25 Things That Supercar Owners Do That The Rest Of Us Can't Stand

It is a privilege (and the culmination of a lot of hard work) to be able to drive certain cars. You are a lucky person if you have a classic US muscle car parked in your garage for your enjoyment. These people worked for many years in order to be able to have that car. It is likely that they dreamed of having it for many years before they were able to actually own it. Then there are those people who are lucky enough to own a supercar.

These cars can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to own. You have to be from a certain wealthy family or see a certain amount of success in your life for this to even be an option for you. Even if a person is lucky enough to own one, it is not going to be the type of car that is a daily driver because let's face it, they are going to be expensive to drive (have you ever researched the price of an oil change for a Lambo).

The worst part of this is when someone owns a supercar and they're a bad driver or they have a certain amount of ego because they drive one. There are a lot of annoying things that any driver can do, these things are definitely compounded when the annoying driver is behind the wheel of a supercar.

Here are 25 bad driving habits that are far more annoying when they are done by a person who is behind the wheel of a supercar.

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25 Party In (Or Around) The Car

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Is it a flash mob? Is it a holiday? Are we stopped looking at an accident? Maybe it's a roadblock? Nope. It's people celebrating the fact that they are lucky enough to drive a supercar.

They are making sure that the whole world knows who they are and what they drive. This is one of those moments where they are celebrating how lucky they are and how awesome their car is. Yes, we wish we had one, but we don't and we really don't care that you do. It's a beautiful car but you don't have to rub it in everyone's face.

24 Blasting Music

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I can't stand when people are parked out in front of someone's house or a business and they leave their car running and the music blasting. They are definitely doing this just to attract attention to their car. We know you spent a lot of money on your car and that it is a beautiful car. You don't have to cause a noise disturbance in the neighborhood to let everyone know.

Then there are those that are blasting the music as loud as possible as they go down the road. Most times, it is a bad song that was a one-hit wonder anyway. No one likes that song!

23 Tailgating

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I can't stand those drivers that drive so close to you that you can see into their car. It is really frustrating and it is stressful for many inexperienced drivers. These are the kind of driving habits that can cause accidents and then the person who was tailgating gets mad when the person in front of them uses their brakes.

Listen, if it is that big of a deal, use all that supercar horsepower to pass me. No one wants to be tailgated, especially by a car that can do 200 miles an hour.

22 Swaying Back And Forth To Get Someone To Pull Over

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I am one of those drivers that can really get an attitude when someone is driving like a jerk behind me. I can't imagine how irritated I would get if it was someone driving a Lambo or a Noble. I know when someone starts swaying back and forth because they are not happy with how fast I am going, I go slower to make them even madder.

I know this is not the best idea but it really makes me laugh a little bit. Just because you could blow away every car on the road doesn't mean that you have to. Stop trying to be a jerk and just go around me.

21 Putting On Makeup While Driving

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We know that us women love to look great when we go out and makeup is part of the routine for many of us. It is really annoying to be driving next to that woman who feels the need to put on their makeup at each red light or, even, while she is driving. Is that really necessary?

Were you in such a rush to leave the house that you didn't have time to do that before you left? The worst part is that they are probably in such a rush that while they are trying to do their makeup, they are in such a rush that they are driving too fast as well. You should have woke up sooner so you could get ready without putting everyone on the road in danger so you can do your makeup.

20 Talking On Their Cell

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Many States of the U.S. and countries around the world prohibit the use of a cell phone why you are driving. It is dangerous and we are all aware of the tragedies that have occurred due to distracted driving. It is really frustrating to see someone in any car, supercars included, to see someone talking on the phone.

When someone in a supercar is doing it, it makes them seem as they are someone who feels that they are special and above the law. Just because you are driving an amazing machine doesn't mean you are special and can do what you want.

19  Driving Too Fast

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It is one thing to own a supercar and enjoy it and it is a whole other thing to put other people at risk when you do. There are plenty of people who drive too fast out there on the roads, but no matter what you drive, you are putting others at risk.

It is easy to lose control of a vehicle and go careening into another car. We know that you have a car that goes fast and has a lot of power, but please don't drive so fast that others are afraid to be on the road driving next to you. 100 miles per hour is way too fast, even if it is in a supercar.

