A Peek Inside Ryan Reynolds' Private Garage With 15 Photos

Ryan is a guy with a serious collection jones for fast cars and especially for fast bikes. Here are 16 of Ryan Reynold’s cars and motorcycles.

There has long been a huge connection between big-time Hollywood actors and fast cars or motorcycles. Sometimes that’s for the worst, as when legendary “bad boy” actor James Dean infamously crashed his 1955 Porsche 550 Spyder at high speed and was taken from us almost instantaneously. Dean had been a long time amateur racing enthusiast and was considered pretty adept behind the wheel (he had actually been heading to a race event when it happened) but those skills didn’t seem to help him much. Apparently, the speeding ticket he had received from the California State Highway Patrol just hours earlier that day didn’t do too much to slow him down either.

Sometimes it’s for the best when celebrities and fast cars or motorcycles combine. Everyone should remember the superhuman effort made by Steve McQueen, the ultimate “cool” guy, at the famous Sebring 12 in 1970, when he raced his Porsche 908 to a second place finish (he lost to Mario Andretti, if you can believe it) while wearing a plaster cast on his broken foot. McQueen also made a great movie about the incredible Le Mans race. Oh yeah, then there’s Paul Newman, who raced a Porsche 935 (yeah, these guys like Porsches) at Le Mans and came in second, then founded an IndyCar team that has won over 100 races and eight championships. All of these guys were serious car and bike nuts.

There’s another guy out there nowadays who really likes speed too. That would be the seemingly ever-present Ryan Reynolds, your friendly neighborhood star of DeadPool, among other hits. Ryan is a guy with a serious collection jones for fast cars and especially for fast bikes, and today we are going to dive into this superstar’s collection to see just what he’s got. Here are 16 of Ryan Reynold’s cars and motorcycles.

15 Ducati GT 1000

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Here’s Ryan barreling through the streets of New York City in a Ducat GT 1000. Well, he’s probably not barreling along- NYC has pretty slow traffic most of the time. You can see that this particular bike of Ryan’s is a little bit more rugged looking than the SC 1000 (below). But hey, Ryan looks kind of rugged himself, all bundled up in his hoodie and leather so I guess it’s a good match. Or maybe it was just really, really cold that day. We usually see Ryan with a helmet on, which is a nice nod to safety. I suppose anyone who has as many bikes as Ryan does need to occasionally think about being safe.

14 Ducati SC 1000

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What’s better than one Ducati SC 1000? Why, that would be two Ducati SC 1000s! Now I don’t know for sure that Ryan owned both of these rides at the same time- I guess he forgot to return my calls- but I do know that he must be back out on the West Coast in this pic because he’s not wearing all of that heavy leather anymore; hey, my logic is irrefutable. At any rate, it’s good to see him wearing his helmet again. Reynolds was once actually involved in a vehicular accident but it didn’t involve motorcycles. Instead, it involved the paparazzi, one of whom hit him with his car while Ryan was walking in a parking garage. Maybe Ryan should have been on one of his bikes.

13 More Triumph Time

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Hey look, Ryan Reynolds riding a Triumph- I’m shocked I tell you, shocked! Anyway, I was asked if I thought there were enough pics on the Interwebs of Ryan Reynolds and his car/motorcycle collection to warrant an article about him, I said “of course there are!” Of course little did I realize that all of those pics would be of good Mr. Reynolds messing around on Triumphs, even when he was a bit younger (as in this pic) than he is now. OK, not all of them, but you get my drift. You see what I did there using “drift” in an entry about motorcycles? I’m so hot you can’t stop me, you can only hope to contain me.

12 Jane Motorcycles

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Have I mentioned before that it must be nice to be ever-so rich and famous because people give you free stuff all of the time? I did??? Oh well, here’s a case in point for you anyway. What you see here is a certain Mr. Ryan Reynolds doing a photoshoot in New York City for GQ. It was something about “modern dad styles.” My personal style is sweatpants and a ratty old hoodie so I can’t really relate. Anyway, Jane's Motorcycles, a custom shop in Brooklyn, got in on the act by “donating” this bike for the shoot- a nice way to get some free publicity for a very high-end boutique shop and, of course, that fellow in the picture above got to keep the bike. Yay.

11 Triumph Thruxton By Kott Motorcycles

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Reynolds is a full-on fan of Triumph, among other motorcycle makers. In fact, he’s such a big fan that Triumph wanted to give him a bike (it must be nice to be rich and famous and get free swag all of the time) and they ended up giving him this late model Thruxton. Then L.A. based customizer Kott Motorcycles got in on the act and made his Thruxton shine with a very retro look. According to Kott, they didn’t do too much to get this look, just put in “a custom seat pan, seat, tail section and custom paint. Minor details like a meatier wheel and tire combo, open sprocket cover and deleted front fender add to the overall flavor of the build.” Whatever they did, it worked.

10 Triumph Bonneville

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Here’s Ryan on yet another one of his many, many Triumphs. I’m pretty sure the one we see him riding here is a second generation Bonneville, made between 1959-1983. Or it’s another very discreetly customized modern one. The last generation Bonnies are still being produced by Triumph to this day and feature a little bit more of an aggressive look than the Tiger. Ryan looks like he’s heading to work on this one- look at that satchel swung across his back- but the Bonneville was originally named after the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah where many a bike (and car) has gone to test itself against all kinds of speed records set there.

