$25,000 Cars Their Owners Should Be Embarrassed To Drive

he problem with the car makers of today is that in order to meet the high demand, they often overlook what makes a car attractive to the buyer.

We all enjoy cars that are a sight to behold—the way the curves are aesthetically merged with every other part of the body is just pure art. Believe it or not, beautiful cars trigger the same emotions as those brought about upon seeing a beautiful woman. Furthermore, cars have been a part of our society for quite some time now, and we've established a special kind of relationship with them.

Nowadays, car manufacturers are going into overdrive to meet the demands of the current market. However, there have been cases where certain cars whose overall aesthetics are in question have emerged. That's a big deal, as in today's time, having a good-looking car is a symbol of status and power, and if you're not driving something stunning to look at, it's likely that you'll face embarrassment everywhere you go.

The problem with the car makers of today is that in order to meet the high demand, they often overlook what makes a car attractive to the buyer. When that happens, the poor unlucky owners of those vehicles have to suffer. Mind you, cars worth 25,000 bucks aren't cheap. I mean, you're spending quite a lot of money on an investment that could probably be stuck with you for most of your life. Some of the cars listed below are from foreign manufacturing companies, so it's understandable that their sense of styling is more popular over there than here. With that, enjoy some of the hideous cars of our time, in the list below.

20 2016 Toyota Avalon

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The thing about some cars that makes them loved by everyone is that they capture the trust of the buyer at first sight. And fortunately, cars of the current era, like the Toyota Avalon, are getting much better with each succeeding generation. However, the 2016 model is probably an all-time low just because it looks like a ripoff of the Toyota Camry— and nobody wants a copycat. It has quite a powerful engine, mind you. The V6 engine is enough to meet your power needs. However, the fact that it's a front-wheel-drive car just doesn’t sit right with most people. I'd advise you not to pick up any dates if you're driving one of these.

19 Jeep Patriot

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If you have an interest in owning an SUV, then your best bet would be to go for some of the most renowned companies that have manufactured some really good vehicles. Jeep, being a specialist in making 4x4s, has manufactured some of the most successful SUVs like the Cherokee.

But there's one car that would make people stare at you with a judgmental gaze if you're seen driving it: the Jeep Patriot.

It's a small car, which contradicts the purpose it was built for. An SUV is supposed to be huge and powerful and one that demands respect. But not this one. There's another issue with it as well: it has some reliability problems, which make it even more hated by owners. With that being said, it would be a real bummer if your car breaks down when you're out on a weekend ride with your friends.

18 Mini Cooper

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There was a time when cars that were small and agile were considered “cool.” Nowadays, cars are getting somewhat bigger in size, but to cater to the efficiency that was inherent in those small cars, modern cars are turning to electric power. However, small cars look funny if you're a huge dude trying to fit inside a small shoe box, and the Mini Cooper is one of those cars that can be considered a “shoe box.”

I'm pretty sure you won’t have many friends if you're seen trying to fit yourself into the Mini Cooper.

If you feel like punching me in the face with what I just said, I'd tell you to wait a minute. I have stats to back me up. Sales of the Mini Cooper have dropped 56% through February 2017, showcasing how much people hate it. And you just can’t argue with numbers, can you?

17 Jeep Compass

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What would any rational business do if they found out that one of their products wasn't performing well in the market? They would look at the problem and try to fix what's wrong—at least that's what Jeep should've done. Instead, though, after the poor sales of the Jeep Patriot caused by people being kind of embarrassed to drive them, Jeep seemed to think, "Why not just change the name and release it to the market as if the name was the cause of the bad sales?" In came the Jeep Compass as a breath of fresh air (yawn). This car was released to the public, but it wasn't well received, partly because there was nothing fresh about it. If you care to buy one of these, get a pack of paper bags to wear over your head when you go out for a drive.

16 2010 Chevrolet Cobalt SS

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Chevrolet is a pretty big, renown company when it comes making cars that are jaw-dropping to look at and a treat to drive. With that amount of expectation from a company, anything that's a little below the bar is met with extreme criticism.

Chevrolet Cobalt SS is one of those cars that most people are embarrassed to drive because of the way it looks.

The car looks like my grandpa, who has his pants all the way up. With its raised back and chrome all over the place, you just can't find the beauty in it. If you want to further embarrass yourself, have someone sit inside and gaze upon the glory of having an interior made from styrofoam and cheap red stitching. Honestly, you're better off going on foot or borrowing your mom's car.

