22 Abandoned Tunnels Cars Should Stay Away From

As infrastructure grows and evolves, tunnels inevitably get abandoned, and they best be avoided by any and all traffic.

Tunnels can be pretty scary places for a lot of people, there's just something about the darkness, the claustrophobic atmosphere of being in a confined space with an unknown amount of weight above your head is just too much for a lot of people. The idea of being trapped is a scary thing for many people, especially trapped underground in a tunnel, and that's quite understandable if you think about it.

But, then again, some people feel at home underground, in tunnels, away from the light, as if they belong under the ground. And that makes sense too, safety can be found underground, so can warmth and a sense of place. Caves, tunnels, burrows, they are all under the ground, and people find fascination with them. Tunnels, whether we like them are not, are an incredibly useful tool.

When it comes to cars, of course, there have been quite a lot of tunnels constructed for various uses involving cars. Whether it's just a tunnel through a big rock promontory on a mountain road, or a much more involved and massive scale tunnel, where a highway heads directly through seemingly endless miles of solid rock, there are plenty of different kinds of tunnels. There's even a tunnel that goes underneath the ocean, between the United Kingdom and mainland Europe. Talk about a seriously claustrophobic tunnel.

But, as infrastructure grows and evolves, tunnels inevitably get abandoned, and they best be avoided by any and all traffic. Here's a look at 22 abandoned tunnels cars should stay away from.

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22 Abandoned In Old Morlais

via YouTube

This old tunnel is clearly no place for a car, as the only car in the tunnel has been laid to waste, abandoned, destroyed, and forgotten in the depths of this dark and claustrophobic tunnel, wall slick with black muck and the fear of age and time.

Old Morlais is the location of this tunnel, where the abandoned tunnel houses an abandoned car, fitting really, and an apt illustration of the fact that this is one abandoned tunnel that every car should stay away from.

21 Black Tunnels Underneath Liverpool

via technocrazed.com

Underneath the city of Liverpool in the United Kingdom, beneath hundreds of cubic feet of rocks, soil, loam, bones, and unknown treasures lie these dark, black abandoned tunnels. These tunnels hold the empty skeletons and shells of cars, left abandoned along with the tunnel.

It's clear that this is no place for the faint of heart, a place that few people have the intrepidity to explore on foot, let alone in a car. Indeed, this tunnel is no place for a car, not a running one anyway. These cars, left behind in an insulated tunnel, have done well for being abandoned for so long.

20 Cemetery Of Mystery

via technocrazed.com

The mystery of an underground tunnel is a hefty heady one, one that absorbs and consumes many urban explorers around the globe, beckoning them and pushing them to explore these new places, no matter how dangerous they are. It's understandable, the mystery of these cars is palpable, even in the photo.

Indeed, this graveyard cemetery of cars in an old tunnel is no place for any new cars, and fraught with such abandonment and darkness that even the most intrepid of explorers best double check they know what they're doing.

19 Don't Go Down The PA Turnpike

via uncoveringpa.com

The Pennsylvania Turnpike used to be one of the greatest and first highways to grace the landscape of this state in America. Alas, all good things do not last, nor does anything, and the highway was bypassed and soon after completely shut down. Nowadays it's used as a hiking trail by many.

Bikers like these routes, too, though only the most daring actually ride through the abandoned tunnels. Understandable, considering the creepiness of a dark abandoned tunnel, who knows what could be lurking in there. For sure no place for a car to go.

18 Exiled Under Kingsway

via ragpickinghistory.co.uk

The United Kingdom seems to have a number of pretty serious tunnels underneath its landscape and cities that have stopped being of used to them entirely, which has led to them being completely abandoned and left behind, often with cars still inside of them.

That mid-'80s retro coupe seems to be in absolutely flawless shape, despite its age, and that's due to its environment, where it has been saved from the elements, the sun, the wind, and most everything else. Talk about a great place to find a treasure. Just don't drive through this abandoned tunnel.

17 Forgo The Cars Altogether

via writeopinions.com

This family looks as if they're considering taking a little stroll into the dark black bowels of this sinister abandoned tunnel. They've forgone the cars completely, riding their bikes to this point, but even abandoning those as they walk up to the entrance.

