9 Photos Of Monster Trucks That Were Deserted (9 That Totally Deserved It)

Here are 9 Photos Of Deserted Monster Trucks (And 9 That Actually Deserved It)

Destroying vehicles while looking badass–this tends to be of the utmost importance when it comes to monster trucks and their success. Among the best Monster Jam trucks these days are Bigfoot, Grave Digger, Maximum Destruction, and Monster Mutt. Yes, they all contain powerful names but are fully backed up, given their performances on the dirt circuits.

In this article, we put the likes of greats like Captain’s Curse aside. Instead, we feature 10 unfortunate cases of monster trucks getting completely abandoned. It really isn’t difficult to understand why these rides get abandoned in the first place. There aren’t many options for trucks from the '70s or the '80s that might be extremely outdated. It’s not like you can just ride around the block with such rides. For that reason, these 10, in particular, have been completely neglected over the years.

On the flip side, we’ll also take a look at rides that deserve to be abandoned. For the most part, these are monster trucks that were homemade. Others weren’t created with the intent of smashing cars; they were just a showpiece—if you can call them that. These are dud models that are likely to be abandoned in the next couple of years.

Enjoy the article, folks, and like always, be sure to share it with a friend. Monster truck enthusiasts, prepare to take a deep breath as we feature 9 sad photos of abandoned monster trucks along with 9 that deserve to be abandoned. Let’s get started!

18 Deserted - Monster Limo

via monstertruck.wiki.com

Tom Feeny is the owner of this bizarre ride. Back in its prime days, the monster truck was in better condition. This is a ride that came out of the 1980s and one that performed a heck of a lot before calling it a day later on. These days, it appears to be completely forgotten about, sadly.

The concept is unique and very unorthodox. Just imagine pulling into a wedding while riding in his massive ride... Perhaps, back in its prime during the '90s, it could've been a decent idea. However, since the ride was purchased by Chris Roy, it's just remained completely abandoned out of his shop in Winlock, Washington for the last 14 years.

17 Deserves To Be - Fiat Panda & Jeep CJ17 Monster Truck

via motor1.com

This ride made the list on Motor 1’s most bizarre trucks from around the world. It should also make another type of list, and that would feature the worst monster trucks ever. In truth, if someone were to abandon this ride it wouldn’t be the worst thing.

According to Motor 1, this “monster truck” stands in at almost 13 feet in height.

The ride was built for the purpose of a commercial–combining the rides took two weeks. Some might argue that it took two weeks too long... This is one of the few times you’ll see an association between Panda and Jeep.

16 Deserted - Virginia Beach Beast Track Monster Truck

via offroadaddiciton.com

Tank monster trucks were the norm back in the '80s. These type of rides were so dominant and unique looking. As you might anticipate, this trend lessened during the '90s, and it caused lots of tank monster rides to be completely abandoned and... well... forgotten about.

This Virginia Beach ride is an example of that. As you can tell, the ride has been completely neglected for quite some time. However, this ride might have a redemption story. According to Wes Kibble of Off Road Addiction, the plan is to completely restore this ride. Given its condition, that’s going to take a lot of work.

15 Deserves To Be - VW T2 Monster Truck

via pinterest.com

As you’ll be able to tell on the “deserves to be” side of the list, lots of these rides had no business turning into monster trucks. Would you try to transform any Volkswagen type into a sports car similar to a Ferrari or a Lambo? No, just no. However, the same can be said for converting a VW into a monster truck...

The result: a dud-looking ride. The T2 Monster Truck just comes across as cheapish.

The wheels, in particular, have no business being attached to such a body.

It's unknown when this ride was produced, but surely, it has to be another monster truck ride coming out of the wacky '80s.

14 Deserted - Hulk Hogan Monster Truck

via monstertruck.wiki.com

Pro Wrestling took an interest in monster trucks back in the mid-'90s, believe it or not. WCW created a couple of monster trucks. The most notable was Hulk Hogan’s truck with a giant bicep attached to the frame of the ride.

