900 HP Muscle Car Takes On Kawasaki Ninja Street Bike In Drag Race Action

A highly tuned 1970 Plymouth Barracuda takes on a Kawasaki Ninja for drag race supremacy.

Cuda vs Kawasaki

Watch a slightly (okay, more than slightly) modified 1970 Plymouth Barracuda take on a Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14 in a drag race.

We have seen both of these fine machines compete before at Mission Park Raceway. The Plymouth Barracuda we know to be an extremely potent vehicle with a reported 900 horsepower from a heavily modified 7.0-L (426 cubic inch) HEMI V8. We suspect it’s closer to 1,000 horsepower, given how effortlessly it can run a quarter-mile in just 9-and-a-half seconds.

That beats the Dodge Demon’s 9.65 seconds, in case you were wondering.

But its opponent, the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14, is also no slouch. In fact, this little rice rocket already has an insane power to weight ratio thanks to its 1,441 cc four-stroke inline four-cylinder engine pumping out 207 horsepower on a chassis that only weighs 593 lbs soaking wet. Zero to sixty is done in just 2.5 seconds with a limited top speed of 186 mph.

Those are stock numbers. Given the extended rear fork and the lack of muffler, we suspect there has been some work done to this bike’s engine that makes it even faster.

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Last time we saw the Kawasaki run, it managed to finish the quarter-mile in just 9 seconds at 150 mph. That seems a little out of the Barracuda’s league, but we’ll give the old Plymouth the benefit of the doubt.

Without a doubt, both bike and muscle car have great burnouts leading to great starts. The Barracuda even flips up its front wheels on its drive to the finish line, and for a brief moment seems to hold the lead. But then the lightness of the Kawasaki kicks in and it’s apparent that the Barracuda just doesn’t have the top end to beat a street bike.

The Ninja finishes in an astounding 9.04 seconds at 150.55 mph, while the Barracuda finishes in 9.41 seconds at 140.03 mph.

The Barracuda also seems to have a lot of smoke coming out from under the hood at the end of its race. We hope it’s okay and able to return for a rematch!

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