8 Worst Cars From Pimp My Ride (And 8 Of The Best)

There was a time when makeover shows were all the rage; like the lovechild of reality TV shows, normal civilians cooped up in a house for weeks on end or a large portion of the general public who genuinely believed that they could be the world’s new biggest musical megastar. Well, the makeover shows are a treat for the eyes and a shock for the senses as everything was suddenly up for modifying—from houses to people!

One of the strangest and shocking of the makeover shows was MTV’s Pimp My Ride, presented by and starring the rapper Xzibit. The hip-hop artist and staple alumnus of Dr. Dre’s hugely successful Aftermath record label made the transition to the TV show where people would write and nominate their friend’s or relative’s vehicles for more than a mere facelift. The cars would get a transformation that would turn their car from a little runaround into some hyped-up, inexplicable mass of madness on wheels! The overhaul of these motors would often go well beyond what was expected or even needed, surely coming as an open-mouthed surprise for all the car owners, no doubt being a mix of joy and, at other times, totally horrified shock at these designs.

16 Trend-Setting (Best)

When it comes to ground-breaking cars that everyone loves and vehicles that take people’s breaths away, no one really thinks of the Japanese brand Honda and their range of cars as "luxury." But they're functional and do their main job, which is to serve as a vehicle that transports people where they want or need to go. This Honda could use an overdose of cool. It's almost like a miracle what a touch of paint can do—one simple coat of paint, mimicking the Silver Surfer with an added speaker box in the back. This started a trend with bright metallic-silver paintwork.

15 Not Virtual Reality (Best)

Imagine being such a video-game nerd that even the wheels that you drive must resemble an automobile straight out of a much-loved computer game? Well, such nerds do exist, and that's not a bad thing, especially if dreams can come true. After all, if it can be drawn from someone’s imagination and then coded into graphics, then, the right welding, steel, and spray-painting can also bring a car to life from the mind, right? That's essentially what happens with cars in real life anyway. After an engineer envisions one, he works to bring that vehicle to life. What makes the works of Pimp My Ride any different? It was certainly what they did with this Nissan 240SX.

14 A Gamble To Even Get Inside (Worst)

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A driver shouldn't even have to think about unlocking the door to get inside as it's one of the essential things for actually being able to drive at all—getting inside the thing! In the past, getting inside the car involved a simple turn of a key, and in recent years, the process for this got even easier when remote keyless entry allowed a driver to press a button on his key, and the door would unlock. Some modern ones don't even require the key to start the engine, so it's quite mind-boggling that anyone would ever think it was a good idea to overcomplicate what should be a straightforward procedure. But on this Pimp My Ride makeover, the designers put slot machines as the way to get into the car…

13 Old Friend, New Look (Best)

Cars age, just like everything else does, and although 50 years is a lifetime in the span of human existence, for a car that's been running for about half a century, then that vehicle is positively ancient! A car made so long ago differs widely from the automobiles that are produced in the day and age that the seasons of Pimp My Ride aired on TV. However, cars like the 1955 Chevy Bel Air have such a unique design that it's an extremely cool vehicle cool car to work on. But it lacks the modern touches that give newer cars an edge, which was why adding a CD player, a DVD player, and a satellite radio was such an epic move!

12 Flammable Mustang (Worst)

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Every car needs an exhaust pipe as a way to get rid of the toxic fumes that would otherwise fill up a car from the engine and prove lethal to the driver and any other passenger. So, for safety’s sake, it's best not to tamper with this vital ventilation pipe at the back of the trunk underneath it–unless it needs fixing, of course. But for some reason, the Pimp My Ride team felt that the exhaust pipe needed a little extra oomph in this episode from the first season. When the team of mechanics got their hands on this somewhat unloved Mustang, they decided to add some raging-stallion belching from its belly by launching bursts of flame from the exhaust! Safety first, eh?

11 Fun-eral Car? (Worst)

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Don't expect to have been featured on MTV’s Pimp My Ride without getting your car restyled in a simple way with just a nice paint job and some new tires. No, the automobiles on Pimp My Ride are going to be off-the-chain outlandish with weird and wonderful additions to the cars, with the emphasis on "weird;" although owning a Cadillac hearse is not the usual kind of motor one drives around in, barring being an undertaker! But why not play to the strengths of this hearse and kit it out with some dramatic purple velvet lining the interior and making it goth-like, adding to the spooky theme by attaching a coffin inside it, where the lid opens to reveal a grill to cremate… whoops... barbecue food!

10 Mundane To Must-Have Mustang (Best)

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A Mustang is a legend in the epic tradition of the so-called American “Muscle Car,” and muscle is the apt description for the vehicle with the huge hood covering a mighty engine with a roar that kicks with power like the horse upon the grille! So, it's only good and proper to give this car the correct treatment and overhaul it into the amazing motor that it deserves to be. Before the show, the Mustang was a sad remnant of its former self, a dilapidated relic of the American muscle car until MTV and Xzibit got their hands on it! It became a rich raspberry or gold blend with gold rims with a touchscreen DVD player with interior photobooths and its own built-in printer.

