9 Exotic Vehicles Seized For Auction (And 10 Beaters Auctioneers Can’t Sell)

If car owners make some mistakes with how they manage their money—or else completely abandon their vehicle—it commonly leads to repossession. Whenever an automobile goes down this path, it's up to banks, law enforcement, or whoever seizes the vehicle to see if they can find new owners and make a little profit along the way. That's how cars usually get auctioned off to the highest bidder in an attempt to recoup any inconvenience on their part.

Since anyone is susceptible to repossession, there's a wide range of vehicles that end up in auctioneers’ hands, whether it be an exotic car or a beater. An exotic car—in this case—applies to a vehicle that isn't as commonly seen on the road in everyday circumstances. Exotic cars stand out from the rest because they're unique; usually, there are only a limited number made, and they can be expensive.

For average car owners, seeing an exotic car in auto auctions may create a wide range of feelings. It might infuriate owners to find that someone didn't care for a luxury vehicle; they start thinking about how much better they would've taken care of that vehicle. On the other hand, they might be overjoyed at someone else’s mistakes, which now opens the door of possibility for them placing a bid and actually paying less for a coveted vehicle.

On the other hand, everyone knows auto auctions are full of beaters. These are common cars usually on their last legs; they have over 100,000 miles on them and aren't in the best of shape. They're not even the best cars when they’re brand new.

The following list has exotic cars most people find hard to believe could ever go to auction, along with some beaters mixed in throughout that auctions are full of and no one wants.

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19 2008 Murcielago Lamborghini

via image.al.com

If there's one automobile that says luxury and excellence, it's a Lamborghini. It's no surprise a Lamborghini made its way into the doctor's car collection. In fact, AL.com reports he had two Lamborghinis. The one photographed here is the 2008 Murcielago. It's also easy to imagine the glee a buyer felt when he secured this Lamborghini for what must've been a bargain. The good news is that the car still has plenty of life left. The same outlet reports that it only has 220 miles on it. At least the doctor managed to keep his cars in great condition before law enforcement seized them.

18 2003 Dodge Stratus

via Orland Public Auto Auction

Not all cars can be trusted beyond 150,000 miles. For owners with that many miles on their car, they have to step back, take a second, and examine the year and model of their car. Otherwise, they could be in a world of pain soon enough, and that's going to affect their bank accounts. A 2003 Dodge Stratus listed on Orland Public Auto Auction is one such worrisome vehicle. It has 193,000 miles on it according to the website and doesn't offer much longevity. Buyers aren't stupid and know when a car is near the end, which is probably why auctioneers are having a tough time getting rid of it.

17 Toyota Supra

via jpctradenews.files.wordpress.com

Out of all the cars in this photo, only one stands out. The one closest to the photographer—what looks like a Toyota Supra—promises buyers a race car driving experience.

While it might be more common to find cars like these on roads outside the U.S., it's still a rarely seen exclusive vehicle that would raise the caliber of any used car auction.

According to JPCTRADE, the Toyota Supra was one of many vehicles auctioned off in a Japanese used car auction. From the looks of it, compared with the other cars pictured here, this Toyota looks like a diamond in the rough.

16 2007 Saab 9-3 Aero

via Orland Public Auto Auction

With decent performance and a sleek design, this 2007 Saab 9-3 Aero looks attractive to the average buyer.

As Consumer Guide reports, the 2007 models didn't get too much of a change from the years that preceded it.

The interior got a makeover, and that's about it. While this one listed on Orland Public Auto Auction claims to have only 104,000 miles on it, these higher-performing cars start to need more maintenance and care around this time. Even if the car is in great shape, give it another 20,000 miles or so for unforeseen problems to start kicking in. That must be what's scaring off a lot of potential owners.

15 2005 Bentley Arnage

via image.al.com

Some doctors broke the law and ended up paying the price for it. After operating a pill mill—through which they earned massive wealth—law enforcement took all of their precious luxury cars and auctioned them off. Those who were lucky enough to live in or within driving distance of Texas were able to bid on these rare and classic vehicles. While this 2005 Bentley Arnage stands as one of their finest examples of where all their money went, AL.com reports that the car collection had three Bentleys in all. According to that source, this Bentley has no more than 30,000 miles on it, proving it still has a long lifespan ahead of it.

