30 Cars People Paid Way Too Much For (And Definitely Regretted It)

There are cars out there that may seem a little expensive but are worth the extra scratch in order to get better mileage, or a better styling, or more power. There are many reasons why it might be worth it to get a slightly pricier car. But then there are those cars that are just ludicrously overpriced and for no good reason either. Or at least not for any other reason than the badge on the front or the name attached to it.

Here is a list of 30 cars that are overpriced in that way. I know I'm throwing in the Ferrari California Spider with the Smart ForTwo but only in that, they are both overpriced for no good reason. One's a beautiful car that sat in a barn for 50 years, and the other is an economical go-cart that can barely fit two people (before going to the grocery store).

Sure, it's all a matter of perspective in this article but when it comes to some cars that cost the amount of four Bugatti Chirons but give nothing of that power or that style or that quality...then what is the point in paying millions? And for those on a regular Joe budget, why pay out more to get far less out of a vehicle. Just because Merc puts out a car that's only about $35k doesn't mean it's good. Don't just pay for the badge. Pay for the ride.

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30 Leblanc Mirabeau ($750,000)

via youtube

Well, here is a fun little sporty thing. It's very vibrant, very sparse, and I imagine it is also very fast. Compared to some of the cars on this list, it is super powerful.

However, compared to others, the 230 horses that drive this thing are pretty much nothing.

And how much does that pretty much nothing cost? Well, compared to some of the cars that are somehow worth many millions of dollars, this car that almost no one has ever heard of is worth $750,000. Certainly not much of a market car.

29 Chrysler 200 ($22,115)


Don't worry. This is a bit outdated now. The 200 series is no longer being manufactured. The 300 is (and that has its own book of problems). That being said, this car is still being sold at lots all over the country and it is not worth the money. It's not even that expensive at $22,115 but Honda Accord and Mazda 6 are of comparable price points and aren't likely to be as unreliable. And they can actually accelerate without putting the driver through a paint can shaker.

28 Fiat 500L ($20,995)


First and foremost, let me just say that I have never understood the appeal of a Fiat car. They are almost all so incredibly tiny. There are smaller cars out there now but for a time, this was the tiny one on the road.

Either way, the 500L runs at $20,995, which isn't all that bad until some research is done about crash ratings, and reliability scores, and miles to the gallon.

That's where it goes south. Just get a Mazda 3 for three grand cheaper, or a Kia Soul for about five grand cheaper, if space isn't an issue.

27 1964 Ferrari 275 GTB/C Speciale ($26,400,000)

via motorauthority

What is it that makes this car so special? I mean, don't get me wrong here, it is a very attractive piece of machinery. I wouldn't say no to having one in the garage that I don't own. That being said, I would not pay $26,400,000 for this car! Or any car! That is simply insane! Sure, it's one of three cars. That's great. But it was designed to be a race car and never actually made it on to the track. It lived its life out as a road car and now as a showpiece.

26 Hyundai Equus Ultimate ($68,000)

via car pro

Alright, here's the thing. When trying to make a car that functions and feels like a Merc S-Class, maybe don't skimp on the details. For example, the Hyundai Genesis could have given those in search of a car similar to the S-Class a bit of a bargain at about half the cost of the Merc.

However, Hyundai decided to undercut even the Genesis with the Equus.

Undercutting the Genesis by well over $10k at a price of $68,000. But even at that price point, a driver is better off saving pennies for the S-Class because at least it has a good track record.

25 Jeep Cherokee Limited ($29,495)

via carsbase

There is a reason that people nickname these vehicles "Cheap Jeeps," and I'll say here and now that it has nothing to do with the price of the thing. This particular Cherokee has been rated the worst in its class when it comes to reliability. And a driver can't expect AWD without paying over $30k for it. The base 2WD model sits at $29,495 and considering how few miles it takes to guzzle up a gallon without even being able to handle off-roading...it's not worth it.