As of 1998, the ride completely vanished according to WCW World Wide. It was purchased from the company, only to be abandoned for more than a decade. It was finally revamped years later. The buyers completely restored the ride. The name these days is "American Muscle."

The same company that purchased the ride also bought another classic WCW monster truck that belonged to the Dungeon of Doom. That ride was also completely restored after years of abandonment.

13 Deserves To Be - Boat Monster Truck

via reddit.com

No, we’re not talking about the Boat-Mobile from GTA-5. That ride was pretty darn cool! GTA might've taken inspiration from this homemade truck. This is definitely one of the wackiest monster trucks you’ll ever see, but that’s definitely not in a good way.

According to Monster Truck Wikia, this ride is now retired.

It was never a performing truck but more of an exhibition type of ride.

This is a monster truck you might get a kick out for a good five minutes. After that, the reality of the ride just becomes sad. Abandonment wouldn’t be the worst thing for this “monster truck.”

12 Deserted - Monster Truck From Russia

via yellowbullet.com

Believe it or not, Russia has an extensive history with monster trucks. The country has created numerous stud rides with the capability to drive anywhere, especially off the road.

The deteriorated truck above might've been an example of that during the earlier stages. This ride looks like it took an absolute beating. The top portion seems to be completely rusted from head to toe. In addition, one of the tires, completely flat and broken down, might need a little bit of a change. Restoration doesn’t seem to be taking place with this ride. Abandonment might be for the best.

11 Deserves To Be - DeLorean 4x4 Monster Truck

via flickr.com

Yes, we do live in a world that features a DeLorean monster truck.

What isn’t a surprise is the same creator made a DeLorean limousine, hovercraft, and convertible, according to Alex Kierstein of Road and Track.

The creator of these bizarre DeLorean rides is a man by the name of "Rich Weissensel." According to Road and Track, he has no plans on stopping this kind of madness any time soon:

“Weissensel doesn't intend to stop creating until age, money, or some combination of the two prevents him from building even more.”

10 Deserves To Be - Tim Hortons Monster Truck

via pinterest.com

We visit the Great White North for this bizarre promotional monster truck ride. The only fellow that might disagree with the abandonment is Homer Simpson... (bad donut joke).

This isn’t one with the intent of off-roading or smashing other vehicles; it was created by Tim Hortons strictly for commercial purposes.

Whether or not this ride gets abandoned really doesn’t mean all that much, considering its capabilities. We wouldn’t be surprised if this monster truck is hiding away somewhere in an abandoned warehouse these days. We wonder if Tim Hortons might be considering a coffee-shaped promotional plane next?

9 Deserted - Monster Truck From Wanette, Oklahoma

via flickr.com

In a lot of the cases of abandoned rides, these monster trucks were homemade previously. The same goes for the other side of the list. With limited value, these rides are forgotten about rather quickly. Selling them is nearly impossible. In truth, they’ll just end up collecting dust at the end of the day.

That’s the case with this rusty old ride out of Wanette, Oklahoma. Without a doubt, the truck hasn’t moved in years. These days, the truck seems to be rusting away in a barn area. Both the interior and the exterior of the body look completely finished, though the wheels really don’t look that bad. It seems to be more of a conversation piece these days.

8 Deserves To Be - VW Monster Beetle

via reddit.com

Sadly, a little later, this list features a ride comparable to this one. Somehow, it might be worse...

Believe it or not, this particular Beetle wasn’t just a showpiece; it was actually meant for dirt roads and took part in several competitions.

Beetle upgraded with yet another monster truck, this one, in partnership with Monster Energy drink. That ride has tremendous capabilities, including even driving in the water–talk about off-roading, huh?

This Beatle ride looks a lot more limited in terms of performance and appearance. It isn’t even close to being as cool as the Monster predecessor.

