10 Worst Cars American Manufacturers Have Released In 2019

Recalls, bad handling, and ugly design make these ten cars the worst of the year so far.

America has released some pretty terrible vehicles over the years, and 2019 is no different. There are those that hit the mark, and others that strayed so far we are still unsure what the companies were thinking. It might be a poor engine or an ugly design, but either way, it just didn't quite hit the mark.

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We have found the worst of the worst to come out in 2019 and hopefully, it will steer you away from making a big mistake. Any information provided on recalls or reported issues has come from Consumer Reports and U.S. News & World Report. Keep reading to learn about the ten worst cars American manufacturers have released in 2019!

10 Jeep Compass

The Jeep Compass is one of the worst to come out this year, partly because it already has a recall. The brakes on it are failing due to a faulty part, which has put drivers at greater risk of causing an accident. The engine is also underpowered, and it has less space overall when compared to its competitors in the compact SUV class. It might have an affordable price tag, but it is not worth it when the competition is so much better.

9 Dodge Journey

This vehicle is a poor excuse for a mid-sized SUV, especially when you see how small the third-row seat has become. Drivers are unimpressed by its subtle power, and their wallets feel lighter due to its poor fuel economy. The acceleration is beyond slow and the handling of it is unbelievably horrible. Safety also wasn't a huge concern when they made this, despite the family audience they were trying to sell on this vehicle. It was a good idea, but Dodge just did not meet the mark with this one.

8 Jeep Wrangler

The Jeep Wrangler is another vehicle with recalls within the first year of production. They have had issues with the steering wheel detaching while someone is driving and the poor framework has increased the possibility of a crash. When you combine this with the high price you will have to pay, it turns out it is not really worth it. People who are looking for an SUV might be better suited with something else, as the Wrangler's drive is pretty rough on the pavement and your gas mileage won't be that great either.

7 Cadillac XTS

The price tag on this luxury vehicle is pretty high, and it is also not all it is cracked up to be. The tech features have not been working correctly and can be hard to use. The luxury feature if the interior is also considered to be sub-par compared to other vehicles on the market.

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This model also has two recalls which involve the failure of the seatbelts during a crash and a faulty braking system. When you add up all of the bad this vehicle has to offer, it outweighs the good and helps you stay away from making this purchase.

6 Chevrolet Spark

This vehicle might seem like a great idea at first, but the interior is what makes many people shake their heads in dismay. The interior is severely cramped and there is little room to carry anything besides a few bodies. It also rated poorly in its acceleration speeds, which was way below what other vehicles in its class could do, including other electric vehicles. They have also had a recall issue where the airbags did not deploy during a crash, which is not acceptable in such a small vehicle.

5 Mercedes-Benz SLC-Class

The engine of this luxury sports car may be ferocious, but the interior sure isn't. The whole point of a luxury vehicle is to feel comfortable and at ease, while speeding down the freeway, but this just did not do it for most people. People have complained the interior was too small for their liking, and the interior design was not as modern when compared to other vehicles in the same class. The company should have put a bit more work into the style if they had wanted this not to be at the bottom of the list.

4 Lincoln MKT

The Lincoln MKT is a subpar version of the Ford Flex. It looks outdated for the times and the handling can be less than agreeable. It also has a poor fuel economy, which doesn't help you save any many in the long run.

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Many people have stated that it is not fun to drive and it sometimes feels more like a chore than an extravagant journey. It also has a recall as one of the pieces has been known to cause electrical fires, which means your precious new vehicle and belongings have the possibility of going up in flames if there are any other similar issues.

3 Ford Flex

This vehicle might look good on paper, but it is still not refined enough to make it past the bottom of the barrel. It has had one recall for the possibility of an electrical fire, but it is also a tragedy that their seats lack the support Americans crave. The gas mileage is also extremely poor, and people have been severely disappointed by this sad turn of events. Ford made a mistake when they failed to make any significant improvements to this model before it hit the market in 2019.

2 Chrysler 300

The Chrysler 300 is not horrible, but it is not great either. It has one recall warning on faulty lighting of the instrument panel, but the only fear is the question of what else could go wrong. There have been numerous negative reviews on its handling of various road conditions, and some even say it is difficult to see out of the car. The engine may be powerful, but for those looking for the whole package, it might be worth their time to look elsewhere.

1 Dodge Charger

Many people have dreamed of owning a charger, but this year they may want to go a different route. The Charger has had two recalls involving the airbags and the failure of the instrument panel to light up. People who want luxury might want to look into something classier as this was rated below the competition. There have also been several complaints of it being hard to see out the window and the fuel economy is borderline horrible. It might seem like the right choice from the outside, but the closer you get, more imperfections will appear.

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