24 Koenigsegg Agera ($2.1 million)


Alright, to be fair here, it's not like Koenigsegg has ever produced an affordable car to begin with so this might be a little bit of shaming on my part but be that as it may, this car does pump out over 900 horsepower and it is super lightweight. That being said, when a company says they are going for a "less is more" sort of production, maybe they should also consider the price because sitting at $2.1 million is not exactly anything to do with less.

23 Lamborghini Veneno ($4.5 million)


Ok, so to be fair here, being able to hit 60mph from 0 in only 2.9 seconds has got to be a pretty thrilling experience. Unfortunately, it is a thrilling experience that only very few people will ever have. Why? Because this car costs $4.5 million.

Now, Lambo has always been good at building beautiful cars that photograph well and make awesome posters, but a poster is way cheaper than this car, and at least a poster can always be looked at on the wall.

This car will have to be stowed away for the winter and has no practicality besides going speeds that illegal to drive on the road anyway.

22 Volvo C70 ($41,200)


Here we have the Volvo C70. It doesn't like all that bad a car by any stretch of the imagination. And it's a Volvo so it will likely last no matter how hard you try to drive it into the ground. That being said though, this car is basically a Frankencar from parts and platforms of the Ford Focus and the Mazda 3. In case readers didn't know, both of those cars can be purchased for under $20,000 so why is it that the Volvo C70 starts at a whopping $41,200!? That is a ridiculous number. That is more than twice the price of the Mazda 3 which gave the Volvo its base!

21 1961 Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spider ($18,500,000)

via rm sotheby's

Alright, I'm just going to start with the price of this Ferrari. It sold for an incredible $18,500,000! Now, this is a much more polished shot of the model of car that was sold. The car that was sold at auction for so much?

It was found in a barn in France and it had been sitting there for about 50 years.

And without any restoration whatsoever, this California Spider sold for millions! There's not even any exciting history behind that particular car other than the fact that it did nothing!

20 Cadillac Escalade ($73,395)


Alright, anyone here will know the Escalade from that giant SUV that has no business almost running everyone over in a tight city street. It's a favored vehicle among the rap star community for whatever reason.

And speaking of driving in the city, this thing only does 10mpg in the city.

It's already going for $73,395 for nothing more than a Caddie badge. Why waste the rest of the bank account on gas? It's easy to score a better SUV with the same space for probably about $20k less.

19 Lincoln MKZ ($35,925)

via 12volt.solutions

For those readers who just somehow happened not to know anything about the Ford Motor Company, Lincoln is nothing more than a luxury end of that same company. That being said, it makes total sense that certain parts be shared between the cars for this reason or that but when all a company does is take a low-end car like a Ford Fusion and puts nicer paneling, detailing, and a Lincoln badge on it to call it the MKZ. That's just silly. Especially when the Lincoln costs $35,925 and the Fusion is only $22k.

18 Lykan Hyper Sport ($3.4 million)


Alright, so don't get me wrong here. I'm not saying I'm not a fan of the Lykan Hyper Sport. It is one of the very reasons that this site bears the name Hot Cars. Why? Because the Lykan Hyper Sport is a hot car.

However, I'm going to suggest that it really is not worth the $3.4 million that is being charged.

Sure, there are actual diamonds in the headlights. That's cute and I'm sure rather costly, but this thing rides with the power of 770 horses. The Bugatti Chiron has its speed capped, rides with the power of 1500 horses and costs only $2.6million. Which is a lot, but also a lot less for a lot more.

17 Maserati Ghibli ($71,600)

via the drive

It's amazing just how many cars that can be purchased at ridiculous prices for basically nothing more than a badge. Given the fact that the Ghibli uses cabin parts from Chrysler but still runs the base model at $71,600, anyone should know that they are better off buying a better car for much cheaper. Both the Audi A6 and the Deamer 5-Series are cheaper and better rides. And both are cheaper by about $20k. Get something that isn't built cheap and is actually reliable. Or fork out the big bucks for a better Maserati. But not the Ghibli. Ghibli does sound a lot like giblets and those are the leftovers most people don't want.

