26 Drivers Who Should Have Their Driver's License Revoked ASAP

There's a big number of people on the road who are just terrible drivers. You might be a good one, but you'll need defensive-driving lessons in order to survive on most American roads. The combative nature of poor drivers doesn't make things any better on the road. There's a whole science that tries to explain why some people are just poor drivers no matter how hard they try. There's also a psychological bias that every driver is likely to face behind the wheel. More often than not, people on the road fail to notice they're being aggressive. This could also be termed as "bad driving." You haven't been driving for a long time if you haven't bullied someone at one time.

I'm pretty sure you've also tailgated someone knowingly. Once you know how to drive, it becomes like an automatic operation. There's this feeling where you think you can predict the next move of the driver in front of you. The lapse of judgment speed is something every driver has experienced. The illusion that you control other drivers on the road is a deadly one. You should always be wary of bad drivers on the road because they have the capacity to surprise us. Here are 25 crazy drivers whose licenses should be revoked immediately.

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26 I Can Carry Anything


I bet everyone would call 911 when they see this. This guy should never be allowed on the road. This is a disaster waiting to happen, and the man is a danger not only to himself but also to other road users and pedestrians. How did they even get the car on the back of the truck in the first place? It seems the two vehicles were all going to the junkyard, and the owners didn't mind the damage inflicted upon the truck. It must've taken another towing truck and a lot of men to tie the car on the back of the truck. It's obviously not well positioned, and it looks like it'll fall off any minute. This isn't a car that you'd want to be driving behind in traffic.

25 Drunk Stunt


How do you even begin to explain this? It could've been a stunt gone wrong, but one can't help but wonder how the car manages to find itself between two other ones in that position. The SUV in the front looks like it's been spared and that the owner might do away with a few scratches. The Sedan hasn't, however, managed to escape, and the owner will have a lot of explaining to do to the insurance provider and prove beyond reasonable doubt that he was not an accomplice in the whole situation. If the driver is still alive, he'll definitely be charged in court and won't be getting the license to drive anytime soon.

24 Guy Must Be Fired


This is what you'd call sleeping on the job in literal terms. Just imagine watching TV in the middle of the day and seeing a crane divide your living room in half. We just hope the homeowner didn't get hurt in the accident. The company responsible will have to build a new home for the victim, and I'm sure the driver was fired on the spot if the accident was a fault of his. The weight of the load must've been heavier and not balanced, which resulted in the nasty accident. I've always had a fear of cranes because you just never know when they might fall off, and this the perfect example of the unexpected.

23 Who Is Balancing What?


This guy is desperately trying to balance a whole truck on a bike. The two means of transportation are in a dire state, and the best place for them is in the junkyard, as they can only qualify for scrap metal. This guy seems to be hopeful that the truck will run again and that he just needs to find the right mechanic. It could take forever for this vehicle to run, and the owner shouldn't have a driver's license if he can't understand this simple logic. The truck looks to have only a bare body because there's no way on Earth it was going to balance on the bike if it had all the components intact. There's an army guy in the background who seems to be pondering the madness he's seeing before his eyes.

22 The Roof Is On Tire


How did this vehicle get on top of a roof? There's simply no way you can explain it even if it was one of those low-budget movies. From which direction was it coming from and what was the driver doing before plunging into someone's roof? There's just one logical explanation for this madness. There's a possibility that the house was dug a couple of meters down, and the roof is almost on the same level with the road. The driver might've been speeding without realizing there are houses around. He only found out when it was too late. I wouldn't want to be living in such a house, especially if it's close to a busy road.

21 I Didn't Survive


It would take more than a miracle to survive this kind of accident. The van is being held by a piece of rock, and it might've tumbled further down the valley. The driver might've survived, given the position of the car, but it must've taken hours for rescue evacuation to remove him from the vehicle. When you survive such an accident, it leaves you with a driving scar, and it'll take a lot of courage to get behind the wheels again. It wouldn't be necessary to take away the license from the driver because the experience is more than enough to make someone not want to ever drive again. The car will still tumble provided there's a strong wind.

20 Failure Galore


This fail is so bad that it's impressive to the eye. It's within the realm of possibility even if it might look like something out of an action film. There's a possibility that the owner was driving beyond the recommended speed limit and got into a fatal head-on collision with a truck, which sent the vehicle flying. It's highly unlikely that the driver survived, and he should never be allowed behind the wheel if he's still breathing. The car must've stayed there for a long time since guys are just walking past it. There's one fellow who's still looking at it in amazement. Just when you thought you had seen it all, you get to see things like this.

