7 Reasons To Date A Jeep Owner (8 Reasons To Dump Them)

When you’re out and about in the dating scene, you are bound to meet all kinds people. For starters, there are the health buffs. They like going to the gym and stay there for as long as possible. Then, there are the sporty types who are into all kinds of sports, probably even ones you have never heard of. Aside from that, there are the geeks. They like to play with computer parts and try to build something "cool."

On the other hand, there are the car people. Now, classifying car people into their subcategories can get real complicated real fast. For starters, some car people only like cars from a certain period. Then, there are also those who only like muscle cars, sports cars, and hypercars. Finally, there are also those who only go for a certain carmaker. Take for example, Jeep.

Today, the Jeep remains as one of the most successful vehicle brands in the U.S. market. In fact, according to the Statistics Portal, as many as 13.34 million people in the U.S. live in a household that owned a Jeep back in 2017. What this means is that a lot of people are still opting to buy and drive a Jeep. This is why it’s also worth considering whether you should date them or not.

Can’t decide on your own? Here are some reasons to date (or not date) a Jeep owner:

15 Dump: His Idea of a Date Might Be Hanging Out At Jeep Events

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What you have to understand is that owning a Jeep is an experience that you can’t just enjoy by yourself. This is why Jeep owners enjoy gathering regularly. They like to form a group, meet up and talk about their beloved Jeep models all day long.

According to Miami Lakes Automall, there are at least six Jeep events that owners should be on the lookout for. Among them is the Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival. The American Bantam Car Company, the company the produced the first ever Jeep, hosts this event in Butler, Pennsylvania annually. Here, there are competitions, presentations, and several how-to clinics. Aside from this, other major Jeep events include the Jeep Jamboree, Easter Jeep Safari, New Jersey Jeep Invasion, Willys at Whitewater Ranch and the Rocks and Road Tour.

With all these Jeep events happening throughout the year, your own Jeep guy will undoubtedly want to travel around the country to attend them all. Unfortunately, that may mean that he will also take you out on a date by bringing you to these shows. If this is not your idea fun, better speak up quickly. On the other hand, you can also tell him you’re not coming along.

14 Date: She’s Simple and Fun to Be With

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A typical girl who likes to drive a Jeep is usually simple and a lot of fun to be with. She believes in being practical and that is reflected in a lot of the choices she has made in her life over the years. You can readily see this in the way she has organized her house. You can also see it in the way she dresses herself (more casual clothes and flat shoes).

At the same time, a Jeep girl is also not afraid of letting her hair down. After all, there is no point in taking life way too seriously. Hence, she comes across as quite the free spirit.

You can take her out and she would be happy to dance all night long until your feet start to hurt. She is also willing to take a stroll on the beach in the middle of the night, even go skinny dipping if you ask.

On the other hand, she is also willing to try new things that you want to introduce to her. For instance, she would be happy to try a sport you are into or even go camping in the wilderness because it makes you happy.

13 Dump: She May Be Too Simple for Your Taste

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Sure, you appreciate that your Jeep girls enjoys wearing her hair down. You also like the fact that hanging out anywhere with you is quite fun for her and she’s game for just about anything. However, she may also be too simple for your taste in the long run.

Imagine this, your company at work is about to throw a dinner party. Believe it or not, this party is being thrown in your honor since you have just been promoted to a high-level executive position. Now, you get home and you tell your Jeep girl all about the upcoming event. Being the simple person that she is, she can respond in one of two ways.

First, she may decide not to come with you at all. Fancy parties are absolutely not her thing. The last thing she wants is to put on an uncomfortable strapped dress and spend the night drinking cocktails while talking to a bunch of strangers. On the other hand, she may choose to go with you although she is not sure if she’ll have fun. Conversations with everyone would be awkward and she’ll be out of place. Clearly, simple isn’t always a good thing in dating.

12 Date: He May be Quite Handy

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Most likely, a Jeep guy is someone who is never scared to get down and dirty, which makes him quite a handy guy to have around. And as you could have guessed, there are a lot of perks to dating a guy like this.

First, if something you own breaks, he can probably just fix it himself. In fact, he might even have a toolbox waiting in his Jeep. Say goodbye to your handyman.

If there’s a problem in your house, all you have to do is give your Jeep guy a call and he’ll be right over to fix the issue up. Even better, he would most likely know your taste in design, so he’ll find the perfect shelves, hooks or paint that matches your style.

At the same time, this type of guy can also build just about anything you want. If you have been wanting a coffee table or shelf with a specific look, he’ll listen to you and go about making the furniture of your dreams. The best part? You can work on it together, giving you more time to hang out. If you want to thank him, all you have to do is cook dinner.