It's that scary looking, and there's a reason it would be a pretty bad idea to drive a car of any kind through a tunnel like this. Who knows what kind of obstacles there would be in the way. Maybe it is collapsed in the middle. Or maybe a vagrant set up shop deep inside, away from the weather and from people.

16 Glenfarg Tunnels Of Waste

via pinterest.com

The Glenfarg Tunnels can found in Scotland, a wasteland of tunnels that have been deserted for years upon years, upon decades, completely empty and abandoned. Here's a tunnel system that is claustrophobic, small, dank, and dark.

Most definitely not the kind of place to ever take a car, and one of those places to avoid at all costs if you're driving. But, if you're into walking the depths of the deepest creepiest tunnels of Scotland, this is a good place to start.

15 High Road For Trains, Low For Cars

via bridgehunter.com

The only kind of tunnel that may outnumber the number of vehicle tunnels there are in the world would be the train tunnel. Railways often go through mountainous, hilly terrain, and much more than a road or highway does a train track need to be level, making for much more of a need for excavation.

But in this case, both are side by side, and it looks like the train tunnel is still in use, whereas the vehicle one below looks quite abandoned, with no signs of maintenance on the roadway.

14 It's Where The Cars Used to Go

via trytoscareme.com

This overexposed and under contrasted exposure of a tunnel reveals a long, long stretch of moss filled water stained cement in a vast expanse that extends far off to the horizon where just barely at the end a small light can be seen.

It's a long stretch of tunnel where the cars used to go, driving along this thin two-lane, quite claustrophobic stretch. Nowadays, though, it would likely be quite a bit more dangerous than it once was, so it'd be best to avoid this with a car at any costs.

13 Just A Quick Drive

via architecturalafterlife.com

Just a quick drive down this dark and sinister tunnel would likely turn out to be a lot more than just a quick event indeed, as the likelihood is that you'd crash into something inside of its claustrophobic dangerous abandoned depths.

It's possible, though improbable, that there are branches in the path, which could be even more of a dangerous scenario, as being lost and unable to go forward or backward would be a bad situation to be in, no matter if you're on foot or in a car. It'd be easier on foot, though, and a bit less dangerous.

12 Killer Echo Machine

via alltrails.com

This old metal tunnel is likely in a state of partial abandon, as it's not part of the main road anymore, nor is it maintained much. According to All Trails, it's part of a backpacking and mountain biking route, and since it isn't used by any city anymore, it has been covered in graffiti and left to rust out.

It's the kind of tunnel, you can just tell by the picture, that would be a killer echo machine, the kind of rounded architecture that leads to huge echo reverberation. It'd probably be a pretty sweet spot to record a song, too.

11 Long Forgotten Twin Tunnels in Selah, Washington

via allcampfiredup.com

These twin tunnels in Selah, Washington, are anything but forgotten, actually, at least not by the counterculture that has been thriving here and is evidenced by the vast amount of graffiti and art all over the walls and floors.

But, for all intents and purposes, and according to the fact that this is no longer used as a tunnel for cars, it is long forgotten, left to be taken over by graffiti and the art of those who sense the echoes of a forgotten time and connect with it like home.

10 Maw Of Abandoned Darkness

via trekohio.com

This scene is quite peaceful, it's a nice view to take in the foliage, the trees, freshly bare of their golden autumn leaves, the picturesque trail and the steel bridge in center frame. All is unbroken, bright, cheery, and inspiring of a hike or late fall drive except for one thing.

That one thing is the maw of abandoned darkness at the almost exactly center frame, the blackness of an abandoned tunnel, the kind of place that would likely not be peaceful or enjoyable, the kind of place that would be the last place you'd take your car on a drive.

9 No One Knows About This Secret Racing Tunnel

via roadandtrack.com

This abandoned tunnel has an interesting, mysterious story behind it that many people may not know about, and it is enshrouded in closely guarded secrets. Road & Track tells us more about the long-winded yet fascinating story behind this place.

"According to Manning, in addition to the standard aerodynamic information, the tunnel provided data that's all but impossible to obtain in a scale-model tunnel," says Road & Track, in regard to the testing that goes on in here. It's safe to say that perhaps driving your own car here would be a bit dangerous, especially if you don't think anyone is around for miles.