19 The Real Transformer


The Transformers is one of the greatest car movies. It's futuristic and offers a glimpse into how cars of the future might look like. It's cool if a car can transform into a formidable war weapon. This truck looks like a failed transformation in real life. My guess is it fell under the bridge. It must've taken some real knocking to have such an impact that throws a car off a barricaded road. We just hope the driver is okay and that the picture is something to laugh about over family dinners. Another explanation is the truck was loaded with more weight than it could handle, and you don't need to be a genius to know what's going to happen next. The driver is the one who's responsible for knowing the maximum load capacity, and any such occurrences should squarely be blamed on him.

18 Please Don't Hurt The Dogs


These two morons should've left the two dogs out of their stupidity. It already looks dangerous for the scooter to be carrying two full-grown adults, and it doesn't help any including two dogs. The dogs seem to be scared, as you'd expect, since they've entrusted their lives to the owner. This isn't a picture taken for social media, as the dogs are strapped on the back, which means they're being transported. The first dog has its eyes on the road, and you could see that the blind trust on the owner has started to erode, as the dog isn't sure if it'll reach its destination. The other dog seems to be resigned to its fate that they might all die.

17 Never Coming Back


This must be a driver in South America where the police are the most corrupt institution. There's no way this guy could've been allowed to drive even a mile in the United States. It looks like it's not the first time he's doing so because of the precision in the arrangement. The car in front of you is always a Toyota, and the car manufacturer must be proud seeing images like this of a saloon that's capable of carrying the load, which might not be possible with some trucks. My concern for this poor guy is when he approaches an underpass that might be too short for his cargo. It looks like he's traveling a long distance given how the goods are covered.

16 Give Right Of Way


If there was ever an important lesson these two drivers were going to learn, it's to be patient and to give right of way. It's never that serious on the road, and you'll eventually get to where you're going even if you'll be late for a few minutes. This must be somewhere in India, which is a country known to have the worst traffic in the world and very impatient drivers. The car has suffered substantial damage, but it can still be reclaimed with a new bumper. The owner, however, shouldn't be allowed anywhere close to it. When looking at the picture keenly, it's hard to determine what exactly happened and who's at fault.

15 That Didn't Just Happen


There's no way you can photoshop this picture because it would take more than imagination and skill to come up with something like this! The tailgate has made a piercing into the passenger side of the van. One would need to see a video footage of the accident to know what exactly transpired. The truck looks like it wasn't moving when the accident happened. Another reason could be the van was parked just behind the truck when the tailgates were being closed automatically, and the driver wasn't mindful enough to look at the rear view mirror so as to know what was happening. The two drivers are likely to be at fault for the accident.

14 Ouch!


How can you afford to drive a BMW yet not want to spend money on delivery? This BMW is a barely enough for two people, which shows just shows how selfish you were. Instead of calling a moving company to transport your couch, you take it upon yourself to destroy your convertible BMW. This person shouldn't be allowed on the road with such a mentality and a mind frame. The couch is a disaster waiting to happen, and we hope he didn't leave the parking lot. I doubt if there's a lady who would want to date such a stingy person. The picture is already on the interwebs. and I'm pretty sure there are some people who have checked up the number plate.

13 Lincoln Crime Scene


This is another picture where you can't know what really happened. How is it even possible for such chaos to take place in such a tight space? There are cars parked on the side as if nothing is happening. I don't think I can keep my calm when I see such a scene. There's no possible explanation for this kind of accident. All we could hope is that the owners survived to tell the story. Their licenses should definitely be revoked because it's humanly impossible to cause such havoc in such a small confinement. Is there anyone out there who could come up with a logical explanation on what happened here? Maybe it's the way guys park in that apartment block!

12 I'm Not Climbing The Stairs


Alcohol isn't soup, and this guy must've learned the hard way. He probably lives in an apartment where the elevator has been broken for years. He's pleaded with the landlord to fix it, but nothing has been forthcoming. Then comes that night when he says enough is enough, and all he needs is a little vodka and tonic to prove his point. You might not want to take the stairs, but you should never be allowed inside a vehicle ever again. Who knows what you could do next out of frustration? Other tenants might find a reason not to report to work, and the landlord will have to fix the lift. It's a win-win situation for the culprit.

11 Tractor Home Delivery


We've seen the outcome of driving under the influence, but we certainly haven't seen a lot that involves tractors. There's an episode of the American TV show Shameless where one of the actors plows into a house in the middle of the day while he's under the influence of alcohol. The scene is exactly as pictured, but the difference is it was acted and didn't involve a tractor. The accident could also have been on purpose because the driver knew a tractor would do the job compared to a normal car. Don't have enemies who own tractors—a valuable lesson you could pick up from this picture. The driver might've also injured himself in the process judging from the damage on the front of the tractor.

10 Strength Not Enough


Truck drivers are sometimes known to go overboard with the things they do. You know very well the cargo capacity, and trying to overload it is never the best thing to do. You might get away with it, but the repercussions can sometimes be fatal. It's a good thing this disaster happened when the truck wasn't moving, as it could've caused a fatal accident, and I don't want to imagine the number of casualties. The company will have to get a new trailer and might possibly fire the driver or the guy who was in charge of loading the truck. The driver, I'm sure, might want to put the blame on the trailer provider since the truck is still intact with no damage.