16 Aston Martin Cygnet ($49,595)

via the supercar blog

Aside from the name, what is anyone getting with a tiny compact car like this? I'd even consider the Smart ForTwo before I considered going out of my way to get this. This car goes for a bare minimum of $49,595. You could get a car that is far more spacious for way less than half of the price of this little thing. I could see if it was celebrity-owned, but I don't think the leather interior is enough to charge almost $50k for.

15 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO ($38,115,000)


Ferrari really has a thing for cars that look really pretty, maybe have a bit of history, and suddenly are worth millions for absolutely no good reason.

Back in the 70s, this same car could be bought for a mere $6,000.

Now, to be fair here, that much money back then was a lot more. Let's say that's equal to maybe $25,000 today. Still a cheap car. But, I guess because this car, after two racing-related crashes ended up not being scrapped, it suddenly became worth $38,115,000.

14 Aston Martin One-77 ($1.87 million)


Well, if nothing else, this Aston Martin is at least much closer to something that James Bond would drive than the dreaded and tiny Cygnet. That being said, this car is certainly a lot more than the already overpriced Aston Cygnet. How much more? Well, it runs at a credit-crunching $1.87 million. But that's ok. Aston Martin doesn't consider this a car. It refers to it as an "automotive art form"...so, like every other piece of art out there, it has to be overpriced.

13 Maybach Exelero ($8 million)

via mad whips

Ok, it's a Maybach, I get it. It's luxurious and meant to look as sleek as possible for the rich person who wants one. But this thing is $8 million!

I could source a 67 Chevy Bel Air Special Convertible that at the very least looks nicer than this car and I could get it for under $50k, to be sure. And this thing only pumps out 700 horsepower.

Now, I have to always use the Chiron example. 1,500 horses riding with that beast and for a whole lot less money. Still a lot of money, but a lot less money than this thing.

12 Mercedes CLA ($35,000)

via glory4cars

So, this is kind of a cool car if for no other reason than it is relatively cheap at about $35,000 and still a Merc. But this isn't a car for fully grown people. Much like the price is not that of a fully developed Mercedes. Sad to say but those who have even a slightly larger frame are going to have trouble with this thing. They may still fork out the comparatively little money for a Merc, but it's still a silly idea. This car is just paying for the badge.

11 1967 Ferrari 275 GTB 4S NART Spider ($27,500,000)

via bthinx

There is a recurring and sad thing about Ferrari where they build these beautiful racing cars that see nothing but regular road all of their days. This car carries the NART title. Any idea what that stands for? North American Racing Team. So why is it then that this Spider only ever spun out on the road and not on the track? There were a total of ten of these cars and this particular guy is the most expensive road car to have ever been auctioned off. How much for? A staggering $27,500,000...for a car that wasn't used to race.

10 Mini Roadster JCW ($35,700)

via beyond.ca

Alright, so when it comes to a car the size of the Mini Roadster, there are going to be a good number out there that have better storage, more miles to the gallon and ultimately a more enjoyable ride.

It's the styling of this car that makes it worth the $35,700.

And that's before adding any of the bells and whistles. If someone wants to have that Mini badge and the classic styling with a weird roadster paint job, then that's fine, but it's a waste of money that could be better spent on a better car.

9 Mitsubishi Evo XMR ($38,195)


Alright look, this car used to be a really exciting car to a certain section of people. The number of articles that came out proclaiming that Lancer drivers were unsavory people is actually staggering (I should know, I wrote a number of them). But personal feelings aside, this car is really not much to look at. It will be able to beat pretty well every other car in a small town around a track, but at $38,195 is it really worth it when the chances of getting on a track are already slim enough?

