10 Great '90s Cars Which Deserve to Be Back On The Market

These cars were '90s classics, and they would still be incredible new cars today.

The automotive industry thrived in the '90s more than ever. Yet, this era is now long gone, and unfortunately, it has taken many of the iconic and beloved '90s cars with it. From JDM favorites to '90s mid-engine supercars, many of the greatest cars that decorated the 90's automotive market are no more. But, there's still hope. This year we've seen the legendary Toyota Supra reintroduced to the market, over 20 years after it has been discontinued, as well as models like the Ford Ranger and the Acura NSX. So, in this article, we've compiled the list of the 10 beloved '90s cars that we wish would come back. Enjoy!

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10 Jeep Wagoneer

The Wagoneer is simply a classic. It was featured in our list of the top 10 greatest Jeeps of all time, and for good reason. This car was the birth of the luxury SUV of today. Back then, it provided an attractive design that pairs well with Jeep's trademark power and off-road capabilities. This made it an instant success on the market and allowed for Grand Wagoneer and Cherokee XJ models to be born from it. We would be intrigued to see how Jeep would tackle the Wagoneer if it were to return to the market today.

9 Mazda RX-7

How could we leave out the king of the Wankel rotary engine sports cars of the '90s - the Mazda RX-7? Since it hit the market, the RX-7 made a name for itself among automotive enthusiasts worldwide as one of the most fun and tunable JDM cars out there.

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It actually has a fairly long history, spanning from 1978 to 2002, when it was discontinued to be later replaced with the somewhat disappointing RX-8. In the latest version, the RX-7 featured a 276-horsepower Wankel rotary engine that redlined at an orgasmic 8000 RPM. Even today, over 20 years later, the RX-7 retains a status of one of the most beautiful cars ever produced.

8 Nissan 240SX

We had to include the 240SX on this list. The car was a JDM superstar in the '90s and has gotten plenty of screen time and video game references for the past 3 decades. It was perfectly balanced for drifting, arriving from the factory already featherlight, featuring a 2.4L inline four-cylinder 155 horsepower engine sending power to the rear wheels. Because of all this, the 240SX is highly collectible among gearheads today, and the prices for its parts have skyrocketed. And similarly to the Mazda RX-7, the car would surely be a success in today's market as well.

7 Honda S2000

The S2000, along with the weaker Mazda MX-5 Miata, was the go-to sports convertible of the '90s and early 2000s. The car belongs to the end of the '90s era, and was insanely popular due to its light weight and thrilling power output.

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Weighing only 2800 lbs, the S2000 produced 240 horsepower, courtesy of its 2.0L inline four-cylinder engine connected to a six-speed manual transmission. Thanks to Honda's VTEC system, the S2000 was able to produce a lot of power at high rep ranges, which made the engine sound orgasmic. the S2000 would top out at approximately 140 mph.

6 Mitsubishi Eclipse

Mitsubishi unfortunately discontinued many of their highly successful models. This includes the old Eclipse, and since 2015, the amazing Lancer Evo X as well. The Eclipse was available as a coupe or a convertible, and the design was very well conceptualized, making it one of the most attractive cars in the '90s. The performance was no joke either. Back then, the 195-horsepower 2.0L four-cylinder engine hiding under the bonnet made for quite a competent sports car, one that could reach 60 mph in less than 7 seconds. And today, the Eclipse would surely be a thrilling entry-level sports car that every gearhead would enjoy.

5 Ferrari Testarossa

One of the most popular and lauded Ferraris to date, this Pininfarina-designed midengine supercar was an icon of the '80s and '90s. Many also consider it among the most beautiful Ferraris ever designed. Although the original Testarossa was produced until 1991, it was reintroduced in 1992 under the name 512 TR. Powering it was a 4.9L flat-12 engine that used 48 valves and generated 385 horsepower and 361 lb-ft of torque. Unfortunately, Testarossa was finally replaced in 1996 by the 550 Maranello, which, while beautiful, simply could not compete with the classic. We truly hope Ferrari considers bringing this '90s icon back.

4 Lamborghini Diablo

The Diablo was one of, if not THE, most vicious mid-engine supercar of the '90s. Every design element of this raging bull communicated aggression and competence, while the sound of its 5.7L V12 would leave you speechless. It is also the first production Lamborghini that eclipsed the 200 mph mark.

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Unfortunately, its production ended in 2001, never to return again. Even today, the Diablo's low-slung design with an absolutely enormous engine and rear wing would threaten modern Lamborghinis when it comes to design and performance.

3 Jaguar XJ220

Produced by Jaguar between 1992 and 1994, the XJ220 is a lesser-known supercar of the '90s. Yet, it's an absolute beast. Until it was dethroned by another car on this list in 1996, XJ220 held the title for the fastest production car in the world, hitting a top speed of 217,1 mph. But its performance is not the only reason we want to see it reintroduced in the market. The XJ220 also possessed a unique and captivating mid-engine design characteristic only to the 90's supercars. Warranting such performance was a twin-turbocharged 3.5L V6. We really wish Jaguar would have another go at the XJ220.

2 Subaru Impreza 22B

Despite its short production run, the Impreza 22B instantly became a classic among Subaru enthusiasts. It was produced for only 5 months, in commemoration of Subaru's third consecutive FIA World Rally Championship, and discontinued in august 1998. For this special version, the traditional 2.0L displacement was enlarged to 2.2 liters, which meant a power and performance increase for the Impreza. It allegedly produced 280 horsepower and 268 lb-ft of torque, but take that with a grain of salt as Japanse manufacturers in the '90s were under a no-competition agreement, so the power of many of era's cars is often understated. In terms of looks, the widebody coupe design received a lot of praise in the automotive community. Naturally, the 22B is extremely collectible today, but we want to see this model return and are positive that it would be met by a wide reception of car enthusiasts.

1 McLaren F1

The McLaren F1 is an icon that needs no introduction. In the '90s, this was the dream supercar. In 1998, it claimed the record for the fastest production car in the world, hitting an incredible top speed of 240,1 mph. It took 7 years for another car to beat this record. Inside it was a 6.0L V12 churning out 627 horsepower. The acceleration was equally impressive, as the F1 was able to reach 60 mph in just 3.2 seconds. Only 27 years have passed since its debut, and the F1 is already deeply cemented as a true classic. The design is lauded as revolutionary, featuring a 3-seat interior setup and a unique racecar-oriented exterior design. No wonder these go for millions of dollars today.

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