7 Of The Strangest Car Decals (And The 9 Sickest)

For telling the world about your favorite Marvel character or showing your political affiliations, there's always a car sticker for any occasion. Have you ever wondered how car stickers came about? It's definitely not a trend that started a decade ago. It all started with the bumper sticker because the car behind was always going to read it. There weren't any decals before 1927 because no car came with a bumper. Even after the introduction of bumpers in cars, the first decals weren't stickers at all. They were flag signals attached to the rear of the vehicle.

It was Forest P. Hill who revolutionized the sticker trend by introducing the use of adhesives in the 1940s. The first decals were made from paper but have since been replaced by vinyl. Guys have become really creative with decals and there's always something creative being posted by the large online community. There are also those guys who take it too far with the creative process and ruin their cars with decals.

We'll be exploring some of the best car decals that have been spotted on the road and also the stupid ones that can't go unnoticed. Here are 10 ridiculously stupid decals and 10 amazing ones that have been spotted on the road.

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16 What's Going On Here?


A sticker should be practical, and the main purpose is for it to be seen and read. Having such a sticker on the front bumper screams nothing but chaos. There's a lot of writing that's barely readable, and the owner has used the bright colors to distract attention from the real problem. The decal also isn't complementary to the overall color scheme of the vehicle, which makes it an eyesore. The owner was probably going to cover the whole vehicle with it and wanted to test the waters first before he could dive in completely. My advice would be not to go on with it if you don't want to be embarrassed further.

15 Your Back Indeed


This yet another moron on the road who lacks basic humor. Everyone knows it's the back of your car; you didn't have to get a sticker to tell the world about it. This sticker will definitely catch your attention no matter how hard you try and avoid it. It might actually cheer you up if you had a bad day at work and you're stuck in traffic. I salute the owner of the vehicle for being bold when it comes to making a statement even when it's the highest form of stupidity. The back of the car doesn't change even if you put a sticker on it. The owner is probably afraid of people hitting him from the rear because he might never hear it even if his life depended on it.

14 Even Heroes Could Do Better


This guy is trying to market his construction business, but there's a lot going on at the rear of the vehicle. There's the hanging tiger's tail. There's also the decal declaring Ray Damitio as the hero. There's also the corporate co-driver sticker on the side. This person must be one hell of a salesman to have all those decals on the same vehicle. He's a jack of all trades, but it's the vehicle that has to take the brunt. There's also a message of his political affiliation near the rear the bumper. The owner must be in his '60s because no millennial would do such a thing to a car.

13 Family Isn't Everything


We've seen so many of these decals that they're no longer cute anymore. Having a big family minivan doesn't give you the license to throw any kind of decal onto it. Stickers should be about expressing individuality and not making numbers, which is what's happening with this one. There's a kid holding a cell phone. I wonder what that's supposed to symbolize. There's also an icon for animals that appear to be a dog and a cat, although you cannot tell one from the other. Such meaningless stickers shouldn't be sold. The guy who came up with them must be damn proud to know that there are actually people buying them in masses.

12 Half-Marathon Madness


Is it me alone who gets worked up with this kind of people who want to show the world they participated in a half marathon? There are people who've been running all their lives but don't buy car decals to tell everyone on the road. These guys need to take a chill pill and be humble. Running a marathon isn't a big achievement and shouldn't even be something you're proud of. Try volunteering in a hospice and contribute to charity, but don't make a decal, please. The people who make the stickers are just as guilty as the self-centered individuals who buy them. I checked online for similar decals, and you can actually customize them with your words, which makes them even worse.

11 Feel Me


There's no doubt that this car isn't street-legal. There's a reason why car manufacturers use metal in building the body, and this dude skipped a couple of science classes. We'll assume the wrap will be removed afterward and that he was just doing it for the Gram. This is a disaster waiting to happen, especially when it rains. It might even interfere with the general functioning of the vehicle. There's a big number of car owners who are crack-heads who always make decisions when they're high. It would be unfortunate if the owner arrived at this decision when he was completely sober. There's nothing like exterior comfort for a vehicle however much the owner might try to justify it.

10 Poor Bugatti


Rich people have done a lot of stupid things to the Bugatti. Some have painted it pink, while others have completely destroyed the paint job. Here's a final example of what not to do to the Bugatti Veyron however rich you are. Car enthusiasts take serious offense when such hideous acts are committed to the cars they love. The company might be trying to showcase their work, but I believe they could have done a better job than that. A car decal should stand out without necessarily being annoying. I doubt if there's one who loves the Bugatti who would seek the services of this company. We can't exceed our vision when our eyes have been hurt by your sticker.

