5 American Car Models They Need To Retire (And 5 They Need To Reboot)

Car model designs come and go. While some are due for a comeback, others have overstayed their welcome over the years.

Since the early 1900's, America has been a powerhouse of production and exports. More recently, though, America has become a country of imports rather than exports; meaning less goods are produced domestically than those purchased overseas. There can be a few remedies to this issue: Chiefly, the revival of iconic American cars.

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This solution, however, is not the only thing that needs to be done. Not only should automotive manufacturers bring back some classics, but they should also rid themselves of some of their worst models. To illustrate this point, here are five American cars that should be retired, and five that should be brought back from the grave...

10 Retire: Chrysler 300

Throughout Chrysler's extensive history as an American automaker, they've had their series of highs and lows. Since 2005, Chrysler has been sticking to their guns with their 300: A family-friendly sedan with a less than enthusiastic following.

The Chrysler 300 is by no means a "beater," rather it's just not impressive. The 300 has seen its fair share of recalls and engine issues throughout its lifespan, but not as much as some. Although, nearly every review of the 300 hasn't been a glowing one; most even go as far to say that it's below average. Maybe Chrysler should look towards better models than trying to keep a failing vehicle on life-support.

9 Reboot: Ford F-150 SVT 'Lightning'

Quite a long time ago, Ford had some interesting ideas in their board room. They had already been successful with the Ford GT, the multiple Mustang models, and countless urban commuters. Soon, an idea echoed throughout the meeting, a wild one to say the least. This particular concept was the Ford F-150 SVT 'Lightning.'

The F-150 SVT Lightning was a wild truck to say the least. Why have a standard F-150, when you could have one with a 380 horsepower, supercharged, V8? Thankfully, the SVT Lightning didn't remain just an idea, but actually became a full-fledged model.

On the other hand, the SVT Lightning didn't last long. Even though car enthusiast loved the idea, it wasn't enough to keep Ford's love for it. Sadly, the SVT Lightning was retired. Hopefully, it will make a victorious return in the future.

8 Retire: Ford Flex

Sometimes, you see a vehicle on the road and just wonder, "How the hell did that thing get past design executives?" It's a valuable thought, especially when a company as big as Ford seems to make that mistake. This is a reference, of course, to the Ford Flex.

The Ford Flex resembles more of a box on wheels than a bona fide car. Its designation is as a small utility vehicle, but rarely achieves anything a standard S.U.V. should have. The Flex has also been subject to a lot of criticism: First electrical fires, second its poor comfort options, and eventually its God-awful fuel-economy.

Here's hoping that the Ford Flex doesn't survive for another year to come...

7 Reboot: Saleen S7

Not every American carmaker has worldwide recognition. Some manage to either fly under the radar or fade away after only a few models. One of the best examples to illustrate this point is the American-based tuning company, Saleen.

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For a long time, Saleen was just a tuning company similar to Rouch or Shelby. However, at the turn of the century, Saleen decided to show the world what they were capable of with the extremely long-wheelbase S7. The S7 was an amazing supercar that still sells for several hundreds of thousands even today. As far as returning to the spotlight, a Saleen S7 reboot would both revitalize a famous American brand and remind the world that the U.S. is not to be toyed with in terms of automotive manufacturing.

6 Retire: Ford Fusion

"Was that an Aston Martin? Oh, never mind, it was just a Ford..." If you've thought this before, it's more than likely due to the Ford Fusion. A Ford sedan with a front-end grill resembling an old Aston Martin Vantage.

Although some may, occasionally, confuse the Fusion for a much nicer car, don't be mistaken; the Ford Fusion is nowhere near the level of quality coming from the British supercar maker. In typical Ford fashion, the Fusion has had a litany of recalls, issues, and cheap components. Needless to say, if you are looking for a well-built daily driver, do not go with the somehow still existent Ford Fusion.

5 Reboot: Buick Grand National GNX

Back in the good 'ol days, car manufacturers worked together to make beautiful works of art and powerful beasts for the road. There are plenty examples of this, but none as affordable and successful as Buick's collaboration with McLaren.

The result of their hard work was the Grand National GNX: A boosted version of an already capable Grand National. To this day, the GNX is highly sought after by enthusiasts. Not only for its power, but for its pedigree too.

Today, there are certainly a lot of individuals who would be beyond delighted to see the GNX make a triumphant return to the spotlight.

4 Retire: Chevrolet Spark

To combat brands like Fiat and Kia for the best small urban commuter, Chevrolet decided the throw their hat into the ring. The result was the Chevrolet Spark: A less than impressive tiny vehicle designed for daily driving and city life.

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What really destroys the Spark is how cheap it is. Not just in terms of price, but in terms of quality. The interior is horrendous and filled with cheap plastics not built to last for more than a few years. Even for a cheap electric car, the Spark still fails. Compared with others on the market, you might just be crazy to go for the Spark over a Nissan Leaf or Tesla Model 3.

3 Reboot: Ford Bronco

With tremendous success and abundant love from the car community, it baffles the mind to wonder why Ford thought to cancel the Bronco. It served as a good-looking truck/utility crossover for the average driver and the top one-percent (Especially OJ Simpson).

What most may remember the Bronco from is the famous incident where OJ Simpson evaded the police after allegedly murdering his wife and her lover in the '90s. Even though this is a poor stigma to associate with a brand model, the Bronco was still an outstanding car. Unlike other Fords, the Bronco lasted a long time and had several different modification options too.

Maybe the OJ situation was enough to destroy the Bronco's reputation. Either way, there would be plenty of people who would jump at the opportunity to buy a new Bronco. Apparently, Ford thinks so too, since they have suggested a potential revival of the Bronco for 2020 and beyond. Fingers crossed!

2 Retire: Jeep Compass

For movie goers and car enthusiast, you may have noticed the Jeep Compass' cameo in the popular movie Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice. This is probably the most unrealistic part of this movie, especially when you consider that Bruce Wayne is a millionaire and would, likely, never have a car as cheap or poor as the Jeep Compass.

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The Jeep Compass is intended to be a hybrid of sorts. Not in terms of an engine setup, but in terms of design; taking aspects from both the Wrangler and the Cherokee. Unfortunately, they seem to have not succeeded in this goal, as the Compass is underpowered, ugly, and full of mechanical issues. Not even the low price is worth the trouble associated with Jeep's latest market penetration strategy.

1 Reboot: Chevrolet El Camino

Have you ever wanted a good looking car that can take you to the grocery store and be used as an effective work vehicle? Well, look no further than the classic Chevrolet El Camino: A half truck, half car automobile designed by Chevy in the early 1960's.

It makes many wonder why the El Camino was dropped by Chevrolet. The El Camino was a high-selling model that was popular amongst enthusiast and regular drivers. They even went as far as to make SS versions with extra power and more pronounced aesthetics. Regardless, the El Camino ended up being trashed by Chevy.

However, Chevy could, conceivably, bring back the El Camino. At least they would have a significant customer base if they did so

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