18 Driving Too Slow

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On the flip side of driving too fast, it is really irritating when people won't even do the speed limit. It is irritating to get behind someone that is not doing 20 miles an hour under the posted speed limit when you are on your way to work or your wife is in labor.

It is even worse when you know that the supercar that is on the road in front of you is driving way too slow. You want to yell out the window, "I know your car has like a million horsepower, use it!"

17 Weaving Through Traffic

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Imagine that you are on a busy highway and this supercar comes speeding out of nowhere and starts weaving through traffic like a racecar driver. It can cause a lot of stress to other drivers as they are watching this person weave through the traffic on a busy road.

It can be distracting because you are worried about the person causing an accident and it takes your attention away from what you are doing. God forbid if they cause an accident and you have to drive your way out of the path of a massive pile up.

16 Taking Up 2 Parking Spaces (Or Squeezing Into One)

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So you pull into the parking lot of the pharmacy so that you can get your medications and you are driving through the lot looking for a place to park. You come up to what you think is a free space until you realize that the Porsche or Ferrari that is parked there is taking up two spaces - you know they did that because they don't want anyone parking close to their beautiful car.

This is so irritating. You want to find the person in the store and let them know that if they are so worried about their car, why are they driving around other people? It can be just as irritating when they squeeze into a space between to cars that is so tight that no one is going to be able to get into their car without hitting their Porsche with their door. Then they are going to freak out that you hit their car with the door. Park like normal people.

15  Not Using Turn Signals

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So you are driving through town and you are behind someone in a Veyron who decides to slam on the brakes and make a quick turn. Just because they had to make a last minute decision to turn, they almost cause an accident.

A little bit of notice would have been nice so that I could have slowed down safely so I didn't almost rear end you. Then you want to get mad at me because I got too close to your supercar. If you put on your turn signal like you were supposed to, that would have never happened!

14 Overreacting

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This one goes hand in hand with the not using turn signals entry. Road rage is never a good look for anyone, especially someone who is wealthy enough to own and drive a supercar. Road rage can happen for a lot of reasons, but it is always a reaction to something that someone else does. They stop short or don't use their turn signal and then they want to get mad at you because you almost hit them.

This overreaction on their part could have been avoided if they decided to abide by the rules of the road and drive safely. Not for nothing, just because you drive an Aston Martin doesn't mean that you have free reign to drive however you want and then get mad at other drivers because they got too close.

13 Wrecking It

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I don't care who you are, it is human nature to be nosy when you drive by the scene of a car accident. It really sucks to see people who wrecked their car, it is even worse to see a Ferrari LaFerrari (like the one above) totaled.

Many accidents are caused by reckless drivers and when that reckless driver is behind the wheel of a car like a Ferrari, it's not just reckless, it's dumb. You spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to drive that car and then you destroy it. You should be as caring about that car as other people are about their homes (because some Ferrari models cost as much as some people's homes).

12 Flashing Their Headlights

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There are some drivers out there that use their headlights as ways of communication. Some of them will flash their lights in order to get people to move out of their way. This can be incredibly distracting and frustrating when you are doing the speed limit, but that is not good enough for the guy behind you in his supercar.

These are the kinds of drivers that think that they own the road and that everyone should move out of the way when they see them coming. People who drive supercars that do this, are basically trying to make people drive the way they want and move out of their way so that they can drive too fast.

11 Passing Someone And Then Hitting Their Brakes

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You are driving down the road and some guy in a Pagani flies up on your rear at speeds that are way too fast. Then he decides to use all of that horsepower to pass you because apparently, you were driving too slow for him (even though you were doing the speed limit).

Then, once they get in front of you, they decide to hit their brakes and slow down. What was the point of that? These supercar drivers are like the second grader that feels that they have to be in the front of the line all the time. Just because you are behind a regular car doesn't make you any less of a driver.

10 Pulling Out In Front Of Someone

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Don't you hate it when you are driving and someone pulls out in front of you so you have to slam on your brakes so you don't hit them? It's like, you could have waited 2 seconds for me to go by and then pulled out safely.

