10 Most Unforgettable 90s Sleeper Cars

Sleeper cars look dubious on the outside, but hold wonders under the hood, and these ten vehicles from the 90s were the best of that generation.

Much like there was something about Mary, there is something about sleeper cars. These are the cars that look staid, placid even, but tend to zoom like rockets when the accelerator is floored. And this happens because while not much was done to make the design attractive, there was a lot of thought put to what went under the hood.

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Some of these cars were special trims to otherwise dull models, while some were a sleeper generation in entirety. Whatever be the reason for their awesomeness, these are the 10 sleeper cars of the 90s that we are thankful for.

10 The Better Ford Taurus: Version SHO

The Ford Taurus was just your average commuter car – it was good, economical, and lasted long. But nothing was amazing under the hood of the Taurus, at least not until you bought the 1998 Ford Taurus SHO. The SHO was not a nifty spelling of show but stood for Super High Output. Ford at the time had a surplus of small but really powerful Yamaha engines sitting about with them because the car they were supposed to go into had been canceled before hitting production. So Ford fitted them in the Taurus but the gave this all-new car no different treatment other than SHO lettering on the rear bumper, and some more than 200 horses as the Super High Output.

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