7 Deserted - Heavy Metal

via uncletnuc.files.wordpress.com

This retired ride is a Chevrolet Silverado. Named "Heavy Metal," the monster truck enjoyed its prime run back in England from the late '90s up until the early portion of the 2000s. According to Monster Truck Wikia, the ride can still run these days.

The sad reality is the truck, completely abandoned and with a “For Sale” sign, just seems to be laying around in a scrapyard these days. Here’s to hoping someone purchases the truck and gives it a bit of a facelift to save it from its currently deteriorating condition.

6 Deserves To Be - Pink Homemade Monster Truck

via Pinterest

The horns on the front of the ride might be the best part of this homemade monster truck. It just seems so forgettable and outdated. This appears to be another homemade project come to life.

Now, we don’t know for sure, but it really wouldn’t surprise us all that much if this monster truck is also completely abandoned these days. Seriously, would you take it? Or try to restore it? The truth is that starting from scratch might be the better option. But hey, we'd definitely keep those horns on the front end of the ride.

5 Deserted - Superfoot

via wordpress.com

Where do you even store such a massive monster truck? Well, the answer appears to be on the side of a highway, according to Way Marking;

“This monster truck is on display across the street from a highway rest area on the Trans-Canada HWY in Quebec and is hard to miss.”

So basically, the truck is abandoned on the side of a Quebec highway. Built in the 1980s, this truck was actually a farm truck initially. Richard Arel is the one behind the mammoth-sized monster truck. These days, it just lays on the side of the road as a conversation piece.

4 Deserted – Ford North Carolina Monster Truck

via fiveprime.com

Similar to Jeep, Ford has a lot of monster trucks out on the market. Also similar to Jeep, some Ford monster trucks are studs, while others are duds. One of Ford’s most unique pieces has to be the stretched-out monster truck Ford F-350 limo. That particular ride is quite the spectacle. This one, sadly, is not.

The reason for abandonment is pretty obvious. The North Carolina truck clearly did its time. It appears to be a monster truck that came out of the 1970s. These days, the truck surrounded by trees, dirt, and rocks is just wasting away in the wilderness. This is a tough ending for this Ford monster truck that, at one time, had some serious potential.

3 Deserves To Be - Russia-Made Monster Truck

via carthrottle.com

This looks like a car—never mind a monster truck—that’s ready to be fixed up at a local mechanic shop. Surely, this is a homemade model. Actually, we don’t know for sure.

But like some of the others on this side of the list, this ride made in Russia might be another monster truck suffering from total abandonment these days.

Seriously, would you take the ride for free? Nope. What would the neighbors think! This appears to be one of those monster trucks you might have to pay someone to take, or maybe someone would take it if it were completely broken down into nothing but parts.

2 Deserted - Forlorn Monster Truck

via bandshift.com

“It’s a 1979 Ford truck that was built into what you see here in 1983. It’s a real-deal Ford instead of a fiberglass body, it’s leaf springs and sixteen shocks versus any other suspension setup, and it’s a 460 Ford mill that made 925 horsepower in its heyday, being outclassed by another thousand horsepower.” (Source Bang Shift)

Sadly, this is a legendary monster truck that just rests out on a field these days. In the past, the ride did it all from crushing cars to various television commercials. Sadly, these days, the truck is way past its prime. Let’s hope the legend gets rescued soon enough.

1 Deserves To Be - Smart For Fun 2 Monster Truck

via automobilesreview.com

We promised a truck to rival the lackluster looks of the VW Beetle earlier in the article.

Created by Mercedes-Benz, this isn’t an ideal monster truck and one most wouldn’t associate with “heavy duty.”

Steffan Attart is the creator of the ride, according to Monster Truck Wikia. The shell contains a Smart ForTwo vehicle, a ride with a polarizing legacy, to say the least.

A four-wheel-drive, the monster truck stands in at over 12 feet. I know what you’re thinking: is the truck made to smash things? Absolutely... not. This ride was intended for one thing and one thing only—like it says in the name: fun!

Sources: motor1.com, monstertruck.wiki.com, roadandtrack.com

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