9 Pool Power (Best)

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A pickup truck is a very practical vehicle, and people purchase them for that reason, as they help transport people and goods at the same time. With a two-seater cab, usually–although some do have four-seater cabs–the open-top back allows room for plenty of things loaded onto it, maybe even other people hitching a ride as has often been seen in many TV shows and movies. So, what would be better than taking a practical space for transportation and literally wasting it with putting in a game people can play almost anywhere? Here follows the logic of Pimp My Ride, putting a pool table into the back of the pickup truck that could easily be a severe weapon if the driver brakes sharply and has left the balls and the cuesticks on the table…

8 Changing Brands! (Best)

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Ford is one of the most popular and widely bought car brands and has been since the 1920s when the company launched the iconic Model T. Ford makes an entire range of vehicles from the small cars like the Focus to the large pickup trucks like the F-150. The Pimp My Ride team, therefore, went all out to try and convince others that the car’s owner doesn't drive the Ford Escort that's actually underneath all of the paint. It seems a little weird but to each his own. The effort going into turning a Ford Escort into looking like a BMW, though, is something to be admired.

7 Let Off Some Steam? (Worst)

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One of the major factors for being able to drive a car is the safety of the vehicle, and the vast majority of this is based heavily on our ability to see. A driver needs to have a clear field of vision in order to keep himself focused heavily on the road. This is important not only to ensure the safety of the driver but also to guarantee that the other drivers in the nearby area are also seen by the driver. Maybe it's a good idea then to make sure your field of vision is not fogged, literally when out on the road. Who knows why the makers of Pimp My Ride decided to endanger the driver and everyone else around them by putting something that emits smoke as seen in the picture?

6 Car (Worst)

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Most of us would agree that chocolate is an extremely wonderful thing—sweet, luxurious. But some people are so in love with the sweet delicacy that it becomes a must-have aspect of their lives that chocolate must travel everywhere with them at all times. This car’s makeover included its very own chocolate fondue created to fit perfectly in the trunk for a regular liquid chocolate snack! However, the driver should be careful not to leave the fondue running as he takes to the wheel, as it might result in a dreadful mess!

5 Satellite SUV! (Worst)

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One of the high-end versions of an SUV that are sold for lots of cash and even hold their value over time is the elegant Range Rover from British manufacturer Land Rover. What was a brand of automobile specifically engineered for use by the British military branched out into a range of stylish and luxury SUVs. But like all other cars, time takes its toll, and after a while, the vehicle's sheen fades. For one Range Rover owner who had received this vehicle as a gift from his godfather, he wanted to put his own stamp on the off-roader, and Pimp My Ride and MTV obliged. But why oblige in this way? Painting it red and attaching bull bars? Fine. Sticking a huge satellite dish on top? Erm…

4 Monster Bug (Best)

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One of the most unlikely legendary motors that have gone down as must-own vintages is the Volkswagen Beetle, better known as a "Bug" in the USA. The car was made famous by the car with a mind of its own (no, not Christine from the Stephen King horror book and movie of the same name), Herbie. The Volkswagen Bug has been rebooted since the end of the '90s as a popular tribute to its former self, yet the old Bug still holds its own with peerless German engineering. What makes this car cooler or could possibly make a brilliant vehicle even more special? Not many people would consider giving this small car a touch of monstrous animalistic prowess, such as throwing on some huge wheels to a Baja Bug to complement its vibrant green!

3 Pink Power! (Worst)

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Cars do often produce some smoke and steam; after all, as they're engines that have to combust and burn crude oil and gasoline in order to power it, smoke and steam soon come out of the exhaust engine. Then, there's the water, which is fully evaporating and turning into steam. Imagine sitting in rush hour on a scorching summer’s day–hell on Earth for everyone involved–exhaust fumes, heat, and steam create a haze that plays havoc with a commuter’s vision. Perhaps then, it's not the best idea to add something that could tamper with a driver’s vision even more to make it worse... When wheels spin, smoke bellows out due to friction, but with this Ford Thunderbird, the smoke belches pink wheels from the rubber! At least a collision will look pretty…

2 Wild Woofer (Worst)

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Never mind cars that are functional and have back seats that cater to more than two passengers; such conveniences suck! For this reason, Xzibit and the team are all too eager to substitute seating to supplement the car for additional extras, which include sound systems that could not only bust eardrums but also boom sound out so much that it could make a car break the speed of sound! What else was the idea behind the revamp of this 1986 Buick that ripped out the back seats to install a 300-pound Jackhammer subwoofer?

1 Civic Super Car! (Best)

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Honda Civics aren't really the car that would inspire a driver to motoring greatness; they're plain and rather bland saloons that only work really as boring runarounds that no one wants but still need to serve their function in their owners' everyday lives. When the Pimp My Ride team arrived for the sorely needed rescue of the woeful Honda Civic for a badly required facelift and more inside the vehicle, not only was the horrible white banished forever for a blushed purple shade with some kick-ass stripes, but the interior was also lovingly fitted with a CD and a DVD player, a PlayStation 2, a sound system, and leather massage seats. The driver and the passenger doors underwent a DeLorean style revamp, the doors lifting up as wings!

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