31 Pictures Of Abandoned Gas Stations From Yesteryear

There is a lot of speculation that can be had when it comes to these ghostly gas stations. So let's look at 31 of the creepiest ones.

I don't know if this will be all that surprising to anyone but there are actually quite a few gas stations out there that don't get any use anymore and even more than that, they have been left to the elements; completely abandoned and given away to rust and rot. I personally find it pretty amazing just how many buildings have been left out there without any upkeep. The amount of money that must cost the owners of the property...and in a lot of cases, I bet that property has been taken over by the bank, so that's a waste of money they definitely don't want.

That being said, I'm kind of glad that people have left these buildings to be taken over by the natural world around them if for no other reason than that I can write this article and point out some pretty interesting places. Sure, some of the abandoned gas stations out there haven't been left in all that poor a condition, but don't think that means that there aren't any sort of creepy and even scary buildings out there that people still seem to pass by and use, in one way or another.

Either way, This has been one of the most interesting pieces I've written here, for sure. There is a lot of speculation that can be had when it comes to these ghostly gas stations. So let's look at 31 of the creepiest ones.

31 Virginia / North Carolina State Line


I don't know. I don't travel a lot in the U.S. at all but I can't help but think that it would be pretty useful to have gas stations along state lines. Well, this abandoned station which is sat on the Virginia side of the Virginia/North Carolina state line clearly didn't make it. At this point in the game, it doesn't even look like a gas station anymore. It is clear that where the pumps used to be had housed some pretty old-school pumps. That had to have been the case, judging by the wear and tear on the building and the empty and now grassed-over lot.

30 Abandoned 76 Station


The old abandoned 76 station. I have to assume here that this station was once along a fairly frequented road and once new freeways were being built...well...that was it. It's not all that surprising, really. It happens all the time.

What is surprising to me is that the building was just left there to fall into disrepair.

I'm sure some sort of highwayman or transient must live in there. It looks like it could be cozy...now wouldn't that be creepy to see late at night on a lonely road?

29 Abandoned Station & Pontiac


This is just sad. Not only is there an abandoned gas station here in the seemingly the middle of nowhere, but there is also an abandoned Pontiac. Now, I know that Pontiac has pretty well abandoned itself on more than one occasion over the years, but that doesn't excuse someone leaving what seems to be a pretty decent-looking car sitting outside what looks to be like an ancient gas station. I'm sorry, but that just is not right by any stretch of the imagination...unless someone stopped there one day and never got back in the car...

28 Deserted


Ok, I cannot actually even see where it is that a vehicle would have been driving in order to stop at this petrol station anyway. How is it possible that this station was ever even put in this location? Was the whole road diverted to a freeway, and the old road and everything around it just grew over with dry, wispy grass? That is very strange indeed. It also just looks like it has been torn apart by someone...or something. I can't imagine getting so lost that I stumble onto this place...

27 Bowie, Arizona


Oh, good. They have gas and diesel. Oh, wait...they are definitely shut down. Even though this place is clearly abandoned...it is still completely gated up.

That sort of makes me think that there is something more in that building that leftover pop in the machine outside and some family of rats.

If the building was just always going to sit there in the middle of nowhere, why bother closing up the gates? At least let the lost and lonely travelers have some shelter for sleep...am I right?

26 Burlington, North Carolina


Auto shop and gas station in one go? Well, that doesn't seem like a bad idea for business...oh...oops. This is actually a really cool building but I have to say that it looks way more like a 50s-style diner than it does an abandoned gas station.

Maybe if they stuck with the diner idea, they could have made more money and stayed afloat.

That being said, this looks like a busted out location from The Walking Dead or Fallout or something of that sort. Which pretty well instantly means that I'm not headed there any time soon.

25 Butterfield, Missouri


Butterfield has got some scary-looking places, it seems to me. I don't know why I expect some sort of jacked up and tricked out truck to bust out of one of those doors a la Mad Max, but I'm really getting that vibe. I guess this was a garage as well as a station (the pumps can be visible to the far right of the frame). What I don't get about this station though is that it seems to be on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere. How did they ever expect business? Or was this built in a mining town that became a ghost town? I wonder if there are real ghosts...

24 Chevron Station


Does that 89 on the middle pump mean that the cost is only 89 cents per litre? If that's the case, then I really wish that I could travel to this station, fire up those pumps again and just keep using them until the well runs dry. I remember when it used to only be 50 cents. Oh, well. Every time I look at this photo, I look at the two adjoining buildings behind and wonder if the gas bar was owned by two families who fought each other to see who would claim ownership...both buildings are colored differently...

23 Cogar, Oklahoma


This is probably the creepiest of all the gas stations that have been abandoned to this article. Look at this place! It's all grown over so much that the pumps don't even look like there are in any sort of concrete.

This basically looks like a graveyard with the main building in the background looking more like a mausoleum than a general store.