The worst is when you know that there was no one behind you and they still felt the need to do this. I feel like some supercar drivers may do this because they can't stand the idea of being behind anyone on the road. Just because you are driving a McLaren doesn't mean that waiting for someone to go by is a far-fetched idea. Just wait the extra second.

9 Slamming On The Brakes When They See A Cop

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We know that the police are out there to make sure that everyone on the road is following the rules and everyone is safe. It is really silly to be going so fast that you have to slam on the brakes because there is a cop up ahead. You should always follow traffic laws because it is safest for you and all the other drivers around you.

Not for nothing, it is likely that the cop is probably not going to go after you in your Bugatti anyways because you are driving a nice car and they would never be able to catch you anyways. You should still follow the rules though.

8 Honking At People

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The horn on a car should only be used in emergency situations in order to alert another driver about possible dangers. It is not for when you are irritated because they are driving too slow or because there is a traffic jam.

Just because you are driving a Koenigsegg doesn't mean that your horn is an instrument to get people to move. This is so annoying because ultimately your horn is not going to dissolve the traffic jam or get people to drive faster. We know your $250,000 horn works, good for you.

7 Leaving Their Turn Signal On

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The guy in front of you keeps his turn signal on for the last 5 miles and you wish he would either turn, figure out where he is going, or realize that his signal is on. His supercar turn signal is forcing you to drive a lot more cautiously because you do not need your insurance to go up after you rear-end his expensive car.

This is extremely annoying because you know that their car likely has navigation and that they are probably just distracted to the point that they don't realize their signal is on. Pay attention!

6 Not Turning Right On Red (When Legal)

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Many intersections allow drivers to make right-hand turns on red in order to keep traffic moving and prevent the intersections from becoming too clogged. Then there is the annoying Audi driver who refuses to do so because they are either a bad driver or they want to look cool sitting at a red light.

Please turn because I have to get to work. Just because you don't have anywhere important to be doesn't mean that the rest of us want to sit behind you and admire your beautiful supercar. Turn already!

5  Sitting At A Green Light

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The light turns green, go already. The light turned green and the guy in the Aston Martin is just sitting there because he isn't paying attention. One of the reasons that people buy supercars is because of the speed that they have. It is really irritating for the rest of us.

We have jobs to get to and kids to take to school. Just because you are taking a Sunday cruise on a Wednesday morning in your Aston Martin, doesn't mean it has to affect the rest of us. Please move when the light turns green.

4 Littering

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The world is not your garbage can. The county workers and street sweepers that work in your neighborhood are not your mamas and they don't get paid to clean up after you. If you are driving a car that is that expensive, I can't even imagine eating in this car at all or accumulating any garbage in it at all.

Be a responsible driver like the rest of us and keep a bag in your supercar for any garbage that you may have. I can see doing a lot of things, but littering has got to be one of the worst things that you can do. Unless it is a half-eaten piece of fruit because then you can say you were feeding the birds going 75 miles an hour.

3 Speeding Up When Someone Tries To Pass

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As crazy as it may seem, there may be some supercar drivers that are going to go too slow for your liking. In this case, as long as it is safe, you can pass them so that you can go on about your business. It is really annoying (and very dangerous) when they decide to speed up when you try to pass.

They may have a complex that won't allow them to allow you to pass them. They are probably thinking to themselves, "don't you see that I am driving a supercar here? I know you aren't trying to pass me right now?" It is inconceivable to them that someone in a Jeep is going to try and pass them.

2  Owning One

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I am definitely going to sound like a hater right now, but at least I can admit it. Some of us definitely get jealous that you are able to drive a supercar and the closest most of us will ever get to one is in a magazine or at a car show.

The entries on this list are things that are definitely irritating when any driver does them but they are compounded by the jealousy that some of us feel because we will never get to drive one, let alone ever own one. You are lucky and we all know it. You don't need to drive like a jerk or do dumb things to let us know what kind of power you have under the hood.

1 Flirting From The Driver Seat

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So someone in a supercar pulls up to a red light and they see a girl or guy that they think is cute and they proceed to flirt with them. They may be a nice person, but they are definitely going to use their car to their advantage in this situation.

This is going to be really annoying when they decide to hold up traffic because they are trying to ask the person out or get their phone number. They could at least be kind enough to other "regular" drivers to pull over so that they are not holding up traffic.

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