9 Ducati By Paul Smart

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Look, it’s Ryan Reynolds riding a bike that’s not a Triumph. I never thought we would see the day. Actually, now we are going to head into a different magnificent obsession for Ryan. Apparently he really, really likes Ducatis as well. See, I told you he was a Café Racer kind of guy…this particular SC 1000 is a smooth modern classic and has the added benefit of being a modern replica update of the legendarily customized 750SS ridden by British racer Paul Smart way back in 1972. If you look at the classic bike and this modern one side by side you might have a hard time picking a favorite because they both look awesome.

8 “The Nine-O-Clock”

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I know it’s hard to believe but we still have one more Ryan Reynolds’ Triumph motorcycle to take a gander at. This one is a fully customized 1964 Triumph 650 that was done for Reynolds by The Factory Metal Works, a shop out of North Carolina. As they say themselves “THIS BIKE WAS BUILT FOR ACTOR RYAN REYNOLDS, FEATURING A 5 STRETCH SUPER NARROW DUPLEX TFMW FRAME, 69 TRIUMPH FRONT FORKS WITH SHAVED LEGS, FULL CUSTOM CHROME TFMW OIL TANK, TFMW SUPER KICK RIPPLE DRAG PIPES AND DUCK BILLED REAR FENDER.” It’s called the Nine-O-Clock Gun after some weird naval tradition in Vancouver (Reynolds' hometown) where they shoot off a cannon at 9 pm every night.

7 Cadillac Escalade

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Now we have good old Ryan in a shot presumably headed to meet Blake Lively (you know, his wife) strolling to their black 2011 Cadillac Escalade while having a day out in Boston. Which makes me wonder how many houses this dude has got- we’ve already seen him living and riding in L.A. and New York City. But I digress. The Escalade is, of course, a pretty high-end SUV but it’s not that crazy. I guess Ryan needs some downtime from all of those wild motorcycles he owns. I’m sure a solid, decent, hard-working SUV like the Escalade can provide him that respite.

6 2012 Nissan Leaf

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Obviously, if you want to reduce your carbon footprint and save the world, then driving a Prius around isn’t gonna cut it. Nope, you need to hop into a Nissan Leaf to get that particular job done. Which is exactly what Ryan Reynolds did in 2012 when he became the spokesperson for Nissan and their little Leaf. I’m sure Nissan paid him in good old-fashioned cash but they also paid him with a brand new Leaf. Hmm…maybe he and his wife like to drag race each other in that Prius and that Leaf. Well, on second thought, probably not.

5 2011 Toyota Prius

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Now we know that Ryan is a total wild man, as we watch the man who once played beloved cult character Van Wilder and current fan favorite Deadpool, hand over his valet ticket to the attendant and drive off into the sunset in… a 2011 Toyota Prius. Yeah, that one kind of took me by surprise too. Until I realized that Ryan has been fairly open about championing various “Green” causes and you can’t get much more Green than the Prius. Just because it doesn’t jibe with my perception of him doesn’t mean it’s not true.

4 2012 Chevy Equinox

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Back we go to the SUVs, this time with a 2012 Chevrolet Equinox that Ryan and Blake were using to tool around Vancouver a few years ago (I told you this guy has houses in a lot of places, even if the Vancouver home is his parents- still counts!). Now again, I’ve got nothing against the Chevy Equinox but I really want to see Deadpool cruising around town in a Lambo or Ferrari, not a suburban compact, crossover SUV. Who knows, maybe this car is his Mom’s and they were just borrowing it. It’s a theory at least and I’m gonna run with it…

3 Dodge Challenger

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The next entry on this list is just a little bit more enticing than the last couple of economy cars and standard SUVs we’ve been looking at. This is the Dodge Challenger that Reynolds and Kevin Bacon used to cruise around in on the movie R.I.P.D. (which was a pretty cool actually movie, actually). There is a strong rumor that Reynolds was so enamored of the vehicle that he wanted to buy it after principal filming had been completed. The rumor also states that Dodge simply gave him the car- geez, there’s an all-time surprise. I wasn’t able to confirm the rumor but I didn’t see anyone say it didn’t happen so I’m gonna run with it- Ryan Reynolds deserves at least one kick-butt car to go along with all of those motorcycles.

2 1975 Honda CB750

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The hugely entertaining star of DeadPool (and that all-time classic National Lampoon’s Van Wilder) is a big fan of motorcycles. Like, a really, really big fan. Apparently, this all started back when he was only 15-years-old and he and his brother acquired a 1975 Honda CB750, rebuilt it and started tooling around town in it- against the law of course, since he had no license. The bike pictured here is a close relative to the one Reynolds first owned. Ryan told Forbes a few years ago that he would love to add another to his collection which I’m willing to bet he has already done, we just haven’t seen the pictures surface yet.

1 Triumph Tiger

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I’m not sure why Triumph wanted to give Reynolds a free bike- after all, he already had a few other Triumphs lying around his garage at home. Here we see a close approximation of the classic Triumph Tiger from the late 1950s that he is reputed to own. I think I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Reynolds is pretty clearly a fan of the Café Racer style of motorcycles- you’re not gonna see any Hogs in his collection, that’s for sure. This is one heck of a good looking bike and you too can have one for right around 15K. That’s fully restored my friends and a very good deal.

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