I don't know what anyone else thinks but I kind of want to see this place in real life...but maybe in the day. Not sure I want to see any gas attendant ghosts flitting about.

22 Ellwood


This, apparently, was a gas station. I don't know where they kept the pumps (I'm guessing they were pulled up some years ago), and I'm not sure just where the people came from to get gas but I guess it is no longer open for business...people didn't come in the first place. This is the Barnsdall Gas Station. The reality is that there was once actually an oil field next to this station way back in the day...which is obviously no longer there. But people are working to save the building as a heritage site.

21 Full Service...Once Upon A Time


Believe it or not, this place used to be a full-service gas station. I am even struggling to believe it and I looked the whole thing up. It looks like there could have been room for a good full wash of the car on the way out too.

That being said, now there is literally only the skeleton of the building left.

The roof has caved, the walls are gone, it's all grown over and this would be a right perfect place to shoot a horror film of some sort. I don't know what happens in the movie but maybe some ghastly gas attendants giving some...full-service?

20 Ghost Station


Trust it to the most colorful gas station on the entire list to be the one station that has definitely had people talking about ghosts. I'm not sure if the bright colors are meant to ward people away like neon frogs and bugs and stuff like that, but I am going to venture a guess that this station is visited often so that people can get spooked out while they gaze up at the rainbow paneling as a ghost creeps up from behind to scare them off from its resting place...the gas station.

19 Glenrio, New Mexico


New Mexico has got to do something about this gas station. If people look closely, it seems clear that not only is the gas station currently closed...but under the red-striped paneling of the gas station seems to be a blue and white paneling of another, previous gas station. That is something special right there. I bet the final owner of this place was really mad when they discovered that dirty little detail. I also feel compelled to point out that someone has tagged this station in the middle of nowhere...that makes me think it's a hideout now. Or maybe a safehouse.

18 Grown Over


What is it with these gas stations and not having any roads leading up to them? That does not make a lick of sense to me. I mean, I suppose it is possible that the roads had completely grown over because it has been so long since the station has been running but I mean...this actually just looks like there was a gas station out in the middle of some field once upon a time. I mean...of course no one is going to stop there to fill up their car. If they don't have very good suspension, they might bottom out on their way to fill up!

17 Torn Up


I'm sure the owner of this place was torn up when they had to let it go...but I bet that that person was nowhere near as torn up as this place seems to now be after however many years of disuse.

I mean, the whole cover over the pumps looks like it's just been ripped to shreds over the years...and the building does not look much better at all.

All the windows knocked out, damage marks all along the side of the thing...was this just wear and tear? Or did something do this to the building?

16 Highway 7 To Toronto


It's actually been quite a long time since I've driven Highway 7 on my way to or from Toronto. Usually, I take the 11 now. That being said, I might have to change routes sometime just to pop in and get a closer look at this abandoned station. I mean, clearly, it is an old one. I haven't seen pumps like that in quite some time. I also find it a bit weird that there are two cars that look pretty much the same parked at either end of the building. Is this strategic? Is there a group hanging out there waiting for the zombies? I'd get further away from Toronto before building a base.

15 Highway 41


This is certainly one of the creepier photos of an abandoned gas station in this article. Part of that is because of the look of the building. It is just simply wrecked and smashed in and has been a long time without use. It's also creepy because of the black and white quality of the photo. But I think the scariest thing about this photo is that it is taken from the ground as if it is the point of view of someone who is trying to crawl to safety after some horrible experience, only to find the building they crawled to is abandoned...

14 Kansas


This is what a gas station looks like in Kansas? Gee. I kind of wish we had some of these. Though, I really cannot avoid mentioning the fact that this truly old gas station very clearly resembles a church. Some people may not agree but I find it hard not to think so, that's for sure. I guess someone lived in this place out back or up in the attic above the garage...but it seems they haven't lived there for a long time...or at least haven't made it look they live there, anyway.

13 Melvin, Illinois


Good 'ol Melvin, Illinois. Can't say I've ever been but by the looks of things...not too many other people have ever been either. It's amazing how many of the gas stations in this piece are not only gas stations but garages as well. It's like it was the style back from the 50s to the 80s to have that sort of setup and now people only want gas and then only want a garage. This setup seems like it should be a gold mine...but now it just seems like a ghost town. I bet it's some sort of gang-run chop shop in there some nights...

12 Mobilgas


Alright...I'm sorry, but there is something very wrong here. How is it that there is this pump, ready to go at what seems to be nothing more than someone's old, run-down wooden house?

There's even a really sketchy tap to the left of the gas pump.

I know there is another pump to the right (having looked at other images of this station)...but did people just come and visit the owners of this house and make sure they fueled up on the way out? Or did they control the whole gas system for a town? Either way, it's pretty creepy and I would never gas up there...because it's surely dry by now.