8 Nissan Leaf ($30,680)

via car and driver

So the Nissan Leaf is one of those electric cars. So what? It's nothing special beyond that. It's probably only going to get a driver moving 100 miles at a time between charges so it is not a traveler's car by any stretch of the imagination. And that's for $30,680. Sure, there will be some discounts because it's an environmentally friendly car but there are cheaper electric cars with better mileage between charges like the Ford Focus Electric. Even Hyundai has a better car available.

7 Nissan Pathfinder ($30,290)


The Nissan Pathfinder is just one of many cars out there in its class. As far as an SUV like this goes, it's a pretty weak choice for purchase.

It doesn't look all that interesting, for starters, and then there is the worry about gas consumption and handling, both of which are pretty awful in the Pathfinder, which runs at $30,290.

Why not spend less on a Toyota Highlander or a bit more on a Mazda CX-9? Both are more reliable and better handled.

6 Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster ($1.8 million)


Alright, considering the fact that the Pagani Zonda is already an expensive car to start with, there is no way that this car could be much more, right?

I mean, the Pagani Zonda F Roadster already sits at $1.4 million.

For a bit of a jacked up chassis and a different paint job how much more could really be charged? Apparently, for a paint job and a bit of chassis work, it will cost the prospective owner an extra $400,000 putting the Cinque at $1.8 million.

5 Porsche Boxster S ($62,100)


I have friends who actually car this car the "poor man's Porsche." And it's understandable. I mean, it is the cheapest Porsche, short of buying secondhand that is likely to be out there.

It's not a terrible-looking car but it's also nothing special and it lacks the power of the more expensive and better-valued 911. 

Running at $62,100 before any bells and whistles (which will easily add up to $100k), a prospective owner may as well just save those dollars and buy the 911.

4 Rolls-Royce Sweptail ($13 million)

via car magazine

"It is a Rolls-Royce designed and hand-tailored to fit a specific customer." This is what the director of design for the Sweptail said of the car...the car that runs the owner $13 million! To put that into some sort of perspective, that is the equivalent of owning four Bugatti Chirons, except without the power and speed and while only owning one car that I guess someone could at least sleep in. With the Fastback-looking rear end...it just makes me want to spend about $20,000 for a Mach 1 Fastback instead. I could do more with that car anyway.

3 Smart ForTwo ($14,540)


Alright, no matter how you look at this car, it is just too darn small. I get that it's meant to be economical and environmentally friendly.

I really do get that and respect that. But it's like taking a kid's Fisher Price car, making it a bit bigger, but still only making enough room for two people.

I know that's in the title but two people and groceries might be nice to fit in there. Sure, it's only $14,540 but even something like the Toyota Yaris could fit groceries in the back and it's only one grand more.

2 Tesla Model X ($99,500)


There are some pretty cool things about pretty well any Tesla car. It's true. I mean, 0-60 in five seconds in a Tesla utility vehicle with really cool doors is exciting. But, considering that this car is going for $99,500 just for the luxury of having an electric almost-SUV that is going to have models only a few years away far cheaper than it thanks to continued and bettered tech makes this a bit of a waste of money on the ground floor. Wait until the full SUV with the updated batteries comes out for the same price.

1 Toyota Land Cruiser ($78,555)


This Toyota Land Cruiser is pretty near $80k. By the time a driver actually gets it home, with taxes, bells and whistles and the gas spent to get home, it certainly would blast over that mark. Starting at $78,555 I'd say that this mammoth of an SUV is a pretty boring, overpriced gas guzzler.

There are slightly smaller but far more affordable and more reliable SUVs out there.

And more affordable by a matter of at least $20k. So why waste the money on this? The new Ford Bronco is only $30k and it may not be as big, but I'd be willing to put my money on it before the Land Cruiser for power and reliability.

Sources: CBSNews.com, Complex.com, BusinessInsider.com, Jalopnik.com

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