15 Toyota Prius

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Ahh, the good old Toyota Prius. I know the world of today is moving toward electric power because we're running out of fossil fuels. In my humble opinion, there's no match for having a car that guzzles fuel and produces the symphony of noise from the exhaust. Cars with engines have souls. But the Toyota Prius didn't make this spot on our list just because it's electric powered; it's because of something way more sinister: there's something off about the way this car looks.

It's a 1.3-liter car with contours so pointy, it looks like it's trying hard to look like a lean, mean fighting machine.

Because of that, the car is an instant turnoff for most people, and I totally agree with them.

14 Dodge Dart

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Dodge has produced some of the most powerful and spectacular cars ever, some of which are the Charger and the Challenger. With a reputation for manufacturing high-performance cars, the expectation of people is as elevated when a new car arrives. I wish there was something good I could say about the Dodge Dart, but there's honestly nothing striking about it.

The car looks like a Chinese fake copy of the popular muscle car Dodge Charger.

It's as if the car is a parody of what the Charger would be like if it was in a comedy skit. The car is a front-wheel drive, and yet, it's classified as a muscle car. It's blasphemy to the muscle-car name that it's a front-wheel drive! So, do yourself a favor, and buy a real car.

13 Nissan Juke

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I've seen cars that are ugly as heck, but there's something about the Nissan Juke that just makes me want to throw up. Nissan is known to have manufactured some of the most beautiful and powerful sports cars out there, like the Nissan GTR a.k.a "Godzilla."

The Nissan Juke looks like a hunchback troll from one of the Lord of the Rings movies.

It's safe to say that the Juke has a face not even a mother could love. It's hard to believe that someone at Nissan approved the idea of a car like this to hit the streets. Anyway, if you own a Nissan Juke, don’t feel bad—there might be someone out there who'd appreciate your taste in cars.

12 2016 Buick Regal

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The 2016 Buick Regal isn't a bad car—let's just get that sorted out first. But it's definitely not a great car either. The 2016 Buick Regal is excessively designed to look good, which doesn't bode well for the overall design. The excessive use of chrome makes the Regal look like the Silver Surfer's choice of a ride. There are also multiple issues reported by the owners of these cars, such as having low visibility when trying to park the car. And there's the issue of body rolls when taking quick turns, making it a real challenge to drive. Plus, even if the cars aren't fun to drive, at least Buick could've made up for it when it comes to looks, and I really wish I could say that's true in the case of the Buick Regal, but I can't

11 2014 Volvo XC90

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I know cars are going in the direction of sleek and pointy designs that showcase the future. However, the SUVs of today seem like they're going in the other direction. I wish I had something good to say about this Volvo XC90, but that's a tall order. Let's try, though. Well, the vehicle has sports-tuned mods and a self-leveling rear suspension, which compensates for uneven loads. However, the car's looks are questionable, making it unappealing to the eye. The front headlights give the car a surprised, confused look. Also, it's designed to perform much more than the engine can handle, which makes it underwhelming. The excessive body weight combined with the ride height makes it clunky to drive as well. The cherry on top is that it's also a front-wheel drive, which is unusual for an SUV.

10 2013 Lexus SC430

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This car was rated the worst in the world by the famous motorsport show Top Gear, both Jeremy Clarkson and James May coming to that conclusion. Well, the Lexus SC430 seems to be different from other cars, but surely, it's not the worst thing out there, right? The label that's been assigned to this car has created an image in people's minds, one that'll surely turn some heads. Unfortunately, being seen in this car makes for an embarrassing situation. The driving compartment seems to be in the middle of the chassis with the front and the rear erupting everywhere, which makes for a sad sight to behold. So, if you're planning to buy this car, do yourself a favor and buy something else.

9 Corvette 305 California

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If you were to ask yourself what comes to your mind when you hear the words "muscle car," you'd say that it's the looks, the way the car presents itself, the way it drives, or the power of the car that matter. True, that's actually what makes a muscle car. However, the Corvette 305 checked out most of the boxes of a muscle car, but there was just one thing that it was lacking, the power.

The engine is a 5.0-liter V8, which is why it's quite surprising that it can only produce 180 hp. Yes, that's right—only 180 hp with a 5.0-liter V8!

For this reason, an embarrassing situation would arise if someone were to ask you to burn some rubber, as you'd stall from the lack of power. My advice: if you own one, sell it.

