Ajlani Drakuma Is The Bugatti-Slaying Hypercar With 1,200 HP

Another year, another insane hypercar appears at the Dubai Motor Show, and this time it's the Ajlani Drakuma.

Ajlani Dragon

Say hello to the Ajlani Drakuma, a 1,200-hp hypercar that may or may not ever be built.

There are a lot of boutique carmakers in the Middle East that are very interested in making ludicrously fast and powerful vehicles. One supposes that when the average family sedan is a 400-hp Mercedes-AMG, then in order to impress anyone you really have to go all-out.

We already know about the Devel Sixteen, a 5,000-hp hypercar that looks like it came from outer space, but that’s been in development for the past half a decade and shows no sign of ever seeing a true production car.

Ajlani Dragon
via Ajlani

And here we have the Ajlani Drakuma, another hypercar from the UAE that debuted at the Dubai Motor Show. Unlike the Devel Sixteen, this car has a reasonable 1,200 hp from a mere twin-turbo V8 rather than 5,000 hp from a 12.3-L quad-turbo V16. At least, we assume. There’s a lot about the Drakuma that’s still being tinkered with.

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In an interview with Top Gear, company founder Bashar Ajlani said that the prototype unveiled in Dubai isn’t anywhere near production. However, when it does enter production, the Drakuma (which is Dragon in English) will be “Pagani-inspired,” mostly because it will be made in very small quantities and be held to the utmost standards.

Ajlani Dragon
via Ajlani

Horacio Pagani, Ajlani says, is one of his automotive idols “because he does not compromise when it comes to quality.”

We know the Drakuma will have a carbon fiber body and that it’s doors will spread like “dragon’s wings” eventually, but everything else is a question mark. The Drakuma’s windows are blacked-out so we have no idea what the interior might look like, and whatever images the company has produced are all of the exterior.

We also don’t know pricing or when we can expect to see a production model. Just like the Devel Sixteen, it’s a car being built on its own schedule, whatever that may be. And just like that schedule, who knows if it will ever attain the notoriety of a car named Pagani.

(Source: Top Gear)

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