11 New York


Ah, who doesn't love New York? Well, I'm sure there are plenty of people but that's not the point at all. And this is clearly not a station in New York City. This is obviously just sitting somewhere in New York state. I'm going to guess somewhere on the way upstate, but I don't actually know. Either way, it seems like Rick had a pretty hard time keeping his auto service going. This building has seen far better days. It kind of creeps me out though because there is still a truck parked there and the front entrance is marked off with pylons...what happened to Rick!?

10 No Name Gas


This gas station has been so long abandoned that there isn't even a sign anymore for the place it used to be. This is the No Name Gas Bar. I mean, it's either that or the company that was previously there was so embarrassed by the blunder of their business venture that they just decided to make sure no one could have even a tiny reminder of who was there before. Either way, this boarded up, signless station in the middle of nowhere kind of makes me a little sketched out. And I know that the car there is just an Acura, but that doesn't mean there isn't some sketchy business going on in that building.

9 Northern Ontario, Canada


My goodness. I know there is a lot of gang activity in southern Ontario what with Toronto and London being down there but who would have thought that so many people would still venture out to the middle of nowhere in northern Ontario just to tag a busted up old gas station like this.

Everything here is so busted up that there is no way to not be exposed to the elements in there.

And I'm really wondering just how the building lost the left section of what I assume was another part of the garage. That is a bit eerie right there.

8 Overgrown


Where is this? I mean...sure, I see a couple of other buildings but...how was this ever a thing? The pumps are still there. The canopy is still there. But I cannot for the life of me understand who would go to this gas station.

Is there even a throughway to the road?

Don't people know that they have to build gas stations alongside roads in order to get business? No wonder it was abandoned. That being said, walking around through shrub and bush and suddenly popping out right here at this old station has got to be really creepy to newcomers to wherever this place is.

7 Price, Texas


Ok, I know this might sound really ignorant as a Canadian but...I thought everything was bigger in Texas. Look at this. Look at the size of this little gas station. It's like a little hut with a pump next to it. I mean, if it wasn't so creepy and worn down it would probably be adorable. And I guess I sort of answered my question. The reason this station probably didn't do so well is that it couldn't fit those big Texan trucks by the pumps. I wonder how many people could make it through the door of this little shack!

6 Road To Nowhere


Alright, so look. At least this station is actually by a road. There have been so many so far that just actually have not been seemingly built on or near a road system...which sort of messes up business and forces people to abandon the place.

However, I'm wondering just where it is that people are supposed to pay for gas here at these pumps.

Maybe they installed them, waited for business, but everyone kept leaving after pumping gas because there was nowhere to pay! That seems like a solid reason to abandon ship...unless there are some ghost gas attendants somewhere there.

5 Route 66


Trust it to good 'ol Route 66 to have some pretty interesting places. That being said, I figured that any gas station on Route 66 must be making a fortune simply because of the legendary status of the who highway. But I've been wrong before and I'll be wrong again. Either way though...this place looks sort of like a bombed out bungalow out in the middle of the desert. At least it looks more like that than it does at all resemble a gas station. And just imagine what sort of people could be found in a place like that in a vast stretch of nowhere along the 66...

4 Sparta, Georgia


Well, I guess there is a good reason to call the place Sparta. It's not like there seems to be much there. They don't even have a working gas station anymore. I guess the Spartans have to drive to the next town over to get their tanks filled. What's sort of getting me is that either someone was really dumb and left a whole bag of tires out front of this place or...no one is touching those tires because they know they belong to someone who still operates out of this place. It's amazing how much creepier things can look in black and white.

3 Further On Route 66


Here is a spot on Route 66 that is all fenced off. I guess it is part of some historical preservation but I still have to wonder about it. I mean, if this was a gas station...then where are the pumps.

Also...if this was a gas station along the famous Route 66...how is it not still open?

There are several of these stations along the 66 and I really don't understand how they aren't open. Imagine needing to fill up and stopping here only to discover that not only can you not fill up...but that there is still someone inside these buildings...

2 On The Way To Vegas


Ok, this is actually scary. It seems pretty clear to me that no one operates this station anymore. fair enough. But what also seems clear to me is that not only is the building tagged with spray paint, but it also has a great deal of fire damage to it. I have to wonder if that was the reason the place shut down or if it was post-closing. If it was after the closing...who was in there to light the place up. Also, notice the RV to the right of the frame? Maybe there's some sort of Breaking Bad thing going on here.

1 Even Further Along Route 66


How is this place even abandoned? I think the creepiest thing to me here, aside from the fact that there is yet another abandoned gas station along the 66 is that this station actually looks pretty good still and yet it is, apparently, completely abandoned.

It's another one of those gas-up garage combos.

It's a brilliant idea that never should have been abandoned. And the fact that this almost immaculate station was abandoned really makes me wonder just what is wrong with it. That is a creepy thought.

Sources: GoletaHistory.com, Pinterest.ca

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