9 How In The World?


Seriously, though, how did this even happen? I could understand the other similar picture like this on the list, but this one is unexplainable! The roof is way high, and there's no way the driver could've driven through. This leaves us with one possible explanation. The house is big enough to accommodate a car on the roof. There are two angles of the pictures taken. One is a close-up picture, while the other one has been taken to include the other parts of the house. I would want to explore the design of the house just to see how they managed to provide that amount of space so a car could access the roof. There's no any other way of explaining this!

8 Grounded For Life


This girl is probably grounded for life, and the father would never allow her near a car again. You can't be that poor of a driver to take a car for a swim in your backyard. This could also be the failing of the father to teach the daughters how to drive well. One is trying to reason with him that it's probably a unique case that happens to 1 in a billion humans, while the culprit is staring at the car, wondering how bad she could be. The vehicle might not run again, and it looks like those old restored classics which the father spent a fortune on. Ladies, you need to take your driving lessons seriously so that we don't see things like this again.

7 Hold Onto The Tree


You know you don't have real friends when they make you do things like this. It's not even legal, and the driver might be charged with dangerous driving. If it was me in the situation, I would gladly sit with the tree in the trunk and call 911 on my friend. We just hope this was a short drive because they guy looks like he could fall off the trunk any minute. You should buy a truck if you know you're going to be involved in the landscaping business. Such scenes aren't only dangerous but also embarrassing. You shouldn't trust your friends to this extent, and you should also not take advantage making them do stupid things like this.

6 Let's Be Creative


There are so many ways they could've pulled the cart without the guy having to sit on the trunk. There are probably 3 people involved, and their combined IQ could've come up with something better than this. The driver should take the biggest blame for even allowing such madness to happen. They could've simply towed the truck. If that wasn't an option, just use ropes to pull the cart. It could've still been stupid but less moronic than what they're pictured doing. I hope this wasn't a wedding, as it would be the most embarrassing one in the whole universe. The guy in the trunk looks like he's been paid to do the job.

5 Hold The Cow


Farmers always have something up their sleeves. This wife must be a keeper for her to decide to take part in this madness. Both animals aren't safe, and you wonder who's the clever one between the two. The wife should've been the one in the driver's seat with the husband holding the cow. I'm not sure about road laws when it comes to transporting animals, but it surely doesn't look okay. The cage looks like it could fall off any minute, which could also put other road users in danger. The cow also doesn't look like it's been fastened to an anchor, which is very risky should it become unsettled and start moving around.

4 Poor Elephant


This is like setting a new endurance limit for the truck. It's carried just about anything you could imagine and still manages to run fine on the road. The ultimate test would be to carry this beast. An average Asian elephant weighs around 5,400 kgs, which could be more than what the truck could handle. From the picture, it looks like the truck has set a new record in terms of cargo capacity. The only hazard is the safety of the elephant, which might also affect the safety of other road users. The elephant looks calm, and the only way it could fit on the truck was when it was standing. It's a good thing that elephants are always standing, and that's the only reason why this truck is still moving.

3 Which Kind Of Test?


How do you test the endurance of such a bridge with a bus? The bridge isn't even safe for pedestrians, but the arrogant bus driver saw it wise to try and take it to the other side. He might've managed successfully the first time, but the thing with such scenarios is you can't get away with it for so long, and that's exactly what happened here. What the driver could've done first is to come out of the bus, assess the strength of the bridge, and go back to where he came from since it's not strong enough. I just hope there were no people on the bus when the accident occurred. This driver needs to have his license immediately revoked.

2 No Going Backward Or Forward


How did this guy get himself into this situation in the first place? He'll destroy his vehicle if he tries to go either forward or backward. The rear part of the vehicle is hanging on the concrete, and I bet he's already damaged the car. There's no way someone can be this bad unless inebriated. It's not worth risking your life just because you have to get home in your car. Just take a taxi home, and you won't be subject to such embarrassing pictures in the morning. It's baffling how the car is still in good condition with such a reckless driver. There's a chance that the person who was driving it this day wasn't the owner.

1 Don't Ruin My Classic


The fault goes to the truck driver. It's evident that the small car wasn't moving when the truck rammed into it. What makes it even more absurd is the two cars were at a petrol station, which is all the more reason why the truck driver shouldn't be allowed on the road. He's been able to survive this, and it's all down to pure luck. He doesn't use the side mirror and isn't aware of what's going around him. This one is personal to me because the small Peugeot belongs to a friend of mine who collects classic vehicles. The driver admitted his fault, but my friend has to wait for the insurance to take care of things, which can be a while.

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