11 Dump: He May Not Care Much for Quality

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All you have to do is consider the facts. Back in 2014, Consumer Reports had ranked the Jeep Wrangler as first in the “worst value list,” according to a report from Forbes. Meanwhile, J.D. Power & Associates decided to rank the Jeep as 29th out of 33 when it came to its annual Vehicle Dependability Study. Now, exactly what does this tell you about a guy who owns and drives a Jeep regularly? Well, it’s possible to say that he doesn’t really care much when it comes to quality. He likes a Jeep because it’s a Jeep, not because it’s the most valuable vehicle he could get for his buck.

Now, what does that mean for a relationship with a Jeep guy? Expect to argue with him a lot about purchases he would be making. This is especially true if you are already living together and have a shared expense account.

Chances are he would opt to purchase something just because he likes the way it looks. It doesn’t matter if the material isn’t durable. It doesn’t matter if it would not last long. The more important thing is that it has that look and that is all that matters.

10 Date: She Would Be Supportive When You Are Working on Your Own Jeep

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As a Jeep guy yourself, you probably enjoy working on some "projects" on your own Jeep. This is especially true if you own an All-New Wrangler or a Wrangler JK.

As you probably know, there are many cool ways that you can modify or upgrade your Jeep. For starters, you can add some heavier duty bumpers to your front and rear. And then, there are also the entry guards that can help protect against paint scratches and scuffs, according to Quadratec. You can also opt for grab handles. This attaches to the pillar or to the roll cage, making them easily accessible and practical to have.

While you may absolutely enjoy the process of putting in modifications and/or upgrades to your Jeep, chances are your girlfriend would not appreciate the time that it takes to get it done. That is, unless she is a Jeep girl herself.

When you’re dating a Jeep owner, expect her to take a lot of interest in all your various Jeep projects. You never know, but she may just work on modifications on her own Jeep alongside you. That would mean hours of fun spent together inside a garage. Now, wouldn’t that be perfect date?

9 Dump: Your Guy Friends May Prefer Her to You

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Sure, you would always want to go out with a girl that your friends "approve" of. That means someone that they are comfortable hanging out with so that there are no awkward pauses or remarks in the room when you are hosting her with your buddies. Luckily for you, a Jeep girl is always ready for anything that hanging out with all of your buddies is absolutely not a problem.

In fact, since she owns a cool ride herself, she can readily talk about topics like engine power, modifications, and upgrades. She might even be more than happy to tell your guy friends about her recent Jeep project and how she went out about sourcing the right tools and parts. In the end, it’s more than likely that your girl would win all your guy friends over.

While this may be exactly what you had hoped for, you may find yourself wishing that they don’t get along too well. You see, your friends might end up wanting to hang out with her more than you. In fact, they may not even want an all-guys night anymore. What’s more, they might even hang with your girl even when you’re not around.

8 Date: He Would Be Supportive About You Trying New Things

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What you have to understand is a Jeep guy tends to have a sense of adventure. Sure, sticking to a daily routine can be practical and helpful. However, when you stay like this all the time, you can eventually feel complacent about things in your life. To be able to fight this, you may need a man who can inspire you to try something new and make life more interesting.

Stick with your Jeep guy and you will soon realize that life has a way of surprising you. Go ahead and make a trip to the farmer’s market to explore some new exotic cuisine. Better yet, learn more about it and then, try to prepare a meal together. Take a class with him and discover a whole new skill. You never know, you might just also discover a new career path in the process.

What’s great about having a Jeep guy in your life is that he would be supportive of all of this. He would encourage to keep exploring and find what makes you ridiculously happy. For him, driving a Jeep makes him feel free and alive. Now, he wants you to discover how to feel the same way.

7 Dump: He May Force You To Spend A Lot Of Time With Him On Projects

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Just like any other types of car guy, a Jeep guy is more than likely obsessed with various vehicle projects all the time. You can’t really blame them. After all, there a number of awesome things that you can do to your vehicle.

For starters, you can do some cool modifications to a Jeep, especially with the Wrangler model. One of the easiest you can do is upgrade our Jeep’s lights to LED. You can also make some changes to the interior so that it matches the color of the Jeep better. In addition, you can also add a soft top to the Jeep. This would help keep you dry in case it suddenly starts to rain. Meanwhile, you can also install light guards and dash trim accents.

Now, what does this exactly mean for you if you are dating someone like this? Well, expect date night to occur in his garage with two stools and some burgers and fries. If this is not exactly your idea of romantic, perhaps it’s time to move on and dump your Jeep guy for someone else. Preferably, go with someone who does not seem to be more interested in his "project" than you.

6 Date: You Won’t Have to Share a Jeep with Her if You Don’t Want To

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Just admit it. There are moments in your life when you just want your Jeep to yourself. Sure, you enjoy hanging out with friends. You even like it when you all pile up to your Jeep and just talk and hang out. You also especially like it when your girlfriend sits right beside you in the passenger seat. You like listening to her stories and sharing jokes with her while you two are out on a drive.

