10 Inexpensive Everyday Cars With Luxurious Looking Interiors

Everyday cars are designed for efficiency rather than luxury, but some vehicles offer a bit of both.

When buying a car, looking for one with a good interior is a must. Everyone dreams of owning a car with an interior is built with quality materials and loaded with helpful features. An interior that truly loves the driver.

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For years, you’d need to shell out an arm and a leg for a ride with a good interior. But now, you don’t need to spend $50k on a comfortable, tech-savvy car. Today, there are many normal cars with trim levels that are seemingly on par with many premium models. Here are ten examples of everyday cars that go the extra mile to make the driver feel like the cat’s pajamas.

10 Mazda CX-5

The name Mazda doesn’t really scream luxury, right? However, on this list, you’ll find a lot of examples of luxurious cars sold under non-luxury names, and at prices that’ll make your head spin.

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As for the CX-5, it’s one of the hottest compact crossovers on the market, garnering rave reviews for its performance, value, and tech features. The higher-end model, called the Grand Touring, features a completely revamped interior, full of leather, chrome accents, and modern wood paneling. The results will have you rethinking your perceptions of what Mazda can make.

9 Toyota RAV4

Toyota’s plucky little crossover has been a common sight on highways for over twenty years. Tough, reliable, and endlessly fun to drive, the RAV4 is a smart buy for anyone looking to take a step into the world of crossovers.

To keep up with the times, the RAV4 received a makeover for 2019, along with some new interior styling features that add vibrant color tones and a huge infotainment screen. While none of the RAV4 models have the option to add leather seats, the SoftTex seats should satisfy those who want the comfort of the real thing but without the upkeep.

8 Chrysler 300

Love it or hate it, no one can deny that the Chrysler 300 is one of the classiest cars in America. A large saloon that positions itself as an entry-level luxury ride, the 300 already comes equipped with a slick interior. But those willing to pay a little more will get a completely different beast.

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The C trim, the highest of all the 300s, not only adds a Hemi V8 but Napa leather seats that are renowned for both their softness and longevity. A modern, two-tone leather/dashboard combination is available for those who want to add even more flair to their 300.

7 Ram 1500 Rebel

In the war to determine the best pickup truck, the Ford F-150 has almost always maintained a comfortable lead. But while it may be the most popular, it’s certainly not the most stylish. That title goes to the Ram 1500 with the Rebel trim, a truck that lives up to its namesake in that it doesn’t play by the rules.

The inside of the Rebel features a two-tone interior, where buyers can opt between different reds and blacks. The result is a truck that sets a new standard for style in the pickup market.

6 Volvo XC40

The cheapest vehicle in Volvo’s lineup, the XC40 doesn’t stray from the company’s dedication to quality. In fact, the Volvo XC40 has one of the most luxurious cabins of any entry-level luxury crossover on the market today.

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Interior features include an option to add eye-popping color trims to the carpet and door panels, like bright orange. Then there’s the infotainment system with its range of auto options. One of these is meant to simulate the sound and acoustics of the Gothenburg Concert Hall in Gothenburg, Sweden. Now that’s what we call dedication.

5 Toyota Avalon

The Avalon occupies a strange place in Toyota’s hierarchy. It’s a large sedan that is sometimes marketed as an entry-level luxury saloon, and since its introduction over twenty years ago, Toyota has added more standard premium features.

Leather heated seats, wood paneling, built-in navigation, and a ton of great tech comes with the base model, and higher trim levels match the quality of some Lexus sedans. And for the 2020 model year, Toyota introduced a TRD trim that not only adds a turbocharged V6 but also sportier interior accents.

4 Honda Accord Touring

Honda has always taken strides to make the Accord as upscale as possible without breaking the bank. It was one of the first cars to come with fabric seats as the standard, rather than vinyl, and even today introductory models come with soft-touch materials instead of hard plastics.

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Those who want the best of what the Accord can offer should opt for the top-tier Touring trim. Honda went all out trying to make the Touring as comfortable as possible, with leather and wood built into a cabin plus a slick, modern finish.

3 Kia Cadenza

Another semi-luxurious sedan in the same class as the Avalon, in Kia's lineup, the Cadenza sits somewhere between the Optima and the K900. While it may not be as visible as other Kia models, the Cadenza is still a beautiful large sedan and a prime example of South Korean craftsmanship.

It is a modern, posh car with a range of tech features and a cozy cabin that one would never have thought could come out of a Kia. The Cadenza consistently receives strong reviews, and while the large sedan market may be on the mends, the Cadenza is proof that automakers haven’t forsaken it yet.

2 Hyundai Palisade

Hyundai and Kia are on a roll right now, thanks in part to their two new SUVs, the Telluride and the Palisade (both brands are part of the Hyundai Group). While both SUVs are fantastic, the Palisade earns a place on this list because of the diamond stitching that appears on the seats of the upper-trim models.

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It’s rare to see such craftsmanship outside of the luxury market, and the Palisade also boasts a ton of extras that puts it in competition with more premium models. The Telluride also deserves a mention too, as its comfort-oriented interior is beyond anything Kia has ever produced before.

1 Toyota Camry TRD

Like the Accord, the Camry is a great midsize sedan with its fair share of luxury trims. But it’s the new TRD version that really takes the cake, with an interior that makes you forget you’re in a Camry.

Queue the red leather seats, the first of their kind in a Camry, along with striking accents that destroy ever misconception about it being a boring, suburban crawler. The Camry TRD’s interior is the most eye-catching of any car on this list, showing that Toyota isn’t entirely afraid of taking risks.

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