could still be salvaged, at the very least, but that doesn't change the fact that this is a pretty weird place to leave a motorbike. I don't think I've ever seen a nice and shiny new bike buried before.

10 Salt Flat Baby Ride


Alright, it is one thing to do a bike trip across Bolivia and other parts of South America, but it is quite something else to bike trip that same place and distance...with your child! And I mean, this child is young enough to both need and be able to fit into the little kid's cart trailer being pulled behind the bike. Never mind that riding a salt flat is already a weird place to take a bike because someone is just asking to have the bike fall apart, either during or just after the trip. This person brings her child with her, and I can only imagine the amount of salt kicked up into that cart from her rear tire.

9 Motorbike Graveyard...


This is just absurd. I think it is far more than weird or strange, it is just a very absurd thing to see a pile of motorbikes stacked one on top of the other for such a far stretch. There must be thousands of these bikes packed together. Imagine just how much money there is piled up in there, in terms of spare parts and scrap metal and even full bikes that still run. The number of motorbikes that could just be gifted to people who need a quick mode of transportation for work or family is incredible. It's incredible as far as I am concerned, at any rate.

8 Sauna Time? 


What!? I do not think that many people here could even begin to understand just what is going on here. Sure, it is obviously just a photo shoot to promote a hotel that I guess is trying to show that all athletes are welcome...but...the skier in the background has no gear on, the snowboarder only has half her gear on, and the cyclist has every ounce of gear on him. And why do any of these people have gear in the sauna? Whatever the ad was from this hotel, it makes no sense at all. And if it's winter and the skier and snowboarder are out doing their thing, then why is the bike not fit with winter tires? Very weird.

7 Winter Wonderland


Alright, I know that there are sometimes some pretty nutty weather changes and storms can just rush in and dump a ton of surprising things on us, but I have to say that anyone who rides a motorbike in a place where there is winter should know better than to still have their bike out and on the road near the time snow typically starts to fall. Sure, this could have been a nutty snowstorm that just happened upon this place, but the bike should be put away well before the onset of winter to ensure its safety and the safety of the rider. So, not only is it weird to see this bike...it's also pretty ridiculous.

6 Wine Rack / Bar Cart


Ok, there are a few things that I have to say about this particular bike. The very first thing that I absolutely have to say is that this is pretty amazing and if I did not already have a bar in my place, I would totally want one of these. That being said, this is also a pretty ridiculous thing for someone to have even come up with to make, and I think that most people will agree with me that, no matter how awesome it may be, it is still pretty weird that a classic-looking motorbike was harmed in the process of the making this bar cart-wine rack.

5 Wet Cement...


Look, as the author of this piece, I am supposed to understand pretty much everything that is going on and be able to educate the reading audience in one way or another. But I have to say that there is just no good reason I can think of to take a motorbike (especially one that is meant to go fast) and run it through a patch of wet cement. I really cannot think that this is anything other than both rather weird and very questionable. I'm sure that the rider of this bike had their reasons, although I am also sure that those reasons sort of danced around the idea of not having paid any attention to the clear signage that was up to prevent this from happening.

4 Water Pump?


Well, now, I have to say that while this is a very weird thing, it is also incredibly ingenious and inventive. I mean, if someone is out there and cannot build a pump for their water supply, and cannot be bothered to travel a long distance for unhealthy surface water, it makes a whole lot of sense to use the tools around. And if the only tool around happens to be a motorbike that is emptied out and used to run water from a deeper part of the body of water to pump out cleaner water for those around...then so be it. I think this is pretty awesome. It's sad that it's necessary, but still awesome, and yet also strange.

3 Wake Up Call


I am pretty sure that I can honestly say that there are not many people who have ever been known to see motorbikes just hanging out around the house, much less bikes being used to wake people up in the morning. Do not get me wrong here: I think that this is absolutely hilarious and this is not the very first time that I have seen it being done. The Metal Mulisha did a very similar thing to Bam Margera in his reality show Viva La Bam. But that does not change the fact that it is pretty weird, even if it makes me laugh out loud.

2 Just Hangin' Out?


Ok...I really have to put my cards out on the table here and say one pretty important thing. I may never be surprised that people do very strange and nutty things but I really wonder about those people when they do do said things. Like this guy and his bike, for example. I'm not surprised that this guy is hanging upside down from a tree branch with his bike hanging right side up right next to him...but I do really wonder what exactly is wrong with him that this is a thing that has happened. It's a strange way to take a break from biking. I gett "hanging out" but this is just odd.

1 Stuck In The Muck


Well, this is certainly not a normal way to spend a day on the bike. I know that the bike is meant to end up in the dirt, but this is a bit much. I don't think that these bikes were ever really meant to take on mud. At least not a full foot of mud, that's for sure. It might not be the weirdest place to find a bike, especially if this person did not realize that this area was all muddy, but it certainly is not a regular jaunt for a bike of this sort. I feel for the rider, that's for sure. I wouldn't want to bury my bike by accident in a giant splash of mud. Hopefully, the guy didn't get stuck too!

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