14 1993 Honda Accord

via Orland Public Auto Auction

Some auctioneers carry larger quantities of certain types of cars. For Orland Public Auto Auction, that happens to be the Honda Accord. Despite how much hate Honda gets from car enthusiasts, these trusty sedans last a long time. This particular Accord is a 1993 model according to the auctioneer's website. Plus, Consumer Guide notes that this model came towards the end of a generation that has some reported transmission issues. While Hondas and Toyotas are generally good go-tos for used car buyers, a Honda this old has been avoided for good reason. The auctioneers will be lucky to find someone who'll buy this from them in “as is” condition.

13 2000 Ford Focus

via The Truth About Cars

There's a funny tale about this sad Ford Focus pictured here. According to The Truth About Cars, the sorry car was up for auction to the highest taker. This 2000 model, which doesn't appear to have any visible damage or markings, began at $500. Instead of someone placing a bid on it though, only the sound of crickets chirping sounded. That prompted the auctioneer to set the bid even lower, at $400. Still nothing. That's when the auctioneer moved it down once again to $300. This same scenario kept repeating until the starting price was dropped to $200. While the auctioneer was eventually able to sell this beater, it wasn't without great effort.

12 Bentley Continental GT

via image.al.com

Not one Bentley, not two, but three in all. That's how many Bentleys one doctor accumulated over the course of his illegal pill mill business, according to AL.com. This particular model is a Continental GT, which has a design that's hard to look away from. Although it may not look it, the Continental GT can crank out an impressive 551 hp, reports Motor Trend. While the doctor may not have the highest of morals, he at least has good taste in automobiles. In the end, justice is served, and a lucky someone got to walk away with this luxury vehicle.

11 1997 Mazda Protege

via Orland Public Auto Auction

This Mazda Protege looks like it's seen better days. Underneath the overnight dew from the impounded lot, the car appears to be in decent shape. Aside from a scuffed-up bumper, it's enough to convince any passersby that the car is in top-notch shape. Something seems amiss, though, when the mileage isn't part of the listing. Orland Public Auto Auction has the Protege listed as a '97 model, confirms it passed smog, yet has little else information. The field where the mileage usually posts is completely blank. If something's wrong with this Mazda Protege, it's not clear from the surface, and prospective buyers likely sense it as well.

10 BMW

via The Boston Herald

A BMW may not exactly fit the description of being an "exotic" vehicle. Nonetheless, there are luxury vehicles less common on the road today compared to other brands, including Ford, Chevy, and Toyota.

This particular BMW was among 95 cars neglected and cast aside in a Boston airport, according to The Boston Herald.

Considering that many of the cars were sitting around the airport for six years, it seems only fair they'd seize the BMW and auction it off. Considering it hasn't moved for some time, the BMW looks to be in good shape. Its actual condition, however, is largely determined by how many miles it actually has on it.

9 1996 Ford Taurus

via Orland Public Auto Auction

The Ford Taurus is still in production today. But for those who aren't willing to shell out the money for a new one, there are plenty of older models on the used car market. This 1996 Ford Taurus is up for auction and, according to Orland Public Auto Auction, hasn't quite hit the big mileage milestone quite yet. It's still listed at 99,000 miles. Some of these models can go beyond 150,000 miles depending on the year. Of course, no one really knows what kind of owners it had previously, which always factors into used cars. For a model that's over twenty years old, it'll be hard for the auctioneer to get a good deal on this one.

8 2006 Aston Martin DB9 Volante

via image.al.com

This doctor must've thought he was James Bond or a movie star of some kind with this car in his collection. According to AL.com, one of the cars the cops seized that went to auction was this 2006 Aston Martin DB9 Volante. While the green paint job isn't our first choice, it's a sleek convertible that would make anyone feel like a super spy while driving around. To give someone a sense of the kind of money this doctor was making, Motor Trend values this car at about $168,000. Something tells us this auction was more than some of the bidders could handle.