But then, there are just moments when you want to be alone with your vehicle. You want to be able to focus on nothing but its raw power and ability. Lucky for you, a Jeep girl understands moments like this perfectly well. That’s because chances are, she has moments like this too.

If there are times when you just want to go out for a drive by yourself in your Jeep, she would understand it and even encourage you to take off. She perfectly understands that there are moments when you just want to hear the engine and nothing more. In fact, she may even go on a solo Jeep drive of her own while you’re away. Clearly, no Jeep sharing required here.

5 Dump: She Might Be Too Adventurous for You

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Sure, you have always wanted a girl with a sense of adventure. You can just imagine the two of you camping in the summer or skiing in the slopes in the winter. After all, you enjoy the outdoors and you want someone who also views it as the ultimate playground. However, there are times when adventures can simply get too much for you.

For instance, she may want to do something more thrilling such as bungee jumping or skydiving. She may also be into a number of exhilarating extreme sports such as mountain boarding, waterskiing, barefooting, ice climbing, freeflying, hand gliding, waterfall kayaking, flowriding, skimboarding, sandboarding, volcano boarding and shark cage diving.

While these sports certainly sound like fun, you may not really feel like trying any of them. At the same time, you may feel that some of these activities can be quite unsafe and so, it’s quite understandable that you wouldn't want to risk your life doing it. Despite this, however, your adventurous Jeep girl might insist that you try it out no matter how uncomfortable you are feeling. Otherwise, she might go at it by herself and you would most likely end up hanging out much less.

4 Date: He's Someone Your Parents Would Approve Of

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Your may parents may not really say it but deep down, all they ever wanted for their child is someone simple. He also has to be down to earth and fun to hang around with in whatever environment. If this is the type of guy you bring home to your parents, chances are you will get their approval instantly. Lucky for you, a Jeep guy can be all this and so much more.

A Jeep guy is someone who doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty. After all, when you’re getting some upgrades and modifications on our Wrangler, you are about to get some grease and dirt on you. This is why when you bring a Jeep guy home to meet your parents, he would most likely be more than happy to go to your father’s garage and help him with his own car project at home.

On the other hand, he may also volunteer to fix any existing issue in the house, whether it’s a pipe, broken hook or an unfinished shelving. For your Jeep guy, this is just like one of his own projects and he gets a great deal of satisfaction from being able to see it through.

3 Dump: He May Be Too Self-Absorbed

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Sure, a Jeep owner can be funny and down to earth. He can be the type of guy that appreciates simple pleasures in life and is more than happy to show them to you. However, there’s also another type of Jeep guy, the type who can be too self-absorbed that a relationship with him is just not worth it.

For starters, this type of guy may view themselves as better than others, including you. They tend to be consumed by their own self-image, appearance, and opinions. This is the type of guy who also views his Jeep as the best. Hence, he may just attend Jeep shows to express his displeasure towards other Jeep models in person. On the other hand, this guy also has a tendency to use friends and have little empathy for anyone.

If your Jeep guy is already exhibiting any of these signs, then you should know better than to stick around. Go ahead and tell him it’s over. Don’t let yourself stay in a relationship that has the potential to be toxic. After all, there are a lot of Jeep guys around and they are all not as self-absorbed as the one you had been dating.

2 Date: She’s Ready for Anything

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You have to admit, a girl with a can-do attitude all the time is sexy. There is something to be said about dating a confident woman. This type of girl makes you feel like she can readily handle anything that comes her way. After all, she drives a Jeep.

This a girl who can definitely stand on her own two feet. She is perfectly happy with her life and enjoys having someone around who doesn’t make her feel stifled.

She also takes great pleasure in pursuing all her goals and appreciates having a man who appreciates her strength. At the same time, she is always ready to make her own decisions. And in case it doesn’t work out, she holds herself accountable and moves on.

On the other hand, a Jeep girl would also rarely feel the need to smother you. That’s because she knows how to be happy on her own. Although, she’ll make time to hang out with you too. What’s more, a girl like this can encourage you to become a more confident man. After all, you want to be able to show her that you can also hold your own, making you two an incredible duo.

1 Dump: She Would Expect You to Become a Jeep Person Too

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Sure, she likes hanging out with you. She even likes letting you ride in her Jeep. As the relationship progresses though, she might also want you to be just a bit more like her. That is, she would want you to become a Jeep owner too.

Before you know it, you are already driving up to a showroom. At first, she might tell you that you are actually there to look at some things for her. As you go around and look at several models though, it might gradually become clear that she really meant to visit the showroom for your sake.

While she may not exactly require you to also purchase a Wrangler, she may suggest the Jeep model that would suit your lifestyle. By this time, she may also know that salesman pretty well already so that getting a test drive is absolutely easy.

If you don’t want her to dictate your choices when it comes to your next vehicle, it’s best to make it clear right away. Otherwise, she may keep insisting for you to go ahead and buy a Jeep model too. On the other hand, you might want to consider breaking up with her too.

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