Alieno Arcanum: Check Out The High Tech Hypercar With Insane Power

Alieno Arcanum: Check Out The High Tech Hypercar With Insane Power

The Alieno Arcanum has more power than any other car in existence.

Welcome to 2018, where electric cars are the new rage and the higher the numbers, the better. How’s 5,000 horsepower grab you? Exciting, right?

According to Alieno, a recently opened tech startup in Bulgaria, they’ve somehow managed to make technological breakthroughs that they’ve then harnessed to create a "robotic all-electric hypercar from the future."

In case you were wondering, Alieno means “Alien” in Italian. Also in case you were wondering, we’re not quite sure if this company is the real deal. In fact, we’re highly skeptical, since if even half of what they say is true, then they’ve managed to beat every other car maker in the world at their own game.

Let’s start with that power figure. Alieno says the Arcanum can have up to 5,221 hp and 6,490 lb-ft of torque, depending on the version ordered. That power delivers a top speed of 303 mph--faster than any other road-going production car.


Alieno Arcanum: Check Out The High Tech Hypercar With Insane Power
via Alieno

To create that ludicrous number, the Arcanum can have up to six electric motors per wheel. Most electric cars stop at one motor per wheel, and we’re not quite sure how Alieno managed to stick on a single tire and still maintain “97 perent efficiency”.

We’re also not clear on what kind of witchcraft the Arcanum uses to achieve such insane current levels without melting the batteries. They say the Arcanum comes with “Graphene LiPo cells,” which are a type of battery used in drones, and “Supercapacitors,” which are sometimes used in cars for short bursts of power but are normally tiny and used to stabilize electrical loads in electronics.

Alieno claims a battery with either 60-kWh or 180-kWh, with the largest achieving a theoretical range of 634 miles. Which, by the way, is also longer than any other electric vehicle in production.

And they’re even taking orders. The base-level goes for €750,000 (or about $878,000), while the top of the line 5,221 hp version sells for €1.5 million ($1.755 million).

All this assumes that some pop-up company in Bulgaria has achieved technical feats that no other carmaker has been able to even come close to. We’re not going to tell you what to do with your money, but until we see a working prototype, we’re going to hold on to our wallets.


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