9 Amazing: Yes, This Is A Decal


The work that went into this truck is just brilliant. It looks realistic, and you have to touch it for you to notice the difference. I'm still trying to wrap my head around it even though I'm well aware it's a decal. From a distance, one would easily think there are crates hanging from the roof of the truck. This is the kind of creativity that get kids excited about vehicles. I'm sure the driver must be a proud person and gets stopped a lot because the truck is simply a marvel to watch. I'm sure there are already commercials on TV with the same decals that and it's only a matter of time before we start seeing them in the movies.

8 Amazing: Snake Bus


This is yet another amazing decal. They do come out well when they're done with attention to detail. This is something that's bound to excite kids and adult alike. Who wouldn't want to be on a bus that has a giant anaconda wrapped around it? It's probably a tour bus used in an amusement park. I would be eager to take the bus daily if there were more like this in my neighborhood. I would like to see a decal of a gorilla squeezing both ends of the bus with a full chest to show. That would be spectacular to watch. I hope the person who made the anaconda decal is reading this.

7 Amazing: Wheels On Fours


This is the work of a person who loves the motorcycle more than the car. The motorcycle might be expensive, but he still has the right to dream in his tiny electric vehicle. The car is perfect for decal because it's almost the full length of a motorcycle. You can mistake it for a motorbike in traffic because the guy has the right posture of a biker with all the calm and confidence in the world. This decal wouldn't have worked in any other vehicle apart from this one. I bet the value of the car can increase by a few hundred dollars just because of the sticker on the passenger side. The owner must get a lot of attention whenever he drives to a new place.

6 Amazing: Making The Best Of It


The owner of this car is a genius. He's made the best out of his accident situation. Chuck Norris is a movie icon who was known to never lose a fight. He could kick himself out of any situation. The same could be said of this guy's door. He made the best out of the accident given the nature of the damage to the vehicle. Instead of going to the garage, he decided to inscribe the name of Chuck Norris. It might not make sense to people who don't know about Texas Ranger, but it's funny, and you're likely to smile when you see it on the road.

5 Amazing: Humans Are Stupid!


That seems to be the message, given the facial expression. The decal has been well positioned and will scare just about anyone at night. The alien looks like he's fed up with human stupidity, but there's nothing he can do about it because he's stuck in a car with the owner. He's tried to understand the ways of the mortals, but he gets surprised every time. The transportation is also inferior compared to their advanced spaceships, and he pities the human race when he sees people stuck in traffic. This is a decal I can get just for the fun of it and to scare nosy kids who always want to see what's happening inside my car.

4 Amazing: Look At The galaxies


Anyone who's interested in the milky way needs a perfect cockpit with the perfect view. The only view the owner is getting is the cars in front of him, which are piled up because of traffic. The guy behind him is the one who gets to enjoy the view of the galaxies. You'd probably question what you're doing with your life if adults can do such amazing stuff to their vehicles. It costs nothing to dream, maybe a few dollars to make a replica of it. There are so many amazing decals you can choose from if you're a creative person. You can even create an entire civilization with the perfect decal. The possibilities are limitless.

3 Amazing: Poland, Here We Come


The colors might be a little off, but the whole concept is just on another level. The tires aren't recognizable, and one would think it's an actual tank moving. The person that came up with the decal must hate Poland to go to such creative lengths. I'm not complaining about the creative aspect—only about the inclusion of Poland. The owner could also be the victim of mean internet memes that know no mercy. I did a reverse image search for the picture, and I could only find two of them. This means the owner of the car could've been the person that created the meme. It's the perfect car decal without the mention of Poland's invasion.

2 Amazing: The Devil Breathes Fire


The owner must be one of those guys who wear T-shirts with graffiti drawings all over them. The decal on this car is a pure work of art. Every detail has been thought of to the exact fit. The car is likely to offend some people since it uses the image of what seems to be the devil. A person who loves art would appreciate the craftsmanship that has gone into the creation of the decal. This isn't something I would do to my car because I find it a little bit too extreme, but I'm sure there are people who'd be willing to pay a lot of money to get this kind of decal.

1 Amazing: Kaleidoscopic Supercars


I'm not a big fan of multiple colors on a single body, but I have to admit that this kind of looks cool. I would still prefer the original color of the car, and I hope this is a reversible process. The owner must be one of those fellows who want to show off to other parents in school meetings. He's willing to turn his supercar to a kaleidoscope on wheels so that his kid can understand the science concept. The car looks good for the Gram, but you wouldn't want to be driving it daily, given the attention you'll get. I doubt if it's even street-legal, given the plethora of colors that have been used to come up with decal.

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