Over 410,000 Ram Trucks Recalled Over Faulty Tailgate Issue

Over 410,000 Ram Trucks Recalled Over Faulty Tailgate Issue

Over 410,000 Ram pickups are due for recall over a faulty power tailgate issue.

If you own a recent-model Ram pickup (but not too recent), then you might be at risk of your tailgate popping open at any moment. According to a new recall (with NHTSA documents helpfully uncovered by Jalopnik), 410,351 Ram trucks in America might have a faulty tailgate.

Documents for the recall were filed earlier in May for a selection of Ram pickups, including model year 2015 to 2017 Ram 1500s, 2500s, and 2500s with an 8 foot bed and a power locking tailgate, as well as the 2018 model year Rams built before April 1st with the same bed and power locking tailgate.

At issue is the power lock actuator control assembly, which according to the documents, is “susceptible to failure.” The NHTSA doesn’t say exactly why they are susceptible to failure, just that they fail. A lot. As of April 29th, 127 warranty claims have been made that might be related to this issue, although no accidents or injuries have been reported.

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These failures could cause the tailgate’s latch to pop open at any time and the tailgate to fall, potentially damaging the truck or someone’s hands if they happen to be in the wrong spot at the wrong time.

2018 Ram 1500 Laramie Longhorn Southfork
via Ram

All trucks were made at the Saltillo Truck Assembly plant from June 18, 2014, to March 31, 2018, and at the Warren Truck Assembly Plant from May 16, 2017, to March 31, 2018. As of April 1st, 2018, a newer power lock actuator control assembly started being used which isn’t as susceptible to failure apparently.

Owners will start to be notified as of June 28th and scheduled to bring in their truck to have a new tailgate actuator installed free of charge. FCA will also repair any damage done to recalled trucks and reimburse owners if they already got repairs done.

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