7 1999 Mercury Sable

via Orland Public Auto Auction

All used car buyers have to ask themselves at some point what it is they're looking for in an automobile. Otherwise, they'll end up walking away with a piece of junk they're not happy with as opposed to a piece of junk they can tolerate. According to Orland Public Auto Auction, this 1999 Mercury Sable has 126,000 miles on it. For a Sable, this marks the beginning of the end. While it's still worth something at auctions and the used car market, you won't find eager buyers lining up to take this off of an auctioneer's hands due to its high mileage.

6 Black and White Lamborghinis

via Pinterest

Auctions can be hit or miss, and potential buyers never know what they're going to find. According to GovernmentAuctions.org via Pinterest, there are often high-end exotic cars auctioned off to the highest bidder. In this particular photo, there are two Lamborghinis in black and white soaking up the attention of bidders crowded around them. Items like these are popular but can also become the most expensive units when auctioned off. From the crowd of people, it's easy to see why interest was generated at a fever pitch. These cars attract people's gaze even if they're not car enthusiasts or don't know much about them in the first place. They still recognize that Lamborghinis are highly coveted automobiles.

5 2003 Hyundai Elantra

via Orland Public Auto Auction

A Hyundai Elantra shouldn't provide owners with too much trouble over the years. They're known for dependability and appeal to the average car buyer. The one pictured here, according to Orland Public Auto Auction, is a 2003 model. The car passed smog and has a little over 130,000 miles racked up on it so far.

With newer Elantras starting for less than $20K, it doesn't make much sense to get an Elantra beyond its prime for what will likely go for a few thousand at least.

Whatever the reason is, the auctioneers want this off their lot but, so far, haven't been successful.

4 Ferrari F430 Spider

via Carscoops

There's no shortage of extravagance when it comes to the doctors' seized car collection. According to Carscoops, this Ferrari, a product of their exploits, is an F430 Spider model. Having been earned from an illegal pill mill, the doctor’s car eventually transitioned over to law enforcement's hands. This Italian beauty is only one of several. They also had a Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano, a 1994 Lamborghini Diablo VT Coupe, and a 2008 Lamborghini Murcielago (elsewhere on this list). It looks like someone forgot to close the hood on this Ferrari. Hopefully, they remembered to snap it shut before rolling it out on the auctioning floor.

3 2000 Hyundai Accent

via Orland Public Auto Auction

There are some red flags about the listing for this 2000 Hyundai Accent. While Orland Public Auto Auction notes that it's checked and approved for smog, the 160,000 miles raise concern. As if one needed evidence of the car being around the block for that long, this 2000 model already has its paint peeling on the hood. While it's common for sedans like this to start losing their flair by this point, it's worth noting the signs since they usually indicate a car is on its last legs. If the auctioneers can't get rid of it soon, they might have to go back to square one and send this to a junkyard.

2 2006 Saleen S7

via Carscoops

When you aren't able to get a hold of the Batmobile, go with the next best thing. A 2006 Saleen S7 may just fit the bill as a Batmobile substitute. While it once belonged in Dr. Couch and Dr. Ruan's car collection, the law eventually seized it and put it up for auction. It didn't come cheap, though. They started the bidding at $250K reports Carscoops. Then again, it's hard to argue the price isn't totally fair, considering it has less than 2,000 miles on it. Being one of the prized possessions of an exotic car collection funded by illegal acts, hopefully, it found better owners.

1 2004 Chrysler Pacifica

via Orland Public Auto Auction

Just because it's a beater doesn't mean it was always a bad car. There's plenty to like in the Chrysler Pacifica. It's a midsize minivan that focuses more on luxury while reducing on other aspects found more in a Honda Odyssey—such as spaciousness. There also exists a following of Pacifica fans. The 2004 model, according to Consumer Guide, only had one trim. Chrysler expanded the number of trims on future models, but there's still somewhat of a limit in that regard. Factor in 170,000 miles from the get-go, as Orland Public Auto Auction details, and there's a convincing case for why buyers should steer clear of this listing.

Sources: The Boston Herald, JPCTRADE News, Motor Trend, Orland Public Auction

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