8 2015 Fiat 500X

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Words that don’t work when used together are called "oxymorons," so, for example, the words "SUV" and "small" when put together create an oxymoron since these are contradictory to each other. The Fiat 500X is one of those oxymoronic cars that are labeled as a "small SUV." You know you're in for a treat when a car is labeled as such. The front of the Fiat 500X looks like a Christmas tree with an overabundance of lights to the point that it seems that people who drive these cars have a bad case of nighttime blindness. With so many lights, you might be mistaken for a lighthouse on wheels. So, if you're planning to buy one or already own one, try to sell it and buy some roller skates, as they would look much better.

7 Fiat Multipla

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There's only one word for this car: “abomination.” I mean, it's really hard to imagine someone at Fiat sat down in a board meeting one day and gave the thumbs up to a car that looks this bad. The car looks like it's used for exploring the Mariana Trench with a submarine dome for a driver compartment. The lights, oh boy... the lights are in the worst possible place that one could imagine. Seriously, you would have to be brain dead to own a car like this. To be a little nice now, the car does have some practical uses. There are two rows of seats and each row can accommodate 3 passengers, but other than that, there's nothing good about this one. It's better to buy a wheel and beat it with a stick until it starts to roll than buying the Fiat Multipla.

6 Nissan Versa

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Honestly, at this point, it's just torturous to write further, but the show must go on. This upcoming freak show is the Nissan Versa, and with one look, you can kind of guess what's wrong with this car. The car has a huge back like it's trying to hide something huge in the trunk. Furthermore, the front is small and not proportional to the car. To make things even worse, the car has wheels as small as those used on lawn mowers, which is just disturbing to look at.

Honestly, this car belongs in the circus.

Like I said before, Nissan has been known to make some weird cars like the Nissan Juke, and the people over there haven't given up yet.

5 Honda Civic Type-R

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The Honda Civic is the type of car that's good for a daily driver but not much else. But to spice things up a bit, Honda decided to unveil their sportier, more aggressive package.

Introducing the Honda Type-R! This car is quite fast, but there's something about its looks that doesn't click.

The bulged-up hood isn't that impressive to look at. Even worse, the rear of the vehicle isn't following the symmetry that's at the front, giving it an uneven kind of feel. It makes it look like a hatchback, which isn't a good body design for racing. To make things worse, the car is also front-wheel drive, which is like rubbing salt into the wound. So, you better not spend your hard-earned cash to buy something as unattractive as this.

4 Toyota Mirai

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I don’t know if it's a cultural thing or not, but cars from Japanese companies are usually different looking than most cars you see on the road. Cars such as the Nissan Juke and the Toyota Prius are some of those examples. We have another car from Toyota that's just a sight to behold—and not in a good way, mind you. The Toyota Mirai is a car that could take you to the ends of the world on a single tank, but the way it looks is an issue. It looks as if someone attached four wheels to a wasp and slapped on a Toyota logo. If you see one, I’d suggest you do the same thing you'd do when you see a wasp near you: beat it to a pulp, and throw it in the trash.

3 Kia Sportage

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Like people, cars have a distinct personality to them that showcases their capabilities. A car is supposed to be proportionate, meaning, it has to follow a certain pattern that's uniform all over the car. A perfect example of not following proportions is the Kia Sportage. This small SUV isn't a pretty sight to behold. The front of the car is riddled with lights—as if the driver is handicapped to drive in the dark. The front grille isn't the most elegant-looking thing out there either. Although the car is pretty decent to drive and is quite economical, the looks, however, are a huge disappointment. So, make sure to wear a paper bag on your head next time you head out in this car.

2 Fiat 500L

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This is our upcoming contender for the cars that are so unattractive that their owners would have to hide from the public—a round of applause for the Fiat 500L! Fiat has manufactured some great cars, but the bad aspects of those cars are that they're not that appealing to the eyes. This car is a perfect example. It has the same issue that's found in nearly every other car we have on the list.

The number of lights is excessive, while the Fiat logo in that chrome grill looks like a mustache some French dude would have.

Speaking of excessive, the detailing is the thing that makes this car look bad. This car is a no-go, and for the price you're paying, it's better to invest in something else.

1 Mitsubishi Mirage

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You know what grinds my gears? It's when the body of the car is massive but the wheels on the bottom are smaller than you would find on a skateboard. The ridiculous thing about this car is the size of the wheels. I would be embarrassed to have wheels this small on a lawnmower. That’s not all—the body looks as if someone took a bicycle pump and started to pump air inside so that it would swell like a balloon. Even though the front of the car isn't that bad, the rear is sad to look at. The excessive trunk makes the rear bulge out, giving it an unappealing look. So, save some money before buying something as hideous as this, and get a car that actually has some personality.

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