8 Off Limits, But Who's Watching?

via waymarking.com

This tunnel has been blocked off with some cement barriers, to keep the cars from driving through it. And it's off limits, but who's watching? It looks like the barriers are there just to keep cars from driving through it, but for pedestrians, it's likely a nice little shortcut through the embankment.

To try and drive a car through this one would be fraught with all kinds of potential disasters, so it'd be best to just leave this old abandoned car tunnel just that, abandoned. Safety first!

7 Please Keep Out

via wowamazing.com

The state of this old cement tunnel is in some grossly bad shape with water bogs, branches, plants, trees of all kinds, vines, and dilapidated fences almost enshrouding it entirely. While there are no signs telling anyone to, it's pretty clear that a sage message this tunnel is already projecting is one of avoidance.

Please keep out, more like it, though the hole in the fence is proof that nothing will stop the most intrepid of explorers from entering into the cavernous darkness that beckons forth from the depths. I think I'd pass on this one, and there's no way I would drive a car through it, even if I could.

6 Quest To Find The Light

via oppositelock.kinja.com

It's clear that this tunnel is wide and at one time was suitable for cars of all shapes and sizes, two-lane traffic that was busy and this tunnel saw lots of traffic. Of course, that's no longer the case, and deep in the bowels of this abandoned tunnel dangers loom in every shadow.

It wouldn't be safe to take a car down this route, in fact, it was probably pretty scary to even walk down this far into the darkness. Who knows what kind of obstacles there are, who knows if it's even safe at all. Best to just keep away, especially with a car.

5  Reached The End

via trytoscare.me

The end of this tunnel shows quite a beautiful view, with deep emerald trees separated down the middle with a stretch of broken up and fading concrete. The shadow and shape of what was once a busy road that drove through a deep tunnel.

No more does this route see traffic, though. It has been abandoned for some time, and the view from this dingy concrete hole is one that seems somewhat quite post-apocalyptic, with no sign of active use for what looks like decades. Driving a car in this tunnel might not be the best idea.

4 Sure To Keep Cars Out

via reddit.com

The build-up to this tunnel carved in a big slab of thick granite is more than enough to dissuade anyone from driving through it. Those big boulders are sure to keep cars out, though perhaps the challenge would seem enticing to some seriously adventurous off-roaders.

In any case, it's clear that people have enjoyed coming up here on foot and pointing on the rocks and old tarmac. The rocks built up just inside the tunnel, too, show signs of neglect and decay, the kind that shows that without human interaction, mother nature takes back over, sometimes aggressively.

3 Too Overgrown To Drive

via waymarking.com

The rolling hills that this big car tunnel cuts through the center of are overgrown with all kinds of dense foliage, brush, bushes, and shrubs, and while right now in winter they are all kind of brown, come summer they'll be bursting forth with kelly greens and emeralds.

The road in front of the tunnel, too, will be even more overgrown than it currently is, where it's too overgrown to drive through. Not that it would be a good idea anyway, who knows what the state of that tunnel is without any kind of maintenance for the past decade or so.

2 Underground Dangers Galore

via afterwhitsett.com

The sinister darkness that oozes out of this underground cave of unknown fears and worries firmly tells many that they should just stay away, and stay out. With underground dangers galore, that really does make sense, and especially is that true with cars.

But, for many, the idea of this darkness calls them, beckons them deeper into the peril, danger, mystery, and treasures that lie in the depths. These fearless explorers bravely enter the depths, whether along the road or through the access halls behind those graffitied doors.

1 Vibrant Senescence

via YouTube

Something about autumn personally makes me want to go out and explore. The crisp air, the magic of the color shift of all the trees, the brisk mornings and crunch of fallen leaves. It all beckons to go outside, to reach into the unknown, to explore cavernous ruins of highway tunnels like this one.

The graffiti marking all the surfaces of this old tunnel shows that a lot of people also like exploring these abandoned areas, discovering the unknown, inhabiting empty places and exploring them in a way that never would have been allowed while in use. What a beautiful photo.

Sources: Road and Track, Try To Scare Me & Techno Crazed

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