What's It Like Driving A McLaren 600LT? Find Out Here [VIDEO]

The McLaren 600LT is the most fun McLaren in their fleet, according to Top Gear's Chris Harris.

What's It Like Driving A McLaren 600LT? Top Gear Finds Out

What’s it like driving a McLaren 600LT? We find out in the below video.

The sad fact is, the vast majority of people will never know the joy of driving a McLaren. Even the cheapest McLaren costs $190,000, which puts it out of reach of most people’s income. Millionaires and celebrities looking for a fun toy often gravitate towards the McLaren as it retains a reputation for driveability and performance that most other supercars lack.

McLaren’s latest supercar, the 600LT, goes even a step beyond its entry-level predecessor, the 570S, and takes things up a notch. The 3.8-L twin-turbo V8 now provides 592 horsepower or thirty more than the car on which it is based. Zero to sixty is done in just 2.9 seconds, on its way to a blistering top speed of 204 mph.

And thanks to an entirely new body with greater use of carbon fiber, the 600LT is lighter too--just 2,749 lbs.

But all that is just numbers. It can’t really tell you what it’s like to drive the car. Chris Harris of Top Gear does his very best to describe what it’s like to drive the 600LT when he’s not concentrating desperately on preventing his whip from spinning out of control and crashing into a wall.


In fact, that’s the first thing Harris talks about on the 600LT. Unlike the 720S or even more expensive McLaren’s, the 600LT has a very standard suspension setup of springs and shocks. There’s no fancy magnetic or hydraulic dampers or complicated connections between wheel and body--it’s a very analog, conventional suspension that provides predictable feedback for the driver at every turn.

It also lets the driver know when it’s about to lose grip, and it lets the driver have fun with it. Harris says the best thing about the 600LT is how playful and agile it feels, and even though he’s making a lot of tire smoke going around corners it never feels too out of control. It rides that razor’s edge between too little and too much grip that maximizes excitement without being dangerous to an experienced driver.

Harris did have some complaints: the seats are uncomfortable carbon fiber buckets from the Senna, and the engine’s turbo lag seems much worse than other supercars he’s driven. But he still would prefer the 600LT to even more expensive McLarens like the Senna or P1, and that says enough about the car to convince anyone to try it.

If you can afford it.


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